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The Great Eye
03-03-04, 05:43 AM
Yeah, I just found out fWo does Survivor, and if they feel I'm ripping them off, feel free to break my neck, for that wasn't my intent, basically I'm bored with FW, the whole set-up just doesn't work for me, but at the same time, I have a desperate need to write something. So after watching two shows of Survivor I've offically become a fan and would love to write a Survivor show with the characters of FW.

Currently signed to appear

Michael Manson
Larry Tact
Matthew Malone
Steel Viper
Doc Silver

I got a few more people who were thinking about it. Basically here's the idea.

I'm going to write up the frame work of the show and mail it to everyone, basically telling you how your tribe did in the luxury and immunity challenges, and asking for input about how your character reacts to these events. If your team lost the immunity challenge, I'd like to hear your plan for dealing with the vote, and then finally who you're voting off. I basically want to be able to put the pithy asides to the camera in, and the interaction between the people in the tribe without getting 55 IM's about how I'm 'ruining the character', lord knows I've done that to Prez Folk in the past, so I myself want to avoid that crime at all costs.

My goal is to get 18 characters in, if everyone wants to send in males that's fine, I'd like to get 6 females to make it more Survivor like if possible. So if you are interested or have any questions IM me at StantonMJS, or E-mail me at FWSurvivor@hotmail.com.