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Jason Payne
12-13-03, 06:56 PM
The scene opens as Jason Payne makes his way into a doctors office. Not just any old doctors office that you go to whenever you have a cold. One of those doctors you go to when you have a serious injury. Wearing a long coat that was buttoned up to his chest, a neckbrace, and wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, Payne entered the office, and slowly nodded towards someone out of shot.

"Ah Mr. Payne. Right on time. Come in and have a seat."

Jason's face betrayed no emotion. Seemingly placid, he sat down on the seat across a large oak desk.

"Lets not bore ourselves with bullcrap pleasantries doc, just tell me what the damage is so I can be on my way and get it fixed."

Jason's tone of voice however reflected a great degree of annoyance. He removed the sunglasses slowly as he glared across the desk. The last couple of weeks having not dampened his inner rage. He cast his glare across the desk to the doctor. The doctor, seemingly unmoved by Jason's tone of voice, and apparent bad mood, continued.

"Well Mr. Payne, I think it is safe to say that you should consider yourself lucky. According to all the X rays, you appear to have no broken bones anywhere along your neck, and no damage whatsoever to your spinal column."

Payne just fixed the doctor with an icy stare for a brief moment, then started to rise from his seat.

"Then I guess we have nothing to worry about then do we doc?"

Turning to leave, the doctor clears his throat.

"I don't think so Mr. Payne. Perhaps you had better sit back down."

Payne let out a long hiss of a sigh, and returned to his seat. More visibly agiated than before, he fisxed the doc with a harder, more intense glare. Unmoved, the doctor continued.

"Although you suffered no skeletal damage Mr. Payne, several of the muscles in your neck have been torn and damaged that you will require surgery to repair them. After your surgery, you will require six months of rehabilatation before normal use of your neck is regained."

Jason lifted an inquisitive eyebrow.

"So six months from now, I can go back to work. Is that about right?"

The doctor sighed heavily.

"I am afraid that it is not quite that simple Mr. Payne. Your neck has suffered severe trauma. When I say that you will regain normal use of your neck, I mean exactly that. You will have normal use of your neck. However, given the severity of your injuries, I can not give you any hope that you will be able to wrestle in another match."

Payne regarded the doctor for a moment. Looking away for a moment in contemplation, he spoke very softly, but determined.

"I didn't hear you say I could never wrestle again."

The doctor cleared his throat, and replied in a very doubtful voice.

"Well, yes. I didn't say you could never wrestle again. However as I said before, the severity of your injuries make any return to wrestling extremely doubtful."

Payne seemed to take in this information for a few moments, and then he cast his gaze back towards the doctor. His eyes narrowed, and a thin smile formed on his face.

"Then I guess the boys of NFW had better enjoy my little...vacation. Cause when I get back, they are all gonna wish that Jason Payne had been put away...permanently. "