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02-13-04, 10:40 PM
All RP for the second round BATTLE BOWL MANIA match between El Arco Iris / Larry Tact and Suicidal Killer / Myster Partner should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday February 20th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

02-16-04, 07:53 PM
Fade in: as a cameraman heads out of a building. Before he gets out, we can see Larry Tact standing outside, dressed in khakis, a blue turtleneck and a black leather coat. He is talking on his cell phone with an irritated expression. Tact finishes up with whoever is on the other end of the line just as the cameraman exits the building. Behind Tact is a large poster for NEW Raucous, and on the building is the New ERA of Wrestling logo, indicating this is the office complex of the promotion. Tact drops his cell phone into a coat pocket and turns, seeing the camera pointed at him.

Cameraman: Mr. Tact! We just got word from Vice President Marceau that you had some kind of argument with her. Is this true?

Tact shrugs.

Tact: 'Argument?' I don't know about that. I'd say it was more a one-sided discussion.

CM: Could you explain what you mean by that?

Tact: I suppose I could. It involves what happened at Raucous, actually.

Tact turns so that he is facing front towards the camera, the Raucous backdrop behind him.

Tact: It seems Miss Marceau misinformed me during NEWs previous show. You see, she told me that El Arco Iris and I would not be tagging from then on...indicating that this upcoming show would see a transformation in the NEW World Heavyweight Tournament. I was put under the impression that we would all be going at it, one-on-one from now on; no partners, no teams.

Tact now alters his voice to sound more like the NEW VPs, although much more 'girlish' than Marceau has ever sounded.

Tact: "And," as she put it, "being that is the case, and being that you are one of NEWs PRIZED talents, I'd like you to go out to the ring after this last match concludes. Go out there and make them notice you."

After concluding the quote, Tact chuckles a bit.

Tact: Now...seeing as I have never heard Juliet Marceau talk to me in a complimentary way -- much less the ridiculously sweet tone she was speaking in....well, ridiculously fake is more like it. In any case, being that she was speaking to me in that way meant only one of two things. Either (a) she wanted to use me for some reason, or (b) she was trying to provide encouragement for me.

A quiet grunt comes from Tact, followed by a grin forming on his face.

Tact: I'll be honest and admit that I don't know Juliet very well. But if there are two things I DO believe that I know about her, it's these. First of all, she probably doesn't appreciate people who don't know her well referring to her on a first name basis...(smirks).. And secondly, I don't believe 'encouragement' is something Juliet does very often, if ever, for someone who isn't acting under her control. Keeping those two things in mind....I really don't think she was trying to do me any favors. Opportunity is a precious thing, though, and I had the opportunity to go out there and get the first words in for the next match, whoever it would be against. So I went out there, and I won't bother to recap from there, since it's replaying via On Demand.

Tact turns and looks up at the glass-paned windows of the complex, then turns back laughing to himself.

Tact: It's funny the things someone will say when they know they'll have someplace to hide behind later. As I had it confirmed to me upon the release of this upcoming Raucous show, I AM tagging with El Arco Iris again. And against Suicidal Killer and a 'mystery partner,' too. I came here today to let dear Juliet know what I thought...but it seems she won't let me into her office, much less say anything. And that is why I'm here.

Tact leans against the wall of the complex, causing the Raucous banner to ripple a bit.

CM: So, then...do you wish to retract any of the statements you made at Raucous?

Tact's head tilts at hearing this, his face looking perplexed for a second....then his grin returns.

Tact: Oh, don't get me wrong...I don't mean to take back anything. I meant every word of what I said at Raucous, and I'm holding to it. Those are my beliefs, and I will ensure that every one holds true. Because whether it's now or later, eventually we will all be on our own. Eventually, we're all going to be vying for the Heavyweight Title on our own. You hear guys saying how they were depending on their partner to give them support...back up?

Tact shakes his head.

Tact: That's not the right attitude. We may be paired up for now, but those who have already been eliminated are on their own now. And for those who make it to the final round of the Heavyweight tournament? They will be on their own, as well. Eventually, we're all on our own. NEWs Champions will most likely have few, if any, allies. But to have deceit from the officials if not something I expect. That's just not going to fly. So if Juliet wants to try tipping the scales in one direction or another, all I have to say is...watch out. I'm not here to play games. I'm here to be challenged by the talent, not trickery, and to become the NEW Heavyweight Champion.

A gust of air passes by, rippling the banner ad further, as well as causing Tact's coat to sway a bit. He rubs his hands together and slips them into his coat pockets, a more stern expression showing.

Tact: And the first lesson Juliet will learn, at Raucous, is that she isn't as smart as she might believe. Attractive? Yeah sure. But Juliet, you're giving women in high positions a bad name! I mean, maybe you thought you were dealing with a couple of sweat hogs, but that's not the case. Larry Tact and El Arco Iris are quite adept at working together because we have an understanding. I doubt A.I. heard anything he didn't already know from me, at Raucous. I made it pretty clear that I wasn't all for the tag team thing before our match. I'm in this for the title, whether he's one of the four I go against in the end, or not. But we both know the only way we're getting there. That's through teamwork and execution. So, if that's to be the way, then that's how we'll get to the Battle Royale. If that's what I have to do, then that's what I have to do. I don't think any of that has changed. At Raucous, I just made it clear to everyone else that I'm not going anywhere. I'm more like a hoe...and for all those agriculturally illiterate, I mean the gardening tool. If you step on me, I'm not going to break. I'm going to whip up and smack you in the face! Every time you try to come at me, I'll be poised to strike you. And believe it or not....

Tact pauses and laughs.

Tact: ....not everyone expects their opposition to do that! I don't know if our particular opposition for Raucous will, but I thought I'd let everyone know, just to be sure. If you saw our first round match, you'll know A.I. and I don't give in to odds or pressure. Whether we're in a jam or not, we keep pushing to make the tide turn our way. And it did.

Tact breaths out a couple times, the air vapors rising up and dissipating.

Tact: Killer, you may think you're real smart right now, because you've got the question right on your tongue. "What makes Larry Tact think the tide would change this time? What makes Larry Tact think that he'll be able to overcome Suicidal Killer?" I won't bother including your partner into that equation, since you probably don't, and I'm thinking from (points at head then the camera) YOUR perspective. Well, I'll give you something else to wonder about. What's going to stop EL ARCO IRIS and I from NOT turning the tide on you, and your partner, if we need to? When the time comes, HOW are you two going to stop us? Cuz you're big? Stronger? A monster who all should fear? What have I to fear? Cuz last Raucous, I think my eyes...they told all you needed to know. There is no fear of the big bad Killer. Think that there is, and you'll just be sending yourself on a suicidal path from this tournament.

Tact pushes off the wall and stands, arms crossed, looking intently at the camera.

