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02-02-04, 12:00 PM
All RP for the SUDDEN DEATH Wildcard round for the TV Title match between 'the Viewer's Choice' SCOTTY MICHAELS and 'the SOUTHERN BEAST' BRODY HANSEN should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday February 9th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

02-03-04, 11:39 PM
(FADEIN to "Superstar" Scotty Michaels. He sits alone at a coffeeshop somewhere in Manayunk. He's wearing a button-down shirt, khakis, and a pair of reading glasses. He's reading the paper. Scotty takes off the glasses, looking intently into the camera...)

SCOTTY MICHAELS: Isn't this great? New federation, new chance for superstardom... ah yes, just another day in my life. So, I didn't exactly win my tag team match at the last show.

As a matter of fact, my shoulders were pinned to the mat.. well, that gets that out of the way. I mean, hell, it was by Shawn Hart. I guess it's kinda fitting that he gets his redemption by pinning me in his final match. Whatever, no sweat off my back.

But that leaves me in a place I'm not too happy.. competing for a second-rate title. The TV title? Let's get real here, folks. Everbody knows that Scotty Michaels is better than that. I've beaten legend after legend, and I've done it all because I'm the best damn wrestler in the world..

At Raucous, I face a guy by the name of the Southern Breast.. I mean, the Southern Beast. I guess I was still thinking of that incident the other night down there in the South, in Houston, with Janet Jackson. I mean, Hell, she took all of my publicity away. The paparazzi hasn't been banging on my door as hardly as they have been for the past several months.

But anyway, I face Brody Hansen.. a man who I've never even heard of before. Well you know what? I'll bet bottom dollar that I'll make you look like the piece of trash that you are. I didn't come to this federation to settle for second best, but I'll take the TV title for now if I have to... I'm NOT losing to you, though.. not a SHOT IN HELL! I'm gonna run rough-shod, right over 'ya, and work my way to the top.

They call this place the New Era of Wrestling? So be it.. but I was the best in the last Era, and I'm about to be even better in this Era... Hansen, bring your best dip cup.. and I'll smack you across the face with it. You don't deserve respect, and you're not going to get any from me.


02-04-04, 10:06 PM
(As the camera opens we see the imprinted snorting bull upon the leather vest of Brody Hansen. Above the emblem is the word "Southern" and directly below "Beast"He slowly turns around an intense look of anger in his face. As the camera pulls back wee see him standing before an NEW banner. Basic black trunks, black chaps and heavy cowboy boots complete the rest of his outfit. In his right hand he holds a bullrope with a cowbell on the end of it. The bell rings loudly as he paces back and forth. After a few moments he stops and look directly into the camera)

Hansen: I'm not happy...not happy in the least. "The Wolf"...that little bas***d. Hear I am needing back-up and my tag-team partner has his hands in the air. USELESS!!! DAMN...USELESS!!! Well I promise you this...McMillian...If I ever cross your path again...it will be one of the most painful days of your life. However...I have something else before then.

(claps his big hands together and cracks his knuckles)

Hansen: Scotty Micheals (spits) Your my next opponent.

(Laughs outloud)

Hansen: Well Son...get ready. See I don't have so chump not watching my back this time. No...this time when the bell rings

(slaps his chest and then points at the camera)

Hansen: It's just you and me BOY!!! Man to (coughs) Man so to speak. Now you don't seem to have a whole lot of respect for me.

(laughs loudly and shakes his head)

Hansen: That's no problem. No problem at all. Because I have zero respect for you or anybody else in the league. I told frenchy the day I signed my contract I'm not here for games. I'm looking for a fight and nothing else.

(He steps forward)

Hansen: You not happy now about facing me. WELL GET USED TO IT!!! Because if your not happy about having to step into the ring with me. Well your going to be real pi**ed when I beat you.

