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01-22-04, 12:59 AM
RP for Shawn Hart / Suicidal Killer versus Scotty Michaels / the American should be done here.

All RP and angles are due Thursday, January 29th, 2004 at 11:59pm.

Suicidal Killer
01-22-04, 01:44 PM
Your TV screen is completely black. Suddenly a bright red warning sign appears and begins to flash repeatedly


The warning sign fades into a scene at the airport in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Hundreds of people are seen gathering at the airport. Most of them are passengers that are coming off a flight that has just landed. Some are going through customs; others are meeting and greeting their family members.

The camera zooms in on a large shadowy figure standing in the darkness. He is wearing a black hooded trench coat. As the camera gets closer, the man does not reveal his face because he wishes to stay incognito from the crowd, however, you recognize this monstrosity immediately as he begins to speak... ...it's none other than Suicidal Killer

Suicidal Killer: Look at them. Pathetic masses of control are what they are, and they don't even realize it. They live their lives on the same boring schedule day in and day out. Their bosses, their wives, their children are what control these people's every movement, and still they don't see it.

The Giant sneers into the camera

SK: Control is an element that no longer is a part of my life.


S.K. gives a soft sinister laugh as he stares sadistically into the camera

SK: Pitiful being he was, a mound of lard that had no dignity for him-self, or fore me, for that matter. So what did I do? I saved him, by tossing his soul into oblivion as I laughed at his putrid weakness. But that was then and this is now... because now the control barriers are gone, and I am free to roam and do as I please.

The time is ticking away, slowly but surely... ...soon everyone of New Era of Wrestling will be properly introduced to the terror only known as "Suicidal Killer"!

S.K. smirks to himself

SK: Speaking of which, It seems I have a partner in my first match. Fitting as it were Mr. Hart, your abilities I will not judge nor do I expect you to judge mine, but mark my words...

...You **** this match up or you even have the slightest thought of getting in my way, and it will be you laying on the flat of your back in that damn ring... along with my opponents. I did not come to this Federation to make friends, nor do I plan on ever committing to such a horrible deed.

I came here to dominate and prove that I can compete at a universal level against any foe that challenges me in that squared circle.

"The Big Guy" cracks his knuckles as he peers into the camera with a cold dead stare

Now, about my competition…

S.K. reaches out and pulls the camera closer to his mask that's underneath his hood as he smiles sadistically into the camera

SK: Be prepared for a grueling battle. I care not for your accomplishments in other federations.

I could care less if you were or are champion of the most highly outstanding federation known to man. This is a whole new world, you have never seen the likes of me, nor have I seen the likes of you.

HOWEVER, I am preparing myself for an all out war... I know this war will make my blood splatter across that ring apron, and I know that I will lose large amounts of it as my opponents will do everything in their power to make me endure lots and lots of gruesome pain...

YET, in the end, be sure to know that I WILL MAKE YOU FEEL EVEN MORE PAIN!! Even if my blood does pour out from my body like a free flowing river of red, and even if my whole entire body is broken in half... ...I will not give up, I will keep coming and coming and coming until I'm completed the task of destroying my opponent.

In the end I will be the one left standing. I've never known defeat, and I don't plan on starting anytime soon.

So here's the warning - Prepare yourself for the worst match EVER!

Because the Giant has awaken, and he's hungry for blood.

"The Big Guy" starts to chuckle as it slowly turns into a sickening sinister laugh that echoes through your ears

SK: I'm coming for you... ...very... ...very... ...soon... ..My precious new victims!

Camera fades to black

Suicidal Killer
01-26-04, 02:01 PM
The camera fades into a scene at a local gym. You see countless of athletes working out, lifting weights and exercising. As the camera zooms out to the outside of the gym, we see none other than the gigantic Suicidal Killer peering into the gym's window from the outside. The coldness of the outside air freezes his breath as fogs up the window.

S.K. forms an evil cocky smile on his face as he turns towards the camera

Suicidal Killer: Well, well, well... it seems that silence is my opponents game plan this week. (S.K. gets furious as he shouts into the camera) You can't ignore me FOREVER, you F***ing cowards!!!!

