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02-17-04, 12:15 PM
Note: Story RP. All events happen off camera.


The Noble Duke of York
He had ten thousand men
He marched them up to the top of the hill
And he marched them down again.
And when you're up, you're up.
And when you're down, you're down.
And when you're only halfway up
You're neither up or down.

[So goes through the head of one man, drifting in and out of consciousness with his head pressed against a toilet seat in his confining prison of a stall. He opens his eyes to blurred vision; not even through his days as a user of heroin has he felt such pain and misery.]

[He pitches forward, and vomits again. Behind him, the door to the stall opens, but he hardly notices. His chest is on fire, and poison lurks within his mind. As his body finishes purging itself, he takes a moment to examine the olive-hued mess he has left in the bowl mere inches in front of his face. He spits blood, as if applying the cherry on top. Then he falls back, wincing as he comes down on what would later be called "The Bad Hip" in future years. He sits, his back against the plywood wall of the restroom stall, right arm propped onto the smooth porcelin seat.]

[His eyes drift up, and for a moment, he forgets how to breath. He sees a man standing over him, clad in black. Nobody could mistake the sunglasses... the trench coat... or even the cigarette placed between his crooked, sneering lips. A part of him screams, wanting to lunge after this man and tear his black heart out of his hollow chest. But the body protests; he is too weak to move.]

Rocko Daymon

[The man delivers a single, curt nod.]

The Man In Black

[Before he can say another word, Rocko Daymon feels it coming again, and leans over the toilet to vomit again. His body hurts all over, but he somehow manages to push himself over the stained toilet seat. Behind him, he can feel the other man grinning his usual sadistic smile. The humiliation becomes nearly intolerable. When he's finished, he doesn't leave the toilet seat, not wanting to risk another emergency.]

Rocko Daymon
...what do you want?

The Man In Black
I was just in the neighborhood on business, and I was interested in seeing how you were taking the loss.

Rocko Daymon
Get out...

The Man In Black
And miss this? You gotta be kidding me.

[The other man chuckles for a moment. Rocko closes his eyes, wanting to disappear from the scene, to fall into oblivion and darkness where he can be forgotten and be at peace. But he realizes that he is trapped in reality, where he must suffer. He feels a tear slide down his cheek.]

Rocko Daymon
I gave it my all... I gave everything... I wanted it more than anything... and...

The Man In Black
It just wasn't good enough, huh? Yeah... I could have told you that. You got a lot of heart, DeLion... but your "everything" never is enough to get a win. It never was, it never will be.

[Daymon turns around to look at the other man for a moment. Without smiling, the man in black shrugs. He's not there to make insults... he speaks only what is true.]

The Man In Black
Hey man, I'm just telling you the simple truth. It's not my fault you don't hear what everybody says about you in the locker rooms.

"Rocko Daymon," they say... "Has been who is thinks he's BETTER than he ever was. If it weren't for that wife of his patting him on the back every time he screwed up, he'd probably just take a dive off a bridge somewhere and end it."

[He sighs.]

The Man In Black
To tell you the truth, Robbie... I'm disappointed. I didn't believe one word those other guys said. I thought, surely, that strapping young lad who put me through the fight of my life a year and a half ago is not the one they're talking about. The way I remember you, you would have pasted Maelstrom's face in every corner of the ring...

I had faith in you, Robbie... and you let me down.

[He makes a sound that is something between a slight chuckle and a cough.]

The Man In Black
You let me down... you let your wife down... you let YOURSELF down... and, let's not forget those fans, eh? I predict next week's Aggression as the lowest rated ever. People... they wanted to see Christian Sands vs. Rocko Daymon -- THE REMATCH! Hell, even I wanted to see that match!

I wanted to see it so bad, I had to ensure that one made it to round three...

[Rocko looks up.]

Rocko Daymon
I had a feeling that was you...

The Man In Black
Well, I mean, hey... Sands is my partner now. After all, an enemy of Robert James DeLion, a.k.a. Rocko Daymon, is a friend of mine. I was just helping him out, is all. Furthermore, like I said, I was trying to set up another match between the two of you for next week, which would have been one of the greatest shows in professional wrestling history...

