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01-11-04, 02:10 AM
FWI Rookie of the Year Jonathan Marx takes on the final MCW World Champion Adam Benjamin!

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01-12-04, 10:42 PM

::::Jonathan Marx is sitting in his den, reading in his library when Brandon Jacobs, Marx’s agent bursts into the room::

BRANDON JACOBS: After weeks of negotiations, we have finally landed the match that we have been looking for.

JONATHAN MARX: Thank god, you would think we were negotiating a hostage release. These boys are running scared that I’ll turn their promising young technician into a codpiece.

BRANDON JACOBS: How else are they suppose to feel? You have beaten both Rabesque and Evan Aho in the first half of the NFW Season and you are the NFW North point leader. The only advantage for Adam Benjamin is that he has the home field advantage, he will have all those wooden toothed simpletons firmly in his corner hanging on his every move.

JONATHAN MARX: That is what is going to make this a challenge. It is like trying to beat Rabesque in Canada or Evan Aho in the CSWA. This will be a true test of my abilities. I’m going to Adam Benjamin’s own home turf to show the world that I am the best technical wrestler in all of wrestling and just like William Shakespeare did before me, I will leave a masterpiece in my wake which the fans will treasure long after I’m gone.

BRANDON JACOBS: Merchant of Venice level?

JONATHAN MARX: Please, the poor deprived fans of the GXW deserve to see a Hamlet or King Lear level performance and I will settle for nothing less. The United Kingdom was forced to watch Big Daddy matches for over two decades. It is time to educated these poor fans about what wrestling can be and bring this sport into the next century.

BRANDON JACOBS: What if you beat Benjamin took quickly?

JONATHAN MARX: I’ll just have to turn King Lear into a sonnet and impress them with my brevity. But I hope Benjamin gives me a fight, that would make this match even more sweet. Brandon, pack your bags, Marxism is invading England.

BRANDON JACOBS: Should I bring my rubbers?

JONATHAN MARX: Yes, we don’t need mess up the royal blood line anymore than it is….


JONATHAN MARX: I jest, I know what you meant, bring your galoshes Brandon, because Benjamin has rainy days in his future.



01-13-04, 12:54 AM
(Fade into “Strong Mans Gym” a local gym that “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin trained and learned the art of professional wrestling. Adam arrived in the United Kingdom earlier this morning. On the walls of the gym are several pictures of wrestlers, most importantly Adams picture winning the Gold medal in the Good Will games. Adam is seen working his legs as the camera begins filming him.)

Benjamin: One more set Freddy!

(The camera pans to a middle age man, standing behind Adam as he works out)

Freddy: Ok Adam go to it!

(Adam slams the last of his final set out, and stands up)

Benjamin: Freddy its great to be back, I have missed the feeling of this gym.

Freddy: My Adam times have changed but you have done a great deal for wrestling here in the UK. I remember your first day. You have done so well, I am proud of you. Well Adam I am going to go work some youngsters. I will talk to you later.

(Freddy walks off as Adam looks towards the camera with a smile)

Benjamin: This is were it started, this is were I took a thought, turned it into a dream, and thus now a living reality. This week the entire GXW crew, and a host of names have come to my homeland to put on the largest talent fest of wrestlers one has ever seen. This card will go down in history as one of the greatest and by god my people get to see it live. From top to bottom the card is stacked with talent, and everyone will be out to shine when they step into the ring. On a personal level I am sort of torn knowing full well I get to wrestle in front of my country, however I will do it no longer a World Champion. Yes what a horrible week I went though fist finding out that the MCW closed its doors leaving me with a title with no worth or value. Then on the wake of finding out that all my hard work has gone up in smoke, I lost my second round match against Starr. Well at last fellow Brits I will not be facing Miller for the GXW title. No I will be going one on one with the FWI rookie of the year Jonathan Marx.

(Adam claps his hands)

Benjamin: JM for one night only you are going to step into the GXW spotlight. For one mega event you are going to show the world, most of all the country of England you skills. Well JM congrats on the rookie of the year award, you should be proud of that. You know JM I too was a rookie last year; I guess your skills simple out shined mine for the last year. That is fine because JM in the last year I worked my ass off to be standing in this spot today, and I am proud of what I have done in my one year of wrestling. You see my goal is to start fresh and work my way back to the top of the wrestling world.