"The Big Guy" turns his rage into a sinister smile as he smirks at the camera

SK: There's a sweet and innocent scent that my prey have been giving off this week. Just like a blood hound I can smell it pouring off their sweat as it drips off their bodies.

Something I like to call...


S.K. chuckles to himself as again gives an evil cocky smile

SK: It doesn't matter what your game plans are, or how hard your training in a gym or weight room. There is no training that can prepare you for the amount of torture that I plan on relinquishing upon your very bodies! Oh and I do plan on spilling lots and lots of your blood in and/or out of that ring.

You will be accustomed to the sound of your own screams as I take your bodies to their very limits.

So pump your iron, do your jumping jacks, eat your Wheaties... because frankly.... you'll never be good enough to beat the "larger than life" icon... Suicidal Killer!!

S.K. violently reaches out and grabs the camera… pulling it closer to his face as he stares sadistically into the camera

SK: I dare you to show your damn faces this week. Come on and crawl out of your hole you call a home and man the f*** up!! Don’t force me to pull your cowardly asses down to that ring... that'll only piss me off even MORE!

And believe me, you wouldn't want that...

S.K. gives a sinister smile as he pushes the camera away from his face

SK: Well looks like I'm not in a tag match anymore, but in a handicap match. For your health concern, Mr. Hart, I wouldn’t show your ugly mug at all this week, because I’ll just rip you to shreds if you do. I don't need any help from you, you pathetic puke.

The Giant needs help from NO ONE!

And if you do decide to show up, don't think that I won't hesitate to throw you puny ass to the outside and eliminate you from the match.

This isn't our match, Hart... THIS IS MY MATCH!

The match that I plan on dominating by myself! The Giant has a taste for blood, and I will satisfy my craving with a sample taste of yours if it calls for it!

camera fades to black

01-27-04, 04:39 AM
(Fade into a black and white scene of an office overlooking a street in the heart of New York City. A man enters, and we cut to him approaching the desk and chair that is turned to him.)

Thatcher: What is this I read, "The American joins New ERA Wrestling?" What kind of a joke is this.

(The chair turns and we see THE AMERICAN sitting in a white shirt with untied tie.)

The American: Mr. Thatcher, what do I have the pleasure of your company on this day?

Thatcher: This (tosses paper onto the desk.)

The American: Surely you haven't worked yourself into a huff about this.

Thatcher: Just by associating yourself with such a common league you are destroying your credibility and the credibility of everyone who you have been associated with.

The American: So because I have been matched up with some 2 bit clown named Suicidal Killer your entire reputation is tarnished?

Thatcher: It isn't simply him, it is the entire league.

The American: Have you never enjoyed a challenge in your life, bringing something else up to your own standard?

Thatcher: That is why you work, so that you don't have to be faced with further challenges in life once you reach a certain plain.

The American: I see NEW as a chance for me to take a struggling back alley promotion with a sack of no talent no name no nothing competitors and make them great.

Thatcher: But what is the point?

The American: The point is this, if I can make a worthless individual like Suicidal Killer seem important to people, if I can make people care enough that I am going to beat him, that is a true accomplishment.

Thatcher: But what if they simply want to see you finally end the career of such a dull insipid loser?

The American: Of course that is a likely scenerio, but you must remember there is a way to tell.

Thatcher: But would you even want to?

The American: Of course. Just look at him, look at his name.

Thatcher: I try not to.

The American: Look at his attitude, look at what he says, look at what he is.

Thatcher: Ditto.

The American: He's just a generic blob, cliched in every single aspect of his being. Who could care that much about such a middle of the road nobody that they'd want to see him dead? No one! The only way someone would care about him is if he was matched up against someone like me. A legend, a man amoung men.

Thatcher: Others would call you a criminal for subjecting people to more from such people.

The American: But the sense of accomplishment would outweigh that for me. To make Suicidal Killer, Shawn Hart, or this waste of carbon I have for a partner interesting is a goal, a goal of self betterment.

Thatcher: At the expense of all those who will watch?

The American: Yes, but it isn't a terrible cost, for as long as they will see Suicidal Killer talk, they will see him beaten, broken, and bloodied on the ground for just as long. They will see the rest of the generic cliched hacks the same way, and they will thank me for ridding the world of that much more mediocrity.

