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01-22-04, 01:00 AM
RP for Pyro / Jared Wells versus Peter File / Jonathan Marx should be done here.

All RP and angles are due Thursday, January 29th, 2004 at 11:59pm.

01-22-04, 04:23 PM
(fade in: lonely alley in a city, the smell of urine and rat droppings fill the air, appropriate for the man we see before us. Peter File appears before the camera in a pair of acid wash denim jeans, scuffed workman’s boots, and a stained hooded sweatshirt with the hood around his head. he appears full of pride and glowing with ecstasy. )

... have you ever seen a grown man naked? mmmmm.. so disturbing and repulsive. the hair upon their muscular chests and the stubble on their faces creating a shadow of doubt and uhhhhh...nmistakable malfeasance. but alas.. look at the treasured physiques of ::licks lips:: the young specimen, oh what a feeling arises in my gullet as I gaze upon them... the same feeling I get when the realization of another federation of virile men has asked for me to join them and drain them of their juices. what a scene it shall be when I come. Out will be the inhibitions that some of you have not seen in some time.. mmmm ::sigh:: the joy across my face and set deep down in the stains of my denim.

Alas.. the one part that perturbs me about my ::licks lips:: emergence into the bulbous ... ring, is that it must be against a pair of men whom... lack anything more than flashy gimmickry, fiery masquerades, what a combination of merry men.. jolly. It is alright.. for at least I am teamed in this battle bowl... yum...with a strapping lad, a ..true genius of the bourgeoisie.. a proletariat satirist.. a tasty member.. of a socialist regime, a Marx.. mmmm... I can not wait.


01-22-04, 11:52 PM
(camera opens up to an office building as Jared Wells is walking out wearing the usual street clothing and has papers in his hands....the NEW camera crew are there for an exclusive interview)

'RAGE 'o FIRE': Well there it is, I'm officially here in the New Era of Wrestling. What can I say? I'm here for one reason only and that is to become the World Champion. I'm here to prove once again that I can hold that title and keep it. I'm a former 3 time WWL world heavyweight champion, and held numerous titles. To make a long story short, I've had my ups and downs. I've been back for an entire year clean and sober.

You people ***** and complain about how bad you have it.......put on my shoes, put on my boots. Once ontop of the world and totally lost it. I've lost my respect from companies, friends, family, and the guys in the back. But there is one group that I got my respect back and that was my fans. Last year I was a joke, a so called failure. Boy did I turn some heads man. There's more pros than cons now in my house.

But let's not talk about who I *WAS* or what I did. Let's talk about NOW, TODAY, TOMORROW........ Battle Bowl rules for the world title. Like I said I plan to go all out to be the best because I am the best. I got no problem teaching a lesson to you guys. What's with this freaky lineup man? I get to team up with a guy who goes by the name of Pyro, yet smells really bad and is 6'8". Big deal man. Here's the deal, we can't get along, we are gonna get it on. But other than that I suggest you stay in line before I throw you off.....got it?

As for Peter Tool errrr File.....I don't think you understand the meaning of this match dude. Do you have any idea what's going on? You have a chance to advance to become the world title. What's wrong bro? Your eyes seem to be a little glassy and your teeth are looking more brown than dirt. Clean your act up before the event or I'll put you out of your misery. As far as Marx, buddy 'ol pal, don't cross my path because you might see my right fist, but you won't see my left fist.

World champion, world champion world champion, world champion, I WILL BE IT! Nothing will stop me, lie, cheat, steal, kill, beat, gamble WHATEVER! My fans know what I must do. RAGE begins 2004 on the right path, the right foot, too bad everybody else is on the recieving end. You girls soon.......



01-23-04, 01:29 AM
(fade in: Peter File leaning against a wall in the same alley, reruning the remarks of Jared Wells in his head.)

..gloating is such sweet sorrow ...mmmm so sweet it is, as it drips out of your pours and upon your lips. alas.. gloating is the last resort of a criminal trapped up in their own success and not affected by the glory the holes of his meandering has created. Complaining about the one’s who look up to you, and are only jealous of your huge... ::sighs:: talent, galloping up and down each and every time you take your constitutional to the ring... dear me, have you forgotten how.. that feeling.. oh.. it is so sweet and amazing.