(Points his finger at the camera)

Hansen: That's right. When I beat you. It's just that simple. I've bene a World Champion...TWICE!!! I was trianed by the best...and I compete with the best. Some bull***t pin in a tag-team match is no sweat off my nose. Now...that this is just between the two of us

(He cracks a crooked smile)

Hansen: Well that's a big difference. See this isn't in anyway going to resemble a wrestling match. Not in the least bit. Once that bell rings I'm not exchanging headlocks with you. NO!!! What I am going to do is hit you with anything in the arena that's not nailed down and when I'm done with that??? Well I'm going to bouce your skull on what couldn't be moved. It's got nothing to do with skill...nothing to do with wrestling...It's just the guy I am. I like to fight...pure and simple.

(He steps back a few feet and raises his bullrope)

Hansen: Hell I might even wrap this thing right around your neck and drag your sorry ass all around the arena. I don't know...depends on how I feel, but I can promise you one thing. Well two.

(Brody pulls a black armband up around his elbow)

Hansen: When I'm done beating you. When I've got you right where I want ya. I'm goign to get a running start and BOY...I'm going to hit you with the hardest Lariat you've ever felt. I'm going to send your head spinning and your eyes rolling. Then as your walking around in a daze...wondering just what it was that hit you.

(He stomps his big boot upon the floor)

Hansen: I'm going to kick you in the head with this size sixteen and it's going to be ALL OVER!!!

(He pauses for a moment)

Hansen: I bet through...I bet your wondering...just why am I teling you all this.

(A big smirk appears on his face)

Hansen: Because...to be honest BOY!!! I don't think there's a dman thing you can do to stop me.

(Once more he steps forward and stares into the camera)

Hansen: You don't want to show me respect. FINE!!!

(laughs loudly)

Hansen: I'll beat it out of you.

(Brody let's loose another loud laugh. He turns his back tot he camera and walks away)


02-08-04, 04:55 PM
(FADEIN to the streets of Manayunk.. we see the same coffeeshop that Scotty was sitting in last week, however, there's a van parked out front that reads "Henderson's Painting: If the fumes don't get you high, Jerome will!" )

(CUT TO: The camera pans inside the coffee shop, where we see Scotty Michaels sitting at a table with his old buddy from his NFW days, Jerome Henderson. Scotty's dressed very well as usual, while Jerome is wearing a suit..)

SCOTTY MICHAELS: Man, I've really got to say... your business has taken off. I'm sorry I haven't gotten in touch with you lately, but I've been planning diabolical scheme after diabolical scheme over there in the WFW... and it's paid off, 'cuz I'm the champ.

JEROME HENDERSON: It's coo', cracka. I know you be busy with all 'dose ma'f**kas over there in the WFW. I'm proud 'o you, man.. you've come a long way. I've kinda been wondrin' though, what are you doin' wastin' yo time in the NEW?

SCOTTY MICHAELS: New challenges here, Jerome... new fish to fry. There's guys here that I've never wrestled before, and you know that I'm always for new challenges. THAT, is why I'm here. Besides, it sure wouldn't hurt my resume if I could add some more gold to it. What do you think about it, Bling Bling?

JEROME HENDERSON: I been trying to hook you up, dogg. I be out on the streets, askin' peeps if they knew anything about this guy... anything that you don't already know. I didn't come up wit' nothin'. I'm sorry, man... I really be tryin' for you. You know I got yo back, fool. I'll be right back...

(Jerome walks away, as Scotty looks intently into the camera..)

SCOTTY MICHAELS: Alright, Jerome... that's fine, man. All I've got to say is that I'm not really impressed with what I've seen so far. This Brody Hansen character comes out here and acts like he's the baddest thing since sliced bread. I've seen it all before.

The suits here in the NEW decided to take a guy who basically had no talent, no charisma, and no grasp of reality.. and package him in a gimmick that became stale in the 1980's.. and it's been a long time since the 80's, my friend.

So Hansen, you can come out here and call me "BOY" all that you want to, but the fact of the matter is... I'm not a boy, but I am... THE MAN! Prove me wrong, Hansen.. bring that bullrope, and strangle me for all I care. I'll still come out on top...

