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02-03-04, 01:22 PM
Well boys, It's been a crazy two days, thats for sure. Anywho... I just put up the threads for this week's Aggression, and will be emailing the lineup to you guys just so I know you got it. I WAS planning to update the website, but unfortunately that's not going to happen until I can get my internet connection fixed in my room. I'm on the laptop now, but this is the only way I have of getting in touch with everyone. All of the files are on the OTHER computer. No worries though, we should have everything updated as soon as possible.

Alas, here is the lineup:

Kevin "K-9" Watson and Derek Stoltz vs. Tyrone Walker and "Youngblood" Cliff Young

Spaz and John Doe vs. Culpa and the Stalker

*Beast vs. Troy Douglas

*Suicide vs. "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson

*Christian Sands vs. Karl Brown

**"Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin vs. Killjoy Tommy Mayhem vs. Mike Diamond

*Rocko Daymon vs. Maelstrom

*- a second round World Title Tourney matchup

**- Triple Threat for a shot at the IC title at Black Dawn.

Anyways, the deadline for angles and rps is January 10th, 2004, at 11:59 pm. All angles can be sent to empireprowrestling@hotmail.com

Thanks again guys, and have fun rping...


02-03-04, 04:29 PM
Um, I know I'm on the new kid on the block here but don't you think you should extend the RP deadline to lets say, ummmm..... "FEBRUARY 10th" instead? ;)


02-04-04, 03:03 AM
yeah... my mind's all over the place lately... im sorry everyone... that should have read FEBRUARY. thanks Joe =)

Also, I managed to pull off a few updates while my connection is down, i ended up burnin a bunch of sh*t to cd, then transferring the files over to the laptop. bottom line is, some stuff doesnt work, some does. the indvidual bios for the new guys should go up sometime friday, as that's the day the phone repair dude comes to give me the hook up. same way with the brackets for the tourney too.

Also, I just wanted to clear a few things up for anybody who is new...

this fed is not turn based rp... for instance, your promos should all be for PROMOTING your match, and then we the card writers will type up what actually occurs during the match afterwards. for instance, if any of you don't know what I'm talking about, i advise you to check out the rps for aggression weeks one and two. all rps not in this format will be disqualified. sorry, but thats the way the cookie crumbles fellas hehe