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03-15-04, 08:15 PM
All RP for the JOHN DOE and JARED WELLS Television Title tournament semi-finals match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday March 22nd, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

John Doe
03-16-04, 09:43 AM
[Fade to a sidewalk as John Doe walks past the camera. John kicks a rock down the sidewalk as he continues to walk. John stops in front of a Best Buy and decides to enter it. As john enters the store security at the entrance back away to avoid a conflict. John walks down an aisle to the T.V. sets. A re-run of Raucous plays on the screen as John sits on a counter watching the screen. John watches Jared Wells wrestle, John goes up to the VHS tape deck and pauses the tape as Jared’s arm is raised in victory of his match. John’s eyes turn glossy as he looks at Jared Wells.]

Doe: So Wells we meet in the ring, me versus you. We meet in the squared circle, we fight to advance to the championship ‘bout. Only one of us can win Jared and only one of us can be T.V. Title Champion. I will fight my heart out, I will fight to win, I will fight to defeat you. You stand in my way, you stand in my path to win, to become one of the best, and I will be the best, I will become T.V. Champion only bringing me one step closer to that World Heavyweight belt. Wells, I’ve seen your style of wrestling Wells, I’ve seen, I’ve examined and I am training for your end.

Doe: There are things in life that separate men. Take you for instance, you wrestle, that’s all good and dandy, you defeated Suicide Killer, Whoopty Do. But see you haven’t step in the ring with me, you haven’t been in the same boat as me, you haven’t experienced what I have. Suicide Killer has...he knows how it feels when those walls, those padded plain white walls slowly close in on you, that tight white suite seems to become tighter everyday, that every day, every hour, every fricken second, drives you more mad, makes your min bend and twist, then finally it snaps, oh does it snap, what a feeling it is when it finally does. When I step in that ring my mind snaps, when you hit me it snaps, when you pursue to antagonize me, oh it snaps and when I step in that ring, when my mind finally cracks and snaps in direction I never knew it could go, abilities and talent that I never knew I had release, and they will release u[on you Wells. You will experience what Chris Mcmillian had to face, what Scotty Michaels had to face, what Trevor Cane felt, and what Violent Nick Savage felt, they all have felt the energy that I give off in the ring. Try to stop me Wells, I dare you, I will only become stronger, ever second you waste to bring me down only makes me stronger. Try to stop my time to rise to the top, it will only bring a slow and agonizing defeat for you.

Doe: Jared Wells, we well will fight, and this will be the most difficult match of your life, it will be your end, your end in this tournament, it will be time for me to rise to my victory, to my dreams, to my goal. That goal being of course the T.V Title Champion, which you will be unable to stop me in achieving, thus we fight for the same purpose don’t we? To win, to become Champion, of course which one of us does win, will have one more match to win, I will have one more match to win that is, you my friend you will have to watch me wrestle that match. You will have to watch me win, watch me progress in the in tournament. Wells, I dare you to wrestle your hardest, I dare you to give me all you have, frankly it won’t be good enough, ultimately you will fail, you will fall short of victory.

Doe: I look in the mirror Wells, you know what I see? I see a champion, I see the first T.V. Title Champion, I promise you Wells, I will break you, I will make you bleed, you blood will be on my hands by the end of our match, your body will be tattered and torn, your soul and dreams shattered and your spirit crushed. Me on the other hand; well, I will advance and continue to the Championship, to achieve my goal, to obtain the T.V Title, Wells when we face off, it isn’t going to be about the T.V Title, it isn’t going to be about this tournament, it’s going to be about winning, it’s going to be me trying to destroy every aspect of you.

Doe: Listen....Listen close Wells, can you hear it? I can, I hear the crowd, chanting my name, I hear the Ring Announcer saying over that microphone, “And your winner and the First N.E.W T.V. Title Champion JOOOOHN DOOOE!”, but Wells I am not focused on that, I mean I am, but I am focused on you and you only, focused on making you suffer. Making you feel utter and unbelievable pain, se for you it is the end of everything, but for me you are the everything. You ask yourself “what does he mean by that?” Well let me expand upon it, see as your days in the tournament slowly tick away, as March 22nd slowly comes by, in my eyes it is the end of your reign in this tournament, see it all ends for you March 22nd, everything ends for you, you are the end of everything for me in the aspect of, you are one more obstacle in my way of winning.

Doe: See you are an obstacle, for three reasons, One: being I have never faced you in the ring face to face, Two: You are in the same boat as I am, if you win you advance, and I fail, vise versa on my part, and finally number Three: you are a talented wrestler. I Have to defeat you to wrestle in the next round, and you are good, better than I am, the underdog is not to be under looked Jared, I my be inexperienced, but I my part I have come this far, and you are not going to stop me, nor is my next opponent after you, you are just one more person stepping up to the plate and taking a swing at me, but see I am just to damn good to stop, I am The Revolution of this company, I am changing the ways of wrestling I am Evolving it, see as I great a new Revolution, I take everything old and make it see the new path, the ways things have changed, I bring upon the ways of advanced attack, you attack with strength with power, on the contrary Wells I attack with speed and quickness.

Doe: I will show you the meaning of brutality on March 22nd, and you will have to bare it upon you, carry the pain upon you shoulders, the pain of injury and the pain of loss. Wells I tell you this now, and I will repeat this for you as many times as possible, do not step in my way, do not try your self-righteous acts, do not intimate me, you are just wasting your time and adding to the blood bath I am going to create for you. Count your blessings Wells, say your prayers, because I like the demon am going to swipe them clean and unfortunately there will be no savior, or personal Jesus Christ for you on March 22nd only the utter hell I will provide for you in the ring.

[John stands up looking at Jared Wells picture will on the screen as he slams his fist through the television shattering it. John walks away slowly as cameras turn the another T.V set of John Doe winning his match with Nick Savage. Fade out on John getting his hand raised in victory]

~<Fade to Black>~