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03-29-04, 11:08 AM
All RP for the TREVOR CANE and SUICIDE match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday April 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

04-01-04, 09:16 PM
(The camera fades in to the top of an abandoned apartment building in Bronx, New York. It is nighttime, and the city lights illuminate all across the skyline. It is a bit mild in weather, some rain trickling down from the sky. The area surrounding the building matches its mood; dark, gloomy, abandoned of any life. As the camera pans around, a long, dark figure stands amidst of this setting.)

*A brand new day, a brand new leash on life. He isn't here for retribution, nor is he here to bring honor back to himself. His one goal is unclear, but destiny awaits him sure enough. He no undoubtedly knows this is by far the biggest test in his life. But he embraces such hardships like a brother he hasn't seen in a long time. It's beginning all over for him, he's been given another chance. Time will tell if he will make good on it or not....*

(The camera zooms in on the figure, his features becoming more distinguishable. Wearing a long black leather trench coat and black Fedora hat, the figure stands at the edge of the ledge, staring into oblivion. But as the camera turns to the figure's side, a familiar symbol is shown on the figure's face. It's revealed to be not his face, but a mask, and the symbol on the mask is none other than the symbol for which it represents: Suicide.)

Suicide: "Every man and woman has a message they try to convey in life; a message that they believe in and live by. They believe in this message so blindly, that they risk any and all things that encompass their lives.....just to get their message across. But a message is only good as its meaning and the understanding of said meaning. The only way a message can be true, for anything, is the actions that represent said message. Then and only then the message can be accepted by one and all who wish to."

(Suicide lifts his arm and places a lit cigar that was in his hand in his mouth. He takes a few puffs from it before taking it away. Suicide then releases some smoke in the air.)

Suicide: "Apparently, one man has devoted his entire life and career to deliver such message to the masses. Mr. Trevor Cane, aptly named 'The Messenger'; you tried to convey such message to everyone involved in NEW......but specifically to me. In fact, you were so devoted to your message, that you took the time to call me on my challenge. I commend you and respect you for such. You took the initiative and now the wheels are set in motion. You have a chance Mr. Cane to teach me your message, show me first hand its meaning. I would be lying if I said I wasn't anticipating this message you wish to have me learn and understand. You gave some indication of your message, and that was that NEW is going in a downward spiral, decaying and eating itself alive day after day. Apparently you wish to stop said downward spiral from completely eradicating this promotion."

(Suicide takes another puff of his cigar, scratching his head through his mask with his thumb.)

Suicide: "But it seems you, like many before you and many soon after you, believe I am one of those contributing to the self-destruction of NEW, quite possibly wrestling in general. While your intentions are all well and good, so far, your record in getting this message across has fallen on deaf ears. There are two types of messages in this world: Ones that people see and believe and ones that believe and see. For your entire career, you have devoted your self to show this message, so the masses can believe. There's something wrong with this however. Compare your words to that of a message in a bottle. You write down this message on some papyrus or any type of paper you can get on your self-created 'island'. You then place it in a bottle and toss it into the ocean. You then patiently wait for someone to receive a message, hoping and praying that it's touched someone to have them believe."

(Suicide takes one last puff of his cigar, before flicking it out over the building, blowing the smoke in the air.)

Suicide: "Here's where the problem lies Mr. Cane. Most of the time, the bottle never reaches anyone. So you continue to write down your message, putting it in a bottle, and toss it into the sea. You wash, rinse, and repeat these set of actions until someone has to get it, read it, and accept it. But that doesn't happen all the time, does it Mr. Cane? No one accepts the message. It hasn't happened yet Mr. Cane. So then kind sir, what leads you to believe that I will listen to such a 'Messenger', when the message is nothing but a figment of your imagination?"

(Suicide finally turns to the camera and brings his full focus to it.)

Suicide: "You see, that's where you and I differ Mr. Cane. You are 'The Messenger'. But I....I'm the message. I'm the other type of message. I'm the one, when you believe, you will see. Talk is cheap Mr. Cane. I convey my message through actions....actions in the ring. Many don't believe in me, but when they finally do....it is too late. For you see, I am the most underrated wrestler in this sport today. No one believes I have the skill and abilities to go toe-to-toe with anyone in the ring. Ever promotion and league I have ever come across conveyed this message to me. But it never happened. It never came to life. Day in and day out, those who didn't understand the message went down in defeat. Winning titles and championships gave them concrete proof of my existence. But I'm alive Mr. Cane. You'll understand this full well. You will come to know me and then, when it's all said and done, win or lose, you will be the first in NEW to help spread the word in your own special way. Overlook me; think of me as anything but a threat to you and your message, and you will fall in defeat. Messages all over this sport have been spread, trying to smear my name. Whether it was good to begin with or not means nothing to me. All that matters is what happens at Raucous, when we finally meet. Then and only then will you know the meaning of my message, and that meaning is and always will be that I am.....The Man.....The Myth.....The Legend.......and I'm one hundred percent real. Bring your message, your meanings, your understandings; whatever you need to prepare yourself for the Mysterious Wanderer. Mr. Cane you will believe and then, when you finally see it......you'll be a true messenger.....of all things that are real......'nuff said....."

(Suicide turns away from the camera as it pans up towards the stars and moon in the night sky. The camera then fades out...)