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12-17-03, 03:44 PM
former GXW X-Treme Champ Black takes on former NthWA World Champion Cobb!

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12-18-03, 02:07 PM
*Scene fades into the backstage area of a GXW event. The camera moves down along a hallway until it comes to a door that is slight ajar. The door slowly creeks open and reveals Randy Cobb sitting at a small table in dim light. He's in street clothes drinking a cup of coffee before he looks up and begins to speak.*

Randy Cobb: Surprising. There is no better way to describe the look on everyones face when the Randy Cobb burst back onto the scene at Global Warfare. Sure I tried to come back every now and then, but the fact remains that I never really got my **** together before trying to step back in the ring. This time I'm set, and I've surrounded myself with four of the greatest wrestlers this fed has ever seen. Old habits die hard, and when one of those habits is wreaking havoc on midcarders like Kin Hiroshi with Dan Ryan, well thats something that just may never die. The Uprising is here to just further supplant itself as the greatest collective this business will ever know and isn't it funny how the only group that can actually claim that kind of greatness is Team Phenom? haha

*Cobb picks up a piece of paper that is lying on the table, looks it over, crumples it up, and then flicks it off the table.*

Randy Cobb: The tournament for a world title shot is up next for all of us, and I think there would be no fitter way for Randy Cobb to reclaim his spot then by stepping through all these youngsters and has-beens on his way back up to the top. It doesn't matter if John Miller is still on top when I get there or if Rosie O'Donnell is there.....I'll take that person to the ground and win that precious precious gold. My first opponent looks to be David Allen Black. You're a former X-Treme champ huh? That's quite impressive. No one knows how grueling the X-Treme division in GXW is more than Randy Cobb. I've lost more blood in GXW rings than a bed-ridden hempphiliac. I can pick you apart until you finally break and get that 1..2..3. There's no question that you're a tough customer, but I'm one of the toughest men you'll ever face and I hope you're prepared for it son. This isn't gonna be a walk in the park, because I'm living the business again....and when I'm this into it....there is no way anyone can stop me.

*Fade To Black*

12-23-03, 11:55 PM
*{Fade In}

*{The scene opens up on a hotel room where we see David Allen Black standing in front of a large window looking outside. The camera moves into position as he looks over with what appears have a lot on his mind. Let's listen in.}

David Black: "Finally the GXW is going in the right direction. They are starting to give me what I want. They are putting me in this tournament to decide who the number one contender is to John Miller's GXW Unified World Heavyweight title....

{Black picks up a nearby vase and throws it up against the wall shattering it into hundreds of peices before turning his attention back to the camera to continue on.}

Black: "What they were supposed to do was give me my title shot, not put me in a tournament. They are wasting my time. My threats to the GXW still stands. This federations is still being held hostage by me . For everytime the GXW denies or delays me, somebody else gets hurt by my hands. Well I guess I can somewhat humor the GXW a little bit. I will bide my time and claw this tournament...taking out people left and right while I claim my destiny as the World Champion. Just mark my words, every single person that I fight in this tournament will suffer because I am taking it as delay on the GXW's part. You will not deny of my destiny."

"WHich leads me to the first victim. Randy Cobb. The former Rusty cage hardcore icon. I speak in a past tense Cobb because after this match you will just be past tense. You will be nothng but a forgotten page in GXW history. I remember you from the Nthwa. Can't say I give a f{beep}, but trust me I remember you. Because I will do you you what I will do to John Miller after this pitiful tournament is over with."

"You don't scare me, and you will be doing a lot of picking apart because I will take everything you do to me and keep on coming. I bleed a lot more than a hemophiliac, but I still keep coming. I'm a god, I'm immortal. You can't hurt me. You wouldn't know where to begin."

"You're right, I am a tough customer, but I'm more than you could ever imagine. I don't care if you think I'm a lunatic. I'm going to claim what is mine, even if I do it over YOUR...DEAD...BODY! Take my word for it, nothing can stop you...except me."

{Black gives off a subtle smile and a wink at the camera as he looks out the window looking down below. He glances down as the camera shows a top view of a 2002 dark navy blue Hummer down in the parking lot. You hear Black's voice while the camera shows the Hummer start up it's engine and start to slowly drive off.}

Black: "But even I can use a little help in acheiving my goals. Don't worry, I've got it covered. I will not be denied...again."

{Fade Out}

12-24-03, 12:42 AM
*Scene fades into Randy Cobb's penthouse apartment. The camera pans around the living area and comes to a television. On the screen is a David Allen Black match, and Cobb is sitting in a nearby chair studying every move. Cobb flicks off the television and looks into the camera, he begins to speak.*

Randy Cobb: It seems as if David Allen Black has had GXW hostage since before I got back here. You think a guy that had this whole place under his control wouldn't let himself be upstaged by The Uprising at Global Warfare. There are a lot of big words coming out of Black's little body. You think this is your destiny? Let's list off some credentials, shall we? Randy Cobb is a former World Champ, former continental champ, former X-Treme champ, and a former tag champ. You name any type of title and Randy Cobb has held it in one incarnation or another. You've made your name wrestling X-Treme, and there's nothing wrong with that. I've played that game already, and I know every trick in the book. You can't surprise me, but I can sure as hell surprise the hell out of you.

*Cobb pulls a Heineken off a nearby table and sips it slowly, pondering his next thought. After a moment he begins his rant once again.*

Randy Cobb: You've got a passion for the melodramatic. You're a god, you're an immortal, YOU'RE NOTHING! At this point, words mean nothing. It's your actions that will determine what the outcome is, and no ones actions speak louder than Randy Cobb's. You may think you deserve the GXW title just because you think you've been passed over. You don't just get what you want, you have to earn it. I've earned my place in wrestling history and I will continue to build on my legacy. You're just another man who thinks that talk might faze me. I've dealt with the biggest talkers of all time, and now I've got the biggest one on my side. Dan Ryan was the toughest customer I ever faced and our respect has gotten us to a place of mutual respect. Maybe one day you can earn those kind of stripes, but right now you haven't proved *bleep* and until you do, you'll be nothing more than a stepping stone.

*Fade To Black*