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03-15-04, 08:16 PM
All RP for the PETER FILE and LARRY TACT "World Title Battle Royal Preview" match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday March 22nd, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

03-15-04, 11:32 PM
(fade in: Peter File is set deep into the shadows of his back alley. His hair looks drenched with sweat and vigor, while his denim jack, brown shirt, slacks and work boots give off an image of decay. Lilly is no where in sight, but is deeply set into our minds as we all lust for her to be on screen.)

..so here I am. once again in a match to decide who will win the New Era Wrestling World Title. It seems like months have flown by since the beginning of this tournament and that little has gotten done. From the eyes of my fans, and from the gyrations of my groin mmm... I can sense that something truly has changed in the landscape of professional wrestling. The idea that just weeks prior I was only an obscure name on an obscure scene and now here I am battling for what seems like one of the most prestigious titles in all of the independent circuit. My oh my.. what a change it has been, the whirlwind of excitement has not ceased and keeps on growing ever longer and harder... on it’s combatants. It’s more or less a forced entry into the psyche of a man when you look down deep at this dichotomy between the willing combatants minds and their bodies. Are they being forced to take part in this, or do they truly wish to be a part of it all?

Who can say for sure.


03-23-04, 12:54 AM
Fade in: on a NEW Raucous logo. Zooming out, we see that under the Raucous logo are the words "WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH PREVIEW" and the Battle Bowl Mania logo. Still zooming out, we see a steel chair set in front of the banner. Then a polished, black boot is set down on the base of the chair, and as the camera finishes zooming out we find one of the finalists of Battle Bowl Mania, leaning forward with his arms resting on the propped up knee. He wears a pair of black leather pants, a blue mesh jersey, and a grin on his face. It's Larry Tact.

Tact: Is that all, Peter? After hearing the first, utterly pointless words of the ultimate File, I was left with only one thing to say... "I want those minutes of my life back!"

Tact shakes his head.

Tact: I mean, after seeing the match... Larry Tact versus Peter File on the card for the next show, I thought this would be something of an interesting contest. Because here you have Peter File, the spawn of some unfortunate childhood or teenage sex life...or lack thereof, who actually managed to make it to the FINALS of Battle Bowl Mania. Alongside Johnathan Marx, you won your way through the path this promotion is walking for the first time... which will culminate NEXT Raucous, when the FIRST-EVER New ERA of Wrestling World Champion will be crowned! I'll admit, I was a bit surprised to see you two make it to the grand finale, along with El Arco Iris and myself. A.I. and I battled through a couple of gritty wrestlers, one powerhouse... and solved a Canadian mystery to get here. If there's one attribute that's stood out for us, it's been our versatility to combat and overcome whatever has been put in our way. And it just so happens that you, Peter, also fit the desciption of 'whatever.' Because you certainly aren't just another person... you're just whatever you are.

Tact removes his boot from the chair and casually takes a seat.

Tact: Plain and simple, Peter... you're exactly what I dislike about wrestling. You're what I despise in wrestling. Because quite frankly, all you serve to do to this sport is ruin it, with your trash and slime reputation preceding itself. Yeah, I remember having to sit and watch you on TV, back before I entered this circuit. It was despicable, to see wrestling tainted in that way, and you haven't changed since that time. This time, I can't change the channel or turn off the television, because I'm sitting backstage, watching you 'do' your 'thing' and it disgusts me. Despite that, I remained backstage, and gave you and Marx the courtesy of competing in Battle Bowl Mania without my going to the ring and beating you senseless myself, File. And believe me, it was tempting to walk out there, take up a chair and crack your skull open. I don't need to use a weapon, but in your case I'd of made an exception, so I wouldn't have to disinfect my hands of all the sewage that's probably rotting on your body.

Tact's grin has long since faded. He now frowns as he looks coldly into the camera.

Tact: But now I have to wrestle you. On the up side, I can go out there and beat you senseless without it being considered interference. On the down side... I'm going to have to take a disinfectant bath, or go through a detox. shower after the match. I was thinking about that, about which way would equal minimal contact with you at Raucous. After all these days, though, I've finally thought of a solution. Well, as much of a solution as I could come up with in a week.

Tact stands and folds the chair up, taking it in hand.

Tact: So at Raucous, File, get ready to feel the flat steel of a steel chair...get ready to feel a cord choking the LIFE out of you...and get ready to be generally beaten to a pulp. Cuz I'm not going to get my hands any dirtier than I need to...and I already put in a request for our match at Raucous to be made a STREET FIGHT. Once again, I will show the versatility that A.I. and myself have shown throughout Battle Bowl Mania. I'm going to pummel and pound you until you aren't able to kickout, File. I don't care how many weapons it takes, cuz I'll have plenty. I'm prepared to fend off your putrid advances, so all you need to be thinking about is if you're prepared to fend off what's been coming to you for years, now....


Tact bangs the chair against the concrete floor a couple times, glaring at the camera. Fade out.