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02-13-04, 10:39 PM
All RP for the second round BATLLE BOWL MANIA match between Cross / Renaissance Man and Peter File / Jonathan Marx should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday February 20th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

02-16-04, 03:16 PM
::Brandon Jacobs is setting in a makeup chair backstage at Edison Field getting made over for the WFW Great Expectations PPV::

BRANDON JACOBS: Can’t you do these promos on your own Jonathan? I’m sort of busy. I’ve got to get ready for the PPV.

JONATHAN MARX: You know how much I hate talking to myself in these things.

BRANDON JACOBS: There is always Domovoi.

JONATHAN MARX: As I said, I hate talking to myself.

MAKE UP LADY: Do I need to call your father in here to get you out? Making Brandon pretty is hard enough job as it is.


JONATHAN MARX: My father doesn’t even know I’m here so I’d rather you not. I’m not here just to pester Jacobs, I’m here because I want to see the show.

BRANDON JACOBS: Gideon vs. Copycat vs. Psycho, Mephisto vs. Anarky, Michaels vs. Edmunds… it doesn’t get any sweeter than that. Are you sure you aren’t angling for Vic’s job?

JONATHAN MARX: My schedule has been awful light lately. It is possible but technically I’m in three leagues so I should be busy as hell. As I said before, I’d rather wait until I retire to go into the booth fulltime.

::Vic Waters walks into the room::

VIC WATERS: What are you doing here daddy’s boy? You aren’t trying to weasel another PPV are you?

JONATHAN MARX: I’m just here to tape a promo for NEW once Brandon gets done with his makeup.

VIC WATERS: Aren’t you facing the A1E champion Cross?

JONATHAN MARX: That is FORMER A1E World Champion. Cross jobbed to Euclid almost a month ago.

VIC WATERS: I hear that boy is pretty damn tough.

JONATHAN MARX: He is no Lindsay Troy. Euclid didn’t even finish in the FWI top one hundred.

VIC WATERS: It would be a shame if Cross cut your tongue out. You’d have to do all your promos in pantomime.

JONATHAN MARX: Even if I couldn’t talk I’d still be more entertaining than you are.

VIC WATERS: If you ever want to try me son, I’m always winning to go at it. I don’t believe your hype.

JONATHAN MARX: Why don’t you go back to sucking Doc’s dick? Where is your boy anyway? He can’t even show up for his matches, of course that is typical Doc and that is why he been blackballed from half of the leagues he has been in.

VIC WATERS: Doc is still more of a legend that you’ll ever be.

JONATHAN MARX: Maybe so but when I’m done, I’m not going to go around making a joke out of myself. I’m tired of people bastardizing their legacies. I had a lot of respect for Doc at one time, but his last run in WFW ruined that for me.

::Brandon Jacobs gets up out of his chair and gets between Vic & Jonathan::

BRANDON JACOBS: This isn’t the Doc Silver show so lets drop this. Jonathan, go get some work down in the gym while Vic and I go do the intros for Great Expectations and keep your mind focused on Cross & Renaissance Man. I’ll come back here to do a promo during one of the breaks.

JONATHAN MARX: Thanks Brandon.

::Jacobs and Waters leave the room::

BRANDON JACOBS: Let’s go Vic. Why do you have to be such a pain in the ass?

VIC WATERS: He started it!


02-17-04, 03:57 PM

New York, NY
Cross is sitting in the living room of the X Network penthouse. The lights are off, so the only light in the room is that from the moon. Cross has his hands intertwined in front of his face in deep thought.

Cross: I hope you are enjoying your time at the WFW PPV, Marx.

But I would advice you to listen to Mr. Waters' advice.

It seems there are great expectations for you to be the absolute best now that you are in NEW. Good thing you have concerned people around you. And they ought to be.

You're right. I am no Lindsay Troy.

Lindsay Troy, as good as a friend as she is, has still not achieved wrestling's top honor. She has yet to taste the sweetness of being the World Heavyweight Champion.

I have tasted it. I yearn for it. I will do anything to get it back.

Marx, if you are expected to be great in NEW, the first thing you need to learn, rich boy, is that you know something about who you are facing.

I did not job to Euclid.

You may be accustomed to jobbing to people, but I do not job for anyone. If they beat me it is because they were better than me that night. All props go to Euclid for being the better man.

Maybe you will taste World Title greatness when you cease jobbing to others. A Mexican Title is nice, but it is a tin and plastic belt compared to the reality of a World Title.

