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01-11-04, 04:21 AM
...i didn't see it. :)

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Ice Tre, Cool as Frozen Water

(FADEIN, son. FADEIN. Who is it? Where he be at? Arms crossed menacingly across his chest, Ice Tre eyes the camera from behind a pair of bulky sunglasses. Standing in front of what could be a backdrop that GXW might have employed in the mid-1980's had it been around, Tre has got his "game face" on.)

ICE TRE: Lemme drop this on ya.

(He shifts his weight from right foot to left, adjusting his pose ever-so-slightly. But noticeably.)

ICE TRE: I ain't afraid of nobody. It's taken me my whole life to get me to this day, and ... whoa ...

(He leans, back against the backdrop/wall ... he removes his sunglasses in deep thought.)

ICE TRE: ... that's some heavy sh_t right there, you know? ... like ... Today ... is the First Day ... of the Rest of my LIFE, and sh_t!

(He composes himself, regaining that air of forced and phony street-wise confidence that DEFINES the man.)

ICE TRE: hah ... I just made that up.

(He puts the shades back on. Good-god-DAMN, he's a pimp.)

ICE TRE: The truth is that Ice Tre has never been this ready for the "big time". The truth is that I have never been more COLD than I am right now. Believe me when I tell you, I am one mean ... MEAN motherf_ucker. And I will smoke the unfortunate a$$ of anybody ignorant enough to step up in my face! Just like my MAN ... my IDOL ... the wind beneath my cold, hard-a$$, hater-decapitatin' wing ... Boogie Smallz.

(His smile returns.)

ICE TRE: My best friend, Boog'-Money, mowed down the competition. He beat Man, Animal ... and hemaphrodite to come out of that tournament. Boog'-slim is undoubtedly the KING of the COUNTDOWN. And in just a few days, he's gonna be the damn KING of queer-ass ENGLAND! He's gonna make John Miller squeal like Kobe Bryant's accuser! ... Battleground Britain is gon' be THUGGED OUT by me and my eternal homeboy, the Salt to my Pepa -- we don't need no Spinderella -- Boogie Smallz.

(The shades come off again, and this time he hangs them on his gaugy, Mr.T-style gold chains.)

ICE TRE: Boog' smeared the MAT with my opponent at Battleground Britain ... and lemme drop this on ya: in my VASTLY experienced and learned opinion, Max Blackshire is in store for more of the same. No doubt, Max Blackshire, if you watchin', I've got this to say to you...

(Tre cleared his throat, then held up his middle finger, eyes on the floor. When he looked back up, his arm - and finger - dropped.)

ICE TRE: ... at the Battleground ... I stomp you DOWN. And, son?

(Snatches the shades and slips them back on, not before jabbing himself awkwardly in the eye.)

ICE TRE: When I put people down ... they don't get up.

(A moment passes, and he folds his arms across his chest again, rather forced and awkward. He nods his head twice. FADEOUT.)

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Sorry about that. I didn't put the Hellfighter/Davis thread up initially either. Oops!

- Dave

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No harm done, bro :)