Tact: Because in the end, what it comes down to is this. Juliet Marceau can't do a DAMN THING about stopping me, or El Arco Iris, from making it to the Battle Bowl finals. It's gonna be up to you, and your partner. So once you understand my answers, you look back at my questions and review, big man...even take your partner into account. Cuz whether you like it or not, you're stuck with a partner, and they're fair game just like you, me, and Arco Iris. So after you've got that all sorted out, you come back and give me your piece...because I'm just DYING....to know.

Slowly, a wide grin spreads across Tact's face, as he continues to stare into the camera. Fade out.

Suicidal Killer
02-17-04, 06:05 PM
Street lamps light up the sidewalks on this cold night in down town Buffalo. A large man wearing a black hooded trench coat is seen walking down one of the sidewalks. As he walks slowly, his hands in his pockets, the man approaches the camera and stops. His breathing patterns are calm as you watch his breath freeze while escaping from his lips. His face is covered up by the shadows, making it hidden from the camera's view.

You hear a small evil laugh coming from the man while he takes one more step closer to the camera

Dark Shadowy Man: You put on a good show Tact. I mean the way that you just stood your ground last time on Raucous, it showed you have balls... OR DID IT... ACTUALLY SHOW...

HOW NAIVE YOU REALLY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You think you're the first one to actually grow some balls and step up to me? No I'm very sorry to inform you, you are not, and you shall not be the last!!

For someone who is quite concerned about our match, you spent a lot of time... focusing on that little prissy wench and how she plans to run a "conspiracy" against you...


You give yourself way too much F***ing credit. The only conspiracy going on here, is how in the world you ever made it THIS FAR!

YET... that's not important... much like your constant ramblings of how you and your Mexican Jumping Bean of a partner plan on beating ME this coming Raucous...

None of that is important, simply because it's just... not... going to ... happen. Sorry to rain on your two's wedding day... but that's how it is, because unlike your tag match you had 2 weeks ago - I'M RUNNING THE SHOW NOW!! You two f***s are not facing just some joe-smoe this week... oh no...

You're going to be in the ring against ME!! The "Larger than Life" icon himself!! The man that will go to the extreme... just to hear you.... SCREAM!!!

The recognizable evil chuckle coming from the dark shadowy can only put one visual image into the back of your minds as to who it is behind the trench coat.... SUICIDAL KILLER!!!

SK removes the hood as you see he's wearing his in-ring mask and has an sinister smile on his face

Suicidal Killer: Yeah I can just hear you now, Tact... "He doesn't scare me; fear isn't even an option with me... I fear no one"...

S.K. shakes his head slowly as if disappointed in Tact's ability to see the obvious

SK: Shame... for shame on you Mr. Tact. So gullible you must be to actually think that fear does not run through those veins of yours... to actually think and believe that through your blood-stream flows the blood of a champion... A "Fearless" champion at that...

How unexplainably stupid of you to make such claims...

EVERYONE FEARS SOMETHING! It's a natural instinct that every animal and every human experiences...

See I may not know just yet, what makes the big bad Tact afraid... but in due time... I WILL

Lets bring out the obvious shall we... you are right... you are a tool... but you're not a hoe… oh no, no, no, my fine friend... that's certainly something you are not, you are a step-ladder that's good for one thing in this industry...

…For me to STEP ON to get to the top...

S.K. gives an evil laugh as he smirks into the camera

SK: Oh and I loved your impersonation of that b*tch, Juliet Marceau... you did such a great job...

SK forms yet another sinister grin on his face

SK: You did such a great job, you'll be doing a repeated performance at the next Raucous when I make you...


S.K. pulls out his hands from his trench coat pocket to reveal a large brown bag

SK: You have all these puzzling questions for me huh, Tact. You think your TACTICS of getting the Giant to subdue to your ignorance is the key to obtaining a win over me?

Well... as we all know... even the dumbest of monkeys have some sort of plan to beat out the big gorilla that guards the bananas...

And just like that dumb little monkey Tact, your plan will fall short, because you're not even going to get THE CHANCE to participate for that prize… for that CHAMPIONSHIP BELT! I'm going to send you and Pedro packing and you'll have to deal with a second rate title instead.

S.K. reaches into the bag and pulls out a small tack. "The Big Guy" gives a sinister smile as he takes the tack and slowly jabs it into his temple.

Blood slowly starts to drip from the side of his head. S.K. not even flinching, calm and cool as if he's feeling no pain what-so-ever

SK: There... I just got TACKED... hmm... just as I suspected...



…And Pathetic...

Well… let’s try something else...

S.K. grabs a large handful of tacks and rams them against his temple.

Still not satisfied he grabs another handful of tacks and jams them directly into his mask, puncturing his eyes nose and even swallowing some in his mouth.

The Build up of rage can be seen running through the Giant's eyes as he tosses the remaining tacks on the ground and does a huge body splash onto them.

Rolling uncontrollably on top the tacks making sure he gets every single one stuck into his body. As S.K. slowly raises up you see blood gushing from his puncture wounds. He has a sick disturbing smile on his face as he pulls out the single tack from his temple and holds it in his hand

SK: Now if all of these TACKS, these multiples of hundreds of TACKS penetrating my very body, have no effect on me...

I ask you, how is this one … single itty bitty TACT suppose to penetrate and actually defeat someone like me who...

ENJOYS PAIN!!!!!!!!!

S.K. smiles evilly as he reaches out and grabs the camera pulling it closer to him

SK: If I were you Tact... I wouldn't be worried about asking me questions...

I'd be worried about answering one in particular...

"How am I going to survive this match..."

Because simply put... I'm not going to LET YOU SURVIVE. I'm going to do everything possible in my power to make sure that Shawn Hart isn't the only one put out of commission....

I'm not just going to beat you Tact... I'm gonna BURY YOU!!!!!

S.K. chuckles as you watch the blood pour down his mask and down his face.

Camera fades to black

02-18-04, 04:56 AM
Fade in: a pretty standard looking park. A walkway divides two sections of trees and small fields. A few benches are seen just to the side of the walkway, and the sun shines down on this clear day. Larry Tact is spotted with two other people, dressed in baggy, stonewashed blue jeans; black boots and fingerless gloves; and a sleeveless red shirt. He looks away from the other two and, upon seeing the cameraman, motions to him. The cameraman approaches the trio.

Tact: After hearing you speaking on our upcoming match, Killer, I couldn't help but contemplate your....well, you. I thought about what you did, what you said, and then thought on that question you asked. I decided that I'd invite two of my friends here to give a little demonstration of my own. But before I do that, let me make a few remarks to you, Killer.

Tact takes a seat on the bench -- arms resting on his knees -- with the camera centering on him.

Tact: I'm glad that you didn't answer my own questions to you, just yet, because you clearly showed that you haven't gotten all of what I said through that easy-bleed skull of yours. Fear can be a strong emotion, Killer. It can keep people from doing what they want...saying what they're really thinking...and can even force them off the path they want to take. I had to laugh when you starting talking about me and fear like you had a clue, cuz you demonstrated just how much you don't.

