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02-25-04, 01:24 PM
All RP for the QUARTERFINALS round for the TV Title match between 'the Southern Beast' BRODY HANSEN and JEAN RABESQUE should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday March 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

02-29-04, 07:41 PM
(The loud pop from a beer can being opened can be heard as Brody Hansen steps in front of a NEW backdrop. His dark eyes peer forward from under his white stetson. He As the beer foams over he wipes his hand off on his Hellion Dojo t-shirt. The light shines into the camera from his large belt buckle and his jeans are well worn right down to his boots. He takes a long draw off his cold beer and smiles at the camera)

Hansen: Well...well...well...another round in the tournament. Now I told Scotty Micheals that it wasn't going to be a wrestling match. I told him he was getting a fight and NOTHING else. He didn't beleive me. Didn't beleive I would beat him. <spits> Hell didn't beleive in himself much either. Well I proved him wrong. Scotty Micheals tried his best and he couldn't beat me when I was stoned, much less sober.

(Brody smiles wider)

Hansen: By the way Jerome...thanks for the brownies. I must say the night was pretty boring up until then. Ah, but I did what I had to do...and Guess what???...that's right Scott Micheals for a taste of THE BOOT!!!

(He takes another drink of his beer)

Hansen: However that was then and this is now. It's the same plan...just a new man. <smirks> Well kind of a man. After all I got none other the legendary Frenchy himself...Jean Rabesque. While I know we've never faced-off in the ring. Well I'm willing to bet that good old Jean thinks he's already got the better of me

(Brody laughs and shakes his head)

Hansen: Think again BOY!!!! You see notihng and I mean...NOTIHNG is going to stop me. I told Scotty Micheals and now I'm telling you Jean...don't expect a wrestling match. EXPECT A FIGHT!!!! A fight Jean...a brawl from the moment the bell rings. See Scott Micheals tried every move he knew. tried every shortcut he could think of and what happened? Yeah that's right...IT JUST PI**ED ME OFF!!!! It got me mad and poor Scott got an ass kicking for it.

(Brody lifts up his head slightly)

Hansen: What are you going to do any different Frenchy? Tell me. Because I've sene you in the ring. You've got a hell of a rep. Not too mention a long history, but none of it. <shakes his head> None of it impresses me. Not in the least bit. When I get in that ring and look across...do you know what I see? Well I'll tell you Jean. All I see is something to hit. anythig ringside...it's all just something to hit you with. I'm not about fancy moves or transition wrestling. That's just not me. I'm all about bringging the hurt and the pain. That's up to a point

(Brody steps forward and looks into the camera)

Hansen: Do you know what that point is Jean?

(Brody steps back and swings his right arm forward)

Hansen: That's right...right up to the point when I hiot you with The Lariat. Then it's all done. I'm done and your damn sure done. Because it's real simple Jean...nobody get's up from my lariat. NOBODY!!!

(Brody laughs loudly)

Hansen: And even if by chance there's still some life kicking in ya. Well it won't last long, because I'm going to stomp out what's left of it with boots. See Jean...it's just a matter of time. Just a matter of surviving the punishment till I end your misery.

(Brody slaps his large forearm and stomps his right foot)

Hansen: It's just as quick as that Frenchy!!! So go ahead...tell me how abd you are. Tell me about the torture and suffereing I'm going to feel. Tell me all about what your going to do when that bell rings. Go right ahead...say whatever is on your mind. For starters I won't be listening and in the end...well it won't make a DAMN bit of a difference.

(Brody tips his hat towards the camera, turns his back and walks away)


03-03-04, 12:14 AM
(The screen comes in on an NEW backdrop, and as we slowly pan away we get the image of the man without the mask, in his first unmasked promo in the NEW, as Jean Rabesque sits, a slight smiles on his face, he is dressed in his usual black gear, as he removes his sunglasses and speaks)

Rabesque: “So here we are sports fans, Jean Rabesque has arrived here in NEW, and is immediately thrusted into..... the TV title tournament. Now, I hope everyone can be somewhat understandable at my lack of jubilation for this event. To be honest with you, the TV title isn’t what got me to the NEW. The TV title isn’t honestly something I want. But honor is honor and pride is honor, and I’ll obliterate whomever I’m supposed to, and if the TV title comes around as a result, then so be it.

“But if the TV title isn’t my main objective, then what is? That’s the thing that has been on everyone’s mind ever since Raucous hit the air. It’s really very simple when you boil it down. One title, one man. Everything else is really just secondary, but they’re all important steps to seeing that the final goal is reached. And if you are a bit confused on either of those subjects, then you haven’t been paying very good attention.

