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02-07-04, 11:49 AM
(FADE IN: Black Screen. Softly, white text appears on the screen.)

"We are not going to the mountain top because there's capitalism on the mountain top. We're going to the mountain top because there's a mother****er on the mountain top that's playing king, and he's bull****ting us."

- Fred Hampton
Black Panther Party

(FADEIN: To grainy B/W video, shot with a steady-cam, of a room with a huge banner with the NFW NORTH shield hanging, and two potted plants on either sides of the shot. Inbetween the two plants is a high-backed wicker chair, supporting 'Prodigy' AVERY PROSSER, who is sitting, legs crossed, dressed in a white turtleneck sweater, black leather blazer, pants, military beret, boots. He holds in his black-gloved hands, the old UWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP belt, a 'big gold' style belt, which, if on a waist, would totally cover the stomach - a pure platinum masterpiece. PROSSER looks it over, thinking, then looks up at the camera, with a sneer on his face.)

PROSSER: "So it begins. (chuckles) You saw what we did during the (Snorts) NFW All-Star Weekend, and what damage and destruction we left behind. Lamont Hollywood, OUT. Craig Miles, DOWN. Quentin Sullivan, the man this all swirls around, DOWN. (Snaps his fingers quickly) LIKE THAT. War Games - the house came tumbling down. And I look out over the chaos that in a WEEKEND I have wrought, and the sheep of this company, they don't know what to do. I see wrestlers who don't respect their history... looking for a way out. They don't see what this has to do with them. (Whining) "BUT WHAT ABOUT MY POINTS? WHAT ABOUT THE ULTRATITLE? WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT AVERY PROSSER? WHERE'S MY HEAT?" You know what? This has NOTHING, and EVERYTHING to do with each and every one of you 'so-called NFW Superstars' out there today. And I'll tell you why.

"You see, as people have said countless times before - History is doomed to repeat itself. EYE, on one hand, will not allow that to happen again. A man scorned by Quentin Sullivan and his Uncle Tom ways DESTROYED my spirit - and my life, and your king, Quentin Sullivan wants to cover up his sins of the past. He wanted to BURY his lies and sins in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance and 'Start Fresh'. He wanted, the first moment he got, to dump people that put money in his wallet and made him rich beyond his wildest dreams - out to pasture for no other reason than to make sure he never got caught and brought to justice for his sins hidden inside that company that he commited. HE killed UWA to bury the lies. So (Mocking SULLIVAN) "Hey... LET'S START AN ALL-NEW COMPANY!" Yeah, Let's press the reset button and NOBODY WILL REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE. A new league, with new faces, and some old. The Shane Southerns... The Mike Mansons. Some f(BLEEP!) lackey who picked up Doc Silver's drycleaning, One-Move Wonder they thought would be a good idea to build a company around. THIS, was the New Frontier of Wrestling. (Laughs) See what good it got you, Sullivan.

You see, for these 19-year olds who think they're ICONS because some idiots in Rhode Island saw them wrestle in a VFW hall don't understand what myself, and the SDS are doing here, it's simple: We are here to right the wrongs of the past. EYE am here to make sure Quentin Sullivan and his pal Craig Miles make NO MORE MONEY off of the backs of people who don't know the truth. EYE am here, in my new MANAGEMENT POSITION (Smiles) to make sure the North brings home that Ultratitle to me so I can melt it down and destroy this beauty pageant you call a tournament. 24 whining b(BLEEP!)s who all think they deserve something they don't. Well guess what? NFW North? You work for ME now. And it is my first decree that you WILL follow my lead, you WILL follow my orders, or get smashed under my heel for your disobedience.

"And now, I have seen that there are those that want to get mad - GOOD. Dan Ryan? (Laughs) The new look of wrestling, 8 foot guys who were made in a test tube somewhere, physiques cut out of rock. Well, I'm happy that you waltzed into CSWA and became their champion, but that doesn't mean a sh(BLEEEP!) to Avery Prosser. That you can lord over a group of teenagers who still get their mothers to wash out their wrestling tights doesn't impress me, and you kicking over some chairs and breathing hard doesn't scare me. You WILL fall into line, Ryan, or you'll get beaten, and laid to rest right next to your bosses. It don't matter to me. You go plot with your whore and let's see what you come up with. I bet you cash money it STILL won't matter, and you'll be back at square one, and you'll get HANDLED for it. BELIEVE IT.