Tact's expression becomes more rigid and serious.

Tact: I never said I didn't fear anything. I don't know where you heard that. What I did say, though, is this: I...don't...fear...you. I don't fear Suicidal Killer. If you take that to mean I don't fear anything in this world, that's something you should state, rather than trying to put words in my mouth. I hope we're clear on that, though. I don't fear you, Killer. And like I said before...what have I to fear?

After a brief pause, Tact relaxes a bit and grins slightly as he chuckles.

Tact: And don't think putting holes in yourself will make me fear you. After seeing that display, I'm more inclined to pity you. I probably would pity you, but one of my pet peeves is that I don't show pity to people in this industry. In any case, Killer, you didn't provide me any reason to fear you. You just showed me the kind of uncensored idiocy I might expect from someone who was already eliminated from this tournament. Or maybe Peter File...but I don't think that's his type of thing.

Tact smirks and reaches down to grab his duffle bag. Opening it, Tact pulls out a bottle of Sierra Springs water and unscrews the cap.

Tact: Honestly, I don't know why you bother trying to flip the coin on me, Killer. I guess you won't admit it, but I can see that there's another reason you didn't answer the few questions I posed to you. Don't get me wrong, you worked around them for good reason...but it wasn't just because you didn't understand what I was saying, that you didn't answer my questions. Given your actions thus far, I don't think you're one to listen very well, much less care whether or not you comprehend what people are saying to you. But I see past the distractions you put up with the tacks...I see through your attempt to divert attention away from what's in plain sight, written on you with every word you put in my mouth...every tack you roll onto, like a hog rolling in the mud. Suicidal Killer, not Larry Tact, fears the questions of his opposition.

Tact takes a drink of water from the bottle and gives a refreshing exhale.

Tact: Nothing like a little Sierra Springs! (smirks) But don't be offended by the facts, Killer. It's just so obvious that you're a bit timid, a bit afraid of facing the questions I bring up to you. Unlike you, there's no way I'm putting any words into your mouth, because you showed, probably unknowingly, through your actions just how you feel inside. Besides, there's no need for me to stray from stating the truth. I'm more than up for this match, remember? I don't fear you, Killer.

Tact takes another sip of the water and then puts the cap back on, and replaces it in the bag.

Tact: And yeah, if you wanna call it a "Champion's blood" or whatever, I've got it in me.

Tact reaches back into the duffel bag and pulls out two title belts, holding one in each hand; one donning the RMWF logo, the other having the EWF logo. Both say "World Heavyweight Championship" on them. Tact drapes them across his knees and smiles.

Tact: See, I've been to the top before. I've worked up through the ranks and claimed the top prize before. And once I got them, nobody could take them from me. If you want to know more, just ask, but something tells me I won't need to provide anymore information. I brought them here, today, especially for you to see, Killer. Not cuz I think they matter to the rest of New ERA. Just because it might matter for you, to see them.

Tact picks up each belt and, one at a time, fits them around each of his shoulders. Tact looks at them, mocks 'polishing' them a bit with a hand, looks back and smirks before taking them off his shoulders and replacing them in the duffel bag. After zipping the duffel bag closed, Tact looks back up, and his expression is anything but joking

Tact: It's difficult for any wrestler to admit that they're going up against someone who could best them in the ring. It usually isn't believed to make for a healthy mentality. I imagine you have a more difficult time than the average wrestler. After all, you're so big and all that stuff..(chuckles)..but that and a bag of tacks won't get you past myself and El Arco Iris. Looking at you now, I can see you might just need a partner more than the average wrestler, too. Cuz Killer...you aren't getting past us on your own. Believe it or not, but you're going up against a pair that's only getting better. Say what you want...but EL ARCO IRIS and Larry Tact...are the ones in control. You don't run this show...you won't run this match. This is ours for the winning, and ours for the losing. Why? Well, quite simply, because we don't have issues with humility and humbleness. We listen before speaking. And I, for one, know when my opposition is slipping. And Killer...you slipped. At Raucous, you'll find out just how much it's going to cost you. Provided you don't fall before then.

Tact gets up and glances over in the direction of the other two who were with him, then back with a much happier expression.

Tact: But hey, Killer! As A.I. would say...don't be mad! Don't be sad! Cuz I've got just the thing to cheer you up. See, after seeing the show of unadulterated and uncensored idiocy you put on, I couldn't help but wonder if you knew what you looked like. So I figured that I would show you, through a different example, just how ridiculous you looked.

Tact walks over to one of the men, patting him on the shoulder. He has on a green scrub outfit, like that of a doctor's, and a white surgical mask dangling around his neck. He also has taped hands and wrists, as well as an eyepatch over his left eye. The man is shorter than Tact, with tanned skin and a full, gray beard and hair.

Tact: This is Cheapshot Ramon. Don't be fooled by his rugged exterior, though, because he's a scrappy fighter.

Tact then approaches the second man, much taller than he, and slaps hands with him. This African-American man is well built, with dreads that go down to his shoulders and hang around his face, framing it. He's got on black leather pants and a crimson sleeveless shirt.

Tact: And this is Predator. He just didn't want to miss seeing this, and he actually thought your display was pretty entertaining. Anyway, let's get the presentation started. Cheapshot, if you will.....

The camera focuses on Cheapshot, as he goes up to a garbage can, apparently full of weapons. He takes out a kendo stick, and proceeds to smack himself in the head with it. He then walks over to a tree and smacks the tree, only to have it come back and smack him in the head.

Tact (off camera): See, Killer? You were just making a fool of yourself, doing the whole tack thing with no purpose. Unless you thought it was amusing to try tying in my name with the word tack...which is kind of lame, honestly. I've seen better connections made in my life. In any case, now watch this, cuz this is what you're setting yourself up for.

Cheapshot tosses the kendo stick to Predator, who he then comes at in a seeming rage. Predator sidesteps Cheapshot, who runs into the garbage can and knocks out a bunch of weapons. Upon getting up, Cheapshot cleverly grabs hold of a steel chair as Predator comes behind him.

Tact (off-camera): See, maybe thought you could be real clever, and even if you didn't get A.I. and I with the first wave of "hardcore" toughness, maybe you could still pull something out and get us when we weren't looking. The problem with that is...

Predator smacks Cheapshot from behind with the kendo stick before he can even turn around, causing Cheapshot to fall onto the chair.

Tact (off-camera): ....we aren't going to sit around and just take that crap. We're going to do something about it! We're going to show no restraint, bring our best as well, and we won't stop and wait for you to make another move.

Predator doesn't bother waiting for Cheapshot to get up. Instead he starts beating Cheapshot mercilessly with the kendo stick. When the stick breaks, after a shot to Cheapshot's back, Predator gives it a look.