Like I've said before, I've had my fair share of addictions in my life, and I've taken care of most of them. However, there's one addiction that I'll never beat... and that's WINNING! Yeah Hansen, that's what I do, and I'm damn good at it.

I may have failed at my attempts to capture the world title right off the bat, but I'm not going to get knocked out of the TV title tournament, by... you? Right, not gonna happen. You bring the noice, and you bring whatever else you need to bring. When it all comes down to it, there's going to be one man victorious.. and that's this guy. (Scotty points at himself...)

(At this point, Jerome comes walking back in... his eyes glazed over..)

SCOTTY MICHAELS: Man, you've really got to lay off the reefer.. that sh*t's not good for you.

JEROME HENDERSON: Yeah well, I enjoy it. When I was out there, I ran into some foo' who saw your last interview, and told me he knows 'dis Hansen dude. This ni**a's got the scoop for your white ass, Scotty..

SCOTTY MICHAELS: Nice, nice... Hansen, you're all but finished, even before we get started.

(FADEOUT, as Scotty and Jerome begin to chat..)

02-09-04, 04:17 AM
Man's Voice: Is he here?

Women's voice: Not yet

(The camera pans around an empty studio. From the wall hangs an NEW banner with a black circle a few feet in front of it. The camera pans around the room as if looking for someone. Suddenlt from behind a loud noise is heard. The camera pans around just in time to see Brody Hansen storm through the door. He's dressed in a plain white shirt, jeans and boots. His black stetson shelters his eyes and a beer in his right hand eases his mood.)

Man: Your late

(Brody pauses for a moment looking at the man funny)

Hansen: Late? What the hell are you talking about.

Man: Your shoot time was was 2 PM. Your twenty minutes late.

(Brody tilts his head sideways and again pauses)

Hansen: YOU THINK I CARE!!!!

Man: Well...

(Brody grabs the man by the shirt collar)

Hansen: Don't speak...just shut up an shoot. Do you got that?

(Brody still has his hand around the man's shirt collar and he nods in agreement. Brody let's go and the man nods for shooting to begin. Brody turns around and look ahead)

Hansen: Morons....morons and fools everywhere. I've got them working here backstage...I've even got to face one in the ring.

(Brody paces to the left the camera tries to keep up)

Hansen: Scotty Micheals...Scotty Micheals...what are you think? You think sitting in some coffee shop is going to get you a leg up on me. You think Jerome there is going to give you an sage advice

(Brody turns and the cameraman still struggles)

Voice of camera: Mr. Hansen....could you try and stay on the spot?

(Brody looks up a flare of anger in his eyes)

Hansen: What?

(The camera pans to the person who spoke)

Man: The black spot on the floor. Your supposed to stand on it so you can stay in the shot

(Brody shakes his head)

Hansen: Boy...I'm not in the mood just shot the damn thing. Does it look like I care about spots?

(He stares intently at everyone and the room turns into an uncomfortable siliece. Brody turns back to the camera)

Hansen: So this is your plan Scotty? Talk you ya Boy. What makes you think some cafe latte pimp wanna be is <mocking Jerome> Gonna git the Sh*t on me? Well he's not. I don't care who he talks to, because if your haven't learned yet...I am far from predictable. So you and your crew get together how every you want. I won't matter...I'm not letting anything stop me. Much less someone like you.

(Brody looks around)

Hansen: Where's my beer?

(From off screen a can of beer flies in and Brody grabs it in his hand. He opens the can, foam pouring out and takes a big gulp)

Hansen: Better...much better. See you seem to think I care even the slighest that you might be a champion someplace else. <shakes his head> Don't impress me. No in the slighest. You see I've been around. I've won World Titles...hell two of them. That doesn't get you a damn thing in this sport.

(Brody laughs loudly and takes another drink)

Hansen: This is a what have you done for me lately kind of world Scotty. When I pin your shoulders to the mat <laughs> You'll just be another two-time loser. Because if you think your going to beat me when the two of us are standing face-to-face in the ring

(He empties the remaining beer and crushes the can in his hand)

Hansen: Well then your smoking the same stuff as poor Jerome. See I've heard it all before. That stuff about the 80's. Well guess what pal...I've heard it before. What you need to do is save you cheap ass talk and prepare. Prepare for a fight. for you see there's not going to be an honor between us. No handshake when we're done. If and I do mean IF...if your lucky you won't ride out on a stretcher like others have. For you see Scotty.

