View Full Version : PowerMaster Is Calling Out Lady Freedom

12-29-03, 12:43 PM
(CUT TO: A mountain field. An elk drinks from a nearby stream. In the distance, a yak's horn bellows. Then, *FWOOSH*-- a clash of lightning strikes and apparently turning from gaseous to solid state is the NFW's Lord Master of Aggro-Intenzity, POWERMASTER. PowerMaster has a sky blue w/ white trim lightning bolt painted on his face, his muscular body freshly oiled, streamers and fringe dangling off his army, wearing tights with his face airbrushed over the pants and also has on fur boots.)

PM: FOR THREE MILLENIA I HAVE FOUGHT! For three millenia I have battled the forcez within... CHANNELING THE POWERZ OF FOKRUCITY from within the MOLTEN CRUZT OF THE EARTH'Z CORE... using my powers of AGGRO-INTENZITY to change the tilt of the plaaaaneeetzzz, the temperatures of the heavenz, the depthz of the oceanz.

YET NO ONE HAS HEEDED MY CALL. I am a warrior who fights alone, I am a warrior who alone fightz. THIS PLANET I HAVE FOUGHT FOR HAS SHUNNED ME, but I shall continue to CHANNEL MY FOCRUCITY, to ENHANCE MY AGGRO-INTENZITY... to ingezt 10,000 carbz a day of whey protien mix from Met-Rex... for NO ONE ELZE CAN SAVEEEE YOUUUUUUUUU.

Our planet has an intruder. One has LANDED ON THIZ PLANET from another planet, known only to UZ as MILLENNIUM CITY. She has taken the female form, she has powerz of a SUPER HUMAN NATURE. HER NAME IS LADY FREEDOM... yet how can she truly be free? FREEDOM ONLY COMES TO THOSE WHO KNOW FOKRUCITY... freedom only comes to those who channel AGGRO-INTENZITY.

BUT THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR ONE ETERNAL IN THIS, THE BATTLE OF THE NEW FRONTIER. There is only room for one who lives on the archipelago, for one in contact with the spirit-lordz high above, for one who bathez in the glow of the lava from the earth's core. THAT ONE IS ME.

Lady Freedom, we shall engage in a cataclysmic battle that shall make Thor, Loki, Athena AND ALL THE OTHER MAN-GODZ THAT I CONVERZE WITH SMIIIILLEEEE... because only one shall walk away... and that one will be the being of FOKRUCITY... the one who channels... AGGGGROOOO INTEENNNZIIITTTYYYYYY!!!!!

(Power Master starts running in place as the elk stares at him.)