Tact (off-camera): And I, for one, know I can adapt in the ring. If one strategy isn't working out, I can use another....

Predator takes the hilt of the kendo stick, and starts ramming it into Cheapshot's back and neck repeatedly, but Cheapshot manages to somehow turn over and disarm Predator.

Tact (off-camera): And that's not to say you won't fight back. I expect you to be a challenge, because I was told joining New ERA would bring me new challenges. And even if you are slipping, Killer, you still pose a threat in this match. Plus, you've got a partner, so you won't be alone. But I never said this would be a cakewalk.

Cheapshot manages to kick Predator in the knees and stagger him a bit. He then takes the chair from the ground and nails Predator in the knee. Cheapshot then gets up and plasters Predator in the head with the chair twice, sending him down to a knee. Cheapshot then starts raking Predator's eyes and face with his taped hands.

Tact (off-camera): And despite your display, I have a feeling I'll be able to put some hurtin' into you. You have to know that we're both going to be taking punishment in this match. We're both going to be out to win, and that means giving and taking some damage. It's just who can endure, who can survive, like you noted.

Cheapshot begins hammering away on Predator with the chair, sending him to the ground eventually. Cheapshot begins celebrating, doing a little jig.

Tact (off-camera): But don't think you've won if you've got us in a bad spot. Like I said, we're not going to stop just cuz we're in a pinch. This is for the NEW World Heavyweight Title. And there's no higher prize in this promotion.

Predator starts to get up, and Cheapshot takes the chair up again, slamming it onto Predator's back, sending him down again. Predator, upon trying again to rise, sees Cheapshot bring the chair up, and lunges at him, punching the chair into Cheapshot's face. Cheapshot staggers back, dropping the chair, and Predator hits a running boot to the face of Ramon.

Tact (off-camera): It's not over 'til it's over, after all....

Cheapshot comes back at Predator, but Predator takes the chair up in his own hands and whales Cheapshot in the head, sending him down. Cheapshot manages to get up, slowly, but Predator grabs him by the throat and goes for a Choke Slam on Cheapshot, only to have Ramon poke him in the eyes to get free.

Tact (off-camera): Oh yeah, and if you don't get on the same page with your partner, and try going it as two individuals, rather than one team?

Tact suddenly comes in with one of his title belts, and as Cheapshot turns he gets blindsided by Tact with the belt, falling to the ground. Predator covers Cheapshot, and some random person comes sliding onto the grass, making a three count. Tact turns and holds the belt out.

Tact: Then your chances to get the NEW World Heavyweight Title will be all that much less.

As Tact puts the belt away again, Cheapshot stirs and Predator gets to his feet. When Cheapshot gets up, he looks at the person who made the count. The guy looks a bit scared, as Cheapshot starts raving at him. Predator puts a hand on Ramon's shoulder, but Cheapshot swats it away and then turns on the "referee," putting an Iron Claw submission on him. By this time a small crowd has formed, watching the demonstration, and they all look a bit alarmed at this. They then start to scatter as Cheapshot drops the "referee" and starts going after random park passerbys. Tact looks and sighs, shrugging.

Tact: See Killer, some people just don't understand the concept of being humble, even after a loss. I would hope you won't be that way, but I think you might just need to be humbled at Raucous, as well.

Predator catches up with Cheapshot, who turns into him. Cheapshot starts attacking Predator, but takes a quick knee and stumbles towards Tact. Ramon then charges Tact with lefts and rights, but Tact takes him down and puts him in a modified bow-and-arrow lock, affectionately dubbed the Tactful Surrender.

Tact: If you don't watch out, Killer, this could be you, too.

Tact releases Cheapshot after locking the hold in for a bit. Cheapshot gets up and shakes his head.

Tact: He's a little crazy...sometimes....

Cheapshot then seems to snap and goes after Predator again. Predator grabs Cheapshot by the throat, though, lifts him up, and Choke Slams him down onto the pavement. He then picks up the smaller man and puts him over the shoulder.

Tact: But teamwork prevails, just like it will at Raucous, when EL ARCO IRIS and I give you and your partner more than you can handle, Killer. Yeah, we will survive, because we're ready, we're prepared...and you're not. I know there's a lot to take in from this, Killer, but I don't expect you to get it all anyway. I only expect you to do the best you can. But realistically, it's just not going to be enough to take down this team at Raucous. A.I. and I, we're advancing to the Battle Bowl Finals, and that's....SIMPLY TACTILIZING!

Tact slings his duffel bag over his shoulder and walks down the park walkway with Predator, and Cheapshot slung over the shoulder. Fade out.

02-18-04, 10:31 PM
(Cue Up: "Face to Face (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)" by Daft Punk as the screen is bombarded with all the colors of the spectrum in rapid succession. This fades to El Arco Iris, standing in his mask and ring gear, with a rainbow satin robe covering it all, in front of a rainbow-colored backdrop.)

El Arco Iris: The quest for a champion continues, as El Arco Iris gets another opportunity to team with Señor Tact, an exemplary sportsman devoid of anger and sanguine lust. This time we face an opponent who breaks El Arco Iris' heart just by hearing his name. Suicidal Killer, it hurts El Arco Iris so to see you imprisoned by the darkness of your own heart that you direct it not only at others, but at yourself! Your spirit is so clasped by a yoke of sadness and anger that you destroy yourself, and for what purpose? No man enjoys pain, Señor Killer. He only has forgotten to enjoy other things, so that he only thinks he enjoys pain. El Arco Iris hopes that perhaps he can imbue your dismal situation with exuberant joy, and you will learn there are much greater pleasures in life. Why...

(El Arco Iris rubs his chin contemplatively)

El Arco Iris: You could...brush a kitten's hair, and inhale the sweet scent of it's downy fur, take a brisk stroll through the park on a Sunday afternoon and feel the tingle in your face as the sunlight warms you...When was the last time you ever freely frolicked through a flowery meadow, chasing after butterflies? Are you just too busy mutilating yourself to even acknowledge the fact that the sun even bothers to rise in the day and set at night? Señor Tact did bring up a good point in that perhaps all of this horrific depression is caused by one thing, and that's fear. Fear perhaps, of yourself. You fear an inability to achieve, or fear not having the respect of others, so you must punish yourself for these crimes you commit against your own unjust laws. Do not fear El Arco Iris, nor anyone else, El Arco Iris will not judge you. El Arco Iris only helps, he does not hurt. Señor Tact will not judge you. Most importantly, you should not judge you. You should not fear what you can or can not do, especially if such fear drives you to madness and masochism. Hurting yourself can never ameliorate anything, nor can hurting others. El Arco Iris cannot believe that a certain quanitity of tacks in one's temple can amount to any sort of feeling of self-fulfillment or self-content.

(El Arco Iris extends his hand out to the camera, as if to offer a helping hand to the viewer.)