::running his hands through his greasy hair::

Smells are surrounding us constantly, the heavenly aromas of Valhalla.. where I bring you to ..fondle the relations of a forthcoming relationship. Pyro may reek of nothing more than success and you may wish to take that from him, to have more.. and more and more... and ::sigh:: grab a hold of it.. and drain it for all it’s worth.

..once again, the ignorance, the lack of preparation.. has lead another man-child down my path, for me to clean while I lay him down and pin him, for joy.. for joy. My moniker, he lacks the knowledge of it’s true significance.. but... mmmm if only he were here.. now... so i could show him, and bring him back to his vulnerable state of 12. then maybe, you shall understand what is going on.. and be able to see, that I was truly in control and you had nothing more than a fleeting chance to succeed and squirm out of my dampened grasps.. ughh... the chances you’ll lose. sadly, you pay little attention.. my attire may be soiled with the virginities of thousands, the pretty dresses, and oskhosh overall dirt stains.. but my heart and power are nothing more than perfectly kept clean apparatuses of torture... do you like to scream? sir...son... mmmm... a little bit of both perhaps.. i am in no misery, complete bliss.. miss it now, but realize it soon enough. for there shall be a raucous in a cavity... a cavity you hold sacred and untouched. mmm...

do little piggies like to scream when i wrap them in hot blankets?


01-23-04, 10:41 PM
(camera pans to Jared Wells walking in a dark alley, cold as hell, you see his breath in the air, and wearing a black trench coat. He walks through the alley in disgust as he kicks an empty beer can)

'RAGE 'o FIRE': Funny, ya know the old sayin' right? You've seen 'em once, 'ya seen 'em all. Peter File, I'll give you credit, your one weird son of a *****, but you have no direction what so ever. Big deal, you've read some books, your terminology is pretty big but really do you think you fool anybody? All of the sudden a wrestler is a poet.....who cares. You think your a mystery? I'm all about change, that no one sees.

You think I judge people on their clothing? Their appearance? I've been down in the ditch before pal and almost wound up dead too. I'm not going back there. Your heart, your power? Fine. Nothing wrong with it but my heart, my power was in it longer than yours. Your all about torture...but why do that when you can just kill him? You think I'm scared of the blackness of an alley or a dim lit room? BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! Everything you think, everything you feel, I've been there pal. Just because I don't talk it, doesn't mean I do it.

What's funny is everybody in the NEW will realize that JW's time has come. All the tragedy, all the abuse, all the torture will end. I have no problem with you dude. But then again, I have no problem ending your career. You want to make a name for yourself? I suggest you kill me with a gun. Wanna know why I signed with the NEW? Bring your ass to the ring...........

Tomorrow becomes the place to be ......TIME HAS COME TO RAGE....

do little piggies like to scream when i wrap them in hot blankets?

....I answer that on my terms.....your going down.


01-24-04, 01:32 AM
(fade in: The glowing face of Peter File, same attire, same attitude, same location. Nothing changes, because there‘s no reason to change the devil.)

You’ve seen me? It must have been the shadows casting upon your nieces window as I grabbed her from her sleep and gave a sniff of her Winnie the Pooh’s, hmm? Or was it when you were young and a man in a auburn station wagon offered you candy, you took it and he took you for a ride? Were those the times you supposedly saw me in all my incarnations? I’m not weird my dear mmmm... Jared, I am simply eclectic, eccentric and delicious. ::sigh:: I hope you shall get a taste of me soon enough... ::licks lips:: I can tell by the warm glow that builds in your cheeks that you wish for it to come.... oh so soon and explode all over you. Mmmm.. wonderful. Just like all the books I’ve read during the ages of seven to fourteen, the books I’ve read to keep the children from screaming as they tried to keep their weeping to a minimum... ugghh.. Jared, do you wish to join them in a deep dark well of despair and regret, or understand that not only my terminology is big .. ::scratches stubble:: .. but my thirst for power and all things... luscious intrigue me, and do truly give me the direction you think I lack.

