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02-25-04, 01:26 PM
All RP for the QUARTERFINALS round for the TV Title match between JOHN DOE and 'violent' NICK SAVAGE should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday March 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

John Doe
02-25-04, 07:32 PM
[Fade into a dark training room with a ring in it. Cameras turn around the ring to show John Doe in the ring.]

[Limp Bizkit “Crack Addict” plays in the background of the room as three other wrestlers enter the ring with John Doe. A small man stands outside the ring as he watches John bounce up and down warm up and stretching. Doe turns toward the three wrestlers then turns looks over at the trainer]

Doe: All right Jim I’m ready.

[Jim nods and slams his hand against the ring floor]

Jim: All right boys give him all you got. I want him to train he has a tough match and I need him up and running for it. Make him sweat, make him bleed, and most importantly make sure he’s working and improving.

[The three wrestlers nod as one runs towards Doe at full speed. Doe ducks watching the wrestler rebound off the ropes. Doe slams a hard clothes line on the wrestler. The wrestler flies back doing a backflip and landing on his neck from the impact of the

Doe: Come on, get up!

[The wrestler stays down holding his chest in pain then rolls out of the ring as two trainers grab him and escort the injured wrestler to the trainers office]

Jim: Come on John! I don’t want to go and find new sparing partners for you again. All right boys go on get him!

[A wrestler grabs Doe from behind and German Suplexs him hard to the ring a large impact echoing with in the room]

Jim: Come on! Work John! Come on get up work, improve. You want to beat...you have to work hard.

[Doe rises to his feet and gives a hard elbow the other wrestlers face. the wrestler lets go of Does waist. Doe tosses the kid into the turn buckle and throws hard rights and lefts and he rises the wrestler to the top of the turnbuckle. Doe climbs on the turnbuckle
with the wrestler. Doe grabs a suplex and goes off the top rope with the wrestler. Doe hits the ring with the wrestler as the ring shakes hard.]

[Two trainers grab the limp wrestlers body out of the ring by his legs. Another wrestler comes onto Doe and kicks
him down flat. Doe trips him hard and Irish whips him into the ropes. Doe goes off to the opposite ropes and slaps a hard Amnesia Attack knocking the kid out.]

Jim: Damn, all right that’s good enough come on John get out the ring.

[Doe slides out the ring and sits on the steal steps. Doe grabs a water bottle taking a short drink from it.]

Doe: What do you think. I mean I’m just a newbie do you think I can make it all the way to win he T.V Title? I mean I’m wrestling the best of the best now. These guys want my head on a stick and I don’t know if I can take it in the ring. What if I lose? I mean then I’m out of the running.

Jim: Just wrestler your match and you’ll be fine. Get angry, get mad, and get dangerous Nick Savage won’t know what hit him. But... I mean..ah nevermind.

[Doe stands up and smiles cracking his knuckles and looks at the ring his eyes beaming with delight]

Doe: I’ve trained for months for this and I am not letting Savage take it from me. Maybe I should get mad. He won’t expect it and he will have to give up. Maybe he should feel the Amnesia Attack just like Trevor Cane did.

[Doe slides in the ring again and leans against the ropes. Jim follows him in the ring shaking his head]

Doe: What?

Jim: You got lucky with that match. You got lucky even getting in the tournament, it was all by chance that Doc didn’t show up that night. I mean do you really think you earned a shot at the T.V, Title?

[Does pupils in his eyes turn smaller as he becomes angry with the trainers words]

Doe: What did you say? You don’t think I tried to win that match? You don’t believe that I earned that match!?! WELL I DID! MARK MY WORDS I WILL BEAT SAVAGE NOT BY LUCK BUT BY SKILL! BECAUSE I AM THAT DAMN GOOD, AND I AM THE BEST! I KNOW THE FANS KNOW IT AND SAVAGE WILL LEARN IT!!

Jim: Doe you heard the commentary you stole Doc’s spot and you just got very, very lucky if.....

[Right in the middle of Jim’s sentence Doe slams a hard shinning wizard on Jim. Jim’s head drips blood as Does takes some off of him and wipes it on his own chest.]

Doe: This is just the beginning Jim and I will show everyone what will happen at the end. Savage doesn’t know my anger and my wrath. He will see how dangerous I am in the ring or even out of it! And trust me come Raucous he will find out what happens when you step in the ring with John Doe!

[Doe smiles as droplets of foam fall onto Jim’s face as Doe laughs. Cameras zoom out as Doe turns to them smiling. Cameras walk out of the room as the doors close in front of the cameras while Doe stands in the ring holding his head]


02-25-04, 11:18 PM

[The scene fades into what seems to be an abandon building, its silence is deadly. You can't make out anything, because it is so dark. The building has a creepy feel to it, like when the hair stands up on the back of your kneck. Suddenly a loud noise is heard, and a huge blue light kicks on all of a sudden. It is shining directly into an old abandon wrestling ring. There are cobwebs built up on the ring post. All of the sudden a voice is heard.]