I have already shown in NEW that I am for real. If there is hype to be believed it is the hype that follows my reputation.

Did you catch what happened to a pathetic excuse for a wrestler at GXW's Battleground Britain, Marx?

I crucified him in the ring, then I literally crucified him!

He called himself the DreamMaker, but it was I who made his dreams turn into horrendous nightmares.

Now he will live the rest of his life with a permanent reminder of his stupidity on his hand.

I have pierced many, and I am willing to do it again.

Marx, take your friend's advice and get into the gym. Concentrate on what is before you. Meditate on it and be ready.

Whether there are two other people in the ring with us, doesn't concern me. All will bend their knee before the Cross.

I also have great expectations, Marx, and the first one is to crucify you and your partner in the ring and move forward towards the greatest of my expectations........the NEW World Heavyweight Championship.

Marx, be a man open-minded to everything because at Raucous your great expectations will become great disappointments.

Thus Saith the Cross. Thus It Shall Be Done.


02-18-04, 03:59 PM
(fade in: Peter File and Lilly are in the back of a van, with the rear doors wide open. Peter is wearing his regular attire of boots, a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Lilly is covered with a blanket and nothing more, her eyes glaring into the camera as Peter begins his adventures.)

mmm.. what a delight it is to be back in front of all of you, how great it is to taste that success that dribbles down your mouth. do you not agree that it is fantastic? an orgasm to the senses that truly magnifies everything in one’s life. I feel so alive now that I have showed myself, showed everyone the true me.. ::sigh:: a relief has come. What type of relief? A relief from the oppression of ignorance and flaccid mortals in sweat-tights parading around wishing and hoping that they would become bigger, yet there is no lil’ blue pill for them to take to make them achieve the goal they wish to attain... as sad as it is, I do not pity them.. for pity is not in my résumé today.

So, I am brought again to the ring.. with my partner in sexual deviance .. Marx, a man of great strengths inside and outside of the ring.. oh wait anticipation is being created in the pits of my stomach, the bowels are enlarging and contracting with the sensations that go through my veins. We can smell victory.. smell success.. smell the urine and seamen-caked garments of men lacking self control. For this time before us, there is no obstacle.. the same as in our last challenge.

Lilly: Daddy, can I play with him afterwards?

..yes beautiful, yes you can. Throw all your anger at him, a woman’s scorn knows no boundaries. Marx, Lilly and I shall show the NEW World how it is done.. how a Renaissance Man will drop to his knees when the realization that his multiple talents are useless, because he lacks something more important. He and Cross shall hang just like so many have before, swing from the gallows as I wait below.. mouth open, ready to swallow all of your discontent and live off of it.

Lilly: Are you going to hurt him, Daddy?

Those plans are confidential, set deep down inside of me.. I do not even know yet my sweet child. There are so many options on the table, so many ...mmmmm.. enormous plans that could come to pass, who knows what will come out during this match. I do know this Lilly, this pain you speak of.. is just a relative statement.. there will be no pain for me, but Cross and Renaissance Man... that is up to their senses to decide. How will they feel when they are battered and bruised and their senses give out on them and make them forget about life.. and only remember their bad deeds?

::licks lips::



02-18-04, 09:32 PM

New York, NY

On this cold and snowy night, the NEW cameras are at the top of the Empire State Building. In this frigid temperature, Cross is leaning on the railing looking at the snow fall on Manhattan.

Cross: In the presence of the largest city in the union, I'm going to pose a few profound questions to Peter File.


Orgasms? Semen? Urine?

What the hell do they have to do with you entering the ring against me and the Renaissance Man?

Are you planning on ejaculating on yourself upon the sight of us? Or better are you planning to piss on yourself when you realize there is no chance in hell you are moving forward in this tournament?

These are the profound questions the fans and viewers of NEW are truly asking.

If you are so set on excreting bodily fluids in our match, File, then you have come to the right place. As long as I am in this match, not only will fluids flow, the apex of bodily sensations will reign supreme.

I don't care if you're overly-sexed or sexually deprived by that female minor, but when Raucous is over you will be in no condition to even think about your next thrill. The only thing going through your mind will be "Will I live to see the sun rise?"

File, I am the embodiment of crucifixion. I embody the form of death that many say killed the Son of God. If even the Lord succumbed to the humiliation, torture, and agony of the cross, what makes you think you, being an ordinary human, will survive the crucifixion I bring to the ring?