(Fade out)

Suicidal Killer
01-27-04, 03:08 PM
The camera fades into a house show at the Worcester, Massachusetts Arena

Tom Gheorghe: And welcome everyone. I'm Tom Gheorghe, and you are watching a special edition of New Era of Wrestling. Tonight we have a few preview matches for you just before our inaugural RAUCOUS program that will be held in just a few days.

Nick Jive: That's right Tom tonight is a special night indeed...

Suddenly the arena lights go out... the crowd goes silent as the numbers... ...6... ...6... ...6 appear on the titantron

NJ: What in the world?

TG: Oh no, I think we might have a special guest tonight Nick.

NJ: Oh no...

"Army of Me" by the band Chimaira blasts over the PA system as the gigantic Suicidal Killer emerges from the back stage. The crowd erupts in boos as pyros ignite behind the Giant as he sneers at the crowd while making his way down to the ring.

He steps over the top rope and walks to the center of the ring. S.K. gives a sadistic stare at the crowd, just before bringing the microphone up to his mask to speak

Suicidal Killer: So Mr. America wishes to show his face finally! Well "Captain A" you've just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

S.K. chuckles a bit

SK: So you're a legend, huh? And I guess the legend is going to "build" this promotion into his very own EMPIRE, because there is no one else here that's capable of doing such a thing?

"The Big Guy" bursts out in laughter, but then suddenly the laughter turns into a deep growling sadistic scream as S.K.'s explodes into an uncontrollable rage while standing inside the ring

SK: The only thing legendary about your sorry ass, is the sh*t that flies from you mouth when you speak. You arrogant S.O.B., you think you can pull a win over me just because you've never heard of me? Just because this is our first meeting, you ridicule my very being as being a piece of GOO?

A F***ING piece of GOO?

S.K. gives a sadistic laugh as he smiles into the camera

SK:Well this piece of "GOO" is going to mop the damn mat with your "Captain A" ass, like it was 4th of July. I'm going to show you the best damn firework display anyone has ever seen, when I hit you with my explosive moves and send your body flying into the air. It'll ignite the entire arena as I toss you around like a broken worn out rag doll.

See the thing is, "Captain A"... I don't rely on my size to get me through this match. Oh no, no, no... See I'm completely CRAZY.


A PSYCHOTIC LUNATIC, that has only one goal, one desire, one fascination, which is to create tons and tons of pain onto your body, pushing your sanity to its very limit. Doing this is my goal, and if I get a pretty little gold belt for doing it, then that would make it even the merrier!

Oh you have a goal too huh?

Your goal is to give the crowd something to enjoy? Well I can fix that problem as I knock you unconscious with repeated chair attacks to your freaking skull!

Maybe then some sense will be knocked back into that thing you call a brain.

They'll be chanting your name "Captain A"...

But the only thing they'll be chanting is... "HOLY SH*T, Captain's DEAD"... "HOLY SH*T, Captain's DEAD", after I dismantle your corpse in front of the millions of people.

Now I ask you, what better entertainment can you ask for?

Oh I know...

Just when you think the brutality has ended, and the pain can't continue anymore... ...I speed things up and come at you with everything and anything... including taking your partner's limp body and using it as a weapon just to beat the living crap out of you, if I must.

It doesn't matter how I get the win, it doesn't matter how great you think you are compared to me "Captain A". Because frankly I don't give a damn how big your ego is, or how big you think you come off being... when you step into that ring at RAUCOUS, you'll be face to face with something far bigger than you've ever encountered before...


Oh I'll give these putrid freaks something to cheer for, someone to boo at, and something to write down in the history books about...

S.K. gives a sinister smile

A NEW World Heavyweight champion that has the balls to take on anyone at any time in any type of match... A champion that has no fear... A champion that feels pain and loves it!

You, "Captain A", are considered no such of a champion, you are exactly what I despise more than anything. You are...


SK sneers at the camera

SK: And I eat wanna-bes for BREAKFAST.

Sad thing is really, you're not even a meal. You're just a midnight snack. A cheap imitation of what's to come much later...

S.K.'s eyes light up with a look of pure evil

The capturing of MY GOLD BELT!

