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02-02-04, 03:08 AM
Well fellas...

lemme' just say it has been one HELL of a week. My uncle just passed away and things have been a little hectic in the Miller household, to say the least. My apologies to anyone who is upset about the card being a few days late, it was my intentions to have it out by Saturday. But you know how real life is... alas... sorry my friends. Anyways, the results are posted, and tomorrow I will be posting a new lineup, the new roster (with several addes superstars), and I will also be doing the Morgan recap, which I'm sure nobody will read lol.... if you're readin' it, holla back =) So, yeah, I hope everyone enjoys the card, I tried to use all of your spots and angles, and if I missed one, please feel free to notify me. The tournament is lookin' great, and you all are doing a FINE job. I'd like to welcome all of our new members, and I personally invite you to introduce urselves to the 'family" on the boards. Any suggestions, comments, complaints, compliments, just post 'em on the forum, kids.

Once again, major updates tomorrow... err.... today. =) WHATEVER.


02-02-04, 03:10 AM
My sincerest thank yous to Jeff Bolichowski for his help on the card. Jeff wrote several matches, and I think you guys will be incredibly pleased with them. Thanks again Jeff, you rock.

Everybody thank Jeff! (tips hat)


02-02-04, 11:04 AM
I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope you and everyone in yoru family is doing alright.

Don't apologize for the card in that respect. It was worth the wait. Great stuff guys!

Keep the recaps coming. I read 'em ;)

And Dan Ryan, I was right, you *are* a bastard! :D

02-02-04, 12:07 PM

Sorry about your loss... that really sucks. Wish I'd known something sooner, cause I was sitting around this entire time, going, "Where's John been lately?"

Great card, though, just the same. Good job, John, and Jeff. Coulda been better with my help, of course... :p . But I think it was just fine the way you put it out.

Looking forward to next week.

02-02-04, 12:27 PM

My condolenses about your loss. I understand losing a loved one and would of understood that you took as long as you needed to overcome such a loss.

However, I would like to say that was one terrific card and I thank you and Jeff for doing such a tremendous job. And I would also like to congradulate everyone on a job well done for RPing. Can't wait to get going on the next card.


02-02-04, 03:23 PM
I'm sorry to hear about your loss John, and there definitely is no reason to apologize for anything regarding the card. It was still posted in a timely manner and was a very entertaining read. :)

On a side note however, I understand that Maelstrom dude is FURIOUS with that EPW odd couple, Ryan and Freeman! Heard him mumbling 'bout something to do with his contract being breached..... or was it breaching impasses? Who knows, anyway I think I heard him mention something to the effect of putting a hurting on both of them! Hope you read the fine print on his contract, 'cuz it's gonna cost EPW some really BIG BUCKS now..... :D

J/K guys! ;)

I can't wait..... (pauses and clears throat) ahem, I mean "Maelstrom" can't wait to get into the mix of things!

- Joe