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07-16-02, 04:17 PM
Just wanna run your mouth and talk to other RPers OORP about storylines and angles? Complain about the WWE? Or just talk about life in general? Feel free to vent here.

07-21-02, 01:22 AM
OK, here goes.

Jon Savage was oriinally a British chap from the Cornwall section of England. He was to be managed by a crusty old kermudgeon named Willoughby.

However, Jon Mayhew (the handler of Savage) snapped and decided to make major changes to his character. The changes are based on recent personal experiences that have frankly, ticked me of.

The first was watchng the WWE Thursday edition of Smackdown on 7/19/02. It pisses me off that Vince McMahon has basically pushed Ric Flair off to the side. For those of you who don't know, Ric Flair is the BEST DAMN WRESTLER or all time. For as many years I can remember, Flair wrestled all of the greats. Night in and night out, he faced guys like Road Warrior Animal, Dusty Rhodes, Ron Garvin, Dick Murdoch, and others. He deseves to be respected for what he did in the sport over at least four decades. Instead, he gets treated like s--- in the WWE and the basic kayfabe accepts it. I don't. Who is the WWE pushing instead of veteran talent? Hulk Hogan, for example, who still knows three basic moves. The shake, the finger in the face, and the legdrop. OOOOO, I can see where the WWE would make more money from a sideshow freak than a REAL MAN'S WRESTLR.

The second fact is more personal. I used to work for a locl newspaper in the Charlotte area and was very happy writing about issues relating to business and religion. My dickhead editor waited until two weeks before my probhationary period ended to tell me my work wasn't up to "standard" and he would let me work for two more weeks, then resign. I laughed in the a--hole's face. He reminded me of the pointy-headed pricks that guys like Ric Flair used to mop the ring up with on NWA Pro Wrestling and World Wide Wrestling. He is a balding, boorish, pudgey troll who will one day get exactly what he deserves.....

Third, my character changed because I am originally from the Flint area. I spent fifteen terrorizing years growing up amongst people who were judgemental, shallow, and downright mean. And those people I considered my friends because outside of them, I had nobody except my parents. Thank god for a move to North Carolina and a chance to start fresh. If it wasn't for the move, I would have never watched NWA Wrestling week-in and week-out and even worked in the industry for a few years.

That's it. No more venting or bulls--t. Thanks for reading/listening/watching......


07-21-02, 02:21 PM
Ok, this is something that i would like to get off my chest. Why the hell is everybody complaining about the WWE? It is not that bad. If people would concentrate on the positives it would not seem that bad. So, to vent i've decided to first speak on the Raw program, the Smackdown program, and the ramifications that Vengeance has.

Raw- Ok, does anybody else laugh they're butts off as much as i do whenever Booker T and Goldust have a promo backstage. These two have chemistry that some duos wish they had. They always have a highlight of the show with they're antics and personally it reminds me of the Rock n' Sock Connection. Booker T is just naturally funny whether he's not only the 5 time WCW Champion but he's got a sword or he's Obi Book Canobi the 5 time Jedi Master.
Now that's the entertainment, let me get to the sports. They are elevating new talent which is something they should always be trying to do, for instance, RVD. He's innovative, energetic, he's over, and we haven't seen everything he's capable of. In that same respect you have Eddie Guerrero. These two had what i believed to be one of the best ladder matches ever. It was a match that went back and forth and had high points that kept it intersting. The sunset flip was an especially nice touch. People are still talking about and i can't wait for these two to go at it again. Another talent being pushed is Brock Lesnar. Ok, if i hear the phrase "too much, too soon" one more time i'm going to scream. True, he's being pushed early, but who the hell cares? Have you seen him? He's a freakin house! Also, if they ever want to turn him face he's a F-5 on Heyman short of it. In my view only two things can stop Lesnar. 1. fans lose interest. 2. his finishing move. Yes, i agree that the F-5 is impressive, but you don't have to be a Dr. Youngblood (the man who performed spinal surgery on Austin, Benoit, Rhyno, Lita, etc...) to realize that all it will take is a little slip to have his opponent land on his neck and do some damage. Already at least twice (one was this past raw) he just barely got his head out from under his opponent in time. If he can be aware of that and the fans don't lose interest he'll be fine. And although they're on separate shows, am i the only one who would pay to see Rhyno vs. Lesnar?
Next, Ric Flair. Although his presence makes an improvement on tv it makes a bigger impact off tv. Imagine being backstage as a wrestler and then your biggest star in Stone Cold Steve Austin leaves on you without telling anyone. Then, You immediately see Ric Flair strapping on his boots and putting on his robe alot more than originally planned. To pick up the slack Flair is wrestling probably double what was set for him, and he's not complaining because he knows that what he's doing is what's best for the company. Being this unselfish in times of need is what was lacking in WCW and look what happened. This can be doing nothing short of sending positive vibes throughout the locker room. The cagey veteran is leading by example which proves that he is still infact, The man. WWWWWOOOOO!!!!!
Now of course there's more but that would take a while to say seeing that i haven't gotten to smackdown yet but i'll just run off a few things.
Benoit- Yes, i know , he hasn't done much yet but he just got back. And yes Eddie's push has been haulted a little bit so he could team with him, but when Chris is back at the top and they do more singles and get into their own programs, it should make for some great matches. Benoit is one of the best and when he's ready he'll go right back up that ladder.
Bubba Ray- Ok, i like the Dudley's thing, but Bubba really found a home in the hardcore division. Once he re-enters that division he'll be a man on his own.
nWo- Michaels is back. Need i say more? Although with Nash gone and Triple H possibly joining....u know what? i'll hit on this later.