"Calvin Carlton, the man-child, the House N(BLEEEP!) who comes out here and claims that I'm a lowlife, and all of this - a common thug... (Laughs) you run the South. Excellent. You saw what we did to you and the power trust around here already - it's a matter of time before you'll be signing the SOUTH over to me as well, so posturing in front of a camera ain't gonna be the same as how you'll act when I'm in your face in the middle of the ring, or the parking lot, or me coming through your window at night, past your mommas security, will it? (Shakes head) I don't think so. You'd better think wisely about your next move, Carlton, because it MAY be your last.

"And Mike Manson.... man HOW long have you been here? Mike Manson, the Wildcard, the new Anti-Hero of NFW. Manson, I may just take you up on your little offer to meet with you, (Rubs chin) it may or MAY NOT be in YOUR best interests when that meeting happens, but we'll see...

(PROSSER looks down at the UWA title)

"This whole sham of a league is supposed to be about HERITAGE, RESPECT, and HONOR, yet there is never Honor Among Thieves, and Sullivan never learned to practice what he preached, and now he's laying in a hospital because of his HERITAGE... his lack of RESPECT for the past, and not HONORING his past: The deals he made and never honored, and now I'm here to bring it all down around him. NFW? If you don't like what I have to say? The easiest thing you COULD DO is... Just WALK AWAY. RUN AWAY beacuse you're not equipped to deal with what I have planned. Is the Ultratitle worth your life? IS IT? Think about it. Go back to being happy being the League of the Weeks 'WORLD' champion, where the gate reciepts at the end of the night couldn't buy a case of beer, and the sponsors are the local comic book store and pizza joint. Go run your gyms, or your 'Fortune 500 companies' (Laughs) and just keep out of grown people's business. It'll make my job that much easier in the end - because I know NONE of you have the balls to stand up to me, NEXT to me, or even STOP ME as I bring this place burning to the ground.

And I WILL NOT BE STOPPED. Because I plan on bringing that Ultratitle home and destroying NFW in the process - by ANY... MEANS... NECESSARY."

(FADE OUT as PROSSER rubs the UWA title with one hand, and raises the Black Power Fist with the other!)

02-09-04, 12:07 AM
((FADEIN: MICHAEL MANSON, black jeaned and in a black dress shirt, sits on a lounge chair next to FRANK, the demonic rabbit costumed man from DONNIE DARKO. A small table of grinded pez stands between.))

MANSON: Do you think you can threaten me, Avery? I take to ominous threats like I do to showering.....and I don't have none of that.

I don't believe the Southern conference threatens their employees like that...in fact...I am going to entertain offers from all sides...even if that means I have to meet with Calvin Carlton's mother.

Doesn't mean I will sign with the South....but she apparently has enough money...that she might like to sponsor my OWN conference...

FRANK: Why are you wearing that man mask?

MANSON: I said I'd tell you later, dammit.

02-09-04, 12:41 AM
Donnie Darko references.

Gotta love it.

Good movie though. It's a shame he can't get his second project off the ground.


02-09-04, 02:53 AM
::An irritated Marx is standing in front of an NFW North Backdrop::

JONATHAN MARX: Prosser, go screw yourself. This league isn’t about you, it isn’t about Miles, and it certainly isn’t about Carlton. The twenty four of us aren’t here to put you guys over in your stupid feud. I’m sick and tired of watching management fight amongst themselves and on behalf of the fans at home, GET THE **** OFF MY TV! Take yourself and your crew of nobodies and GET OUT. Nobody KNOWS who you are and nobody WANTS to care.