El Arco Iris: Raise your head from the well of sorrow, and drink no more, Señor Killer. Only you can end the cycle of despair and pain you have put yourself in. Escape from judgement of yourself, and you escape from the judgment of others, and perhaps you will not need to balance the pain clutched about your heart with pain inflicted on your body. Pain can only create sadness, and anger, which leads to more pain, and it solves nothing. Perhaps if you stop "enjoying" pain and actually enjoying things worth enjoying, the clouds will disperse, and the shades of grey melancholy will give way to the rainbow. El Arco Iris can show you the way out of the fog, Señor Killer, and if you let yourself let El Arco Iris, El Arco Iris can assure you'll emerge in the light with a SMIIIIIILE...(traces the smile on his mask with his thumb)...on your face!

(Fade to rainbow)

Suicidal Killer
02-19-04, 01:06 PM
The camera fades into the dark Buffalo Arena. You see that the NEW crews have finished setting up the ring so that it's completely ready for tonight's RAUCOUS Show. As you look around some more, you see that the Arena is empty, all the crew have left. However, suddenly the lights come on and you notice that there is someone left sitting in a chair within the front row of the audience seating section.


You see "The Big Guy" has a smirk forming underneath his mask as the camera comes closer to him. SK begins to clap his hands together as if he's applauding Tact and Iris's performances from their previous promos

Suicidal Killer: Bravo.... Bravo.... Simply stunning you two are. I mean we're looking at the future "curtain jerkers" of NEW right here.

My I should be thankful for being placed up against the both of you in this Handicap Match of ours coming up tonight at Raucous!


You didn't hear me the first time?

You need me to repeat myself?

Well... ...since the both of you are kind of slow and dimwitted, I think I'll say that last statement one more time but at a much slower pace so you can fully COMPREHEND me...

...Tonight... ...on RAUCOUS... ...ME... ...THE GIANT... ...The Suicidal Psychopath... ...will be going up against the both of you... ...the future of NEW's "curtain jerking team"... ...in a Handicap Match!!!

S.K. forms a sinister smile on his face as he chuckles to himself

SK: That's right boys and girls... SK will be doing the one thing that he does best at this upcoming RAUCOUS…


"The Big Guy" chuckles a bit and then starts talking again

SK: First things, first...

S.K. props his legs up on the guard rail just before speaking again

SK: Mr. Tact... ...you really think you have me all figured out huh?

You really think you have this match of ours all figured out, step-by-step on how it'll go down?...

What are you a f***ing psychic? Can you see the future, much alone my future?

I mean certainly you must think you have some sort of powers such as these, because you're claiming to KNOW EXACTLY how I'll react in the match.

That you already KNOW HOW I plan on attacking you, that you already KNOW MY strategy.

And not only that... ...you claim that you already KNOW THE OUTCOME of the match as well...

S.K. shakes his head as he begins to laugh quietly, before it gets louder, and then even louder until it turns into an uncontrollable laugh that almost sends a tear down S.K.'s mask because he's laughing so hard

SK: You stupid, arrogant sonofab*tch! Anyone that proclaims that they can do these things are either completely out of their mind {meaning more loony than me, and that’s hard to DO!}, or they're so full of f***ing sh*t that they need someone like ME to knock it out of them and bring them back down to planet Earth.


And I'm just the man for the job...

Besides if you can predict all of these things, Tact, then you, my friend are in the wrong business. Maybe you can set up a local stand outside of tonight's event and read people's palms to tell them their futures...(SK's laughing hasn't stopped completely, instead it has turned into a much more controlled tone)... You really do amaze me with the foul diseases that fly from that hole you call a mouth, its more TACKY than TASTEFUL...

And besides, here's another question for you TACT, when was the last time you actually saw or even heard of a psychic winning the Lottery?


Do you know why? Because they are FAKES! A bunch of hog-wash bullsh*tters, who tell more lies than a seventeen year old adolescent who's trying to get out of doing his chores to go smoke some Mary Jane.

You are just the same! You're nothing but a "FAKE", a "FRAUD", a "WANNA-BE CHAMPION"!

Oh yeah, that's right! I said it! Those words DID come out of MY mouth!


Yeah I know what could be popping up in that thing you call a brain...

"You're the WANNA-BE KILLER... ...You wish you could be like ME"..

…And blah, blah, blah, blah... Yeah I’ve heard this story before…

Yes, Tact, you are way, WAY, WAY too perfect for me…


You’re more predictable and foolish than any man alive to actually believe that a wanna-be like yourself could ever stand a chance in HELL against someone like me in that squared circle.

"Oh but this Wanna-BE actually has a partner that cares to show up and has a will to fight against you and together we'll dominate you KILLER"

You know what I say? I say "BRING IT THE F*** ON, Big BOYS. I don't care how many wanna-be pieces of trash I have to plow my way through.

I WILL GO TO THE EXTREME TO HEAR EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU SCREAM... ...till you all know the meaning of what it's like to SUFFER... ...TO FELL MY PAIN!!!

So be it one wanna-be, two wanna-be’s, three wanna-be’s... it doesn't matter. I will need only these two hands of mine to put both of you in your places. And I plan on doing it alone, just like I've done in the past.

No one is going to help me win that belt, I plan on doing it all on my f***ing own. And I'm not going to let NO ONE stand in my way, not my mystery partner and especially not you two jerk-offs!

Hold on a second though, I just thought of something...

SK twists his head as if he's thinking about something, before getting a sick evil grin on his face and turning back to the camera

SK: Wait I do believe I've said this before...


SK: Yes I DID! I believe it was Mr. America... oh wait... ...I mean The American... Yes now I remember, he actually attempted to show off his arrogance by being "Mr. Know it all". That he knew exactly what I was about and how he would crush me…

Well look were The American is now... ...he's wading water in the kiddy pool, because he wasn't good enough to come swim with the adults. A shark got a hold of his leg and almost ate him ALIVE!!

Yes that's right, I was THAT SHARK!!!

SK gives out a slight chuckle as he gives a serious stare into the camera

SK: And now you think that by coming into NEW and by showing off not "one" but "two" paper titles in my face that I'm suppose to be WORRIED?

That this wanna-be is a champion already?

So what!!!!!

So you went to the local Dollar Store like The American and bought the same "Do it yourself kit: On How to make a World title belt out of paper in less than 5 minutes"...

...Yet when you notice that the American was buying the same thing... ...you had to go off and buy two KITS, just to make yourself feel better...

Talk about being pathetic...

You my friend are a paper champion, that's all you are.

You are not the real deal! A phony that wants to become something that he is not! A fraud that wishes to make the people believe that he's something that he is not!

You know what, it doesn't matter what you claim your achievements have been in the past, or what organizations you've crumbled or what famous no-name wrestlers you've destroyed in your pathetic career.

I frankly don't give two sh*ts about what that med-evil pea sized brain of yours believes you've done.