Voice: At last, I am back at home. This is where I learned everything I know. Right here, from one man, my grandfather. Unfortunately he is not with us anymore, and has gone to a better place. I remember wrestling in that ring, like it was only yesterday. Going through man by man, just like you John Doe, the only difference is, well they were real men. Men that could take a clothesline to the chest, without having to leave the ring. In face these were some of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The wrestlers who were famous back when my grandpa was wrestling, the oldtimers.

[Bring Me To Life by Evanescence starts playing over the old PA system as a fairly young man in his early 20s out from behind the dusty curtains. He is wearing a pair of black glasses, a pair of black trunks, with nVs in bold letters written across the front of them, and a pair of black wrestling boots. The man slowly makes his way to the ring, but stops in the front, and walks around to the other side. He picks up a chair where the bell ringer is supposed to sit, and then slides into the ring. He sets the chair up, and slumps down into the chair. He sits looking into the camera, with his fists together in his lap.]

Nick Savage: John Doe, I understand times have changed from when I was in training, and now. Ecleast back when I was in training wrestling was still considered a sport. To you, and many more new wrestlers, its just entertainment, and fun. But, to me its my passion, and my entire life. This week on Raucious, I have a chance to go onto to the next round in the T.V. title tournament, and later win the Television Title. I have been working for this ever since I was only 17 years old, and I am not gonna let some newcomer take away, what is rightfully mine. I will make sure of it.

I want you to know, this will be the toughest match of your life John, and what I want you to do. Is just keep on training, because you will have to if you want to last ecleast 3 minutes with me, let alone 3 seconds. Just one thing, if your gonna train, I would listen to your trainer, and not argue. So listen to the man, afterall he is your trainer, and that means he does know more than you, and he is right about what happened last week. You were only lucky to get into that match, and you were a lucky winner as well.

I will admit that I am damn lucky to be in this match to, but I will prove to the world, that it won't be luck pinning you 1...2...3!!! Right in the middle of the ring. Since you are my first victim in NEW, then you will be able to be the first NEW superstar to feel the Savageslam, it will be a RUSH of POWER like you have never felt before!!!! So be ready, because you can still have the TV Title, if you get through me first that is, and don't count your blessings, because its not happening.

[Bring Me To Life hits the PA system, as the scene fades to black with Nick Savage just staring down at the ring.]

John Doe
02-26-04, 03:22 PM
[Fade from black to John Doe jump roping in the arena backstage area. Sweat drips from doe’s forehead as he jumps faster and quicker until he falls to he knees the rope falling to the ground.]

[Doe stands up putting the jump rope in his gym bag . Doe picks up the rope and walks down the hall way and out to the entrance ramp. John steps out into the event area as workers setup the ring. Doe hears his entrance music play through his head and hums it to himself as he also hears the crowd chanting and cheering while he walks down the ramp.]

[John comes to a halt as he looks around the empty seats, then looks around a glimmer in his eyes. Workers walk away from the finished ring as Doe slides in and sits on a turnbuckle.]

Doe: Wow. [A bit of awe stands in Does face as he looks around the arena]. It never looks so from down here. Maybe, it’s me but I’m starting off Raucous, my match is the first match in the lineup. Man oh man, what a site to see for the fans, me versus Nick Savage.

[John walks out to the center of the ring and spins around in a circle slowly looking up at the ceiling above him. Sic by Slipknot runs through his head as he sings it quietly to him

Doe: Savage has been in the business longer. I don’t sweat him, sure he has been around and done some great things. But he doesn’t understand that he will have the best match of his life, people will stand and cheer N.E.W...N.E.W, as they rise to their feet as we fight in this ring. They will rise to there feet when I destroy him with the Amnesia Attack, they will cheer win my hand is raised in victory, oh and they will chant my name as I am crowned the T.V Title Champion.

[Doe runs to the ropes rebounding off them and then stops in the middle of the ring again]

Doe: All I have to say is be prepared Savage, be prepared for me. I will make sure that I beat you, and beat you I will. Not only will I beat you but I will destroy every dream you had of being in the semifinals, or even winning the T.V Title.

Doe: Savage you better hope your ready. I know why I wrestle, the sight of those people, the look of the filled arena...it’s amazing. My drive, my adrenaline rush comes from their cheers, chants, and expressions. When I get that rush, in my mind I feel....UNSTOPPABLE. When that referee declares the winner, we will know who is the better wrestler, time will tell. Until then, they think I can’t do it, they say that Savage is proficient in all aspects of wrestling. He wrestled the best, but you never wrestled me and I work for to become the best...No matter what.

