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02-25-04, 01:25 PM
All RP for the QUARTERFINALS round for the TV Title match between 'Rage o Fire' JARED WELLS and SUICIDAL KILLER should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday March 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

Suicidal Killer
03-03-04, 01:30 PM
The camera fades into the outside of the fenced-in razor sharp Walker County Texas Prison Gate. A grey prisoner transporting bus stops at the gate's entrance. The fenced in gate slowly opens up as the Texas Prison Guard on duty allows the bus to pass through. When the bus passes you see the windows are tinted so you can not see inside, and written on the side of the bus reads in black bold letters...


The bus slowly pulls up to the bottom steps of the prison doors as it comes to a stop. The bus' doors open and you watch as a gust of smoke comes pouring out of them

A fat little man steps out. He's wearing his a cowboy hat, and his Texan get-up while smoking on a Cuban cigar

The Warden: God damn boys! It's about time we made it. I don't know how much longer I could have stayed on that bus!

It has taken me almost a whole year but I've finally done it! I've captured that 7 foot mound of retardation. He's finally back where he belongs - with ME!

Warden shouts on the bus to the driver

Get ready to transport the prisoner inside. We're taking him back to his rightful home, boys!

Suddenly a Walker County Prison Guard approaches Warden as he comes rushing out of the Prison's front doors

Random Prison Guard: Warden... Warden... I think you need to read this. It came in the mail a few days ago while you were away.

The Warden opens up the letter and begins to read it

Warden: GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You mean to tell me that this sick son of a b*tch enlisted in another wrestling federation while he was away?

THAT f***ing fat ass!

The Warden gets on the bus and yells at someone. The bus begins to sway back and forth and sceams can be heard coming from inside the bus.

Warden gets off the bus, and you see he's pissed as he starts mumbling to himself

Warden: Not only is he in another Fedearation but he's in a match this coming week. GOOD GOD DAMN BOYS!

Maybe this could be the answer to our prayers.

Guard: What do you mean, Warden??

Warden takes a big puff of smoke as he blows it in the Guard's face

Warden: This NEW federation thinks they have the best of the best... ...hmmmph... ...wait till they get a load of ME!

The greatest mind managing the biggest thing to ever step foot inside a wretling ring.

This Jared Wells shmuck won't have a prayer!

Arlight boys load back up, we're off to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania!

Guard: What for Warden??

The camer focuses on Warden's face as he gives a big ol' Texas' grin

Warden: To show these pansies just how REAL Texans fight .

Camera fades to black

03-03-04, 09:38 PM
(camera opens up to Jared Wells pacing back and fourth as he just got done watching the promo)

'RAGE 'o FIRE': Well what do we have going here friends? I just got done watching the Dukes of Hazzard promo. Now isn't my match with a man named Suicidal Killer? But from what I just seen looks like a complete sausage party! *Nods Head* Not sure what to say about this garbage. That's funny, bad ass name but you act like some sissy with a bag of d<BLEEP>ks. The fact of the matter is this men....I was screwed into becoming the World Champion of NEW.....something that I need, something I WANT! Now I'm stuck in some TV TITLE crap facing no name crap. My standards are way bigger than this. But its all fine with me because if I have to carry around the TV TITLE...I will. But I will use that title as a stepping stone to the world title. But Killer my friend...this is what I will do....you show up....you dare to walk that line....and after I beat your ass....after I go on to the finals....I will let your career go on in NEW. That's right and once I capture the world heavyweight title.......maybe I'll hand you over the title because I feel sorry for you. But I promise pain, blood, fear. My fans all over the world and all in NEW know who the man is. They know who can carry that ball and run. It's ME! I set the standards around here and you'll just be like the rest.....forgotten.....lost.....in some other world of worthless talent.

*Wells walks over to a poster showing the tournament for the TV title*

God this is sad.......really. One by one.......You want to make a name for yourself Killer? You want to be *THAT* man? I'm not going to let you....Remember.....your only fooling yourself.......TIME HAS COME TO RAGE.....biatch.


Suicidal Killer
03-04-04, 11:24 PM
Just hours away from RAUCOUS, the camera zooms in on the outside of the Wilkes-Barre Arena. The weather is really nasty out. A cold bitter wind blows as fine rain drops begin to fall from the sky.

A crowd of people, clothed in rain gear and umbrellas are lined up at the Arena's entrance to get inside for tonight's show. Some more hardcore fans are staning in the cold just wearing t-shirts of their favorite NEW wrestlers, such as "Who's Jean Rabesque" and on the back it reads "Now that's a Mystery!". Other fans' NEW t-shirts that can be seen are "Don't forget to smile - IRIS STYLE!" and "110% Grade E-VIL".

Suddenly a gray prison bus is seen approaching the Arena. Some of the fans notice it as they watch from afar as the bus pulls up to the Arena's entrance. The bus comes to a stop and its doors open up as eight Texas Deputy Marshalls hop out of the bus. They are clothed in riot gear and shotguns.

A random fan yells out something to the Marshalls

Random Fan#1: I SMELL BACON!!!!!!

Another random fan yells something else out

Random Fan#2: OIIIIIIIIIIIIINKKKKKKKKK!!! Look at all the little piggies!!!

The Marshalls pay no attention to the remarks made by the two fans, as a puff of smoke comes out from the bus's door which is slowly followed by The Warden.

Warden steps off the bus, he's smoking on his signature Cuban cigar, dressed up in his little Texan outfit and wearing his signature 80's style sunglasses {eventhough there is no sun out}

The Warden: Well we're finally here boys! New Era of Wrestling.

