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02-06-04, 04:02 PM
Ok, the first you may not know...

As some of you know (mostly GXW community folks), Chad Dupree has left everywhere rather abruptly due to real world issues.

NFW will be replacing Pariah in the North with a character named Shawn Douglas roleplayed by Michal Roberts.

Anyway, he wrote the infamous Shawn Hart match with the glass dildo...so you know he's NFW material. :p

Good luck to Dupree...and good luck to Michal dealing with the NFW North...trust me dude, you're gonna need it. ;)

Secondly, please welcome Ed Young and Warren Fitzpatrick back to fwrestling.com. Ed roleplays Eddy Love. Warren roleplays Deacon.

If some of you remember Tully Devotion in NFW 1.0, Ed Young was the handler for that character. He was also a mainstay in the CSWA for 3 plus years with Love.

Warren...I've been working extensively with over in the fWo and once in the CSWA, which was a great time as well.

Deacon and Eddy Love are both former CSWA World Champions, for all you history buffs.

They both as you know will be in the NFW South, where their characters are sure to make a significant impact heading into the second half of this season.

Anyway, say your hellos and welcomes and warnings about me. ;)

02-06-04, 06:15 PM
Hey Guys,

I'm glad to be aboard. I'm a big fan of just about everyone here, including my FW mentor(s) and the top 4 FW guys I've ever seen pen an RP. I, of course, was flattered that Katz thought after my long hiatus that Eddy Love would be a positive contribution to yall's story. I hope he's right. I've been at this since 1998 with mostly Eddy Love with a few other characters sprinkled in. I'm jacked about being here and hope that time allows me to be a major player.

Now on to a little more Eddy Love and Warren history, especially interesting to you GXW folks. The GXW in it's infancy was known as BTR (big time rasslin') then MWC (Multi Wrestling Corporation) and was run by you guessed it Warren Fitzpatrick. The first wrestler WF signed ?? Hurricane Eddy Love. Love had less success in BTR and MWC than any other feds he's been in (players note: Don't wrestle a character against the guy running the league's wife. you're sure to get punked :p ) Love returned to GXW later to win the Title and nearly take the league over with his super sports network teamates all the time claiming, and factually so, that there would have never been a GXW had Warren not taken Eddy Love's contract to the bank to secure financing for the BTR.

Just thought you GXWers might be interested.

Glad to be here, hope I make you boys and girls enjoy my stay. I'll try to make it longer than 15 minutes Brunk, but no promises.


02-06-04, 08:03 PM

Just messin' with ya Ed.

We always seemed to just miss each other in our active phases. Last time you were able to go full time I wasn't quite as involved as I am now.

But yeah, Ed's got mega history in the GXW backstory.

SSN was the driving story in the old EWI before it merged with NthWA to form GXW.

We crossed paths there VERY briefly. A kidnapping angle I think? That was what....99? 2000? Don't remember.

Anyway, Eddy's one of those certifiable legends in the FW world.

It's good to see you back and kickin', bro :)

- Dave

02-06-04, 11:52 PM
What's good people?

Yeah, this is the glass dildo match writer (thank you Katz!! :p) and I'm very happy to be on board the ship. I've been watching the NFW closely throughout the year and all of a sudden, out of no where, Katz asked me if I wanted to replace someone so I jumped at the occasion.

It'll be an interesting ride and I hope to make the best of it. To the people I know:

Ryan - You are my little jewish darling.

Warren - Never thought I'd see you here! You're a great guy, my man.

Katz - A stone cold pimp. 'Nuff said. :D

Paul - Don't really know you besides handling in your fed, but you're always a damn good guy to talk to!

To the rest that I do not know:

I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys!