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03-12-04, 04:03 AM
RP here.

03-19-04, 12:33 PM
"I knew you were a big ol' softie."

"Don't count on it."

FADE IN.....

DAN RYAN standing in front of an NFW banner, sans wrestling gear.

Today it's a simple street clothes ensemble: jeans, t-shirt, etc. Courtesy of the local mall and less than $50.

Ryan: "So, for one night and one night only...so far....Avery Prosser didn't quite get his way."

"Look, Kazuo Shizaki and I aren't exactly best buddies....and God knows Jonathan Marx is an utter hemmhoroid on the ass of NFW, but I'm not one to see someone who actually shows balls inside the ring get beatdown just for standing up to a two bit hack-job group of bullies."

"Avery, count yourself as a very....very.....very lucky man right now."

"How did that feel, bro? You wake up in a good mood the next day? Did it give ya that warm and fuzzy feeling to realize that we're not exactly intimidated by you?"

"I'll bet when you planned out your grand takeover scheme....that somewhere in the middle of it was the supposition that most of the roster would fall in line due to fear."

"Poor sad insignificant Avery."

"Not only are we not intimidated.....we're not impressed. And in fact, even less of us are impressed now than before."

"And why is that?"

"Someone stood up to you. Kazuo Shizaki stood toe to toe with every last one of you at the same time and jacked your fat jaw up inside your head."

"And for that, Kazuo Shizaki has earned my respect."

"You've only tasted the beginning, Prosser. And won't that be fun? You struggling to take some sort of feeble hold on a conference you will never control."

"Ah but alas, certain aspects of this place must go on. And as I enjoy thoughts of you throwing a tantrum backstage and planning your next gang attack, I must also face Kin Hiroshi in the ring."

"Now Kin, this should be the day you've been waiting for. I kinda ruined your big moment in the sun not too long ago didn't I?"

"I mean hell, a shot at John Miller and the GXW World Championship. That was your chance to step into the limelight finally.....to break through that ever present glass ceiling that was built over the head of your career so long ago."

"One problem, sport."

"You tried to do it by stepping on me."

"That's a big no-no, boss."

"So you got embarrassed, live on television. You reap what you sow, Kin."

"And now, your one shot at redemption. But I think you know how this is gonna turn out. One drop on the back of your head plus three seconds equals......bye-bye for the muffin man."

"I wouldn't worry about it too much, Kin. You're not in this to win anyway, are ya?"

"Unfortunately, I am."

"Unfortunately......this week Hiroshi-berry's founder eats canvas...."

"Good luck on your rehab...."


03-24-04, 05:31 PM
** "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."
Matthew 5:5 **

** "Screw the meek. What are they going to do? Rise up?" Kin Hiroshi **

* In the early hours of the evening, Kin Hiroshi is grinning. Not because Hiroshi-Berry Muffins doubled it's revenue in the last quarter, but because Dan Ryan has been served to him on a silver platter. For months, Kin has dreamed of revenge. Pure and simply, Dan Ryan is a dead man, and no one can stop Hiroshi from committing murder.

Especially not when it's about to be televised, live, world-wide. Hiroshi-san couldn't be happier... *

KIN HIROSHI: You know, Danny, a lot of people said that I had it coming to me in GXW when you jumped me. When you cost me the GXW Unified World Title. When you destroyed my aspirations of achieving that which has been just out of my grasp since I embarked on my journey to superstardom.

Well, Dan-o. The joke, as they say, is on you. Why? Because you can't keep a man like Kin Hiroshi down. I have suffered in my own pain for the last few months, agonizing over what I should do to you...

Well, not so much WHAT as much as HOW. You see, WHAT I'm going to do to you is publicly humiliate a man who is currently considered on top of his game. I am going to destroy you. The HOW I'm going to do it is a little bit harder to figure out. See, I'm not sure if it will be a Hiroshi-ma bomb of the top rope, a Jiro-Kin sleeper in the middle of the ring, or your very own Humility Bomb to seal the deal.

* Kin's glee overcomes him and he giggles just a little as he looks skyward, imagining the possibilities. *

KIN HIROSHI: Oh, Dan, at this point nothing matters, not my rematch for the CSWA Greensboro Title, not GWE, not even NFW. You're public humiliation is all that matters now. It's the ultimate retribution for what you did to ME! I did NOT deserve that in the least bit. Hell, the amount of poison I put in that muffin should have put you out for at least another month, but your crackpot doctors obviously flushed it out of your system in time. I did what I did because you were in my way, and, just so you know, I'll step on you again if need be.

Hell, I won't just step on you, I'll squash you. This match will be just a glimpse at what will happen if you try and cross me.

Abraham Lincoln had a famous quote: "What I'm good, I feel good. When I'm bad, I feel bad. That is my religion." Well, Dan Ryan, when I'm good, I feel good. When I'm bad, I feel even better. That isn't my religion, it is my life...

*** FADE TO GOLD ***