“I figured it was about time we settled the score once and for all, and find out who the dominant wrestling force in this industry is, right Larry? But you’ll get yours soon enough. You can have a good time winning MY world title in a match that you shouldn’t have qualified for.

“But hell, here we are, entered into the TV title tournament and the Hellion disciple himself, Brody Hansen awaits. So tell me Brody, how is the old man? I haven’t seen him too much ever since the day I took care of his ass and took care of his title back in WWL. So you like the old man? No, they tell me you want to fight, and only fight. And they also tell me that you don’t care about what I say and that you’ll probably not be listening anyway. (Chuckles to himself) Hell, for a second there Brody, you almost sounded like a Jean Rabesque promo.

“But let me tell you how all of this is going to go down Brody. You can drink all of your beer. You can spout all of your phrases. Hell, you can even make foam middle fingers and sell them to the kiddies for all I care. You can talk as much as you want about how you think this is going to be nothing but some kind of fight. Many a man has told me that before Brody. They think they have it all figured out.... until the first time they charge and they can’t figure out how they ended up square on their asses getting the living hell choked out of them. Then they continue to try..... and generally.... I continue to humiliate them. So the moral of the story is I don’t really care how many drunken boxing classes you’ve taken, and I don’t give a damn of what you think this match is going to be.

“And to be honest Brody, the fact that you’re thumping your chest so proudly after beating Scotty Michaels proves more than I ever possibly could.

“It was Scotty Michaels Brody. It wasn’t Marx, it wasn’t Manson, it wasn’t Tact, Maelstrom, Krusher, Hornet, GUNS, or even Hellion. It was Scotty Michaels. I hope you’re coming to grips with the fact that you haven’t done s(FCC)t in this business. When there’s a “Best of Brody Hanson” DVD flying off the shelves, then maybe you can come to me and talk about how wonderful you are. When you’re pulling off standing ovations in front of thousands in front of a country you’ve never wrestled in before in a company you don’t even wrestle for, then maybe you can talk to me, but beating Scotty Michaels is NOTHING to be proud of.

“I got one more question for you Brody, what happens if I do decide to make this a fight? Are you really sure you have that advantage? Go watch a tape for me Brody. Me against Sean Edmunds. And even though Sean is 0 for like 117 against me, he still is three times the man you will ever be. Watch the tape of us back in GLCW. Watch the brawl we had. Watch really closely for the part where I ripped a corner off a table, gouged it in his eye, and made his ass say ‘I QUIT!’

“Little known secret here for you Brody. Just because I’m Canadian doesn’t make me a p(FCC)y. You wanna fight, then maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you a fight, and I will kick your ass into oblivion.”

(Rabesque gets very close to the camera, a new found look of intensity on his face)

“Pay very close attention Brody. You better hope that lariat of yours knocks me out, because if it doesn’t, you will not beat me. You can talk as much as you want but I don’t think your really fathom what you’re in for. (Chuckles) But you soon will. You’re just like all the rest, and unfortunately for you, that’s exactly how you are going to end up......

“Just like all the rest.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque.”

(Fade out)

03-05-04, 01:01 AM
(Darkness fades to light in the ring set-up at Wachovia Arena. Heavy footsteps echo off the empty arena walls as the cowboy boots of Brody Hansen make thier way down the steps to the arena floor. His stride is slow as the walks towards the ring. He grabs the ring ropes and tests the for how much give it has. He slowly makes his way inside. Brody walks in a b ig circle surveying the srrounds before planting his big boot supon the NEW logo and turning to the camera)

Hansen: So here we are...just a few hours away. Tommorow at this time I'll be here in the ring. I'll be here ready fro a fight and ready to move on in this TV Title tournament. I've already beaten one man who claimed he was better then me. I took everything he had and put it right back in this face. ah, but things will be different this time. I don't have to face someone who thinks he better then me this time. No...I'm actually facing someone who BELIEVES he's better then me. That's a much more dangerous man. After all that's someone to be taken seriously. Yet at the same time standing over...

(Brody points to the far ring corner. The camera follows to the emopty corner and then back to him)

Hansnen: Will be Jean Rebesque. A man who thinks much to highly of himself. After all we all heard it. Not only did he tell us how much better he was then me. <smirks> he even went out of his way to give us examples. <shurgs> Problem is Jean...well I'll be honest. NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!

