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01-22-04, 01:00 AM
RP for Larry Tact / El Arco Iris versus Brody Hansen / Chris McMillan should be done here.

All RP and angles are due Thursday, January 29th, 2004 at 11:59pm.

Mister Dread
01-22-04, 03:15 AM
::FADEIN the interior of a dimly lit gym. We focus on a rickety, sagging wrestling ring in the canter of the gym floor. A single overhead lights the mat with a stark and unappealing glare, throwing shadows throughout the rest of the gym. This is the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy, home to countless indy wrestlers throughout the past 40 years or so. Sitting perched on the top turnbuckle, out of the overhead’s harsh cone of light is “THE WOLF” CHRIS McMILLAN. McMILLAN is clad as usual in jeans, harness boots, and a raggedy “Testicular Fortitude” t-shirt::

THE WOLF: I always love the first card of a promotion. It’s great to watch everything come together, to see what works and what sometimes goes comically wrong. It’s just plain FUN. I took this contract at the spur of the moment, but I’m glad I did. I get to see some familiar faces. Like El Arco Iris.

THE WOLF: Iris, you crazy bastard. I was hoping to get a chance to go at you again. I was a little dissapointed in our last matchup. Partly because I was forced to wrestle Disco Stu again, but moreso in the blow to my ego. See, there were things going on in the locker room that I probably shouldn’t discuss, but rest assured that you never beat me that night. I’m … HAPPY that I’ve been given the chance to set this straight.

THE WOLF: And Larry Tact. I’ve seen you around, but I don’t think we’ve never met. Going on reputation alone, though, you’re someone I’ve wanted to step into the ring with for a long time. I’ve heard some great things about you, Larry, but I believe some greater things about myself.

THE WOLF: Lucky for me, though, I’ve got Brody Hansen in my corner. Hansen, we wrestled together for a while in the NAWA, if you can actually call what they put on “wrestling”. The only thing about this is that you might not leave me a shot at Tact or Iris. I’ve seen what you can do, Beast, and it almost frightens me.

::McMILLAN hops down from the turnbuckle, and stalks to the center of the ring::

THE WOLF: And I’m not an easy man to scare. No, I’m not gonna sit out here and go on about how much of a badass I am. It has to be done eventually, and I will get around to it. I’m pretty sure it’s required. But for now, let’s just leave it with this: This is gonna be FUN!


01-23-04, 02:19 AM
Fade in: a mixed backdrop of blue and white with the NEW logo on it is set behind a stool, on which sits Larry Tact. Tact has on black leather pants, boots, and fingerless gloves; as well as a blue t-shirt with "Time for a New ERA..." airbrushed on it in white lettering. Tact runs his hand lightly through his dyed blonde hair; which extends downward, in spikes, to around his ears. He then gives a moment's smile and speaks in his usual composed, and somewhat deep, voice.

Tact: And so with the start of 2004, we find several new promotions on the playing field. I never seemed to get a chance to join a new promotion. The closest I've ever come is having joined federations who had been rennovated, and were starting back up again; I've got a few of those on my 'card.' But after having returned from a sabbatical just a few weeks ago, I find myself in near perfect alignment with several new promotions looking to get their feet planted in the door of the wrestling industry. And while I must take a moment to acknowledge the promise and talent of the other two promotions who have just recently started up, I decided it would be the waters of New Era of Wrestling that I ventured into.

Tact pauses for a moment and motions to someone off-camera. A few seconds later he catches a bottle of water and begins unscrewing the top.

Tact: President LaRoque and I had spoke with one another almost since the time that I ended my sabbatical. I wasn't sure if I wanted to double my work schedule, but I remember something that I was told a long time ago..."Total immersion. That's the way to go." I figured, 'hell, I might as well listen to what the guy has to say,' and so I contacted President Laroque again, and he explained the groundwork plans he had. I've never had the chance to take part in a 'Battle Bowl' series, before. In fact, I've only been in two Heavyweight Title tournaments, professionally. Well, a week or so more of discussions, and I decided things seemed pretty sound; and here I am.

Tact takes the top off of the bottle and downs a few gulps of water before resting the bottle on his lap.

Tact: Ahh...Sierra Springs. Good stuff. But really, I'm sure not one person wants to know about the details of my story of getting here, nor my...'discussions' with Ms. Marceau...