Warden notices the NEW cameraman as he calls him over

Warden: Get over here son! Don't be shy. I have a few words to express to Suicidal Killer's opponent tonight.

Mr. Wells is it?

For a young snot nosed punk like you to actually think that you have "the goods" to be a champion, you sure do have a few screws loose up stairs to even be making such accusations.

First off...


Thinking you were robbed of the NEW World Heavy Weight championship?

If I recall, you didn't even make it to the second round, you were eliminated first!

And were do you get off on making fun of "The Dukes of Hazard"?

That's my favorite show, if Boufered T-Justice heard you make fun of him, he'd give you a good ol' Texan beating.

Well looks like instead I'll just have to do it for him.

Warden takes a puff on his cigar and gives a big ol' Texan grin just before a large roar is heard coming from inside the bus as you watch the gigantic bus rock back and forth

Warden: See now look what you've done. You've made "The Animal" angry!

See Wells, you may let SK's career go on after this match, but I have some sad and troubling news for you.

He wants to END yours after tonight.

You see with that comment you made earlier about him being a sissy.... well that didn't sit too well with "The Big Guy".

He's quite P..I..S..S..E..D OFF if you catch my drift.

So I'm gonna make you a deal Wells. Show up tonight for Raucous, and Suicidal Killer will make you famous.

That's right. He'll make you the famous person in NEW.

You will be the very first person to ever be completely mutilated on live television in front of millions of people.

Instead of using this match as a stepping stone, Wells... you'll be using it as an excuse for early retirement.

Isn't that right "Big Guy"?

The bus shakes even more as a loud screaming growl is heard coming from the bus

Warden: You're god damn right, and after tonight's show, unlike you Wells, SK will do what he has planned from the beginning.

Achieve NEW GOLD!

And the reason why he's going to do just that?

Is because of me! The smartest man to ever enter into this buisness... "The Warden".

Because you're not just facing SK tonight Wells, your facing me as well, and frankly...

You're just too stupid to ever have a chance in beating me. So tonight is your lucky night Wells. Tonight you will be the first victim of a new era.


As Warden finishes his statement, the gigantic Suicidal Killer walks off the bus in arm and ankle shackles. He's wearing an orange jump-suit with his signature mask.

SK looks over the Texas Marshalls as you hear the fans in the background booing "The Big Guy"

Warden: Our destiny awaits, SK. It's time!

SK slowly follows The Warden over into the arena, while quickly being followed by the 8 Texas Marshalls

Camera fades to black

03-05-04, 02:09 AM
...Suddenly a gray prison bus is seen approaching the Arena. Some of the fans notice it as they watch from afar as the bus pulls up to the Arena's entrance. The bus comes to a stop and its doors open up as eight Texas Deputy Marshalls hop out of the bus. They are clothed in riot gear and shotguns

(Camera pans over to the back of the bus as a yellow '99 Mustang GT rolls right behind the bus slowly....you hear What's your Number by Cypress Hill playing loudly.....nobody knows that the mustang is sitting behind the bus...camera slowly pans up the the drivers side as Jared Wells is laying his head back on the seat with a cig hanging out of his mouth...smoke coming out of his mouth and from the cig....he then slowly takes the cig out of his mouth and blows it out...)

"RAGE 'o FIRE": Look at this BULL<BLEEP>. See these jokes getting off the bus wearing their pumpkin pie outfits? Of course the cops are suppose to law enforcement right? My god, they are letting a bunch of retards running around here actin' like wild <BLEEP>.


...WHAT THE <BLEEP>? Is this the NEW? Suicide Killer looks like he owns the bus.....I mean......I see some dudes ass checks pressed up against the back window.......with his hand in the air....but thats a different story. Big Sissy sitting in the bus because he's not allowed outside to play. BIG DEAL MAN! You think your a big hit?


...Look at ya bastards.....


...You see this KILLA? You see these people around us? These are my people.....My legacy started in 1995......and it continues....I'm a former 3-Time WWL WORLD CHAMPION.....and the list goes on and on about holding titles......THEY KNOW IT! People change.....I change...he changes....she changes......it's all the same BULL<BLEEP>. See SUE-ID-CIDE.....KILLA.....you might be crazy but I'm the BALLS around the NNNNN........EEEEE...DUBBBA! YES! I was screwed out of the NEW WORLD TITLE....my <BLEEP> partner PYRO blew it! Bastard BLEW IT! So here we are.....but really....I'm not gonna <BLEEP> about it.

*WELLS starts walking towards the building as fans follow him and cheer his name*

...Warden......you want to show up? You want to *ACT* like your the big dude? Funny...wonder how much 'ol KILLA is payin' ya ass!? Want some old man? COME GET SOME! People are asking me what's with the attitude change? .....Funny.....what change? KILLA, mutilate me? *LAUGHS* How the <BLEEP> are you going to do that when I rip both of your arms off?


...Let's get real here...SK.....Super Kids......Suck KOOCH....whatever.....time is up.....you ready to earn respect? I DON'T THINK YOU ARE BIATCH! I'm JARED WELLS your SUICIDE KILLER! NUFF SAID!


Suicidal Killer
03-05-04, 12:15 PM
(removed due to excessive use of another person's character)

Violation of Rule #7.

"7. Do not ever use another handler's character without their prior consent." - http://fwresting.com/host/neweraofwrestling/rules.html

RP does not count.