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03-15-04, 08:14 PM
All RP for the EL ARCO IRIS and JONATHAN MARX "World Title Battle Royal PREVIEW" match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday March 22nd, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

03-19-04, 06:31 PM
::Brandon Jacobs is leading blind folded Jonathan Marx through a long corridor::

JONATHAN MARX: Where are you taking me?

BRANDON JACOBS: I told you, you will find out when you get there.

JONATHAN MARX: I remember the last blind folded trip I took when I wound up at Grady Little’s house. Needless to say, I was one Sox fan who wasn’t highly amused.

BRANDON JACOBS: That was Domovoi, I at least have half a brain. I’m telling you, this is the place you HAVE to go to get into the mind of El Arco Iris.

JONATHAN MARX: Peewee Herman’s Playhouse has been off the years for over a decade now.

BRANDON JACOBS: This is even better.

JONATHAN MARX: When are we going to get there?

::Marx and Jacobs walk through the open door right onto the set::

BRANDON JACOBS: NOW! ::Brandon Jacobs pulls off the blind fold to reveal their location::


(CUEUP: “Theme From Sesame Street)

::Marx looks around to find where the music is coming from and is relieved to see speakers::

BRANDON JACOBS: Don’t worry, you are awake this time.

JONATHAN MARX: I’ve had a really rough week.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: Hey Johnny, come over here!

JONATHAN MARX: OSCAR! ::Jacobs and Marx walk over to Oscar’s trash can::

OSCAR THE GROUCH: I hear you make your living complaining about how pro wrestling is today.

JONATHAN MARX: *laughs* Yes, yes I do.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: ::hugs Marx:: You are my favorite wrestler.

JONATHAN MARX: Thank you Oscar, you don’t know how much that means to me.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: ::lets go:: You don’t have to get all mushy on me.

JONATHAN MARX: Sorry, sorry.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: How can you lose to Cameron Cruise of all people?

::Jonathan Marx hangs his head in shame::

OSCAR THE GROUCH: My trash can stinks less than he does.

JONATHAN MARX: *laughs* Well, I’ll try to do better next time.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: The way you’ve been treated lately is almost as bad them making this the Elmo show. You would think that he married the bosses daughter.

JONATHAN MARX: I could take him out if you want.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: Elmo isn’t here today, he is off shooting YET another movie. I’ve been here thirty years and I have yet to star in my own motion picture when I stole the show with the Grouch National Anthem in Follow That Bird.

JONATHAN MARX: You sure did. There are way too Elmos in this world.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: Don’t I know it. So, what brings you to Sesame Street?

::Brandon Jacobs butts in::

BRANDON JACOBS: Jonathan is here to see Big Bird.


OSCAR THE GROUCH: The Grouch isn’t good enough?

BRANDON JACOBS: It is nothing against you Oscar, but Big Bird is closer to El Arco Iris’s mentality. We need someone who looks on the bright side of life.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: One of those sickeningly optimistic people? Why should Marx waste his time with that?

BRANDON JACOBS: In order to conquer El Arco Iris, we have to understand El Arco Iris.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: Sounds like an waste of time. Johnny, do you want to go for a swim in my pool?

JONATHAN MARX: I would love to, but Brandon Jacobs would go all Burt on me.

OSCAR THE GROUCH: Oh, I UNDERSTAND how it is. Now leave me alone and get lost. ::Oscar slams his trash can lid shut hard::

JONATHAN MARX: Great, now you got Oscar mad at me.

BRANDON JACOBS: Sorry, but we have business to attend to.

::Brandon Jacobs knock on Big Bird’s door::

BIG BIRD: Come in!

::Brandon Jacobs walks in first and Big Bird jumps up and down in anticipation and runs towards Brandon and gives him a hug::

JONATHAN MARX: I take this isn’t your first trip to Sesame Street Brandon.

BIG BIRD: Brandon, Snuffy, and I have tea once a month. Brandon makes the best cookies.

::Cookie Monster pops his head in::


::Jonathan shakes his head::

BRANDON JACOBS: Sorry Cookie Monster, I didn’t bring any cookies today. This is a business meeting.

::Cookie Monster flips Brandon off and leaves::

BIG BIRD: Please excuse Cookie Monster, they cut his salary in half and gave it to Elmo so he had to cut down on his cookies.

BRANDON JACOBS: Man, Elmo’s ego is getting out of control.

BIG BIRD: Tell me about it, I’m down to less than ten minutes of airtime on an hour show. He makes me angry. Sometimes I picture myself doing bad things to him.

BRANDON JACOBS: Don’t we all. Back to the reason we are here, Marx desperately needs your help to beat El Arco Iris.

BIG BIRD: What is the problem?

JONATHAN MARX: I don’t want to hurt El Arco Iris. He is loved by millions and millions of children. The thought of it makes me very sad.

