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02-11-04, 04:01 AM

Mister Dread
02-12-04, 11:49 AM
::FADEIN on the rickety, sagging ring at the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy, the dim and unsavory haunt of ”The Wolf” Chris McMillan. McMillan sits perched on the top turnbuckle, attired as usual in jeans, harness boots, and a faded Dogs of War t-shirt. Leaning against the ring ropes is one of NFW’s “mechanical” ladders::

THE WOLF: When I first got started in this business nearly a decade ago, I didn’t know what I was doing. Oh sure, I was trained. Memphis style, man. Old-school. The problem with that is when you’re 5’8”, and you weigh about 190 pounds with your boots on, good ol’ Memphis rasslin’ isn’t going to get you anywhere. When I started training in lucha and puro, I found something that worked for me. I found something that really got the crowd on their feet.

THE WOLF: When you’re young, when you’re green, I guess you’ll do just about anything to get noticed. Look at DC Stratton. Hell, look at me. I started out doing the most insane s[beep]t I could think of, the most brutal and dangerous things my sick little head could churn out in an effort to just get noticed. Do you know what happened? Sure, I got a little attention. I got a few contracts, wrestled a few big matches. But you know what else? I also got a pair of blown knees, a shattered left leg, seven concussions, a total of over a thousand stitches, a grand total of 9 months in physical therapy, and a stay in the nuthouse for my trouble.

THE WOLF: Stick with what works, I thought. Dance with the one that brought you. But we all know what happens with that, don’t we? How many guys build a successful career out of hardcore? Plenty. And in ten or fifteen years they’re so crippled up that they can hardly get out of bed in the morning, but they’re gonna wrestle hardcore because they need the paycheck. What else have they got? Not a damn thing.

THE WOLF: I saw myself heading in that direction, and it scared me. Who would actually strive for a future like that? Not me, I thought. No way. I can do a lot more that jump off a balcony four times a week. I can do better than thirty foot ladder jumps for my paycheck. I can wrestle, not just be a wrestler.

THE WOLF: So I set out to put together the most complete, most effective package in professional wrestling. Play off my strengths. Wrestling in the south taught me how to fight. Wrestling in Japan taught me how to be ruthless. Wrestling in the Midwest taught me how to work the ring. Competing in MMA taught me holds and counters. And I brought it all to NFW.

::McMillan hops off the turnbuckle and wanders slowly around the ring::

THE WOLF: No matter what anybody might say about him, good, bad, or indifferent, Craig Miles has always treated me fair. And in his farewell address, he said that it just wouldn’t be NFW without Chris McMillan and a ladder. I took that as a huge compliment, but it’s also more than a little depressing. That shows me that all that work, all the effort, all the training still hasn’t paid off. That tells me that people don’t remember the Chris McMillan that has wrestled hold-for-hold with guys like Shane Southern, Rick Ryconik, and Joey Melton. They don’t remember the skill, the ring knowledge, the wrestling prowess. No, what they remember is the barbed-wire frog splash that put Steel Viper away in a Japanese Death Match. What they remember is the sickening sound of Jason Payne’s neck snapping. What they remember is the thirty-foot moonsault onto the prone carcass of Tempesta del Fuerte. All they remember is the depravity. If they remember at all.

::McMillan walks slowly over to the ladder leaning against the ropes and stares at it for a moment::

THE WOLF: Do YOU remember, Shawn Matthews? You were here for it. Nevermind the mid-season slump I've appeared to hit. Nevermind the crackhead over at FW Torch that will tell you I'm not a threat. If there’s ONE thing you remember about Chris McMillan, remember that the last ladder match I was involved in was THE SINGLE MOST VIOLENT MATCH to ever take place inside an NFW ring. After all, it just wouldn’t be NFW without Chris McMillan and a ladder.


02-13-04, 02:24 PM
(FADEIN to "Showtime" Shawn Matthews, sitting in a dimly lit area.. we see that he's sitting on a pair of steps that lead into a dark basement. Matthews doesn't look as, well.. like Shawn Matthews does, so much. Instead, he looks straight angry...)

SHAWN MATTHEWS: "The biggest show in the world, All-Star Week.. and I'm stuck under the rubble of a GOD-D**N CAGE! Wargames was quite the event, yes.. and I'm VERY happy that the NFW South won the match, but I'm not happy about anything else that took place on that night. I'm not going to come out here in classic "SHOWTIME" fashion and make a million and one excuses as to why I wasn't involved in the decision, and why Melton was. I've learned a whole hell of a lot since I returned to the NFW. You've got to take what you can get, and NOT F**K UP! That's something I've done a lot of since I got here. I made a few bad decisions here and there, and I got points taken off my total. I've done many other questionable things that have led to my eventual defeat. Whatever the case, that was then, and this is now."

"I couldn't necessarily help that I got stuck under the wreckage, but that's not how this year's going to go.. don't you think that, FOR A DAMN MINUTE! I've finally reached a point where I don't need to come out here and act like a damn ASS*OLE in order to get the attention, as my skills speak for themselves. It's pretty evident, as I wouldn't have been placed in that match aside greats like Joey Melton, Hornet, Shane Southern, and Mike Manson.. just to name a few. Obviously, something's going right. But you see, I'm in fourth place in my decision, and I'm not too happy about that.."

"You see, my whole life I've been a fan of a basketball team that resides in the Carolinas, or well... DID reside in the Carolinas, and that would be the Hornets. They've always reveled in their mediocrity.. well, no, they were good.. but NEVER good enough. They've always been somewhere near the top, but they never get anyway. This whole scenario sounds a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT like the career of Shawn Matthews. I've always been somewhere around the middle, or near the top, and I've never gotten it done. Hell, I got off to a fast start right here in the NFW. I was in first place for a while, and that was damn great... I loved it, and I figured it would stay that way. But just like the team led by Alonzo Mourning in the past, Glen Rice a few years ago, and Baron Davis today, I TOOK IT ALL FOR GRANTED!"

"Each and every last single piece of it. As it stands right now, I'm still WAY in it, and no one can doubt that. One victory, and I could be right back on top. Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it. I think so. All that stands in the way is Chris McMillan, and a ladder. While I stand to gain a lot from this, I could also lose a lot. A defeat by good ol' Mr. Dread, and I could end up practically in last place... MY SEASON DONE! I'm not about to let that happen.."

"McMillan, I don't care if you're the master of the ladder... or the master of your domain. None of it matters. When it comes down to it, I'll climb that ladder... and grab whatever it is I need to grab. Could be a haliburton, could be a mock title belt, hell... it could be a bag full of Massengill, because, well.. you're a DOUCHE BAG, McMillan. I respect you, and everything you've done in this sport.. but you're a FU**IN' TOOL. Seriously, look at yourself in the mirror, McMillan. If I had to wake up to that face every day, I'd hope my neck would snap one of these times during a suicide attempt off that ladder.."

"I don't like you, and I never have. I haven't liked you since the first time I saw you. Why? I am just an ASSH*LE like "THAT" I guess. You got me, really got me.. on that one. But McMillan, you bring the best damn game that you've got, and I'll beat 'ya, ladder or not. I'll do it over and over again. Getting back to what I know... because, I am, BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT... ALL THERE F**KIN' IS!"

(FADEOUT, as Matthews begins to laugh... and walks into the darkness..)