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02-11-04, 03:59 AM

02-13-04, 01:46 AM
((FADEIN: MICHAEL MANSON, in black dress shirt with priest's collar and black jeans, wrappings around two of his fingers, and a long black trenchcoat He stands in front of a table, littered with complicated paperwork. In the background, FRANK stands, motionless.))

MANSON: Allow me to cut to the heart of this ever-increasingly complicated legal jargon and clarify....as his last act within the NFW as owner and management Craig Miles restored my commissionership powers to everyone not under a specified contract..which basically..is only me. This doesn't sound like much, I am aware, but it's all in the details.

Which is to say, now, I have complete control over me. Whoever is the chairman books my matches, yes, but no longer can Mike Manson be fined. I cannot be suspended, cannot be fired, and even the coe of honor no longer binds me. All Avery Prosser can do now is book my matches for the rest of the season....if I deem it advisable to remain within the North.

Because now.....there is nothing to hold me back. The rest of this entire promotion has collars around their necks, at risk, the points. But not me. All my points are mine and cannot be taken away. I have the free reign.

So if you didn't believe it before, Avery, believe it now. You cannot threaten me. I now have impunity to do whatever I want in this promotion. I may even be able to get away with murder.

That is why after the next Crash, immediately after what may be my last match for the Northern conference, you and I are going to meet and we're going to see if the North is a place I'll want to stay in.

Furthermore, I want you,Avery, and all the other Seven Deadly Sins ringside for my match. Not one of you will dare interfere, and the match will be contained within the ring. I guarantee it. Because each of you will be a witness to why I cannot and will not allow myself to be threatened.

I don't want ten minutes in the ring, I want to stand there and talk, and do not believe for a moment that you or anyone else will be able to attack me in any way. I have taken measures. You'll say what I want to hear....or.....there'll be a new conference. This is your time Avery......Calvin's going to get his as well....at an unspecified time though. Worry about the implications all you like.

Evan Aho, I am aware of your philosophy and while you have no reason to believe, measures have been taken that this contest will be done within the confines of that ring. No one will interfere on their lives, despite whoever's at ringside or otherwise.

I believe that you were supposed to be a big deal, or I gathered that you were, given everyone's response to you. I have no idea really, since I've never met you. But you've fallen down the standings, but it wasn't you that submitted during the War Games.

No, you never had the chance. But this is another type of chance, you want to show the world that you are the superior physical speciman and all that.....but you're against me. The chains have been broken, and there is no longer a single edict, rule, or condition in this industry to stop me from winning the Ultratitle.

Not you, certainly not Prosser.

For one night, you have the chance to face the only man to have stood up after that War Games cage exploded. The only man now who is not forced to shake your hand. But given that I'm me, at the end of this match, I will force you to shake my hand after a half-hour of brawling, hair-pulling, actual wrestling, and whatever other physical art I can drag you through.

Your chance isn't to win, it's to make an impression. But thats better than nothing.

FRANK: We can get away with anything now.