Ok on to Smackdown. First of all, on a personal note, how much do u want to bet that Scott's saying to himself "maybe this rant page wasn't such a good idea. what's this kid writing a novel?lololol. That just proves Scott that you can't tell an Italian that he can talk for as long as he wants to. hahaha.
Ok, back to Smackdown. What's not to like about this show???? The cruiserweights are picking up steam, the matches are awesome, and the star power is astonishing. You have the rookies in Maven, Orton, and Cena. By the way, does anybody else think that a combination of any of the three i just mentioned could work? Anyways, you have Jericho who i pray they turn back into a face, Edge, Angle, Triple H, the Rock, and Hulk Hogan. I know, i know, for the love of God i know. Hogan is not the best wrestler. He doesn't know a whole bunch of moves. For the love of God i know. But, as a Hulkamaniac i find the nastalga very entertaining but i'll comment as a non Hulkamaniac. Hogan has had some good one on one matches. I think he's kept up better than most people thought not to mention he did most of it with broken ribs. Now, they're teaming him with Edge which does two things. It gets Edge back into the swing of things and it hides what Hogan lacks because he's in the ring for half the time. Hogan gets to wrestle, the fans get the finger wave and the Hulking up, Edge gets back into the swing, the fans go home happy, everybody wins. Now, i'm gonna end this Smackdown rant early simply because i think it has enough good things that speak for itself. Oh yeah, one more thing. By teaming up Holly and Val they're starting to build up the tag team division once again which isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing. (yeah, i know, but i miss it ok?)

OK, really quickly i'm gonna hit on the new GM's. Bischoff was a shocker but is great on tv and yes Stephanie is a plus for Smackdown as well. Now, before i get people yelling at me for saying that let me explain. i was the first person to celebrate her leaving tv, she was annoying the hell out of me. However, on smackdown she wore descent clothing and spoke calmly for the most part. If they keep this new character going it can be nothing but good. If she stays from the annoying Stephanie McMahon Helmsley and becomes a calmer and less irritating Stephanie McMahon then it should be a lot better tv.

Now on to Vengeance. This Pay Per View has the ability to be the night that they point to that changed things for the better. With Nash gone (i told u i'd get back to this) the nWo is in a flux. Now, Triple H has to decide what he's going to do, Raw or Smackdown. I think there are a few things he could do, join Raw so he can be with the nWo or he and Michaels could rekindle the DX with X-Pac. OR, to be the a-hole that his character is he and Michaels could join back up to form nWo, DX, The Kliq, whatever and then just keep going on Raw and Smackdown and kick butt on both shows with no permission. You never know when they're going to show up or when.
Now the main event. This could be awesome. First of all let me say that the Undertaker has had a good run as champion. He's done better than anyboyd thought he could do and wrestled more than anyone thought he would, but it's over. Look at it this way, the 2 most entertaining wrestlers are the rock and kurt angle. And not either one of them will be on both shows. Does it get any better than that?