So for now I'll amuse myself with kicking your ass till that day comes...

The crowd boos at the Giant as he tosses the microphone down on the mat. "Army of Me" blasts over the PA, as SK leaves the ring

TG: Tough words from the competitor. What do you think Nick?

NJ: zzzzz... ...zzzz... (Tom shakes Nick on his shoulder) ...wha... what happened? Is it over?

TG: Oh you just missed SK's brutal promo. He called "The American" a wanna-be.

NJ: Oh is that all? You woke me to tell me that?

TG: Alright ladies and gentlemen, we're taking a quick commercial break, and we'll be right back after word from our sponsor.

Camera fades to black

01-29-04, 05:16 AM
(Fade into the same office, where The American is now joined by Mr. Berenstein.)

Mr. B: Your special case has responded.

(The American leans back.)

The American: So I've heard. He is making it very difficult to make him seem at all interesting.

Mr. B: I gather that.

The American: He is such a breeding pool of cliche and all that is generic. I feel like I am overstating this my friend, but it cannot be said enough.

Mr. B: Well, then why bother? You've built a name for yourself, you are the NEW Universal Champion just walking into the door... why bother about some peon?

The American: To put it simply, because if I don't show this young man the light, he will drive all of the others who might see him down the same dark path.

Mr. B: Your concern for those below your station is as always commendable.

The American: I tried to keep from watching his latest words, but as always my eyes were drawn to it as we all are to any trainwreck. It created so many questions in my mind, but not in the way one would have questions while reading Plato or Locke, but in the way one has questions while reading the most mindless of drivel.

Mr. B: I can imagine.

The American: I mean, where does he find this fully packed arena that seems to exist just so he can come out and put on an interview? Why will he swear at some points, but then chicken out and say "freaking" at others? Why is he a "Suicidal" Killer? Why does he care about the Heavyweight Championship when he is facing the UNIVERSAL Champion?

(Camera pans to the glass case in the office containing the NEW UNIVERSAL Title.)

The American: His stupidity boggles the mind. Why would I care if he is a "Loon" I've fought with Canadian currency before, and I do believe everytime I've come out on top, especially with this favorable exchange rate.

Mr. B: The Canadian dollar is a beautiful thing.

The American: But Suicidal Killer, I will say this. I am going to do you a favor. A big one, since I am a man of the people, one who likes to do things for others.

Mr. B: This is true.

The American: Suicidal Killer, I am going to tell you that you need not respond to this. I, and I am sure every other person involved in this contest has heard all you can say, and it was said within 30 seconds. Just simply leave it well enough alone and save your breath, for no one is going to be paying attention. Does that sound fair? You don't try to bore us, and we won't be bored?

Mr. B: That way everyone saves time and energy that could be well put to use in some other endevour.

The American: So what do you say? Well, what don't you say rather. Suicidal, just simply stay in the backround and stop the cliche a minute assault. No one is interested, and you are simply damaging yourself, and my chances of making anyone care about this contest by opening your mouth. Simply learn when to close it, and do so.

Mr. B: The man does not seem to be that intelligent, perhaps it will fall on deaf ears?

The American: Well we will find out. If he does indeed respond he will have shown he is too dim witted to understand the most logical advice, and if he does not he will show us he has at least minimal intelligence inside that very dim exterior.

Mr. B: True enough.

The American: Now the only problem is you may have paid to rent these arenas and cheering fans already, so in this case if you promise to never ever speak again, I will personally pay you back for likely high costs involved in making it seem like people are interested in you. In return I just ask that you refrain from ever speaking again, or at least until after the time where I am expected to try and pay attention to you.

Mr. B: He would be a fool not to accept.

The American: Yes he would, and I cannot see a person being such a fool, a person being so dumb as to refuse this offer. Even Suicidal Killer.

(Fade out)

Suicidal Killer
01-29-04, 11:33 AM
The camera fades in - we see a building, which could possibly be the same building that has hosted, {the so-called "universal champ"}, The American during his past two promos.

The gigantic Suicidal Killer is seen standing outside the building. He's wearing a black-hooded trench coat covering up his face

Suicidal Killer: You want to know something, "Captain A"? I don't listen too well... ...especially to crack-pots who claim fame from a paper belt that they have locked up in a glass case.