... I am not a poet, throwing stanzas together does not make me a poet.. and a collection of dropkicks and rest holds does not make you a wrestler.. so we both lack some ability in each others lives.. that we only WISH ::sigh:: we could have, do you agree with me.. beautiful? You may also wish you had to power to revoke the words you’ve said.. to change your mind.. to realize what you’ve said is ignorance.. remember that the words you’ve said will come back to haunt you, even if you are unable to remember certain passages you lay forth. ‘cause my dear friend, you say your power and heart has been in it longer.. yet, your mind has not... for I’ve been around my dear friend.. torture was my key to success at times, and it can be again.. and if only you ::sigh:: mmmm.. realized that you’d possibly be safe.. at this time, that seems rather impossible.

I’ve always wondered if words are bigger than the personas that speak them. Do they take on a bigger meaning even though the soul that embellishes them.. doesn’t really mean them? Vulgarity and false promises run a rampant game of cat and mouse in this federation and every other that I’ve been in.. most do not bother to mention that for the simple fact that they too, are a part of the problem... Jared... mmmm.. as wonderful as you are, you are part of this problem.. I’ve never seen anything you’ve done so far backed up.. yet you speak so highly of yourself.. I, on the other hand.. speak nothing of the sort.. yet have proved myself ever so nicely.. how ironic is it..

..bang bang.. honey.


01-24-04, 02:38 PM
::Jonathan Marx is standing in front of a mirror with his wrestling trunks on admiring himself::

JONATHAN MARX: Peter File, you must feel like the luckiest man alive. You have the most perfect physical and mental specimen on earth as your tag team partner and I promise not to disappoint. Sort of like a Red Sox fan after landing Curt Schilling, you have landed a god among men who will help lead you to the promise land.

But work must come before pleasure.

::turns away from the mirror::

If we want to beat Jared Wells and Pyro, we have to tag team them until it hurts. We have to get on their ass and pound them and pound them and pound them until they can’t take any more.

We have to give it our all. This is going to be an all out war and we can’t hide in a foxhole until it is over, we have to be men and take it to them.

Jared Wells is one of the most underrated performers in all of wrestling, a three time WWL World Heavyweight Champion. Wells has seen his ups and downs, but he has never looked better than he has recently. If he wins this match, he could easily go on the finals to win it all and become World Heavyweight Champion once again for a fourth time.

But he can be beaten if we work together as one, you have my promise as a Gentlemen that I will, do I have yours?


01-25-04, 05:05 PM
(camera fades to Jared Wells walking out of the gym 6:30am as he is wearing the usual gym attire)

'RAGE 'o FIRE': Peter my friend you still do not get it do you? You still don't understand what's happening right now. The difference between myself and you is that I'm reality and your a fairytale. You've picked up some books and made children scream? I don't think so. Wha'tcha got, Dr.Suess, green eggs 'n ham? What? Daddy come home drunk one too many times? Reality sucks doesn't it?

You can read all the books you want, but the fact of the matter is that there is a world title down the end of this path. I'm running all the way with the ball in my hand to become the first NEW World Champion. Whether you want to think devils and pirates, whatever. The only thing that should be on your mind is my face, my challenge. I've got nothing to prove pal, NOTHING! I'm not here to play games son, I'm here to WIN. I got nothing wrong with going against the odds, and against you, I'd say your a dead man.

As for your partner Jon Marx the Gentlemen..........he made some good points but nothing that can or could stop me. And I'll keep saying it over and over again.....I will be the next NEW World Champion........I've got nothing more to say.....

...Time has come to rage


01-28-04, 01:41 AM
(fade in: Peter File is leaning against a stop sign on a bright sunny day. He is wearing a pair of overalls, work boots, and a striped polo shirt. His five o’clock shadow is still in full bloom, and his wet and matted hair is under a baseball cap. In the background we see children running around and playing in the snow, a blissful Connecticut day. The calm before his white storm. )

...mmmmm, so Marx is on my side.. and quite the gentleman he is... I am oh so lucky to have him, ::licks lips:: what a delicious endeavor this has turned out to be. But alas on to other matters which strike my fancy even more than the opportunity to work over Marx. Mr. Fire, you are acting so heated.. so hot.. bubbling over.. boiling to the brim of explosion.. but for what? Are you afraid of releasing... OH... are you? What is to be ashamed of? Dark trapped away memories of whitewashing whole experiences.. he he.. he... what a dilemma my dear Fire... what a dilemma indeed. Too bad for you.. that your thick shell can not protect you from anything... not even my touch, where you shall melt... hopefully in my mouth like the hymens of many have.