Can’t twenty four of the best men in all of wrestling just compete for a chance at the Ultratitle without all this baby mama drama? IT IS THE ULTRATITLE! Do you and everyone else involved in this piety feud have no respect at all for history? This is suppose to be the title that everyone would sell their mother down the river for. Isn’t the Ultratitle ENOUGH?

Even if you disrespect what the Ultratitle has stood for in the past, these twenty four men are what the Ultratitle is today. Manson, Southern, Rabesque, Shizaki, Ryan, Sands... the list goes on and on and on. I'm proud to fight amongst these men.

They are just as deserving if not more as the paper champions of the past because they are actually going to have to WORK to get it.

So you can do your Dr. Evil laugh all you want and threaten to burn the Ultratitle down for scrap medal in a weak attempt to scare the South and demonize the North when it would take all of a week to make a replacement belt, but you aren’t going to make yourself the center of the story at the expense of all the hard working wrestlers in the North because that position belongs to the BELT.

Prosser, I could give a damn about what you do to me, but you aren’t taking this league down with you and that is a promise.


02-11-04, 11:53 AM
(Black screen, white text.)

"I'm the man you think you are.... If you want to know what I'll do, figure out what you'll do. I'll do the same thing--only more of it."
- Malcolm X

(FADEIN: on "Prodigy" AVERY PROSSER, sitting in his high-backed rattan chair, dressed in his leather blazer, black turtleneck, revolutionary getup, fingers steepled, NFW NORTH backdrop.)

PROSSER: "Marx, you and whoever else come out here and barked at my heels have the same effect of a bunch of puppies yelping at me as I walk past their cages in a pet store. It's all effortless, and you know damn well If I opened up your cage, you'd either run away from me, or run up and try to lick my hand.

It's always the way of people who don't know any better - the new breed of wrestlers, respectively, who don't know what the hell HISTORY is. RESPECT is. Because you show up from outta some backyard and think you know the business, when all you care about is yourselves and your flash. Knowing that you wouldn't HAVE a career if it wasn't for us out here doing it the FIRST time. When people lost their minds when someone nailed a Moonsault - now? Yeah, old people are just OLD, and useless to the new generation. No respect. I got disrespected when I was where you are today, Marx, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna do it again. The kicker is? I'm gonna do my dirt ALL OVER YOU and whoever gets in my way. Put me over? Fool, I don't NEED you. That's your FIRST mistake.

"Is this all about the Ultratitle? It should have been, but now, it's NOT. For all the BS you spewed about 24 men putting it all on the line, at my count it's been more like... 34 men, from all the firings and drop-outs NFW's had. Yeah, that's REAL top-shelf, ain't it? Golden Child egos with nothing to back it up with, and when someone hands you a chance to do it on the big stage, they crapped in their pants and ran back to their little bingo hall federations with a huge load in their pants, stage fright and some lie about how management mistreated their genius. I may hate Miles and Sullivan, but what Ive' seen from you 'SUPERSTARS' is a bunch of p(BLEEP!) whining about what they THINK they should have, and haven't EARNED. ME? I've paid my dues. YEARS of them, and at the end of the day, people like you still haven't learned what that means. Don't tell me about the 'best of the best', Marx, because it ain't here in NFW with ya'll.

"You want me to go away, huh? Well, close your eyes a little tighter, but when you open them I'll still be here, and I'll STILL control NFW North. You'd better get used to it, because there's a revoloution going on, and either you can Get on The Bus, or (Smiles evily) get ground under the wheels. Your choice. People around here keep calling me a Black Panther, and that's not too far from the truth, and it is kinda catchy. See, the Black Panthers were formed to protect what was ours by RIGHT, and what the government didn't want to give. The SDS are here to take back what was STOLEN from us, and it's just a sad, sad fact that you all are in the way. The Ultratitle is the golden key, and hell or High-Water, it's coming to me, either by your hands or someone elses. Accept it - because it's GOSPEL. Accept it because I WILL GET IT... me, 'Black Panther' AVERY PROSSER... WILLS IT. By ANY... MEANS... NECESSARY."

(FADEOUT as PROSSER slowly raises the Black Power fist!)