BIG BIRD: The children do love El Arco Iris. El Arco Iris is like and over grown child sort of like myself. He probably was tramuatized at some time in his life so he regressed back to a happier time and found comfort in it. It makes life a lot easier when you don't have to worry about the things adults worry about.

JONATHAN MARX: I can understand that.

BIG BIRD: One of the kids was wearing an El Arco Iris mask before the show a couple of weeks ago. He brings a lot of joy to all the children out there.

JONATHAN MARX: That is my dilemma, while I may break the rules, I never purposely do things to make the fans angry. I have a lot of younger fans myself and I don’t want to appear to be a bully.

BIG BIRD: Hmmmm. I GOT IT! Think of El Arco Iris as Elmo!

JONATHAN MARX: Elmo? I don’t understand…

BIG BIRD: You grew up on Sesame Street, right?

JONATHAN MARX: I sure did, almost every kid grew up on Sesame Street, Electric Company, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, and Reading Rainbow. But what does that have to do with anything?

BIG BIRD: You love old school ways and tradition, so go out there and fight for what you grew up on. Make this a battle between all those great shows you grew up on against the new school shows like the Elmo Show, Barney and Teletubbies and prove to everyone that the shows you grew up on made you into a better person than El Arco Iris.

JONATHAN MARX: Old school vs. New School, I love it. I think I can do it. I think I can face El Arco Iris with a clean conscious now. Thank you Big Bird.

::Jonathan Marx hugs Big Bird::

BIG BIRD: Awww, it was nothing.


03-22-04, 09:19 PM
(CUE UP: "Bolo Ta Ra Ra" by Daler Mehndi as the screen is bombarded by all the colors of the spectrum in rapid-fire succession. This fades to El Arco Iris sitting in lotus position on a tuft of grass in a park in broad daylight. El Arco Iris is dressed in his ring attire, covered by a rainbow satin robe.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris is just brimming with joy to find before he has to engage in a battle driven by avarice and want, El Arco Iris can meet up with an opponent who's heart is not clouded by the thick, choking mists of rage, but rather he is a man who breathes free the air of happiness. But Señor Marx does seem to have one problem, and that is ignorance. While I commend your efforts to try and understand El Arco Iris, you are going about your comprehension of happiness all wrong. You think El Arco Iris is compensating for something by being how El Arco Iris is, and so many others think El Arco Iris' happiness is just a total oblivion to all that is bad and evil in the world, but those who say such things simply refuse to understand El Arco Iris and simply judge him by first sight.

(El Arco Iris shakes his head from side to side, but bolts upright again, and raises a gesturing finger to show he's making a point.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris' happiness is not derived from ignorance or ignorance, but from a greater understanding. 'El Arco Iris, there can be no good without evil, El Arco Iris, happiness unchecked cannot be human!" Did Siddartha Gautama recieve such doubt when he sought to tap the human soul's ability to transcend the evils of the world? Evil only exists because men create it, and the evils men create only propogate more evils. Enlightenment, and therfore infinite happiness is inherent in every man and woman, and can be unlocked if they do not yield themselves to compulsion, greed, anger, or envy! Señor Marx, have the key to unlocking your own enlightenment, you are a man of decent enough character, but you seem to enjoy mocking your opponents so, you bind yourself with your own evils, and that is why you have lost your own key to following in the path of happiness, paved with love, respect, and exuberance.

(El Arco Iris shrugs his shoulders and extends both his hands outward.)

El Arco Iris: Really, the concept is intrinsic, and transcends all borders, races, and creeds. As Siddartha became the bodhissatva and taught of letting go of such petty things as hate and jealousy, even Jesus of Nazareth also said "love your enemy". But El Arco Iris is not here to get in a debate about theism and non-theism, El Arco Iris is here to tell Señor Marx that he is willing to put forth his maximum effort and have a spirited match with competitive spirit like El Arco Iris knows you can produce. Perhaps, Señor Marx, El Arco Iris will help you find your way back on the path that you have strayed, and you will find that great happiness need not be proceeded by great trauma simply to balance it out. The mind and heart of a child are truly the most enlightened, as they are not yet taught in the ways of material desire and compulsion. El Arco Iris will say he is a child at heart, but born into the womb of the earth to lift the spirits of all who tread it. You will see that our ideas are not that different in our ideas and beliefs, and El Arco Iris never means to insult or deamean the beliefs that another man has worked so hard to uphold, no. As a fellow human being, El Arco Iris and Jonathan Marx are closer than we think. El Arco Iris still does enjoy his old school Sesame Street, though... Anyway, let us have some fun, Señor Marx, and El Arco Iris will be sure to set you straight, release you from your petty concerns, and put a great big SMIIIIIIIILE...(traces the smile on his mask with his thumb)...on your face!

(Fade to Rainbow)