(Adam laughs)

Benjamin: Home field advantage? You could say that JM. When we meet this week you can bet your career that I will be the home team and you will truly be hated. But never the less I the fans of my great country will truly witness a battle of two great technicians go one on one. This week you can talk about William Shakespeare all you want, the fact is that you are not going to walk over me. You see JM I am the new age technician, and I am going to in one nigh out wrestle you, out class you, and most of all leave you with two painful decisions live in the center of the ring. First question can I withstand the painful feeling of the Cure? And two if so can you possibly kick out after feeling the effects of the Benjamin driver or the mighty shinning wizard? The floor is yours JM!

(Fade to black)

01-17-04, 12:58 AM
::Jonathan Marx is standing at the base of Big Ben::

(CUTTO: The hands of Big Ben)




(CUTTO: Marx smiling with his hands folded)

Do you hear it Benjamin? The final minutes are ticking off your status as the best technician ever to grace a GXW ring.

Have you properly prepared yourself for what you are going to face?

Are you willing to go above and beyond greats like Evan Aho and Jean Rabesque and still fall short?

These are the moments I live for, to dash the dreams of young rookies and break their spirit.

Like the old school greats before me, I will physically punish you in order to see if you have what it takes to be a wrestler when I stretch you an inch from your life. By the time that I am done stretching you, your eyes will be blood shot and you will know the greatest pain you’ve ever felt in your life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bully, I’m doing it for your own good. You have to learn how to take care of yourself in the ring and I’m just the man to teach you.

Prepare yourself Benjamin, the old school revolution is coming for you.



01-17-04, 12:38 PM
(Its is Saturday morning in a large Church is England. We are live in the closing moments of the knighting ceremony for “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin. Adam is being knighted for his wrestling services for his country. We take you live….)

Voice: Please stand and forever be known as “Sir” Adam Benjamin….

(Adam kneeling looks upward into the now seen queen, his eyes almost tearful, as he stands and receives a loud cheer from the small crowd. After talking and thanking several people Adam makes his way to the front of the church and begins speaking)

Benjamin: First off I would live to thank everyone for this honor. To my queen I have spoken the world of truth with your blessing, and I will continue to honor this country whenever I am in side a wrestling ring. To my loyal fans, the true Benjamin’s I am grateful. Being home for this event is a dream come true, and I am going to give everything I have to give all of you a victory, not only for Yours Truly, but for this country as well. And although after this match I will be going back to the USA, I want you to know that with me each of you are in my heart, and my thoughts each and every day. Thank you and god bless the queen!

(Adam walks into a private room, there is some food and drinks set up on a table. Adam takes a water bottle and takes a seat and continues talking)

Benjamin: First off let it be known that Yours Truly is now a knight. And let it be known that today’s facts of Benjamin’s life fact is that Yours Truly loves nachos and salsa. Yes it is true behind this awesome body, and my upper class smile is a man who loves to eat nachos and salsa. But hey even thought I eat like a fat out of shape United states sweat hog does not mean I am one.

(Adam laughs)

Benjamin: Ok lets get down to business and talk about Jonathan shall we. You stand if front of Big Ben to do an interview how interesting. You talk about time ticking away as if I am going to buy into your thought patterns. Wake up and look around you Marx you are out of your element. Sure you have a nice rookie of the year award but come on lets be honest how can you truthfully honor that knowing that you have never faced Yours Truly. You know you say you live for the moments were you can dash the dreams of young rookies and break there sprits?

(Adam laughs and begins singing)

Benjamin: Back to life, back to reality…

(Adam stops singing)

Benjamin: You cannot break my dream you foolish man. My Dream is wrestling itself, and by god I am living my dream out very well thank you. Calling me a rookie as if you are better than me? Do you think you are better than me because you have some award, you make me laugh and I am going to prove that you are an award were as I am the award show itself this week! You think you are going to walk over me in front of my country? Man Jonathan I am going to make sure your debut in GXW is your last match. In doing that I am going to show you, my country, and the entire GXW roster than 2004 is the year of Benjamin!
See you in the ring Marx were Yours Truly will make you face the cross road of the wrestling ring. One way is to get pinned after I knock you out with the shinning wizard. The other road is to tap out to the Cure. Choice is yours Marx either way I still win right England! See you in the ring Mate.

(fade to black)