What you haven't done is beaten ME!

As much as you like to think, or give yourself the pleasure of claiming, I haven't slipped on you're so called banana peel...

I'M FAR FROM SLIPPING BOY!! You can bet your ass that I don't plan on slipping either!!

And then there is your endless blabbering of how you and your PARTNER, The Flaming Mexican who looks like he just stepped out of the most retro gay bar in all of Mexico, are just going to dominate me in that ring, which I must say is not only irritating me, but it's pissing me off to no extent.

You really do have a death wish don't you Tact..

Weren't you ever taught in school that it's not a wise thing to piss off people that are bigger than you?

That you're biting off more than you can f***ing chew!!

See someone can't just simply warn you that it's a bad thing to do because you're too gullible to believe that you actually can stand up and conquer this mountain of man that's here before you.

The only way that you'll truly understand your flaw is by me beating it into you're skull, showing you first hand why you should re-think your strategy.

So yes, go ahead, keep doing it... ... make me angry... piss me off some more... ...by the time our match starts tonight you'll have created the biggest monster to ever step foot into that ring!

And it's all because you couldn't learn to shut up and quit making accusations about how you're this all-mighty "paper champion" who can predict when the world is going to end, especially my world.

Well son, I'm EVERLASTING! I'm not going anywhere! And you better believe that this little run of mine is not going to end tonight with you two pint-sized twerps!

...You think that your little masquerade you just pulled off with Moe and Larry actually put you over the top with all the viewers at home?

That what they just witnessed was the birth of the NEW World Heavyweight Champion as he formed right in front of their eyes?


The only thing you've proven to anyone is how much of a crack-pot you are!

So tell me Curly... ...when are the 3 stooges going to put on another brilliant show?

While you’re at it, next time you should have some actual background noises like "Why you little", "OOOOPH", and "Why I oughta".... At least then it would have made it more entertaining for everyone to watch.

Hell just for sh*ts and giggles, and just because I feel like being a bit cocky and arrogant myself...

…bring your friends down to the ring, and I'll show you how cattle are butchered, as I literally destroy those pukes right in front of your eyes, as like a preview of what I'm going to do to you and your partner tonight!

Oh yeah I'm boasting with cockiness, and you know why?

Because it doesn't matter what you do, or Iris, or anyone else who wants to f***ing get in my way, I will keep coming back... I will not stop... I will not give up... I WILL NOT TAP!!!

I'm like the Energizer bunny, except I have fangs, claws, and a mean ass TEMPER {much like the killer bunny that's in the Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail movie}. Not to mention I like the taste of my own blood.

You know, for someone who was dead strong of not having a partner in this match to begin with, you've been using him as a security blanket as of lately.

If I remember correctly you said that "I thought from here on out I wasn't going to tag with IRIS, that this tournament was going to be singles matches from now on..."

But now... ...you're proclaiming you're the best team ever in NEW that will make it to the finals?

Well, well, well... If you really wanted to BE A F***ing team, you should have joined the NEW TAG DIVISON.

That's were you'll get all the TEAM ACTION you'll ever want and need. Matter of fact just quit now and join up in that division and save yourselves the trouble of getting your asses handed to you by "THE GIANT"!


I rely on MYSELF to win matches, to get MYSELF out of jams... because I know that I'M GOOD ENOUGH TO DO SO.

SK slowly gets up and walks over the guard rail. He looks into the ring and gives a sinister smile

SK: You think I'm avoiding your questions Tact?


You know why? Because they are pointless and meaningless!

The thing is, no matter how hard you try, you are not going to turn the tide on me TACT!

Just when you think you have it won and you think that "You're ACTUALLY GOING TO PULL THE WOOL OVER MY EYES", that's when I attack and finish you off with one move!

As I make your LIGHTS GO OUT!

SK gives a silent chuckle

SK: You think you can survive the awesome power of The Giant?

Well tonight we will actually see...

Because tonight boys, just like IRIS has suggested, I plan on trying something new as to enjoying the pleasures of pain and wanting you to inflict large amounts of it upon me..


Giving you the luxury of feeling what it's like to live in my world, while giving you the OPPORTUNITY of a life time.

Becoming the next victims of the one known as SUICIDAL KILLER!

Tonight’s the night were your lies stop, and my truth continues...


The camera is focused on SK's eyes as they are more possessed than ever onto the ring

Camera fades to black

02-20-04, 12:16 AM
((The screen comes in on darkness, and as the camera zooms away, we still see darkness, in fact, we see a silhouette of a man, but his identity for now is yet to be revealed, in fact, no one is really quite sure when it is going to be revealed, but for now this man stays in the shadow, not wanting to be identified))

MYSTERY PERSON: Questions have been raised about my silence, as the dawning of a new day approaches. Few have wondered of my identity, even fewer care, but still, the three other men in this match continue.... to babble. Larry Tact comes to mind immediately.

You know who I am Larry, let me assure you of that, and very soon, you're going to know me even better. Some may say that I'm even a face from your past, but I beg to differ. I like to think of myself as being a name.... from your future. But who am I? That is something that you are just going to have to wait and find out. But the more things change, the more they stay the same Larry. Few apparently have the time and budget that you do when it comes to these little productions. Words upon word, action upon action. Fortunately, I get to catch it on tape which allows handy use of the fast forward button. I can honestly say I have never made it through one of these.... what do they call them..... spots? I guess you can consider it the dry nature of this whole thing.

But allow me to iterate something very clearly to you Mr. . Tact. While you may not fear my tag team partner, allow me to make it abundantly clear that I have no reason to fear you. You're probably wondering how I can make such an assumption. I guess you can call it a hunch.

((suddenly, the lights turn on, and we are no longer in darkness, but instead of our favorite mystery partner revealing himself, we get a full mask, which leaves everything to the imagination and sheds no light on who this really is, the only visible thing on this masked person is the eyes, as for the mask, it is completely black, with silver ornamentation along the side going in a vertical partner, the cameras zoom in on the eyes, which are in no way distinguishable, yet incredibly piercing))

Take a look into the eyes, of your impending doom Mr. Tact. I'm sure my comments probably put one hell of a smile on your face. I'm sure you are laughing deep down at this so-called mystery person, knowing full well that there is no possible way that this person could ever go toe to toe with you.

But let me assure you Mr. Tact, that I am no rookie.

I am the man that is very quickly going to change the entire landscape of the NEW. Don't believe me? You will find out soon enough.

I have been watching the tapes Mr. Tact, and I've tried to sit through everything you had to say. And you continued to harp on my tag team partner, Suicidal Killer, without ever taking a moment to concern yourself with who his partner may be. I don't know how intelligent that is. Now, I do understand that Mr. Killer fancies himself an orator in the same mold that you do. I understand that the two of you find it to be some kind of sport to see who can be more verbose, and I too have engaged in those kinds of contests before, but to not even take me into consideration Mr. Tact, is a grave, grave mistake.

