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Mr Main Event
03-07-04, 04:55 PM
Standard match.

03-09-04, 07:13 PM
(We fade into a gym, oddly enough-we can see Mary Jane Ashcroft working out in the background. But the camera focuses more on the returning "Sandman" Devon Slayton. He is wearing a pair of black workout shorts as he regards the camera)

Devon: Okay, since this is cutting into my workout time-I'll keep this nice and quick. Bloodhunt, you've yet to say anything regarding our match and I was being kind to let the my opponent have the first word, but since you're too busy enjoying the fact that you have a GXW, I'm sorry-a GWE contract that you've forgotten that you have a match on Sunday against the "Sandman" IE me!

(Devon shakes his head for a few moments and then continues)

Devon: Bloodhunt, I hope that you know what you're doing because very soon we all will want to see what skills you supposedally will bring to the ring against me when I re-debut for GWE. I've been on the injuried list for several months following my match with Gaberial Poe, a match that should've had a better ending if my damn father in the Reaver would've gotten off of his ass and come to help me, but eh-oh well. That was then and this is now. Bloodhunt, get ready for the match of your career because it'll be the only match of your career because come hell or high water, YOU'RE NEXT!!!

(Devon turns around and walks away from the camera as the screen fades to black)

The Great Eye
03-09-04, 07:54 PM
(FADEIN: Bloodhunt sitting on a curb in Dealey Plaza, the area in Dallas where President John F. Kennedy was shot to death while riding in a motorcade. Bloodhunt is wearing polar camo pants, combat boots, and a white "Kennedy, Leadership for America" T-shirt.)

BLOODHUNT: Slayton, let me make this clear to you, I haven't signed with GEW or whatever this company is called now, I made an offer, they made an offer, we're working on paperwork, honestly, I don't know if I have the fire in my belly needed to compete at the level I expect myself to perform at, as a result, I've put off signing the deal, I haven't made a decision. There was a very good chance I'd never set foot in a ring fighting a match promoted by this company. Then, some over eager guy in the front office throws me in a match, now my first responce was outrage, I've been falsely booked, I've been set up to look bad. I'm not even signed, and they put me out there in a match, why? If I no show they have the color team talk about how Devon Slayton scared off the last true NFW World Champion. It puts a black mark on my career and makes you look like a bad ass.

I debated it, in the end, I decided I didn't care, you could have your cheap win, this company could go to hell...

But then you made a mistake Devon, a big mistake...

You opened your mouth, and you said some of the stupidest things I've ever heard.

Only match of my career? (shakes head) maybe only match in GEW, maybe the only match here, I've done enough, fought enough, beaten enough to not have to worry about that...But you...You're so CLUELESS, well...I almost feel the need to have to show you up...I feel the need catch you unaware...And like that (Snaps fingers) BAM...HEADSHOT...And it's OVER...And you never see it coming...You might have done GEW a great service Devon, dragging me into that ring...You might have secured for this company, the services of the Lone Gunman...But for yourself...All you have put yourself into the KILL ZONE...You have made yourself...Are his first victim...(FADEOUT)

03-10-04, 11:42 PM
(We fade into the gym where Devon Slayton has been working out and we can see that he's just finished a pratice match and he looks a little bit both confused and angry)

Devon: You know something Bloodhunt, I still don't know nor care who you think you are. You're not any of the top names that I've ever heard of and yet here you are saying that you're in "negoations" with GWE. Well, Bloodhunt, you're either in or your out and from what I can see-you think that you're too good to be here and honestly, I think I'm speaking for alot of the guys in the back that you'll be gone just as quick as Ernest Miller was from the WWE by the time that you have your first actual match here in GWE. I don't care if you've been a former champion before because hell, I've been a former champion also, but here in GWE-all men are equal until otherwise proven differentally. But you have said that with a chair it'll be one slam over my head and it's over. Well, I want you to bring that chair so that I can bend it over your thick skull after I make you count the lights in the arena. I don't know what this "NFW" is because I'm apart of Global Wrestling Evolution pure and simple and you my friend are nothing more than some poser needed to fill in some space.

(Devon shrugs and cracks his knuckles, releasing some of the tension in his body from a workout before he continues)

Devon: I'm not trying to look like a bad ass, I'm simply being me. If I wanted to be a badass, I would go around throwing my past victories over people in everyone's faces like Kevin Powers, Gaberial Poe, Eric Davis and all the others but instead, I let my actions speak for me. I've the scars to prove that even though I have a right to call myself a bad ass, I do not because all that I am is a fighter, I'm the son of a fighter and I've earned my keep over and over again and not because I am my father's son but because I have the drive and the talent to make what is mine mine and that being my own career in this sport.

(Devon crosses his arms over his broad chest and smiles darkly)

Devon: Even though I've been used before by others to further their own careers including Wrec Hannibal, Jason Leary and Billy Dreamer and now, you want to use me to further your own goals by trying to make a mark in this company. But I won't let you do that, Bloodhunt. You're nothing more than some poser who thinks that he can just get away with using cruiserweights...Light-Heavyweights...flyweights, whatever as a stepping stone and I will show you at Revolution that I will show you what you bring to the ring is not enough to beat what I've got because in the end, you'll see that I'm nothing to sneeze at because come hell or high water-you are next.

(we fade to black)

The Great Eye
03-11-04, 12:27 AM
(FADEIN: Bloodhunt sitting in front of the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll in Dealy Plaza, he's wearing the same gear as before.)

BLOODHUNT: When people tell you that you said things, it's really funny, because generally speaking, I remember what I say...You're claiming I told the GEW fans that I'm to good for this company, not true, never said that. I said I don't know if I have it IN ME to join this company...I don't know if I feel it in my bones to go fuill bore, 110% into living the life again, fighting every night for my keep. That's what I said. I never once questioned the talent of this organization, I never once placed myself above this company, you're the one who put those words into my mouth, and then somehow randomly cross referenced it with some mid-card act screwing around in Uncle Vince's playground.

Then you claim I'm gonna slap you with a chair...(Shakes head) I can't even begin to explain where you're wrong there, but that's mostly because you know nothing about me, you don't care to learn anything about me, watching tapes, knowing your opponent, all that's foreign to you. I'm going to hit you with a chair...Where the HELL did you come up with that? So far, and we're only 45 seconds into your promo, all we've gotten is two total lies, one of which is just putting words in my mouth, the other is something you just pulled out of your ass because you just DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT...

You've beaten people, congrats, everyone's beaten somebody, if you didn't, you wouldn't be in this industry anymore, would you now? You're such a damn hypocrite it makes me sick, talking about how MY past, 'NFW' doesn't matter, but your legacy of victory somehow does...The fact you can't see that you're such a hypocrite about this makes it worse.

Let me make this clear Slayton, I've heard this all before, 'if it didn't happen here, it didn't happen' is the battlecry of the sheltered moron who's only known one company his whole career, and thusly thinks everything in the history of wrestling is seen through the perspective of that company. Saddly Slayton, that's not the case, many, MANY people have earned a living, and a good one at that, without having the ownership of GEW having a machine sign their photocopied signature onto the front of a check.

I haven't even gotten into myself, my history, or the whole gimmick I bring to the table, except for the setting of these speeches and the T-Shirt...(Smiles) trust me Slayton, if you want somebody to get into a gabfest with you...I can do that.

I might leave GEW after this show, honestly, I might decide that I can't compete at the level I want, but I DO also promise that I'm going to flat out destroy and embarress you in that ring Slayton, because you're just so damn stupid...(Shakes head in disgust, fadeout)