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01-09-04, 11:47 PM
Created by Chris Gethard
Stats from 2/14/93

Hi! I am Famine. I am joining to taunt PESTILENCE!
HEIGHT: 6'11
MUSIC: Hunger Strike By Temple of the Dog
Attire: Black spandex shirt with a rib cage on it. The cage is shriveled so it has the effect of being starved. Famine wears chains on his neck which he takes off. He does not fight with them. His pants are black with the word FAMINE written in blood red on the side. Famine sometimes wears a mask. He does this to throw his opponent off.
BIO: Famine is the younger brother of Pestilence. HE used to pick on Pestilence as a child and would beat his parents with chains. (The very chains he wears - he holds them sacred) He lived in London. He constantly came into Pestilence's classrooms, beat the *^%&^ out of him, and left. He was later put into an institution for killing a guy, but was released after a medication calmed him down. He threw out his medication.
1. Scorpion death lock
2. Camel Clutch
3. Powerbomb
4. Power Slam
5. stands on person's neck
6. flying clothesline

FINISHER: The Hunger Strike - He puts the person in a Gorilla Press position. throws them straight up, and catches them. He uses the momentum from this to slam the person into his knee and pin them.

BIO: Famine vs. Pestilence was one of the best feuds I ever witnessed. Chris, despite being younger than Gregg, took him to his limit on several occassions and if Chris had stuck around, he would have been one of the greatest RPers ever on FWrestling. Member of the Famed Inner Circle and Striker's favorite tag team partner.

01-12-04, 04:31 PM
Chris didn't just take me to the limit, he constantly beat me and one-upped me.

The original Famine vs. Pestilence feud is still the best feud I've ever been in. A grudge feud that went in hundreds of directions. Bloodiest brawls. Famine killed Pestilence in their final match. (We'll ignore the history after that since I totally messedd the angle up.)

The Famine character made a return in 1999/2000 in the CSWA in what is still my favorite angle of all-time. My brother rejoined the CSWA after a 5-year hiatus from FW with a character known as "Ill Squeeze"-- a rich kid wanna be gangsta rapper. Ill Squeeze's father brings in a bodyguard to protect his son, a masked man calling himself "Cardigo Mysterian." Cardigo shows himself to be extremely violent but still signs a CSWA contract. Once he does, he turns on Ill Squeeze and his father and goes on to destroy everyone who gets in his path.

This angle slowly builds. Cardigo becomes one of the most feared men in the CSWA and talks, at length, about the mystery of his past and how he cannot reveal who he really is. Meanwhile, young go-getter reporter Billy Buckley (son of venerable CSWA announcing legend Bill Buckley) digs and digs and nails it down.

Mysterian gets suspended from the league by President Merrit-- no one knows why. Buckley interview Cardigo and it is revealed why... Cardigo is Famine, the man who was blacklisted from the sport for killing his own brother. He's lived in the gutter since then, addicted to drugs, but stumbled across a way to get back into the sport. That is through the CSWA-- the biggest promotion of them all.

That interview is still somewhere on the CSWA archives, taking place at some PPV. This might just be an older brother talking, but in all my 10+ years of RPing, I think that it might be the single best RP of all-time.

He's still suspended. Meanwhile, Troy Windham and Eddy Love have joined forces to go against Hornet, Eli Flair and Mike Randalls-- the ClaimStakers, bent on taking over the CSWA. Windham and Eddy do their best but are out-manned.

In Mobile, Ala. there is a special main event match. Troy/Eddy vs. Eli/Hornet in a 60-minute marathon match. Tied 4-4, it goes into overtime. There, after using heel chickanery, Hornet is about to piledrive Troy off the top rope and perhaps destroy Troy (who has a broken neck) once and for all.

Out of the crowd comes Cardigo Mysterian, with a chair. He climbs to the top, crowns Hornet, piledrives Hornet himself and watches as Eddy Love covers Hornet. He stands over all four men as the crowd chants his name and tears flow down his face. He points to the heavens to remember his brother, his personal redemption complete.

The match and following angle is the highlight of my FW career.

Chris, unfortunately, became too busy and couldn't achieve the ultimate destiny of Cardigo/Famine-- the CSWA World Title. It would've been his.