Tact pauses...then laughs.

Tact: Just kidding on that one. Not that there aren't possibilities...but anyway, these things probably aren't too important. The fact that I did a Sierra Springs commercial recently probably isn't important. What matters, is why I speak of these things.

Tact cracks a small, lopsided grin.

Tact: Well, as for the Sierra Springs commercial...that's just a shameless plug. But the rest of it is very indicative of me; Larry Tact. I'm not going to go headlong into this Battle Bowl. I'm not going to go boasting about how I'm...(takes a deep breath and talks in a mock boasting manner),,,poised to walk through any and all competition, right to the NEW Heavyweight Title!

Tact chuckles softly and then resumes his usual tone.

Tact: That's just setting yourself up for a fall. It's the allure of victory coming in and snatching someone, so that their eyes are only able to see the prize. And while some say it's good to "keep your eye on the prize," I'd rather keep my attention on those who I need to get through, on my path to the top. So don't expect a lot of "big talk" from me. I'm here to find new challenges to face; new opponents that will give me matches to remember. I don't need to boast, because the matches will speak for themselves, when the time comes. But I won't hesitate to speak my mind.

Tact takes another sip from the water bottle, dabbing his mouth with his wrist.

Tact: There's no point in letting someone believe a lie. Someone like Chris McMillan, who is under the impression that there is some required 'big talk' to be done on his part, eventually. McMillan...you're a tough guy. Those who have seen you perform over a time know this. I know this. El Arco Iris knows it. Brody Hansen probably knows it, too. So what's the point in reiterating it? Me, I've been gone for a bit of time, and I'll tell you...my reputation shouldn't be something you feel comfortable going off of. Don't take it as a measuring stick of me. Because over the time I've been gone, I haven't sat around and watched TV. I haven't been nursing any injuries. I've been increasing my skills in the ring, and getting myself to the next level. The level that I'll need to be at to make this year one in which I make my presence felt...again. There's no boasts needed to be made in letting everyone know that. It's just the truth; cut and dry...plain and simple. So fair warning to you, McMillan: don't doubt that what you've heard of me is only the beginning of what you should be ready for, come Raucous.

Tact finishes the last of the water in the bottle of Sierra Springs, then tosses it off-camera and takes a deep breath, exhaling refreshingly.

Tact: Can't beat Sierra Springs, heh? But seriously, McMillan...'The Wolf,' that's what you're called? You're a tough guy, so I expect you to be ready for what's in store. I'm not going to bring anything but my best to that ring, and I advise that you do the same. Take it how you will. As for Brody Hansen...well, I know some things about you, too. A good friend of mine has had the experience of wrestling with you in the past...in the end, he found himself on both sides of the match. You're another product of that Hellion Dojo...another of that bunch. Well I'll tell you right now, if there's one thing I know about all of those who come out of that place, it's....that they're no pushovers. Make no mistake, I can't stand your lot. But I've had some interesting matches with products of that dojo in particular, and I don't imagine this will be much different. Make sure not to disappoint me, Brody...because I don't give breaks for anyone. Just because I've been challenged before, doesn't mean I haven't come out on top, as well. You've got a different tag on you...the 'Southern Beast'; but you should heed the same words I gave to 'The Wolf'...don't make the mistake of keeping those eyes peeled on the title, and past your competition. Otherwise, you'll be out of this match, and this Battle Bowl, faster than even I would like....

Tact chuckles again.

Tact: And El Arco Iris, my tag team partner. I'm not much for tag matches, to be quite honest. But Iris, I know what kind of wrestler you are. I know what kind of person you are. I'm not a believer in trust; not in this industry. Not anymore. So keep that in mind when you and I are in the same corner. I won't be expecting your help. Having said that, though, it would be beneficial for both of us to work together. And I will be in prime form for this match. As I said, I know what kind of wrestler you are...a good one. And I know what kind of guy you are...a....happy one. So all I have to say to you is...don't let yourself get too happy, and result on your ending up splayed out on the mat. And there are too many egos in this tournament, already; now they're paired up. So let's make Brody Hansen and Chris McMillan, along with the rest of NEW, see the strength of a real team; two people that can stand side-by-side, and humbly put on a show of skills that will knock out 'The Wolf' and 'The Southern Beast' from this Battle Bowl. Arco Iris...let's bring in the New Era with style....and victory.