(Brody turns tot he camera and walks closer)

Hansen: Nobody cares about some match you had in the WWL. It's been closed for years. Nobody cares about what you did in the GLCW...It too has been closed. In fact the only reason I can think for you to come tot he NEW is that your sill looking for a place were people will take your tired act seriously. Well mission falied Jean. For despite all the bluster I gto from you last time <shakes his head> I'm still not impressed.

(Brody walks over to that far corner and leans back on the ring ropes. He slowly removes his hat and shaking loose his long black hair, looks into the camera)

Hansen: Let me tell you a story Jean. See you asked about the OLD MAN? Is that how you described him? <snickers> Well I'll tell you about the old man Jean. see that old man...well he's twenty-nine. That's right Jean...not thirty till the end of the year. Where is he? Well it simple. He's training wrestlers. He's building the next generation. He's gving something back. Why?...might you ask? Well here the simple reason Jean. BECAUSE HE CAN!!!!

(Brody stands and leans forward now. His eyes showing a little more passion)

Hansen: Because he's earned millions of dollars and made his mark. Because he one world titles all over the world. Because he's done everything he wanted in this sport. Yet I'm sure if he wanted too...he'd come back and start right off were he left. That's the diffeence between the two of you. He's NOT Jean Rebesque. Some guy still chasing after the gold all the years. Still putting his body on the line to try and squeeze a buck out of this sport. He's not holding some BULLS**T victory from years past over anothe rhead to try and make himself look good. He's not telling us stories about the great things he THINKS he's done. He's not say the same damn things over and over again to nobody's benifit. Why, because unlike you Jean...he made his mark. He's not still looking for it. After all these years...I know you'd never admit it, but your still looking for it. You said it yourself. Your here to prove something to Larry Tact...the old man doesn't have too.

(Brody leans back and his voice lowers slightly)

Hansen: Your the old man Jean. Your the old man who's still trying to prove something. Your spouting off the past. There's a new generation coming Jean. <spits> You couldn't make your impact on the old one. Do you really think you'll make an impact on the new? If I gave a damn Larry...well I'd almost most feel sorry for you. <shrugs> I don't thought...I don't and I won't. <smiles> Your just not worth the time. I see you as nothing more then living history Jean and it only shows your the old man when you start telling us to look back on what you've done. <grins> Let's look at your future though Jean.

(Brody places the stetson back on his head, tips it and look into the camera)

Hansen: I'm your future Jean. I know you came here to settle some kind of scre with Larry. Hell that's fine. Go right ahead, but before he can kick your ass...well...IT'S MY TURN FIRST!!! Stop the speeches...stop the history lessons...stop wasting all of our times. I told you when that bell rings...well it's a fight and nothing else. Sure you can try to stop me...hell I hope you do. After all struggle can be fun. Yet in the end the outcome is stil the same

(Brody slaps his forarm)

Hansen: I'm going to put you down. Like the old mare you are. Here's the best part though Larry...when i do that. When I pasture your sorry ass. Well I'll be able to play that promo of yours for all the world to see. That way I won't have to tell everybody how great I am. I'll have you to spread the word on what a great victory I've accomplished.

(Brody pauses, steps forward and stares into the camera)

Hansen: Your time has come and gone Jean. Your in my way. You can stay there...stay there as long as you want, but be careful Jean. I'm not afraid to hurt you and I will. <laughs> I WILL!!!

(Brody throws off his hat and his eyes grow wider)

Hansen: For whne I hit you with my Lariat...YOUR DONE!!! It's OVER JEAN!!! I will have defeated Jean Rabesque. Yet the tagline will be much different

(Brody steps back and his voice grows calmer)

Hansen: For then I'll have proven what Hellion and everybody else already knows. There's no hype...there's no gimmick <mockingly yawns> There's just Jean Rabesque. Still out there trying to prove something.

(Brody steps back even further, picks up his hat, places it upon his head and walsk away. He then snaps his fingers and turns back to the camera)

Hansen: Ah, but don't worry Larry. I'll leave you pieces to clean up. After all Jean...I'm just doing the task for him

(Brody laughs loudly, turns his back and walks away)


03-06-04, 12:16 AM
(the words "Southern Beast" are emblazing just above a skull & crossbones upon the black leather vest of Brody Hansen. There's a stern look upon his face as he turns and look into the camera. The shot turns back and we see he's ready to go. Basic black trunks, boots and leather chaps finish the outfit. In his hands rests the bullrope and bell. It's rings loudly as he takes a step froward)

Hansen: Well this it is Frenchy. The old man told me just last night that you were never good enough. Never quite the man you boasted of being. Tonight...IN JUST A FEW HOURS!!!...well all of that will be put to rest. <laughs> How funny it is Rabesque. How funny it is that your legacy will be tarnished by that of...the old man's. How foolish you'll look at not beating his own student. I told you Jean...but you didn't listen. There's a NEW generation of wrestlers and Hellion Dojo leads the way.