(He leans forward)

Hansen: Your heading for a fight. <voice grows serious> I'm not kidding...I don't care for rules. No regulations..I'm not going to follow them. This is a street fight from the moment the bell rings. <shrugs> It's jsut the way I want. Sure you can claim you'll just out-wrestle me, but you can't. I know that...hell I've sene it. Your ripe for the picking and I'm ready.

(He leans back)

Hansen: you didn't listen before...so I suggest you do it right now

(slaps his arm)

Hansen: First it's the Lariat

(stomps his foot)

Hansen: This it's this big boot. See you can tell me I'm done before anything is even started. It rings a little holow Scotty. I'm telling you exactly how I'm going to put yuo down and you know what the best part about it is...

(He holds out his hand and he catches another beer)

Hansen: There's not a DAMN thing you can do about it. So you sit back...have Jerome tell ya'all that's on the street about me. won't do you any good. I've already said just how things are going to happen and thing only thing Jerome will tell you after I get done putting your ass down

(Brody smiles and opens the beer)

Hansen: He just kicked your ass...BRUTHA!!! No have yourself a decafe and let that sink in.

(Brody pours down the rest of his beer, turns his back and walks away)


02-10-04, 12:21 AM
(The camera opens backstage at Racaus. Brody Hansen stands before the camera dressed to wrestle. His black vest and chaps over plain black trunks His heavy boots echo off the wall as he paces back and forth. In his left hand he has a firm grip on his bull-rope and the attached bell rings loudly as he paces. After a moment he stares into the camera. He's got a fierce detrmined look on his face and a wild gleem in his eyes. He smiles just a little ebfore letting loose a loud mocking laugh)

Hansen: Here it is Scotty. tonight is the night. tonight ALL the talk is put aside. Tonight you come here to wrestle.

(stomps his boot)

Hansen: I come here tokick this big foot in your face. It's just that simple. Pillar-to-post. mean anything you you, because I plan on introducing your head to everypart of this arena. Nothing scientific...nothing technical...it's going to be a fight from the beginning till...

(swings his big lariat)

Hansen: Till I nail you upside the head with the big bone shudder. That's exactly what your going to feel.

(Brody spits on the ground)

Hansen: What did your boy tell you? What wise advice did he get off the street about me? Did he get all the sh*t you really need to know? See I don't know why you bothered...I openly admitted what I was going to do. You've known since the very beginning I was coming for a fight and when ALL is said and done

(He laughs loudly)

Hansen: You'll have no excuse for losing. Well you'll have none. I'm not sure if you won't make any up, but you'll still have none.

(Brody lifts up the bull-rope)

Hansen: then of course we have this...don't we

(shakes the bell)

Hansen: I bet you think alot of your face...don't you Scotty? I bet you think your damn pretty. Jerome right there telling you...how smoking you a Brutha. Well you won't be after this match. Why, because I might just take the metal edge of this bell and scar your for life.

(stretches out the rope in his hand, a noose is on the other and Brody laughs loudly)

Hansen: OR maybe I can just hand your dumb ass. Drag you around the ring by yuor neck and watch you turn blue. You see I mention all this Scotty, because no matter who you talk too. Well you never REALLY know just what I'm going to do next.


Hansen: and that Scotty...that's the fun in it for me. It also just happens yo be the hell of it for you. tonight Scotty...it dosn't matter what you say anymore. Your talk is over and it's time for "The Southern Beast" to walk all over you. Yet don't hink everything about tonight will be bad Scotty.

(Brody laughs and winks at the camera)

Hansen: If your lucky...well I'll give you a nice comfy stretcher ride back you your dressing room.

(Brody laughs loudly once more, swing his big lariat, stomps his boot and walks away)