It's not my fault you couldn't live up to your expectations. I thought you had that match in the BAG before you even stepped into the ring; had fifty bucks on you, as well! But everything went to waste, didn't it? A total stranger waltzed right into Empire Pro, stepped into the second round without having to duck through ANY red tape from the owners, and just TOOK your opportunity out of your hands...

Great job, Robbie... Great f*cking job. I hope your realize what an absolute RETARD you look like now, after everything you said. You got beat by a guy who made a MOCKERY of you at every turn! He came out with ACTION FIGURES and made you look like ELMER FUDD! And he BEAT YOU, you worthless sack of sh*t!

He f*cking BEAT YOU, there in the ring... no arguments, no conspiracy, no yours truly killing the lights at the last possible second.

[Rocko feels another wave of nausea come over him, turns, and vomits again. The man in black shakes his head.]

The Man In Black
I should have killed you when I had the chance... I would have at least spared you from what you're up against now. Would have also spared the FANS from taking in this enormous letdown.

[As Rocko finishes, he hits the handle to flush the toilet, spitting blood into the retreating vortex. The other man smirks.]

The Man In Black
Heh... and there goes Empire Pro, too! Straight down the crapper with all the sh*t that comes out of your mouth--words included! All because of YOU, Robbie.

I'm glad you feel the way you do...

[Rocko turns around, returning to his sitting position.]

Rocko Daymon
Just get out... please...

The Man In Black
I'm getting there... I just want to ask, after having your ASS handed to you, what next? Just going to go after the IC Title, knowing you don't have a snowball's chance in hell for the REAL big cheese in Empire Pro? Or are you just going to hang up the boots for the millionth time?

Rocko Daymon
Maybe, Clapper... maybe I just may quit, again. It's pretty obvious nobody cares about me in this industry... and why the fans would want me to come back is beyond me. Maybe I should just throw in the towel for good, and go back home, and spend the rest of my days watching my son grow up...

[Fighting pain and strain, Rocko uses the toilet as a crutch as he slowly comes to his feet.]

Rocko Daymon
...with a father he can never learn to appreciate, like me. Maybe I can just give up, and forget every dream I ever had, and live the rest of my life unsatisfied.

The Man In Black
Yeah, maybe.

Rocko Daymon
...or maybe...

[Rocko's eyes drift away as he is lost in thought. He falls back, dropping down on the edge of the toilet seat. His expression goes off into an empty trance. The other man understands what is happening.]

The Man In Black
Heh... there IS no "or", Robbie. You can either give up, or continue to be humiliated at every turn. But how much longer do you think the fans are going to remain loyal, and be in your corner for every match? Do you think they're going to be on the side of a guy who seems to lose every opportunity he's given? How long do you think Caitlyn will put up with it, before she finally goes back to realizing you're doing more harm to your life than good, with a son sitting at home without the care and aid of his parents?

What about ME, Robbie? How long do you think it will be before we cross paths a second time? You got lucky in SCW... but when we fight again, I promise it will be the end of your career. I'll cut your arms and legs off, if I have to... when you're done with me, you'll never step into a ring for as long as you live.

[A moment of silence lingers as the man drops his cigarette and stamps it out. He doesn't take his eyes off of Rocko Daymon's.]

The Man In Black
You gotta learn to accept you'll never be satisfied with anything. People are born without legs, or with diseases, and you were born without talent. It's YOUR job to accept that and live with it.

Think about it, for your old pal Clapper, okay?

[With a nod and a slight grin, the man clad in a black trench coat turns away and steps out of the stall and walks away. The door can be heard opening...]

The Man In Black
See you around, Robbie...

[...and then closes. Daymon sits for a while, and lowers his head into his hands. His mind is torn in many ways, over obligations and issues. He would be doing a lot of thinking later--the kind of thinking which would decide the rest of his life from that point on. Finally, the nausea had subsided, but his body still ached and bled from all over.]

[For now, he would recover. He would sleep.]