(Brody spits on the ground)

Hansen: And that is what we think of your time Jean. We spit on it and all you stand for. I know you came here fro a reason...wanted to prove something to Larry...well you still might get your chance, but tonight...you'll get proven wrong. Your <laughs> legacy will get droppe ddown a notch and a new one will arise. It's all going to fall in one glorious painful moment

(Brody swings his right arm)

Hansen: That's right Jean..."The Lariat" I'm going to nearly break your neck tonight...and if your still kicking? well I'm going to stomp all over what's left of you. Then we'll see how your tone will change. We'll know that the boasting and bragging about the past was jsut that. That in the end...well all you had to offer was memories.

(Brody steps forward and peers into the camera)

Hansen: Well memories don't mean a DAMN THING!!!!!!!! Not too me...you only as good as your last fight Jean...and things don't lok good for you tonight.

(Brody laughs loudly)

Hansen: And do you know why? well it's simple, because enarly three-hundred pounds of destruction is going to knock your head off. Bonus points for knocking some of the chip off your shoulder as well.

(Brody steps back and sighs)

Hansen: As a bonus you can add one more thing to your list of achievement there Jean.

(Brody spits again)

Hansen: You were just another step in the path of THE NEW GENERATION!!!!!!!! See you in the ring

(Brody laughs loudly and walks away. As he does the bell rings loudly and slowly fades)


03-06-04, 12:34 AM
"8. There is a 48 hour RP'ing rule. This means that if you post a RP, your opponent has 48 hours to post one before you can post a second one. If your opponent fails to post one within 48 hours, you can post another. This rule is void if your opponent RPs, because once he/she RPs, you can RP right back without waiting." - http://fwrestling.com/host/neweraofwrestling/rules.html

Due to the violation of this rule, the last RP by Brody Hansen will not count towards the match.

03-06-04, 01:54 AM
The board was being fussy ...

(The screen comes in on Jean Rabesque, but not in his usual setting, although it is close, right now Rabesque sits in a chair, over his left shoulder lays the CSWA Greensboro Title, a championship he currently holds, while on the other is a clearly legible rankings sheet from the NFW, which show Rabesque at the top of the standings and actually leading the entire company in points in quest for the Ultratitle, Rabesque looks at one.... then the other.... then back to the first before looking at our camera, smiling, and then speaking)

Rabesque: "I guess you were right Brody. I guess I only did come to NEW to search for a place that would actually take me, to find a home. Because, there is no other place that would be willing to take me, right? Because.... how did it go.... no one is willing to accept my tired act?

"Well, sure, I guess you can look at that way. I mean, it's not like I've beaten every name thrown at me as of late, names you can't fathom beaten Brody. It's not like I just got done main eventing a PPV of quite possibly the biggest promotion on the circuit. It's not like I just went overseas on an invitation from a company I don't even wrestle for, put on a sixty six minute ***** match, and received a standing ovation and stole the show from several legends of the sport. It's not like every single item of my merchandise sells off of stands quicker than it can get there.

"Or.......... is it Brody?

"If you want to talk current events Brody, I'll talk current events. I don't need to talk about matches from years gone by, I have plenty ammunition from the present day to last for hours. I was headlining the Tokyo Dome when you were in elementary school son. I paved the way so snot-nosed punks like you can make your way in and have the stage set for you. But where one would expect to hear praises of gratitude, we get the same old same old from Brody Hansen.

"You see Brody, you went out of your way to continually stress the point that I'm old and I'm blocking the way for the people of your generation to make it to the top. You used Hellion as an example, of how he's training the ‘new generation.' Let's get one thing abundantly clear Hansen. Hellion didn't leave to spread the joy to another group, Hellion left because he simply couldn't cut it anymore. He FLUKED into the Ultratitle and never did another damn thing other than gracefully throw the WWL World Title at my feet where it rightfully belonged. If Hellion could still wrestle, he would still be wrestling. The fact that he had to go into ‘training' says it all.