And even when you finally do come to see my face, you will probably vainly attempt to address my coming as some kind of irrelevant event. And that kind of attitude will be your undoing. That kind of attitude, the indifference, will see to your downfall.

((this man again stops, and the lights go back out, a faint laugh can be heard as again we see a silhouette))

I noticed how you so proudly liked to display your gold. RMWF? EWF? Are these things supposed to impress anyone? Allow me to make something very clear right now. Compared to me Mr. Tact, you haven't accomplished anything, you have beaten no one, and you have headlined NOTHING. This again I'm sure will bring some kind of smile to your face, but you will quickly find out how serious I am. You have never been to the top, because you will find out soon that the top runs straight to the man you're about to meet once again.

You made the point that it is difficult for a wrestler to admit when they have to face someone who is superior to them in the ring? How exactly would you know this Mr. Tact? Is this a feeling you have had to endure before? Myself, I really don't know if I can make that claim. I'm not exactly sure I know it feels. But in case you need a reminder, I am always glad to be there to help you out. And to think you proudly boasted of being in the illustrious tag team of Larry Tact and........ EL ARCO IRIS?

Are you kidding Mr. Tact? Is that really something you're proud of? Do you really swell up with pride at the thought of being part of this team? Well, I guess he does have at least one quality you don't Mr. Tact, and that is he actually gets to his point and gets on with his life. Now, if he really had anything else to say, we would even be more for the better. But Arco, at the end of the day, you have to look in the mirror, and realize that no matter what, you're still El Arco Iris. And that means, that you will never me above mediocre. That means that you don't belong, but all the same, Larry Tact speaks of you with great pride. Pardon my humor when it comes to this, but Arco, you don't even belong in the same ring with me.

((there is a great pause as we remain in darkness, until after a few moments, this masked man decides to speak once again))

And finally, we get to my illustrious partner, the Suicidal Killer himself. The man that is a legend in his own mind, a man that thinks he can make it to the top based solely on his size. A man that has already gone on record and referred to this match...... as a "Handicap match."

Ignorance, sheer ignorance Killer. How can you make such a statement? Just because you already found a way to piss one guy off enough that he left the damn company. You're lucky that they found you a partner at all, because trust me SK, I've watched the tape, and you're not good enough to win this thing by yourself. Hell, I'm not even sure you could get my the dynasty that is Larry Tact and El Arco Iris all by yourself.

So here's what I want you to do SK. Sit back and watch, and maybe you can pick something up. I would be more than content to let you hop on my back... I will carry you to some gold. Don't go into this thinking you're going to carry any weight, because you are not good enough to do that, regardless of whatever fantasy might be going on inside your head.

I hope I make myself abundantly clear.

Now, I suppose I could do the honorable thing and at least let YOU know who I am before the match, but honestly, where's the fun in that?

You're gonna need me SK. Accept it, learn to live with it. Just be happy with the fact that you were given the gift of the century. You were gift-wrapped this tournament. Just stay out of the way, and everything will be fine.

I promise.

((fade to black))

02-20-04, 06:21 PM
Fade in: to a WFW backdrop; blue with a white logo. Larry Tact sits on a steel chair, dressed in black leather pants, a blue t-shirt and blue bandanna. Tact has a big grin on his face.

Tact: As I have to complete my regimen for the weekend before the show, I will keep this brief. There's really not much more I have to say, after all. Killer, you and your partner have said it all for me. Your words have made more of an impact than I could have even HOPED for! It makes my task much easier, after all....

Tact leans back and crosses his arms.

act: Me? I'll just bring clarity to what you two have tried to blur. I never intended to gloat or promote myself in glorious fashion by holding those title belts; which, by the way, are quite legitimate, I assure you. Believe it or not, though...it's of little concern to me. The point is, I merely wanted to show Killer that he was wrong about my not having the "Champion's blood" as he calls it. That's all. Nothing complex about it. I guess you two couldn't help but say some foolish things about the sight, but hey, that's not my problem, so.

Tact shurgs.

Tact: What is my concern is this match, and that is what I have been speaking about this whole time. Yes, Juliet did try to pull some tricks with A.I. and myself, but you know what? I don't mind teaming with A.I., and that only BENEFITS us. You can talk all you want about what I said at Raucous, but as I pointed out, I doubt I said anything my partner was unaware of. And Killer, if you had picked up on what I said from the start, I don't "depend" on anyone. I don't expect people to "have my back," but I don't reject such help, either. Being that this is a tag team match, I figure I'll have to work together with EL ARCO IRIS...so I will. I might not be a big tag team person, but if I need to team with someone, I will. And in this case, teaming productively and fluently will only get us to the finals, past you two. So I'm not one to argue with that. Now that you mention it, though...once we're done with the Battle Bowl, and one of us is NEW World Heavyweight Champion, perhaps we will look to take the tag team gold as well! Great idea, Killer! But for the moment, I think we're both fully focused on the Battle Bowl, and so any serious thought put to the tag titles will have to wait until AFTER the PPV.

Tact laughs a bit.

Tact: Killer, you really crack me up though. Oh, you showed me something with that last promo. You certainly showed me how much you need to learn. I mean, come on, even your partner will tell you how much of an ignorant fool you're making yourself out to be. I know you aren't this bad, are you? You don't look like you'd stand a chance against Brody Hansen, much less myself and A.I. All I can tell you is, get your act together. Because I'm expecting you to be at your best come Raucous. It wouldn't be quite as satisfying to beat you if you were a mess like you are now.

Tact then pauses and gives a lopsided grin.

Tact: And as for the "mystery" person? I haven't been ignoring you at all. I've said plenty to you, about this match. But I won't address you specifically unless you have something meaningful to say. I'm not about to make the mistake of many of your former opponents. Yes, I know who you are. I'm not a fool, I can recognize your manner and arrogance a mile away. I've been waiting for another meeting with you, believe me. I was planning it in GLCW....I was ready back then. I know we've had a tag match meeting in the past, but honestly it doesn't do much good to keep meeting like this. Eventually, it'll be you and I in the ring, one-on-one. But for now, there will be no resolution to anything between us. Oh, and there IS an issue to be dealt with. Whether you know it or not. But for now, I'm focused on taking you down, pinning you for three, and advancing to the Battle Bowl Finals. Your presence is significant...just not at the right time. You've gotten yourself in at the WRONG time, in fact. You find out soon enough, at Raucous. I was already going to enjoy taking it to Suicidal Killer with A.I., but now this is a bonus. At Raucous, I will show you just how it feels to be bested. And you won't have trouble remembering what the feeling is like, oh no. Not for a good long time. Because you will be tactilized. You will be indeed.

Fade out.

Suicidal Killer
02-20-04, 08:21 PM
Camera fades in and we see Suicidal Killer in his wrestling gear for his upcoming match

Suicidal Killer: YOU'RE THE FOOL TACT!!!

