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02-25-04, 01:25 PM
All RP for the QUARTERFINALS round for the TV Title match between THE AMERICAN and THE RENAISSANCE MAN should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday March 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

03-04-04, 04:52 AM
(Fade into the office of THE AMERICAN, once again in glorious black and white. The scene, not the American. Although his pants are black and his shirt is white, so I guess it works for him too.)

The American: Once again, another silent witness in this city of light. A man who claims to be a Renaissance Man, who requires the American to do all of the speaking, so that a soul will even hear his name.

NEW is as small and insignificant as this man, and as silent to the majority of the world. As I must elevate a person like this Renaissance Man, in doing so I will elevate this promotion around me. Many have asked why choose a place so unworthy of my name, my talent, and my sweat. Many have asked why I bother to make it worthy.

There is a simple, elegant answer to that.

While my greatness may not be in doubt, the degree of my greatness has not yet been determined. Yes I have traveled far, defeated many, received the great crowning glories of this sport... But I have not done, like many haven't the impossible.

I have not turned coal into gold. Alchemy, the greatest achievement anyone could possibly strive for is within my reach.

Here in NEW I can turn such a lackluster business into a thriving success. I could turn the passe into something people cannot turn away from. The Renaissance Man is just another example of why this federation must be brought up to a higher standard.

Those with great wealth and great skill must use that wealth and skill to the benefit of all. Here I am not only benefiting my peers, I am helping the entire nation, neigh the entire world who could enjoy such amazing entertainment from the bloody contests of NEW. This New ERA of Wrestling could do so much, yet without my work it will do so little.

The Renaissance Man is someone who very few people have heard of, care for, or would recognize in a crowd. But when a man of my name value, my talent, my fame takes it upon himself to defeat such a man, people take notice. Men stop in the street when they see THE AMERICAN VERUS... on a marquee, and upon seeing that theyw ill then see "RENAISSANCE MAN" and from then on will know he is a man who was worthy enough to step into the ring with The American.

Was he truly deserving of this honor? Unlikely, but the point is not that he deserved it, but by bestowing this upon him he can rise in the world. He can leave the gutter and become something, all because of this one match.

In one beating, in one bloody, brilliant contest he will in a loss have done more for himself and his starving family than he ever would with 1,000 victories. This will make him of value to the world, and give him confidence in himself. For when his shoulders are pinned to the mat by a man who is giving so much back to the world, one cannot hope but to be overcome with emotion. He will see all I have done for him, and he will thank me. He may not realize this now, but it will happen. He will be thankful for his chance, and I am sure he will run with it.

(Fade out)