View Full Version : Black Dawn - Sweeeet!

03-18-04, 03:01 AM
In a word - Excellent.

Loved the finish of the main event. Talk about old school. That's just something that never happens now days.

- Two Thumbs Up

03-18-04, 08:30 AM
If I never have to wrestle in a two winners, one super loser match ever again, I'll be a happy man. I'm starting to understand how Zoidberg feels. ;-> Other than that, the writing was really well done and you guys did a great job stepping up after what happened to Jon.


03-18-04, 02:21 PM
Great card, one of the better ones I've read. Great job on all the matches, especially since one or two were written by people who may not have much experience.

*tries to start round of applause for all match writers*:D