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John Doe
02-08-04, 04:01 PM
~Pyro and Fireworks go off in the arena as NEW Flashes all over the titon tron~

~In seconds the arena lights all shut off leaving the arena in a pitch black~

~Red and blue strobes lights start to go off as fire is showing on the titon tron followed by a mental insituation`

~ Cue Up: Sic by Slipknot over the PA~

~Titontron flashes between a blured face and flim of a wrestler~

~Blue Pyro fires off at the entrance ramp~

~ The words John Doe flash and shake on the titon tron~

~ A wrestler walks out on the ramp~

~"John Doe" makes his way to the ring~

~"John Doe" slides in the ring as red pyro shoots off the turnbuckles then dies out~

~Doe Taunts the crowd from the turnbuckels as they cheer~

~Lights slowly turn on in the arena as "John Doe" gets a mic~

John Doe: In all my years I'd never see myself in this ring, I have trained hard, sweat and blood absorbed in a ring in order to make my way to even get a contract, and it all has paid off. Some that "It's not the place for some one with no talent", "that why do you wrestle to get the title?", but until you step in the ring and see the view of the crowd, until you step in the ring for the first time in front of thousands....things will never be the same. Thats why i pussed my self for this chance. A chance to wrestle here in NEW. Now, I here for oppurtunity challenge to title, see thats something you have to earn, and in time hopefully I will. I mean to be a champ you have to be the best, and right now im a nobody. I promise every one of you that I will be someone, and I will do it one way or another.

~John Doe slides out the ring and walks back up teh ramp as the music cues up again~

~Camera's fade out~