Tact flashes a smirk as he gets up off the stool, turns, and walks away from the camera. Before he disappears behind the backdrop, we see the back of his t-shirt, which reads, "...and time to be TACTILIZED once again...." Fade out.

01-24-04, 07:49 PM
(CUE UP: "Ho Jayegi Balle Balle" by Daler Mehndi")
(Black screen. Suddenly the shot bombarded with all of the colors of the spectrum in rapid succession as the music cues. This fades to El Arco Iris, in his smiley-faced mask and wrestling gear, with a rainbow tie-dyed satin robe over it, standing in front of a rainbow backdrop.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris' continuing journey to spread exuberance and joy over every stretch of land brings him to a new place, a New Era, and El Arco Iris must say that El Arco Iris is quite...surprised!

(El Arco Iris places one hand on his chin and tilts his head to the side quizically.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris comes to New Era and expects to find the same kind of cesspool of dismay and destructive despising that El Arco Iris has encountered in so many other places during El Arco Iris' time in this fine sport, but this time El Arco Iris finds both the partner AND opponent talking...politely? Yes! El Arco Iris sees that his efforts have actually taken effect and that one of his former opponents, one Señor McMillain, talks with an heir of respectful sportsmanship, rather than that of unfocused and unmerited anger, no mater if he is on the same or opposite side of the ring as he. El Arco Iris is simply bubbling with satisfaction and joy to see such results! El Arco Iris will certainly oblige you and engage you in spirited competition on the mat. Perhaps El Arco Iris can hope that continued efforts will only further develop your newfound enlightenment and the immature bud can blossom into the newest sweet-scented flower that waves in the breeze of the sun-drenched meadow of happiness...

(El Arco Iris looks upwards, as if thinking about something.)

El Arco iris: ...Though El Arco Iris still worries about Señor Hansen, your partner, who seems to not want to talk. El Arco Iris should let him know that he should not be afraid, and he can say whatever he needs to say, and nobody will judge him, nor should they.

(El Arco Iris places his hands on his hips and looks straight into the camera.)

El Arco Iris: Now, El Arco Iris is not AS surprised to see the same courtesy coming from El Arco Iris' partner, Señor Tact, whose name conveys that he is a man who bears no rancor or contempt in his heart, and will be polite to any man who deserves it. But, what Señor Tact has in politeness he lacks in trust. El Arco Iris is saddened at this, but is not surprised, as the state of this sport has become so that people have seemed to no longer hold any regard for their fellow man, and no longer even treat each other like human beings anymore! This is WHY El Arco Iris wrestles, and this is why El Arco Iris wrestles in as many places as El Arco Iris can, to free Professional Wrestling from it's blackened yoke of complacency, hatred, anger and sadness. A dark cloud has passed over the sport, and El Arco iris hopes to bring in that ray of sunshine that has touched the hearts of so few, and to let the black be replaced by the colors of the rainbow. You many not experct much of El Arco Iris, Señor Tact, but if El Arco Iris sees a man, a fellow human being, in need, suffering, El Arco Iris tries with all El Arco Iris' might to end his pain, because pain should never have to clasp its gnarled, rotting fingers around the mind of any man. El Arco Iris will help you, even if your hand does not reach for El Arco Iris, your heart will when in need. El Arco Iris should only do that much, even if we shall end up becoming opponents in the battle bowl.

(El Arco Iris extends his arms outward, almost like he is ready to accept a hug.)

El Arco Iris: With such competitors in NEW, who live for competition, for sportsmanship, and not for inflicting pain or agony, El Arco Iris has great faith in the New Era, and El Arco Iris will help usher it in. lt will be an era where we can all leave behind the hate and suffering of the trials and tribulations of the past. It will be an era where al can greet one another with a sincere, heartfelt SMIIIIIIILE...(traces the smile on his mask with his thumb)...on their faces!

