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01-13-04, 03:28 PM
VOICE/OVER: "The following presentation is copyrighted to New ERA of Wrestling. Any distribution of the images or sound bytes without the expressed written consent of NEW is prohibited."


((FADEIN: Acting President Marcus LaRoque's office. LaRoque is standing at the window looking out wearing his typical suit and tie. He turns to the camera and stands there for a moment, waiting for the cameraman's cue.))

LaROQUE: "More good news for all the New ERA fans out there. I have just finished negotiating three more contracts that brings us 3 guys closer to our goal. It is with satisfaction that I announce our three latest signings her at New ERA of Wrestling."

(LaRoque walks over to the table in the middle of his office. He picks up a glass and takes a sip out of it.)

LaROQUE: "With these three signings, we have brought our roster up to 9 talented wrestlers. Each of whom will bring something different to the table. First off, we have Brody Hansen. This is a man who I have been trying to track down for a long time. Hansen should undeniably be a factor here in New ERA. He has the drive, and he has the talent to make a big splash. Up next is a man who has exhibited superb talent in negotiating, and from what I have seen, is one of the most vicious men for his size. Pyro has signed his contract with New ERA and should take each and every guy he takes on in that ring to the limit. We are very lucky to have such a talented wrestler in our promotion."

(LaRoque pauses for a moment, and then cracks a little smirk.)

LaROQUE: "And the last wrestler we've contracted is someone who I practically coaxed out of retirement on my own. He's been sitting around working on his skills without anywhere to take them.. 'The Messenger' Trevor Cane has the skills, he has the determination, and most of all, he has a New ERA contract. (raises hand) And I can honestly swear that thanks to these three signings that New ERA has one of the deepest rosters right now around. We're more than halfway there, and we've got inqueries coming left and right about our brand. It should be a wild ride as we're coming closer and closer to starting up."

(LaRoque walks over to his desk and takes a seat behind it. He folds his hands on top of it.)

LaROQUE: "Many people ask when we're going to have our first show. Well, it may be sooner than you think. With everything seemingly going in the right direction, with new talent flowing in every day, New ERA's doors are going to be busted open, and we're not leaving anything behind."

(LaRoque also picks up a piece of paper and reads it over quickly. He puts it back on the desk before looking back at the camera.)

LaROQUE: "I'd also like to take this time to announce our affiliation with Empire Pro Wrestling. Our development staffs have talked with one another and we've decided to establish and support connections with each other. Both of our promotions plan to work together, although well down the line, to produce the best product on the market. Until then, however, don't be surprised to see advertisements and support for each other in the following weeks and months. This is all for now, as I still have many more phones to call, and more contracts to sign. Until then, au'revoir."

((FADEOUT: As LaRoque immediately whips out his cell phone and gets out of his chair. He walks back to the window as the scene fades to black.))

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