Well that's it, if you've read this far you have plenty of free time on your hands. lol. Thanks Scott for putting this page up, bye:)


Mister Dread
07-21-02, 03:08 PM
Hey, guys. I've got a forum for this. Check out testicular_fortitude on Yahoogroups. I've run this list since '99, and it's a forum for discussion about the same things you're ranting about here ;)


07-21-02, 05:03 PM
Booker T & Goldust do some hilarious stuff. I definately put it on par with the Foley/Rock & Edge/Christian skits. I'm shocked Goldust hasn't gotten more over from it.

I watch the WWF developmental territory TV and if you are impressed with Lesnar, you should see what he did down in OVW. He hasn't been able to throw the suplexes that he did in OVW which was a real strong point of his. At times, when he went to suplex a guy, with the air he got on his opponent, you think think he would wind up in the fifth row. Plus, his shooting star press is the most amazing thing I've seen since Vader's moonsault.

RVD's only problem is his punches. Too much daylight. But his chops and kicks are fine, so he just give up the punches and he'd be a much better worker.

Right now, I would put Hogan ahead of Triple H & the UT as a worker because he understands how to work, play a crowd and be a face better than the other two. Triple H is the worst face I've seen in a long, long time and ever since he tore the quad, he really hasn't been the same. UT has actually had some good TV matches lately (Orton, Hardy, RVD, Angle) and has really stepped up and busted his ass. But his match against Austin was the worst big match I've seen this year, UT deserves part of the blame for that, but a lot of it is Austin being unmotivated to work. Ric Flair and the UT put on a show at Wrestlemania and he is ten years older than Austin.

More later.. need to read some RP

07-23-02, 02:21 AM
You know right now what i have to get off my chest is what i witnessed on RAW tonight. Out came the men who were instrumental in bringing the WWF (yes i'm using the old letters, but only because that's what they were at the time) into the Attitude Era. The code bars were front and center the flashbacks were..well...flashing across the screen, yes the boys were back in town. They were mean in neon green. Triple H was in the middle of the ring and yelled out "ARE YOU READY?!?!?" The vibes of 1998 were running through everyone, Then Triple H yelled out the two words i thought were gone from tv for good, "SUCK IT!" And then, BAM!! Shawn Michaels is on his stomach from the pedigree, Triple H rips the shirt off and leaves Michaels in the ring. And for those of you keeping score at home this is the 2nd time he did that to Shawn. Can anybody who's reading this remember the first one?? Hhhhmmmm, pretty good quiz question huh? Anyway, my first reaction was anger. Actually one of my first sentences afterwards was "God for bid should they give the fans what they want." The fans wanted Hulkamania and they got it, the fans wanted DX and it was taken away from them." But after thinking about it this could quite possibly be the best thing for the WWE, maybe it's for the better.

Ok, lets face it, Triple H does not fit the DX mold anymore. Did it look odd to anyone else when Triple H was doing all that DX stuff. He's pretty much become a completely different character. He's more intense, he's more focused, he's The Game. However, like anyone else i would have enjoyed DX like antics even if it did look a little weird but then another thought hit me.

Does anyone else remember the night Attitude was born? What did Vince do? He made a speech that the old way of business was over and since then they haven't looked back. That, i believe, is what's happening now. While the ratings have been sinking people have said to bring back this person, or this faction and you know what? they have and it hasn't helped. Yes, the nWo helped ratings at one point, but how long did it take for the poison angle to go away? The nWo angle fell flat on it's face. Then they said bring back Shawn Michaels and they did to revive the nWo and you know what? It didn't help. And recently they've said bring back DX, which brings me to tonight. Yes it would have been cool to have hunter and shawn act like jackasses again but that was in the attitude era. That was WWF Attitude. This, is what I've heard referred to as a New Era. It is now the WWE New Era. And when Triple H pedigreed Michaels he didn't just pedigree Michaels, he pedigreed the past. Vince doesn't have to give a speech now for actions speak louder than words. I think the one thing we can expect to see now is for the WWE to once again not look back into the past and concentrate on the present to the future. Any previous angle will not work now, only new and fresh angles.

