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07-21-03, 01:36 PM
All members,

Just so you guys know, all past RP is stored in the archive on the RP Board Topic. I know some of you like to keep a portfolio of all your RP so if you want to update it its all there. Just click on the little "Archive" link on the top left of the RP Board page and you're in.

Pres. Scott

07-21-03, 05:46 PM
Do people really keep portfolios? Is there a particular reason for this?

07-21-03, 06:07 PM
I don't...

I think I only would if it were a storyline series or something...I just don't see the point in doing that for any match RP.

07-21-03, 08:22 PM
I don't keep a portfolio, but I know that a lot of leagues these days require some sort of "sample RP" when you apply to them, so I can see how it would be useful to at least have a few of your "greatest hits" on file or something. Or if you need to go back and look at one of your past promos to preserve continuity, or something...I dunno, I'm just a-suggestin'.

07-21-03, 08:46 PM
I used to keep my RPs on file, but that's just me. I wrote them in Wordpad, and since I put the time into it I figured I might as well...they take up all of a speck of space anyway. And occasionally I would look back to see where my character's direction is has gone, to assess whether it is in alignment with my thoughts of their current direction.

It may sound like a lot, but it doesn't take much to do. I don't mind, though...I guess I was just a roleplay freak or whatever.....
x( }>

07-21-03, 11:01 PM
Thanks Dad! hahaha <g>


07-22-03, 06:57 PM
I keep every IWF card on my harddrive, just because I spent a whole load of time on it, so I might as well have it. Plus some assorted odds and end RPs done like the Vampire Hunters, and some of Barry T's more amusing Rp.

My RP, I don't care to read most of that.