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02-02-04, 12:04 PM
All RP for the SUDDEN DEATH Wildcard round for the TV Title match between 'the Messenger' TREVOR CANE and DOC SILVER should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday February 9th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

02-04-04, 06:23 PM
[the scene fades in to the sun rising. a figure is standing in front of the camera watching the sun rise. as the camera begins to move around front, it is beginning to become clear that the man in question is, indeed, trevor cane. cane stares out over the water as he watches the sun rise.]

the messenger

is it not true that the sun rises every morning? is it not true that with ever ascension into the sky it brings with it a new day? yes, this is indeed true. every morning you will find me out here scanning the horizen. i am looking for something. i dont know exactly what it is yet, but i know i will find it. much like i know one of these days i know i will find you, doc silver. displeasure isnt the right word to describe how i felt at the first showing of raucous. my first introduction to the people of this promotion ended in a sour note. how am i to react to such abandonment? it is simple. to find the one who abadoned me and seek retribution.

and i know what you are thinking. you have heard this before. and im sure you have heard it from better men than myself. the difference lie in those men. they were seeking glory and revenge. i am not after such things. i seek retribution, not for revenge, but for a type of closure. after all, i know that this is not over. and i know that after this next edition of raucous i will still find you lurking around in the back, and, if for some reason you should walk out victorious at raucous, even boasting. however i do not think such a thing shall happen.

i am not one to be blinded by faux visions of greatness. to hear everyone mention your name in the same sentence as the words 'god of wrestling' is humorous. is it because it is untrue? possibly. is it because the title given is absurd? most definitely. there is no god of wrestling, doc silver. you are not the god of wrestling, i am not the god of wrestling, nor even is the one whose name i shall not utter, but whose presence ive seen popping up in places such as empire pro and elsewhere, the god of wrestling.

we offer such silly sacraments to those whom some view as superior to others. and that is why i seek retribution, silver. to strip from your chest those sacraments, those feeble titles given to you. i seek retribution because not only did you abandon 'the messenger' but you abandoned those who were to brought down; the ridiculously unconvincing cross and perhaps a man even more untitleworthy than yourself, the renaissance man.

this edition of raucous will be your chance to save yourself. the god of wrestling. how simple.

[cane turns from the sunrise as the sun becomes full and he walks from the shot. slowly, the shot fades to the sun, its brightness blinding the viewer until it cuts to black.]

The Great Eye
02-08-04, 01:17 PM
(FADEIN: Doc Silver, wearing a red "The Cheat" Shirt, and his trademark sweats sitting on a couch. Green Machine, wearing a Super Bowl Champions Pats hat and a Silver 93 Seymour Jersey stands behind the couch.)

DOC: Cane, look, I feel baddly about what happened...No wait, I don't I couldn't care less about what happened, and further more, NEW isn't even in the BALLPARK with their latest contract offer, not by a mile, so well, I know everyone's looking forward to you coming oh so close to beating me but failing, but the fact is, this match, ISN'T HAPPENING...They can play my music and try to dupe the crowd into thinking I'm showing up, they can do whatever they want to make it look like I might attend, but unless they PAY ME what I'm worth, and that Cane, is far more then you...I'm not going to be there, so enjoy resenting the fact that some people...Are just better then others...Like me...I'm just WAY better, and way more important then you.

GREENIE: As the Pats are way better then the Fish

DOC: Shut up

GREENIE: Extention for Wanny, good call...GOOD...Call...

DOC: Just die...God, my poor team, so horridly misrun...(Doc shakes his head in defeat...FADEOUT)