A thought has just occured to me, has anyone noticed that Shawn Michaels has helped the WWF/WWE switch to new eras almost everytime? Who was the leader of the New Generation which saw Doink the Clown? Who helped move the WWF into attitude with screwing Bret Hart and then being one half of the foul mouthed duo DX? And now, who was it that got pedigreed to move this company to the New Era in Sports Entertainment? I'll give you hint, it is the ICON, THE SHOWSTOPPA, THE MAIN EVENT, THE HEART BREAK KID SSSSHHHAAAAWWWNNN MMMIICCCHHHAAAEEELLLSSS!!!!!! Ok, Ok, yeah i know. Maybe that was a little overboard but i'll bet anything that all of you when reading that had either Shawn Michaels' voice in your head or Vince McMahon.

Also, to hit on one more good thing about this, Shawn Michaels hopefully coming back into a wrestling ring. Need i say more?

So now i wait until next monday to hear from Triple H. He'll probably say that Michaels was too threatening in his invitation to join the nWo, or that Triple H was appauled that in a second Michaels would leave him alone. Or that Triple H has now surpassed Michaels. Whatever the reason Michaels' promo to answer back to Triple H will definitely keep me watching.

One last thing, yes it was cool to see something different, but Triple H is a better heal. End of story. And, lastly, on a different note does anybody else think it's awesome to see the undertaker kick EVERYBODY'S ass? Undertaker fans, me included, am loving it. Ooohhh yeah, one more thing. On an interesting note, they turned the Undertaker heal because they turned Triple H face, it was a trade off. Pretty cool that they doing it in reverse isn't it? I don't know, just something that popped into my head.

So anyways, if you made it this far congrats, i just like getting this stuff off my chest and i love this page that allows me to do it. Have a Nice Day! (yeah, i miss that too) bye:)

Showtime Steven James

07-23-02, 06:26 AM
I can remember the days when Jim Crockett was running the NWA out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Ric Flair was wrestling every single night there was a show. The semi's were usually the Rock'n' Rolls vs. Midnights followed by a Ric Flair NWA Title match that wasn't to be believed. The one I remember the most, that had me on the edge of my seat when I was a teenager of 15, was where Flair wrestled Dick Murdoch. (The match prior to Rhodes/Bubba Rogers in the cage, circa August 1986)

The only original point I was trying to make was Flair doesn't deserve to be treated with any disrespect not for his shinanegans in the sport but for what he's done for wrestling overall. (Shinanegans like attacking Dusty Rhodes in the parkling lot of Crockett Promotion or kissing the manequin called "Precious" on the old WCW/TBS program "World Championhip Wrestling."

As far as Triple H goes, he has to be -- bar none -- the modern day Ric Flair. Paul Levesque (real name) is a consumate professional. The 2 best things he ever did was go out on his "own," away from Chyna and Steph and DX, and drop the self-proclaimed icon Yawn Michaels on his a$$. If Triple H is indeed headed to Raw, then I would definetly pay a ton of garbonzas to see H vs. Flair.....

07-23-02, 01:03 PM
I figured I might as well throw my two cents in. I agree that Flair is gettin mistreated, I mean he is a talent and can handle the mic better than most in the company. He has proved on a few occasions that he can still go, example Flair and Taker at Wrestlemania, so they really shouldn't just push him to the back.

Now, onto HHH. It's plain to see that WWE is tryin to drop any notion of the old era and push forward to make a new path. I was a small fan of DX before I wasn't like a fanatic but I thought they were funny. When I heard the Are You Ready? hit I got excited. Then to see them wlak out crotch chopping and wearing the DX colors brought back some memories. But then all the excitement was cut short thanks to the Pedigree. HHH is a more serious competitor now he doesn't fit the DX mold anymore and doesn't need anyone to watch his back. And, thank god it seems like he's a heel again, I actually thought he was pretty cool as a heel.

The main event was a really good match. I like seein guys who deserve to headline get the chance and Eddie Guerrero stepped up and performed a awesome match. His counter for the Rock Bottom was a nice move. Eddie deserves a push. I'm not sure how the Lesnar v/s Rock match will go at Summerslam. I mean Rock is a great in ring talent and so is Lesnar. But it just doesn't seem like Lesnar has had enough time, personally I would rather see Edge, Jericho, or RVD against The Rock. Lesnar needs a couple good IC title runs and a little more time, but hey, I like him. He's a horse, and he is awesome in the ring, but can he sell a main event at a major PPV.