And here…, …I'm the one that’s supposed to be loony...

Give me a break...

What... you think just because you spent hours and hours putting that piece of trash of a paper belt together with your "make it your-self kit" that "EVERYONE… …including their sister" can buy at their local dollar store...

That you’re something special? That everyone should get down on their hands and knees and blow hot air up your ass?

Sorry bub, it doesn't work like that. You know something else?

You try to hard... ...the psychological war that your pre-school mind is trying to play doesn't work on me...

...now maybe on your local generic wrestling shmuck who you use to wrestle back at your prestige “wrestling school for she-males”, of whence you came from...


S.K. smirks into the camera as he gives a sinister smile

SK:You know I could end it right here. If my informant is correct and this is where you're stationed at...

I could just easily walk in and slit that pathetic throat of yours... relieving you of the stress and pain that you'll be facing very... ....very.... ...very.... SOOOOON!

But wait…

That would be too easy, and lord knows I don't want to do that, simply because I want to see you suffer, I want you to experience what it's like to have a Suicidal Killer take the very life from your body... watching you choke on your last breath..


Not just simply killing you, that's too boring... And it kind of gets old after a while, much like your constant blabbering...

So "Captain A", you think you're soooooooo smart eh? That your IQ just out reaches any type of potential that my pea sized brain could ever wish to achieve?

Well tell me this, you POMPOUS ASS, is it really going to matter if you can tell me the square root of 8754…, when I'm choking the life out of you.

This isn't a f***ing IQ test, this is a test of PAIN!

And my friend the only thing your "alleged" IQ {which is about as small as your man-hood} is going to do for you in this match is...

That you maybe able to spout out of that sh*t hole of yours, you call a mouth, 10 different ways to say "I QUIT"... ...be it Cantonese, Japanese, Dutch, French, or Spanish...

In the end, they all have the same meaning... which is you can't take pain. You can't take on THIS GIANT. No matter how big you think your ego is, your proclaimed allegations of greatness means JACK SH*T TO ME! You haven't proven one single thing to me about how you plan on winning this match.

You should really consider yourself lucky... you'll be the Giant's first victim of this putrid federation.

Something else you should think about, yet we all know you've "attempted to do so", but maybe this time you should try a little bit harder and actually think clearly about just really what you're up against...

It's time for you to wake up, "Cappy".

...You're living in a dream world if you think this is going to be a walk in the park for you. You should be attempting to find out the answer to those questions, you asked earlier, especially to one of them in particular...

Why AM I a Suicidal Killer? Why go to the extreme of my insanity to prove it to everyone?

Now if you would have known these answers already you would have come to the simple realization that you CAN'T BEAT ME, and we could’ve avoided this entire ruckus!

But since humility is not one of your strong points..., …I will just have to beat the answers into your puny brain, with or without your consent...

In all honesty, "Captain A"...,

How can you beat someone who likes pain?

How are you supposed to beat someone, like me, who likes the taste of his own blood...?



You think you can buy me out of this match, so that I'll just lay there and let you get the win?

How about you take that monopoly money of yours and choke on it!!!

Daddy can't pay your way out of this predicament that you've managed to dig yourself into...

You know... ...You would think for being a "paper" champion, you would at least have been doing some sort of preparation, instead of sitting there on your ass.

But wait... ...that's right... You live in America's Dream World... That everything is just peachy and nothing can ever happen to you... ...outsiders wouldn't DARE attack America...

Just like them "Captain A", your head is stuck so far up your ass you don't know whether to fart or breathe out...

I'm going to say this...

ONE... ...LAST... ...TIME...

I know it’s hard, but for one brief second could you pull Mr. B's d*ck out of your ear and pay attention... because after this there’s no more talking, you either put up or SHUT UP…

S.K. reaches over and grabs the camera and pulls it up to his face. He gives the camera a cold dark stare while smiling evilly


And his name is SUICIDAL KILLER!

Be Afraid...

S.K. smirks as he pushes the camera away from his face. He then starts to exit the scene while humming a sick tune to himself

Camera fades to black