File, you and Marx, have no idea who is standing before you right now and in the center of the ring. I didn't come to NEW to play word games about sex and defication. I didn't come to NEW to slack off because I am well-endowed financially.

I came to NEW to right the wrongs of this industry through the scourging and crucifying of my opponents. I came to NEW to rip apart and humiliate my opponents on my trek to becoming the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

I am not here to be distracted by events from other promotions. I am not here to talk about my sexual escapades.

I am here for one thing...The Glory of the Cross!

Say what you want about me, but I will not go away until I fulfill what I came to do. When Raucous is over and it is you and Marx hanging, not from gallows, but from crosses, then you will understand who I am.

Renaissance Man, don't stay quiet for too long because sooner or later, boy, I will make you scream for your life when our partnership is over!

Thus saith the Cross. Let it be done!


02-18-04, 10:02 PM
(fade in: Peter File still in the back of his van along side Lilly, who is not adorned in a halter top and leather pants, looking perky as usual. Peter File rolls his eyes and refrains from speaking, Lilly begins.)

Lilly: I can not speak for Peter, for he is a big man.. too big for me, or you to handle. But ..he can do much better than me.

..you are in the largest city in the union, the most well known place on Earth. Yet you lack any decorum in your lackluster attempts at rebuttals. I suppose that is what happens when you come from New York, and I come from the beautiful state of Connecticut. Morals, ethics and societal gestures do not cross state lines. Isn’t that sad? mmmm.. what a problem, what a problem. Not, a problem for me, only a problem for yourself and it’s inability to grasp the concepts that I feed to you , would you like me to do it another way? Some rude, crass type of New Yorka way? If that would please you, and would get my points across I would love to do it for you baby. ::sigh:: ... but I guess I will just let you run your mouth so I can smell the stench of ignorance escaping.

My metaphors may be a little too complex for your mind but that’s quite alright, I’ll work around it. What does this all have to do with me entering the ring? well obviously you are lost on the idea of “outwitting your opponent”, I would assume that is why you have not made it very far, yet I have.. I’ve gone for much longer.. mmmm.. you’ll feel that. Oh, and Mr. Cross I am oh so sorry.. I did not know I was addressing the VOICE of NEW, you are all the fans rolled into one? Are you taking care of all their desires, is it true that you are THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS? hmm.. I think not. For, he was a simple man.. like yourself, but he had the power to overcome everything and live again.. you on the other hand, will feel only amounts of pain and never recover mentally from witnessing the light, realizing that I would have taken a win from you.. a disgusting ragamuffin such as myself.. for shame Cross, for shame.

..comparing yourself to Jesus Chris is not only amoral in some senses, to most of Catholicism.. but simply a poor excuse for justification and assimilation into our minds. You have made no movements in your life to be able to say that you can take down anyone, or anything.. and make me less of a man than I already am.

Lilly: Cross, if only you were able to hang like Jesus did.. for such a little man, must hang like the mosquito's that fly around him.

You can’t disagree with facts. Can you, Cross?


02-21-04, 12:00 AM
::Jonathan Marx walks into a field dressed as Jesus in old fashioned robes and carrying a cross on his back::

JONATHAN MARX: If you want to crucify me Cross, I’m afraid you are a bit too late. I’ve been repeatedly crucified for who I am and my beliefs since I was a child.

Born too smart for my own good… made to suffer through classes and teachers who were beneath me in an attempt to be normal. Never being able to enjoy fully enjoy my childhood knowing the misery all around me.

Born too compassionate for my own good… standing up for kids who couldn’t stand up for themselves or who were beaten down by life to the point where they had given up. Trying to give them a sense of self in order to over come their surroundings even if they never said thank you.

Born with the belief that I could use my strengths to change this world for the better…. The older I get, the more foolish that thought begins to seem. All of my hardwork forever going to no end without a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I keep on toiling though, doing God’s work through my wrestling and my words in hopes that I will bring forward a brighter day.

This cross I bear on my back is the burden of the old school revolution which is everything good and decent about this sport we compete in which arrogant and uneducated youngsters like you are trying to ruin in your best effort to destroy this sport.

I have suffered and bled for the sins of others in order to save this sport. Pain and blood doesn’t scare me anymore. I’ve faced the Maelstrom and the Manson and engaged them in some of the greatest wars the world has ever seen. But I didn’t run away, I’m still standing and I’m will continue to fight again and again until the old school revolution is complete.

You can threaten me with crucifixion, but I’m not going away until the birth of the old school revolution is finally realized and I can die in peace.