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02-13-04, 10:37 PM
All RP for the Triple Threat tag team match between DOOM, Natural Born Killers and le Troupe should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday February 20th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

02-15-04, 10:43 AM
~ 'we all die one day' by G Unit and Obie Trice hits the speakers as the Natural Born Killers entrance video plays on the big screen showing them hitting targets at a firing range~

The Natural Born Killer appear at the entrance area and both are wearing matching t-shirts with the words “1st New ERA Tag Champs” on them.

Gheorghe: Well Jive this is the tag team whom have claimed that they are the first tag team here in the New Era of Wrsetling, have you seen their t-shirts Jive?

Jive: Yes Gheorghe it looks like they think they are going to be the tag team champions here in the new era! Well that could come true Gheorghe! Both the Natural Born Killers and Doom look like worthy competitors for the belts! And of course the tag team division is heating up with the signing of a new tag team, and all three of the tag teams will face each other in a tag
team triple threat match on Raucous!

Gheorghe: Well it looks like they have got something to say.

~ Esco grabs a mic from ringside and the camera foucuses on Esco and Ice in the middle of the ring ~

Esco: let me officially introduce myself, my name is Esco and I am one half of the most deadliest tag teams here in the New Era of Wrestling! Me and my tag team partner Ice ARE the first tag team to be signed here in this federation and we will also be the first tag team champions here as well! Me and Ice can damn near guarantee that we will be tag team champions here! You see me and Ice are the biggest and baddest tag team around in the whole world of wrestling, and if you people back home think were rookies; think again people! Me and Ice are 3 times SXW tag team champions and 2 times FWWA Tag team champions and we have both also won singles titles in our career. Now I have something to say too Doom! You attacked me on our first live spot on Raucous and we promise we will get you back in the middle of the ring by the end of next week!

~Crowd Cheers~

I know that on Raucous we will be having our first match here in this federation and we will go all out to win the match!Ice you got anything to say man?

Ice: Yes

Esco: What Man?

Ice: I bet all yall people thought that the big man Ice did not talk, but this shows that I can! I was just nervous on my 1st T.V appearance on Raucous that’s why I did not say much! thanks for letting me clear that up! Enough on that, we have a triple threat match on Raucous, the Natural Born
Killers in one corner, Doom in another and the newest tag team here in New Era “the Jackasses”

(crowd laughs and cheers)

and to the millions and million of our fans worldwide we assure you that we will bring home the gold!

~ Ice drops the mic as the team make their way back to their locker room. ~

Gheorghe: well the natural Born Killers have left a simple message with us here today; they simply say that they Will be the be the first tag team here in New ERA to win the tag team titles and they will descimate anyone who tries to stop tem.

Jive: well I can’t wait to be honest Gheorghe it looks like its going too be a solid match this week on Raucious! It’s match full of big men, Esco is 6”4 and Ice is 6”6 and that is a big tag team Gheorghe! I’ve seen a few tapes of the Natural Born Killers SXW days and they do look like a very impressive tag team, they both use a variety of powerful oves and although they are big they have a lot of aerial ability. And Esco is and especially good technical wrestler!

Gheorghe: well sorry people we have run out of time but be sure to join me and jive on Raucious! Thanks for watching folks and GOODNIGHT!

~Fade to Black~