The rest of the show wasn't much the Booker T and Benoit match was good but it seemed like the fans were sittin on there hands for it, I personally thought it was a good match. The ladder match could have been better, you have the two craziest high flyers in your company and you put em in a ladder match, they should have went all out, but they didn't. And when is Jeff Hardy gonna win a ladder match, it's supposed to be his specialty but the guy can't win one.

And last, Bischoff. I love the guy. I loved the WCW when he ran it now he's back on tv. It's great, RAW remined me more of Nitro, which is a good thing. Vince couldn't have picked a better GM for RAW, maybe he could have for Smackdown. But I won't get into that right now. Bischoff can really make a show better, as was shown by last nights RAW, it was head and shoulders above any RAW of the last little while.

Thanks for the chance to vent.

Pat Gordon
07-23-02, 03:15 PM
Do you mean Flint, Michigan?

07-23-02, 04:38 PM
Actually, Davison, Michigan, which is pretty much Flint.

07-26-02, 02:31 PM
Ok, got something else to rant about so here i go.

I miss the tag division. I've always been a fan of tag team wrestling and i miss it. Right now there's Billy and Chuck, D-Von and Batista, Val and Holly, and the anti-Americans....that's it? THAT is the WWE tag team division? And then of course you have Hogan who will tag with someone now and then. However, being someone to look at the positives sees that the WWE knows this and is trying to get more tags in the mix. Also, question has just popped in my head. The two men who jumped D-Lo and Stasiak are called the Island Boys or something and they appeared on Raw. Now, call me crazy but the belts are on Smackdown. So why would a tag team join Raw where there's no belts to be won? Anyways, i have thought of some tag combinations that could possibly work.

Rikishi and Mark Henry- Name one person who wouldn't run for the hills when seeing these two come down to the ring. Plus the thought of Henry dancing is just too funny.

Orton and Cena- Both are young, quick, but still green. A run as a tag team for experience wouldn't hurt.
(note: you could put Maven in for one of them if you wanted to)

APA- If you're not gonna give these guys descent pushes you might as well put them back together. True, Bradshaw in the hardcore champion but going to Smackdown to team back up with Farooq may be the best thing. Not to mention can you imagine how hot the crowd would get in an APA vs. Anti-Americans match? The place would go BANANA!! (if you read Foley is Good then you should get that banana joke)

Well that's it for now as it pertains to tag teams. Without a roster in front of me I'm having trouble thinking of other ones. But these three would be a pretty good start. Now onto something else that's been bugging me...

Chris Jericho is the first undisputed champion, he's one of the best workers, and gives it his all when in the ring...so why can't they let him get a victory on a pay per view? Poor guy, at one point he was the champ and now he's losing to John Cena. Right now the only thing that can save Chris Jericho is to get a bad injury, come back in 9 months, and then get the title back a month later...oh wait, that's been done. lol. Bottom line, he deserves better. Therefore, the first thing they should do is turn him face. He's a better face in my opinion. His face mic stills rank up there with the Rock in my opinion. Also, it seems to me that when he's a face and is able to insult heels he's able to use a lot more creativity. And if he were face when he was the champ it would have been a much easier pill to swallow. Turn him face and go from there.

Rey Mysterio is freakin nuts! Nuff' said. (just had to throw that in)

WEll that's it for this rant, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

07-28-02, 01:49 PM
Jericho MUST be heel!! WCW 1998, Jericho was untouchable. And yes, Rey Jr. is the man.

07-28-02, 03:26 PM
Rey Jr. is going to find himself beaten to a bloody pulp the next time he finds himself south of the border. They do NOT look kindly on remasking.