[Doe stretches his arms and slides out of the ring, cameras fade out on him walking up the entrance ramp and fade out once he exits behind the titan tron]


02-26-04, 06:58 PM

[The scene fades from straight into an empty locker room, the room is almost bare. There is a bench in the middle of the room, a gym bag sitting next to it, and a few NEW posters on the walls. Nick Savage walks through the only door in the room, and takes a seat on the bench. He is wearing a black t-shirt that has the letters nVs on the front printed in a flaming font. He also has on a pair of black addida snap up pants, with the white stripes down the sides. He also has on his pair of signature black glasses, and a brand new pair of black steel toed boots. As he is digging through his bag, he lifts his head up.]

Nick Savage: So, you think you can just forget about everything I have ever accomplished in my past, and just pin me 1...2..3. After what all I have been through, well its not going to happen. Ecleast, not like that. I have faced bigger, more experienced wrestlers than you, and pinned them 1...2...3, I am not going to say it was easy, or then I would be lieing. But, I did it the way I do best, and that is by not giving up.

Nick Savage: You may have the crowd behind you here in NEW, b ut thats not going to mean anything March 5th in that squared circle, because I will have the drive of the T.V. Championship!!! I will do anything in my POWER, to get that title, and there is no way in hell!!! That you can stop the POWER of Nick Savage. I may not be the best wrestler out there, but I sure in the hell have earned my right to say I am one of the best. And by being one of the best, no newcomer is going to stand in my path of the Television Title.

[Nick keeps on digging through his bag, like hes looking for somthing, but pulls his head back up.]

Nick Savage: March 5th, I don't need to prove myself to the World. I just need to prove myself to the NEW fans, and believe me John Doe. I will. Come March 5th, I will have to defeat you 1....2....3, for two reasons. The first, so you will stop thinking you can just walk into a Professional Wrestlers lign of bussiness and beat him at his own game. And #2 just so I can go on to the semi finals, beat his ass, and win the finals, to have my T.V. title.

Nick Savage: John Doe, you only have one match left in this tournament, so make it a good one. I have to go train, because I have three left. Talk to you later.

[Nick jumps up off the bench, and pushes open the door, and walks off out of sight. As the door slams shut, just as the scene fades to black.]

John Doe
02-27-04, 12:27 PM
[Fade to John Doe walking down an alley looking around and stops in front of a billboard of Nick Savage. John holds his beer bottle in his hand grasping it tightly. John pulls down his hood looking up at the billboard]

Doe: You think your better than me Nick? I’ve seen better! No one ever gets in my way and stays there for long. Man, I’ve worked to hard for this, you had your time. You had your prime and it ran out, now its time for the new blood of the wrestling industry to take an impact, mainly me! You made something of yourself in your past federations? You want to prove your little goofy ass to the NEW fans? Well then step up Nick!

[John points his full beer bottle towards the billboard of Nick. John reads the billboard out load to himself.]

Doe: “Nick Savage, Let the violence begin, every week on Rauous only on New Era of Wrestling!”. PSSH! Please where’s all the signs with John Doe on them, let me tell you Nick, they are in the crowd. What was that Nick? You want to fight me?

[John stumbles as he laughs to himself then begins to shake his head. John takes two steps closer to the billboard]

Doe: Let me brake it down for you Niiickkk. I am unstoppable, do those words ring a little bell in your head? Well believe me at Raucous you will hear a bell, after I pinned you. Oh I am honored, honored to step in the ring with Nick Savage, honored to wrestle with Nick Savage, honored to END NICK SAVAGES DREAMS!!!!! When I hear that bell to start the match, your torment begins. Thus, after that bell rings the match will end and so will your days in the tournament!

[John puts a handkerchief in the full bottle of beer then follows by pulling out a lighter]

Doe: What was that Nick? What did you say? Oh, that you can beat me 1...2...3? Well let be break it down for you. 1...[John lights the lighter] 2....[John lights the handkerchief connected the inside of the bottle] 3....! [John chucks the bottle at Nicks billboard as an explosion is heard and the billboard is set ablaze]

Doe: How’s it feel Nick? Does it feel good? Your burnt up Nick, there’s nothing left for you to do. Your burnt up just like this billboard, but see, I to am like this billboard Nick. See while this billboard becomes a pile of nothing just like your career, I am like the billboard is now, burning, on fire for that T.V Title, I have that fire within me that can’t be put out, and Nick you can’t put it out. So, when Raucous comes around, say your prays count your blessings, because it’s time to face the music, and when its all over all the music you will be hearing is the ringing in your ears from my Amnesia Attack.

~Fade out on the billboard on fire~