View Full Version : EPW Aggression Week 2

02-02-04, 04:09 AM
Hey Jon ..

I just wanted to let you know that Aggression Week 2 was spectacular. You had me thrown through so many loops I thought I was at the circus.

The whole Dan Ryan angle worked like a charm .. definitely one of the best spots on the show.

The matches were great .. and hell, even the ending where Daymon found out his next competitor put me in a shock.

Great job.. Empire Pro is definitely on the rise ..

Great showing by everyone who RP'ed, too .. don't want to leave you guys out.

New ERA owner

02-02-04, 08:05 AM
I enjoyed the card very much. It was very entertaining! Thumbs up from me Miller! Great job! Looking forward to the next one...

Matt ~

02-02-04, 11:07 AM
As I said in the other thread, the card was definitely worth the extra day wait. Great stuff all around.

02-02-04, 12:08 PM
Great Card!

Could someone tell me who Maelstrom is? :(

And yes, that's a good indicator of my confidence, heh.

02-03-04, 02:02 AM
Haven't read it all yet, but it's pretty damn good IMO!

- Big Up's to the Empire!