(Fade to Rainbow)

Mister Dread
01-25-04, 07:23 PM
::FADEIN on the rickety, sagging ring at the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy, the dim and unsavory haunt of ”The Wolf” Chris McMillan. McMillan sits perched on the top turnbuckle, attired as usual in jeans, harness boots, and a faded “Dogs of War” t-shirt::

THE WOLF: No, no, no. You’ve got me all wrong, Larry. I don’t really fell compelled to come out here and make a lot of empty statements about how tough I am. I was, at least I thought, making an ironic comment about the nature of our sport … of the business. I was alluding to the talk, the formula that seems to be universally accepted as the way to be in professional wrestling. I do apologize if I misrepresented myself. I don’t need the big words. I think you and Hansen and El Arco Iris already know what kind of guy I am. And if you don’t, I expect you’ll figure it out soon enough.

THE WOLF: I really liked what you said about challenges, about looking for opponents that will give you matches to remember. You’re right, the matches will speak for themselves. I like that. But the thing I don’t agree with, can’t agree with, is when you talk about not going into the Battle Bowl headlong. You can bet your sweet ass that I’m going in headlong. I’m going in with all I got, because that’s the only way I know how. That’s the only way that I can truly find the measure of myself. By doing the best I can, by wrestling with as much skill as I can muster, by striking with as much force as my little body can possibly allow. That’s how I know what I am. You help define me as I work to define myself. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? Beating you, or being beaten by you, sets limits. My opponent defines the measuring stick. Did I study hard enough? Did I train with enough diligence? I won’t know until we get in the ring. Afterwards, I can reassess and make adjustments as needed. I’m not looking for validation, I’m looking for perfection. Will I ever find it? I highly doubt it. But still I strive for it. Maybe it’s a fool’s errand. But then again … maybe because of it, one day I’ll be recognized as one of the greatest wrestlers in history. Only time will tell, but it’s something I’ll always work towards. I don’t think I can ever be content while my career is static, and the only way for me to turn it dynamic is by beating Larry Tact. By beating El Arco Iris. By beating Doc Silver and Manson. By beating freakin’ EVERYONE.

THE WOLF: Now, I’m not saying that I can actually defeat all of these people. I know each one is skilled, and each one is experienced. What I am saying, though, is that it is within me to beat these people. I just have to learn, to study, to train, to achieve, and it will come to me. Maybe not for years. Maybe not even while I’m still in the business. But the possibility is there, and I have to keep reaching for it.

THE WOLF: Now, Iris … you talk about speaking with respect and sportsmanship instead of anger. Well, I’ve gotta admit that I sort of like you freaks. Yeah, even you. The last experience you had with me was an unusual one, a little against the grain. My problems stemmed with Luster, not with you. So yes, I can speak with respect. I can acknowledge and appreciate someone else’s strength, skill, and accomplishments. But don’t confuse a little good sportsmanship with some imagined change of heart or some sort of wisdom gleaned from the fount that is El Arco Iris. You do have the ability to effect my life in some small way, but it doesn’t happen in front of a TV camera.

THE WOLF: So Tact, Iris … put on your humble show of skills. Show us what a real tag team can do. But don’t count on knocking us out of the Battle Bowl. After all, this is the world of professional wrestling, and you can’t count on ANYTHING. Not even your partner. Even with such a talent as Brody Hansen in my corner, even with my own considerable skill, can I count on a win? No, because everyone makes mistakes. There are always unforeseen or incalculable factors. There are always hurdles. We just have to jump a little higher.


01-29-04, 11:40 PM
(The scene opens inside the office of Marcus LaRoque. His fist pounds on the desk as he looks at the date upon the wall calender. His finger presses down on his intercom and soon a women's voice answers back)

Marcus LaRoque: can you get ahold of Hellion for me

Women: Yes Mr. LaRoque

(he sits down in a thick leather chair and soon he voices answers back)

Women: Hellion on line one...Sir

(Laroque thanks her and soon his finger smashed down hard on the button)

Marcus LaRoque: Hellion are you there?

(a yawn his procedded by his deep voice)

Hellion: yes and who is this. Do you have any idea what time it is here?

Marcus LaRoque: This is Marcus LaRoque I'm the president of the New Era Wrestling...and where exactly are you?

(There's a brief pause)

Hellion: I'm in Texas...STILL!!!

Marcus LaRoque: What are you doing in Texas...still?

Hellion: well you know...sometimes promosters just don't follow through.

