View Full Version : Rumors, 01.10.03

01-12-04, 12:27 AM

ONE: It seems that a supposed merger between New ERA of Wrestling and another promotion from afar has fell through the cracks. Acting President Marcus LaRoque and the President of the Sadistic Wrestling Federation (part of the WfWA alliance) could not come to terms on the new deal. The deal would have been a steal for New ERA as an influx of new talent would have gone to the rosters.

TWO: There also should be some more signings news to be brought about in the next couple of days. Word on the street is that there are 4 to 5 names out there that have seriously been considering joining the ranks and helping to make New ERA's start a big one.

THREE: All signs are pointing to the Battle Bowl being the match of choice to determine the first New ERA World Champion. It seems that the original idea of having 8 guys eliminated and having 8 guys fight it out in the battle royal will be scrapped to four guys in the final battle royal. The other 12 guys will be automatically entered into a 12 man single elimination tournament for the Television title I have heard.. more on this as I get it.

FOUR: There are also signs that New ERA's opening date of January 25th has been on again off again. This is most likely do to the talents that have been sending their inqueries to New ERA's offices. As far as we know, even the 25th is a soluble date.

FIVE: Tag Teams? They've been barren so far on the roster, could it be that there might not even be a division now? Although there have been some rumors about two teams being seriously interested, they havent been more than just a name passing in conversation....

That's it for now .. I'm sure they'll be more rumors in the upcoming days so be on the lookout for another installment.