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01-22-04, 01:01 AM
RP for Trevor Cane / Doc Silver versus Renaissance Man / Cross should be done here.

All RP and angles are due Thursday, January 29th, 2004 at 11:59pm.

01-22-04, 04:10 PM

The scene is dark and nebulous. The sounds of lashing whips begin to resound. Screams join the fray after each lashing. The scene then changes color from black to dark gray to dark orange until we see the silhouette of lonely hill. Men are carrying large crosses up this hill as authoritative men whip them relentlessly. A voice narrates the scene with “Crucify” by Peace of Mind playing in the background.

Narrator: Thousands of years ago, the Persians and Assyrians invented a new form of execution. This execution called for the victim to be stripped of his clothing, tied to a tree, and left there to die of starvation, exposure, or consumption by wild animals.

When Alexander the Great “modernized” the Western World, this execution disappeared and was declared "inhumane." When Greece fell to the Roman Empire, the Romans revived the long lost execution, but they went progressed it further than the Persians and Assyrians could ever imagine.

The Romans perfected the execution and made it the most grotesque form of execution known to man. To this day, its horror has become part of our English language in the word "excruciating."

Crucifixion is the art of death. Those subjected to it, die without honor, die in humiliation, and die an agonizing and pitiful death. The most famous crucifixion is that of Jesus of Nazareth. Even God in the Flesh succumbed to the pain and agony of the Cross.

After Rome fell, crucifixion disappeared. This art of death has laid dormant for 2000 years anxiously waiting for the day it too would be resurrected. This day has come!

In one man, crucifixion has been reborn. He is more than a mere man. He is a man of faith and is its champion. Those who walk the road most traveled will fall like all crucifixion victims in the past.

Now the Cross casts his shadow upon New Era of Wrestling.

A silhouette of Cross in his traditional black leather sleeveless trenchcoat appears.

On January 29, 2004, a "new era" will dawn on NEW.


Behold the man…

Behold the champion…

Behold ...THE CROSS!

Cross is standing in front of a backdrop of his Cross emblem. He looks intensely into the camera.

Cross: NEW, prepare to be cleansed by fire!

The backdrop suddenly bursts into flames.


01-27-04, 03:41 AM

Worcester, Massachusetts: The night before RAUCOUS.
Inside of Worcester’s First Baptist Church, sitting in the front pew, with a stoic expression on his face is Cross. The camera slowly approaches NEW’s newest superstar, but he pays no mind. As the camera gets a side profile of Cross, he breaks his silence.

Cross: Many people come here seeking solace from the repercussions of their ignorant decisions. Every Sunday people sit in these pews asking the Lord above to remedy their issues with a quick snap of His Almighty fingers. They pray fervently that they get their heart’s every desire only to ask for more the following week. It is a shame that when things are going well, the majority of those who sit in these seats forget about the God they just begged to. To many, God is seen as a personal genie who grants wishes at every whim and petition.

Not me.

I come to these places of worship because I seek strength and continued communion with my Creator. Whether I am at the bottom of a wrestling promotion’s roster or the World Heavyweight Champion, I come here and give my thanks for just being alive. I was blessed with the abilities to wreak havoc on my opponent from the moment the bell rings until the final slap of a 3 count. For this I live and breathe the words of the Holy Scriptures.

Not only do I live and breathe the Scriptures in my personal life, I bring them to life in the ring. At RAUCOUS, I will show my opponents and my partner that something beyond comprehension has arrived in NEW.

The Scriptures say:

The Lord Almighty has a day in store
for all the proud and lofty,
for all that is exalted,
and they will be humbled.

The arrogance of man will be brought low
And the pride of men humbled;
The Lord alone will be exalted in that day,
And the idols will totally disappear.

All will flee as the earth shakes in its foundations.

I am here to tell you that this day is upon NEW. I don’t care that my partner is the Renaissance Man. I don’t care that my opponents are the Messenger and Doc Silver. What I do care about is fulfilling the will of my Lord. I will use everything He has blessed me with not only to win this match, but to move on and become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Many of you will scoff at me and that’s fine by me. You may laugh now and you may laugh later, but when I hold NEW’s most precious prize, no one will laugh or scoff. All will behold the Cross and remember the words I speak.

NEW, you have received this word of prophecy. He who has ears, let them hear, and take heed. For thus saith the Cross!


The Great Eye
01-30-04, 12:33 AM
(FADEIN: Doc Silver standing in front of a church. Doc is wearing a "God Told me to hate YOU Betty Bowers T-Shirt, and his trademark sweatpants.)

DOC: THIS is all NEW has to offer us? A guy giving us a giant discription of the cross. Who CARES?! I mean, yeah, being stuck on a cross hurts, big deal. You're not tacking me up on a cross, so why should I care about it? Really, I mean, about the only thing worse then being stuck on the cross would be listening to you talk about it. You're so mindnumbingly useless it makes my head hurt. I mean, really, what do you have going for yourself, a chunk of worthless tin from one of the most corrupt organizations in the history of wrestling.

The cross killed Jesus, wanna know why? Because he was just a man, all this bible thumping is foolish, everything you have to say about it is a blind fool speaking of what he can see, of a man so lost he can't ever be found.

You would say the same of me, that my lack of faith, lack of God makes me lost, but who in the end suffers? Me, who lives my life as I wish, or you, one forced to obey the whims of a non-existant being who sets his will against nature, who forces you to defy your humanity, and wrote a book with so many flaws, lies, and contradictions that it's a wonder anyone can believe it.

And you are one such fool...Cross, let make this clear here...I'm not coming to NEW to make friends or to make you look good, I came here to RULE it...And you're in the way...(Smiles) you'll be ot of the way shortly, because in NEW...I AM GOD...(FADEOUT)