View Full Version : Glamour

03-22-04, 09:11 PM
((FADEIN: To the front of a club in West Hollywood, California. There are two body guards out front checking IDs. A man in a giant yellow chicken suit, complete with a giant chicken head hiding his face, is standing to the left of the shot. He is holding cue cards, so the camera slowly centers on the chicken. The cue cards he is holding have writing on them.. they are large, bubbly letters with hearts and glitter all over the place. The chicken puts the first one so the camera can read.))

"Are you ready to party?"

(The chicken tosses that one to the ground which reveals another one.)

"I am ready to party."

(Another cue card drops, and another one is now visible.)

"Alert the media. The NFW East won't know what hit it."

(The cue cards keep on coming.)

"I don't do, I just am."

"And I'm still fabulous."

(Finally the chicken holds up one last cue card.)

"You'll love me, I promise!"

((The camera cuts to the ground where all the cue cards lie. As it cuts back up, the chicken has disappeared, and all that's left is a lollypop, stuck to the lampost behind where the chicken was. The camera slowly fades to black on the ground, where the cue cards blow away in the warm summer breeze.))