"This entire argument is really one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard, and to be honest, I'm really pretty tired of hearing it. There is no glass ceiling for you Brody Hansen, and if you really think there is, then I have five words for you: BREAK THROUGH THE DAMN THING! The only reason you are where you are is because you have yet to prove you deserve otherwise. If you want to make it to the top, the break your way through dammit! There is no one stopping you, there is no one behind in the curtain in the land of Oz that magical determines all of this. It's simply you not getting the job done!

"So then allow me to ask one question of you Brody. Why should I get out of the way? There is NO ONE in this business right now that can outwrestle me. Many have tried, and every last one of them has failed. Trust me Brody, when the time comes that I can no longer get the job done, I will gladly step down, move out of the way, and let the folks who deserve it take their rightful spot. But I'm not, I repeat....NOT one of these has-been champions hanging on for dear life, clinging ONLY to things they I accomplished in the past. I'm still one of the most entertaining things they are going to see inside a ring.

"But still, after all this, the great Brody Hansen remains unimpressed. Unimpressed by my words Brody? I would certainly hope so, because I've said thousands of times before, my skill as an orator are hardly my best quality. If I had found someway to drastically impress you through my words, then I would honestly have to say I'd be a bit frightened.

"You see Brody, I solely get it done where it counts.... right inside that ring."

(Rabesque stops for a moment, smiles a knowing smile once again, and proceeds)

"But through it all Brody, I think I've figured out what's really irking you, even though I know you'll never admit it.

"Until just a few weeks ago, I'll be honest and admit that I had NEVER heard of you Brody. I couldn't have told you from Rupaul on the sidewalk. I really couldn't have. And if you walked out on the streets, I'd be hard-pressed to say the results would change much with the general populace. No one knows who the hell you are, and to be honest, no one cares.

"Now, you made that same argument about me Brody, about no one caring. But then I offer one suggestion for you. That very wrestling ring you were standing inside the last time you spoke. The next time you're there, I'll be standing right there with you. Pause for a moment and look out into the audience when you do that. Don't worry, I won't attack or anything. But look at the signs, look at the shirts, listen to the noise when I enter that ring. I think you'll quickly find out how much the people really do care.

"Why do they care so much? Because they know how much I care. You see Brody, the reason I'm still around has nothing to do with trying to hog the spotlight. In fact, I love to share the spotlight as much as possible. Look what I did for Christian Sands. I simply love the business Brody. I love to go out and perform and entertain people through my technical mastery. And as long as that fire still burns, I'm still going to be inside of a wrestling ring. People can see that, they can see the love, and they can feed off of it. That's exactly what they do.

"So you can spare me any other story you might have of how this dreaded lariat of yours is going to magically keep me down for the count. It simply is not going to happen. You can dream all you want, but your chances of beating me are going the same direction as the old man's career....

"Up in smoke.

"But despite everything else, I really feel I saved the best for last. Despite your nonsensical claims on my being in wrestling, and especially the NEW. Despite the exaggerated opinion you have of yourself, everything can be summed up in just one sentence. Cue the tape boys....."

(CUTTO: A clip from Brody Hansen's latest promo)

Hansen: "I don't have to face someone who thinks he better then me this time. No...I'm actually facing someone who BELIEVES he's better then me."

(CUTTO: Rabesque.... a large smile on his face)

Rabesque: "Now, I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I guess I can't argue with it. Deep Brody, real deep there. Unfortunately, not as deep as the hole you're going to need following Raucous. And that Brody, is an absolute promise.

"And spare me the comments about my catchphrase. Consider yourself #1864 to give the same damn lecture. My thoughts to you right now Brody, go get yourself some new material, and maybe some wrestling talent, and then we can make this a real contest. But right now Brody......

"You're out of your league.

"And while we discuss the ultimate ironies of everything involved, allow me to go further. You are a man that claims to be all about your action in the ring, and how all of this stuff outside of the thing really doesn't mean anything. Heck, you even went out of your way to be sure to point out that you wouldn't even be listening when I put my two cents in."

"Two back to back spots like that Brody? Wreaks of desperation of me, but desperation from what? If you really are as tough as you say you are, and can kick my ass with that dreaded lariat (chuckles), then no amount of words should really make any bit of difference. But somehow, there you are. Not just sitting in the ring the night before, but now just a few hours away, we get to see your little mug again.

"It's not that I really mind or anything. In fact, I find it to be quite amusing. It's not like it's going to change anything. The fact of the matter is you still can't hang with me inside of a wrestling ring, and that will never change.

"And I know you're probably in the studio right now trying to get something done at the last minute to try to make some kind of impression on someone. Don't bother, it's really not worth your time.

"No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque."

(Fade out)