Now, you see my dear friend.. can I call you a friend? Because it’s what I’m going to do.

::wipes off mouth::

... you are not really understanding the fact that I am in reality, just a different reality than yours.. is that problem too hard for you to grasp? Would you wish for me to call upon Stephen Hawking .. and have him roll down here.. and explain it to you? There is only a single tangent that keeps our two worlds together.. and that is the path towards that ring in some slut filled... mmmm.. baby boomer generation.. feces filled Massachusetts..... ::pauses:: dank hole. So my friend, my dear.. dear buddy.. you must come to that fine realization that whatever you say is simply a facsimile.. some facade you are trying to put up to make yourself feel better.. because you can not REEELEASE.. what you wish to.. all over that life of yours. Did Daddy come from behind you with a belt and perform some asphyxiation fun time on you? Life isn’t the only thing that had it’s soul sucked out that night.. mmmmm what a wonderful paternal instinct he must of had.

Mr. Fire, are you a betting man? Because... if you are... I must highly reccomend you check the odd before laying down all your chips in one place...

::rubs hands through hair, and puts back on his baseball cap::

I wonder, do you want me to hold you and cradle you when you realize that all your dreams were crushed? For I’d love to hold you, let me embrace you... after I show you the true onslaught of your daddies rage that night.


01-28-04, 08:56 PM
(CUEUP: Suffocate by Cold)
(camera opens up in front of the Centrum Centre in Massachusetts as Jared Wells is walking around the cold wearing heavy orange/grey coat, and a grey/black hat that pulls over his ears. He slowly walks around the building with his hands in his pockets)

'RAGE 'o FIRE' : Well here we are.....the promise land. But to some people it will be their last stand, last stop before the end. New ERA of Wrestling has decided to make Battle Bowl rules to see who is the world heavyweight champion. Something that I've wanted for a very very long time. The reason for even being involved with wrestling....is the world title. What would be the purpose besides the world title? Why would you even be here? But instead of asking questions, I will give all the answers at Raucous. When I signed my name on that contract I told NEW that I would for sure be in the world title picture......its my time. Anybody who's anybody knows who I am.

BUT! There is one fool that really in all can't get the picture. He really can't grasp the reality of a world champion contender. Then again, what can he grasp? Nothing. He can't even catch is own breath of life. Peter, Peter, Peter.......can you see me? Because I don't think you do. Your entire speech of worlds together......pointless. Why don't you get on the subject of our match instead of a history lesson. But if you really want to learn something you will come to Raucous, you will get into the ring with me....and I will look you straight into your eyes. Deep down inside those dark dirty eyes, I know your human.

I know for a fact that your just a lost dog in this business. Rule number one, I am number one. After Raucous the fuzzy grey cloud in the NEW will come to picture.....it will all make sense. All the bets have been made, and there is a lot at stake here. Your partner Jonathan Marx the so called Gentlemen seems to think a lot differently than you. Maybe he knows for a fact that your in a no win situation. Reason being he knows I want that belt so bad.

As for my partner PYRO, the big bastard seems to keep quiet about the match. Fine, and I really don't need him. I have a little message for PYRO, don't show up. If you do I'll have three people to declare war on. The world title is all I have to say. File, keep licking the lips cause soon you'll be licking the blood off your mouth. How are you going to fly without wings? Think about it. Right now, I read between you and time is up. The time and talking is through....you ready to dance File? Well...RAGE...he leads.......


01-30-04, 12:44 AM
(fade in: A close up of Peter File driving a van down the road, he pulls over to the side of the road and stops, unlocks the door and waits.)

::sigh:: Y'see my darling, you and your partner should be the one's not to show up come this Raucous..

::the door opens and in walks a girl, wearing a school uniform and pigtails::

..sorry, distractions are rampant today.

Lilly: Daddy, can we go now?

... Yes, yes we can.. mmmmm, what a beautiful day for some sacrilege. Pyro and Rage... if only your names did not remind me of the fire in my pants at this moment... remember darlings ::licks lips:: I love you.