View Full Version : From the President's Desk, 01.19.04

01-19-04, 04:35 PM
((FADEIN: The camera fades in slowly to Acting President Marcus LaRoque standing in front of a podium. There are reporters there who are furiously writing. It seems as if we have entered in the middle of a press conference.))

REPORTER #1: "Mr. LaRoque! How is the recruiting coming? We've heard in our offices that you have signed a couple more people to your rosters. Is this true, and if so, who did you sign?"

LaROQUE: "Yes, yes it is true. As of today, New ERA has 12 guys signed to its roster. We have signed three more guys and have finished all the legal paperwork to have them advertised on our website, and for our upcoming card."

REPORTER #1: "Yes, but who are they?"

LaROQUE: "Well, I'm happy to say, that we have the current WFW World Champion Scotty Michaels on our roster. 'The Viewers Choice' thought it'd be fun to hold two World titles at the same time, and who are we to disagree? He'll get his chance just like everyone else."

REPORTER #2: "We've also heard a rumor that you signed a talent from A1E, is this correct?"

LaROQUE: "Ah, another great question. Of course its correct. Suicidal Killer, who you may all recognize from A1E has signed his New ERA contract today and will be on our first card. And yes, he will be in both promotions while he works for us, before you ask."

REPORTER #3: "And what about the third guy?"

LaROQUE: "Our third signee for today is a man whose comeback in the wrestling world has solidified his standing with the fans. I'm speaking of 'Rage o Fire' Jared Wells. Wells and I had long conversations about this, and we finally came to the conclusion earlier this morning. We here at New ERA are very happy to have Jared Wells on our roster."

REPORTER #1: "From what we've heard, the Battle Bowl will be the match of choice to determine the first New ERA World Champion. Can you confirm this? How will it be run?"

LaROQUE: "Yes, I can confirm that our first World Champion will be decided by the Battle Bowl. As for how it will be run? All 16 of our singles guys will be entered into a lottery. There will be 8 teams pulled out of 2 guys each. These teams will also have a number asigned to them. This is where a second lottery comes into play. The matches will be determined by the corresponding numbers. If for instance, Shawn Hart and El Arco Iris were drawn together, and their number was 1, and Scotty Michaels and Brody Hansen were together as number 6, if the numbers 1 and 6 were drawn in the second lottery, then Hart and Iris would be facing Michaels and Hansen."

REPORTER #3: "So wil it be tag matches all the way through? How will the final match be determined?"

LaROQUE: "There will be tag matches until there are 2 teams left. This is a single elimination tournament, so one loss and the guys are out of the hunt for now. Once the final four guys are determined, there will be a battle royal to determine the first World Champion of New ERA."

REPORTER #2: "What happens to the guys eliminated in the first 2 rounds of matches?"

LaROQUE: "The first 8 guys eliminated will be entered into a single elimination tournament to determine the first Television Champion. The four winners of those matches then move on to the second round where they'll face the four that were eliminated from the Battle Bowl in that second round.. It's like the NFL playoffs almost. The first 8 are fighting for the Wild Card, and the second four added had a "bye" week and are one step closer to the Television Title because of their success in the World Title tournament."

REPORTER #3: "Can you give us any insight on what the first card will look like and when we should expect it?"

LaROQUE: "The first RAUCOUS will be 4 matches. These matches will hold the first round of the Battle Bowl tournament. As for the date? We're still working on it. We had some problems with the scheduling at the Fleet Centre, so chances are we're holding it at another venue. Once we've got our 16 guys, and figure out the scheduling, we'll send out a memo."

(In the background, Juliet Marceau walks on stage and whispers something into LaRoque's ear. He nods and then leans over the mic.)

LaROQUE: "I'm sorry, but that's all I can announce for today. Thank you all for coming out.

((FADEOUT: As LaRoque turns and exits down the stairs as the reporters continue to shout out questions for him.))