(There's an awkward pause, but soon Laroque clears his throat)

Marcus LaRoque: Well speaking of not coming through....not only has your student Brody Hansen not done any hype for his upcoming match, but it takes place tonight and...well the man hasn't even signed his contract yet

(There's an even longer awkward pause and seconds later Hellion can be heard laughing)

Marcus LaRoque: I don't find anything funny about this

Hellion: Well i do...hey you guys wanted Brody Hansen...hey pal you got him. when it comes fight time I'll tell you one thing...he'll be there. as for all the hype and the B.S....well that's not the type of guy he is. However I did talk to him last night and he did assure me that as soon as he wasout of jail...well then he'd be right over.

Marcus LaRoque: JAIL!!!! What do you mean Jail?

(Hellion: laughs loudly again)

Hellion: Oh..no...I'm not going to spoil this story. Just wait till the man get's there. In the mean time...sit back and relax. Enjoy the free time. Look on the bright side...least yuor not stuck in Texas


(LaRoque shakes his head and sits down. The camera pans up to the wall clock and as an hour flies by in high speed Laroque's intercom goes off)

Women: Ah...Sir

Marcus LaRoque: Yes

Women: There's a Brody Hansen here for you

Marcus LaRoque: (He mutters under his breath) It's about time

Women: What???

Marcus LaRoque: I said send him in

Women: Alright

(seconds later the door flies open and nearly all "six foot nine" of Brody Hansen is standing in the door. His shaggy black hair hands loose under a wide brimmed stetson. A dusty leather jacket leads down to worn blue-jeans and heavy cowboy boots land upon Laroque's desk as Hansen sits down and makes himself at home. a pair of blood-shot eyes stare at Laroque who's mouth his still wide open from the entrance Hansen just made)

Marcus LaRoque: Your Brody Hansen?

(Hansen looks side to side)

Hansen: I don't see anybody else here

Marcus LaRoque: And from what I gather from Hellion is you've been in prison for the last few days

Hansen: (nods) A Mexican one

Marcus LaRoque: (still taken back) And what did you do to get locked up in a Mexican prison?

Hansen (playing with the nameplate upon the desk) well if you can beleive it or not...they did like my attitude. It seems that getting drunk on tequilla and taking the Sheriff's daughter to a cock fight is frowned upon down there. Something about that's no place to take a lady. Hell it wasn't my idea to go...IT WAS HER'S!!! Can you beleive my winning personality and forty bucks was not enough for bail?

Marcus LaRoque: really?

(Hansen picks his finger att he nameplate upon the desk)

Marcus LaRoque: Don't do that

Hansen: (smiles) Laroque...is that French?

Marcus LaRoque: Well...

Hansen: (stands and pats Laroque on his shoulder) relax Frenchy...it sounds it....your already doomed. Now where's this contract

(Laroque pauses and slowly slides the paper upon his desk. Hansen takes a moment to look it over He then signs his names in big letters)

Hansen: There's my Hancock for ya Son

(his eyes widen as he spies a box of cigars upon Laroque's desk)

Hansen: Now what time is the fight tonight?

Marcus LaRoque: well your wrestling match...

Hansen: Hold it pal...I'm not a wrestler

Marcus LaRoque: Well you graduated Hellion dojo...you won a NCAA title at OU...

Hansen: AND I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!! I'm a fighter. Tonight I'm coming for a fight. Not a wrestling match. Look you stuck me against Larry (yawns) Tact and who?

Marcus LaRoque: El Arco Iris...

Hansen: Yeah...he looks like the representative from the Spanish Rainbow Coalition and on top of that...who is my partner?

Marcus LaRoque Chris McMillan

Hasnen: Yeah...they wolf...the friggin WOLF!!! Is he Indian?

Marcus LaRoque: Well I don't think...

Hansen: Save your breath Frenchy...I could careless. All I want is a fight and tonight...WHOEVER steps in my way will get one.

(Brody reaches down and swipes a few cigars from the desk. He quickly lights it up and before long blows smoke in Laroques face)

Hansen: Nice doing business with ya Frenchy

(Brody turns his back and leaves the room. Marcus LaRoque look at the camera stuned from his forst expierence with Brody Hansen. slowly he makes his way to the intercom and pushes the button)

Women: Yes Sir

Marcus LaRoque: Get Hellion back on the phone...NOW!!!

(Marcus LaRoque is seen shaking his head as the camera fades out)