View Full Version : WEEK 8: Jeff Garvin vs. Cameron Cruise

12-12-03, 07:15 PM
Is Garvin an 'Original' or just ready to be 'Crippled'?

12-20-03, 07:47 PM
((Fadein, "Jim's Gym" Parking Lot, in Jacksonville, NC. Cruise is walking back to his car, dressed in a black, hooded, Sweatshirt and jeans, as his wife and valet Mercedes, dressed in a white, hooded sweatshirt of her own with the logo "Real Class" on the front, and blue jeans. Shouldering their bags, Cruise smiles as he opens the trunk.)

CC: Wow, it's interesting how once a winning streak is formed....the phone won't stop ringing off the hook.

MD: Now, Cammy, don't you get all cocky now. Thing's are just starting to roll our way. No need to stop things early by getting arrogant.

CC: Oh, by all means, that's not at all what I'm saying. I'm just referring to the calls we've been getting....a shot in the World Title tournament on the line for GXW....and getting called out by Viper and McMillen for All-Star Week.

MD: You certainly didn't expect me to just sit idle and not have you participate, did I honey?

CC: Well, of course not Mercy, but for one thing, I never expected this kinda fare going into the break, and two....it really is interesting to see Viper and McMillen now actually see me as a threat.

Now, albeit, just for Viper's sake, it might be just the competition, seeing as he's feared and respected around here. Then there's Chris' offer, which in all honesty....seems...more sincere than Vipers'.

Now don't get me wrong Cobra Kai, I'm not at all taking you lightly, obviously because you're ahead of me in the standings, but also, because you have had the upper hand on me before. Something I haven't forgotten about and don't intend to.

MD: But this week you don't have either, going against another unknown talent, who, by coincidently calls himself an 'Original', but also managed to upset Viper.

(Cruise scratches his head a second, and brushes hair from in front his face.)

CC: It seems everything comes back to you doesn't it Viper? Like everything kinda revolves around you in a sense? Now, again, I'm not assuming that being the case, but if it indeed is...you're sadly mistaken.

Now...Mister....Jeff Garvin was it? I'm not gonna waste either one of our's time even if your's is so Precious . Viper had bad luck last week, and didn't get the points I'm sure he so much deserved to compete for.

But this week is my turn, and everything is a different story.

I got another unknown to me, like I did with Promo. But unlike him, you're not so intent on bringing it? Why that is? Beats me.

However, the fact remains is that this week, you got me, not Viper. Not to mention even if you decide to call in sick, I'm still gonna get the ten points, even if I have to be in on the conference call to confirm it.

You call yourself an Original right?

Prove it.

Show up.

Cameron and Mercedes then get in the car and drive off. Fade out.