Prepare yourself for a rude awakening my friend...

When Tonight, you and I are in that ring...



S.K. gives an evil chuckle as the camera fades to black

02-21-04, 12:08 AM
(Cue Up: "Opblaaskrokodil" by Ome Henk as we get the same intro as last time with the bomardment of colors, which fades to El Arco Iris in front of the rainbow backdrop, dressed in his mask and a velour rainbow tie-dye sweatsuit.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris is dissapointed. Dissapointment is not really a good feeling El Arco Iris likes to feel, but it comes from other people, so there is no helping that. El Arco Iris is not as surprised to see that his opponents' motives are nothing but the most primal choler and hatred, but through their own ignorance, their minds and hearts clouded by hate and fear, they ruin a symbol that El Arco Iris holds very dear, and it angers El Arco Iris to a point where even El Arco Iris' boundless glee cannot counteract it!

(The camera closes in on El Arco Iris' head as he points a gesturing finger towards...)

El Arco Iris: ...The mask. Both of El Arco Iris' opponents wear masks, but unlike El Arco Iris, they wear their masks for totally different reasons. El Arco Iris wears a mask because the person of El Arco Iris does not matter. El Arco Iris is not a face, not a body, El Arco Iris is a purpose. El Arco Iris is about reaching out into the depths of sorrow and desolation and pulling out those drowning in it. El Arco Iris is about giving every single person in every arena in every city in every state in every country in the world a reason to smile when they might otherwise have none! El Arco Iris does not want you to think of just one man, but of the things one man can do and does for the good of everyone. This mask is an icon, an emblem of everything El Arco Iris is. You, Suicidal Killer, and your partner, hid your faces out of cowardice, fear of your own identities and how others will treat you, the person, so you simply become a mask. You can't simply be the mask, but you must TRANSCEND THE MASK. El Arco Iris remembers the greatest masked champions of our sport...

(Fade to video footage of various masked wrestlers as El Arco Iris calls out their names.)

http://members.es.tripod.de/blue_demon/santo1.jpg El Santo, the one masked in silver, legend to all and hero to many, considered one of the greatest luchadors of all time...

Mil Máscaras, the man who gave the mask new meaning in every way...

Atlántis, idol of the children, still exuberant and energetic in his advancing years...

http://www.puroresu.com/wrestlers/tiger_mask/tiger_mask.jpg Tiger Mask, one of the most amazing athletes in the ring, in Japan, Mexico, or the United States, breeding four generations who all wear that same face...

http://www.wrestlingzone.ru/images/liger1.jpg Jushin Liger, a fierce, tenacious warrior who bears a mask as bold and fearsome as his powerbomb...

http://www.wrestlingzone.ru/images/ultimo1.jpg Ultimo Dragón, one of the most brilliant scientific wrestlers ever, and agile inside the ring and above it...

http://hoholun.uhome.net/wrestler/hayabusa/images/hayaya.jpg Hayabusa, perhaps having the most beautiful execution ever, whose career was tragically cut short, but whose memory will live on forever...

(Switch back to El Arco Iris)

El Arco Iris: Now, did any of these men gain their fame and notoriety by shoving tacks in their forehead and threatening death and horrible disfigurement upon their opponents? No! They stood for a purpose, they championed what was right and good, and they dedicated themselves to the realization of their own goals instead of the destruction of their opponents'. They left and impression of crowds with their determination and skill that transcended their masks and costumes, but also name and face. Their colorful countenances will forever live on as greats, outlasting those who simply cared too much about pain and hate to ever do anything with themselves. I implore you, both of you, abandon this cul-de-sac of misguided anger, and you will learn to appreciate what you have and see what you can do to better yourself, without having to worsen others. It's not that hard to do, and El Arco Iris knows the path, so that all of us, under our masks, can have a big SMIIIIIILE...(traces the smile on his mask with his thumb)...on our faces!

(El Arco Iris strikes a fanciful pose as we fade to rainbow)

02-21-04, 12:31 AM
((The screen comes in again on darkness, and as the camera zooms away, we still see darkness, in fact, we see a silhouette of the same man, but his identity for now is still yet to be revealed, in fact, no one is really quite sure when it is going to be revealed, but for now this man stays in the shadow, not wanting to be identified))

MYSTERY PERSON: You think you have it all figured out, don't you Mr. Tact? But keep in mind that perception is not everything. In fact, I am under the impression that you are falling for one hell of a facade. But that's just one man's opinion, I guess I could be wrong. I once a heard a great deal of this GLCW that you mention, but to be honest, it is a place I never visited. I heard glowing things of your reputation there, however, and to be truthful, that reputation does tend to precede you wherever you go.

But I remain unimpressed Mr. Tact, for I truly do know what is underneath the veneer that you present. I have been able to look beneath the surface and see the true person, but also the true wrestler. You have many accomplishments, there is no disputing that, but anymore, people tend to look at only those instead of analyzing what is really behind all of this.

I don't think you are everything that you say you are Mr. Tact. In fact, I know that that is not the case. You may be a big thing in WFW, you might have been in EWF, hell, I know you were in RMWF, and to this point, you have been in NEW, but like I've mentioned before Mr. Tact, all of that has changed.

And that applies to everyone in NEW. If you were comfortable with your standing in this place, I hope you learn quickly how to adapt to something new, because I am the type of man that will change the entire aura of a location. Those of you who were on the top might want to introduce yourselves to the middle of the pack, because there is a new tenant in the penthouse.

But I digress, Mr. Tact. You stated that there will eventually be some kind of one on one showdown between the two of us, and I too feel that some kind of encounter is inevitable. I'm not sure who else is going to get in our way to deny the two of us, so we may as well go ahead and consider it a lock. We have to know it's sure as hell not going to be anyone like that Marx fellow, the guy who enters basically every league in existence, hoping to get something out of it. And by the looks of it, it probably also won't be your boy Iris. That fellow has problems. So, it looks like the new #1 and the former #1 might be having it out in a tag match. That might be sure to sell some seats.

But the main point to this story Mr. Tact is that you may think you have me figured out, you may think you have my identity assured, but you don't. Deception is a wonderful thing, and I will be honest in admitting that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and imitation is one thing that I am very, very good at.... if you catch my drift. Regardless of who you think I am, you will still not be able to hang with me, hang with the new superstar of NEW. And again, you can consider that a promise.

((the mystery man pauses a moment before continuing))

And before I go, I want to utter just a few more words to my tag team partner. Killer, I'm not exactly sure what is up with you, and I can't say I exactly care. I just want you to stay out of my way and let me do my job. Your last little stunt was an embarrassment. Just do your job and you won't get hurt. Decide to include yourself, and I make no promises.

I am good enough to win this all by myself.

I don't do well with "help."

Got it? I certainly hope so.

((fade out))