View Full Version : WFW Presidential Election 2003!

08-06-03, 02:25 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-02-03 AT 01:54 PM (EST)]I've decided after much deliberation that I'm going to hold elections for the spot of who is WFW President in the storylines. While I don't want to make the card all about the President like some leagues have done, I feel that it could help some feuds along and can be useful in certain spots if done well. Instead of just naming a commish, I've decided that I'm going to make the job of commish an elected position, which I cannot recall anyone ever doing before, but I can't swear that it hasn't ever happened. Now, in the role of commish, you'll be able to do such things as add stipulations to matches, schedule matches (with my permission), and over rule the ref if a bad call is made. This could be a really fun role to play if done well.

The election will be 100% legit. Whoever a majority votes for becomes President of the WFW in the storylines. If you want to be a part of the election, you must throw your name into the hat by sending me an email at PaulNJ21@aol.com. We will have a primary to narrow the candiates down to two. The final election will be held on September 30th.

1. Each term is six months, a President can have no more than two terms
2. Presidents still can be in title matches, but a President can't book himself into a World or North American Title match directly, title matches will still be controled by the championship committee
3. The President cannot book retirement or loser leaves town matches
4. If a President is unable to fulfill his duties, the person with the second most votes takes over
5. Any rule can be subverted for the greater good of World's Finest Wrestling with approval from the championship committe