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01-10-04, 12:59 AM
Created by Jerry LeClaire
Stats from 2/13/93

Yo..... I'll join!!!
name:Shiek al-LeClaire (the noble...)
weight:287 lbs
intro music:Black Sabbath
5 key moves:foreign object(bloodletting),fireball,choke,boot to the face,hot shot
setup move:piledriver
finish:camel clutch

general attitude:psychotic,bloodthirty heel of heels that even traditional heels should fear.ruthless,methodical, unrelenting who seeks to intentionally injure his opponents in as heinous a fashion as possible.not a very nice guy and other wrestlers would be wise to treat a match with him as a fight for their lives!see you at the hospital!

-the shiek-

NOTE: The epitome of Mr. Vicious, very fun to write and he knew the hardcore style so well

01-12-04, 04:19 PM
An all-time favorite character of mine. The Original Sheik, violent matches, psychotic heel.

The Mr. Vicious division was like the WWF's hardcore title. Except we did it 10 years before they did it and we also did it about 5 years before ECW.

Those matches would probably come off like psycho Japan garbage match stuff.

01-15-05, 12:14 AM
Yes those were the days....ECW and a few Japanese Orgs were probably salivating over every random act of cruelty and can of cheap heat I could muster....Who could forget SHEIKspeak????No one reveled in the art of HEELdom like The Sheik!!!:D
All I can say is ....... stay tuned and.....
See you in the Hospital:D !!!!
PS-Paul....how do I RISE from the graveyard here? Or should
I repost a BIO in the joinup section??
Reply here or send me a reply and lemme know.....:D