Jericho has been horribly misused, especially when he is a heel in the WWF. He'll never get the sort of TV time he got in 98, so all you'll end up seeing is the return of Stephanie McMahon (w/ her errand boy WWF World Champion Chris Jericho)

Brock Lesnar is your #1 contender for the World title, yet he gets no reaction from the crowd. Brock Lesnar is feuding with the Rock, the WWF's most popular wrestler. Brock Lesnar still gets no reaction from the crowd. This is the problem with the WWF right here. The mistaken belief that they can always tell the fans what they want to see. The WWF has always said that they give the fans what they want to see, and thats an absolute crock. They have always just pushed people to the moon and waited for the fans to get into them (or against them). When it fails, you get something like this. Does anyone remember a situation just like this? Where the WWF tried to create a monster out of thin air and had it blow up in their face? Oh yeah... I remember that Mabel guy.

07-28-02, 07:51 PM
I have to definitely agree here. The WWE seems to not really base their pushes on talent or workrate but just on...Well frankly I have no idea. The Rock is decent, Triple H can make some watcheable matches, but the Undertaker stopped being good when he formed the ministry. But they seem to be doing some things I think are good, that is pushing some good workers like John Cena and Shannon More. I myself want to see more of Shannon More and the Hurricane, as they seem to be a quite interesting team. And the focus on the cruiserweight division on Smackdown is great, especially with Rey Jr. Now that he's back with the mask, perhaps HE'd make a good team with the hurricane. Just my thought. Both are great and need a push. Hurricane's reign as CW champion was quite too short in my opinion. I'd put him up with Rey and Muta as one of the better, if not best, cruiserweights. Billy Kidmanis good too, but it just irks me when his legs slip off the opponents head when he does a frankensteiner. That's enough from me for now.
"Life is what happens when you're making other plans"
-John Lennon

07-28-02, 11:28 PM
LOL...Muta...a cruiserweight.

If you want the greatest cruiserweight, try Liger. Muta's alot larger than people think. Try the rough equivalent of Too Cold Scorpio. And a tag team of Shane Helms and Shannon Moore? I think that is a great idea, suprised no one has thought of THAT ONE before(there is an obvious joke, try to figure it out). And the WWE looks to be pushing comical over wrestling or bad-assness. Goldust gets a push, their is a Harvard snob, The Big Show still exists...it's all laughably gimmicky. Say goodbye, 2003. Say hello to 1993. And I don't think Mabel is the WWF's biggest monster flop. Taker Faker? Ludvig Borga? They create alot of their heels the same way...make them unstoppable until they get to one big match and then conveniently forget they exist. Next Big Thing? Meet the Next Next Big Thing.

07-30-02, 08:31 PM
From what I understand, Greensboro was "live" on the 29th, meaning the crowd was really into the action. Thats good to see, because Smackdown should be a real treat this week since it's from Charlotte.

I once did a radio appearance at a WWF/E event where the station had me dress up in a pair of shorts, an "X Babe" tee, tennis shoes, a blonde wig, and shades. My character was "Wicked Lester," and I made an (unanswered) challenge to Stone Cold. Stone Cold who?

Anywho, the WWE product is improving...vastly. It's a joy to watch wrestling again.

07-30-02, 10:32 PM
Ok, after seeing RAW i have to speak on what has now occured.

Question: What is it with Shawn Michaels and going through a car window? However this time we don't know who did it. Obviously there are 3 choices.
#1. The anti Americans. They never showed what that last big thing was that they were planning. This could easily be it. However, the thing that they were planning could have been Jericho.
#2. The Big Show. He wanted revenge on Michaels for not caring about his match (like he's the only one?) and he was in the background when Michaels said where he would be. Not to mention i believe i saw The Big Show in the background among the wrestlers around Michaels just standing there with that towel around his neck. It could easily be him.
#3. Triple H himself. Does anybody remember when something like this happened before? Who orchestrated the hit and run attack on Austin? It was the game and guess what? You never saw it coming. Also, who helped put The Showstoppa through the 1st car window? It was the cerebral assassin. He could have easily done it again.

Well that's it for now, but i'll be back later to get some more stuff off my chest. bye:)

Showtime Steven James

07-31-02, 01:01 AM
The Michaels thing is FAR too predictable. The person who did it is the person who had a good reason to put Shawn through a glass window. Revenge. The answer is...


Marty Jannetty.

07-31-02, 06:36 PM
What? (Imitating New Yorker) "Get Outta ere....."

What reason does Janetty have in doing ANYTHING in the WWE. I mean, Michaels (love Yawn or hate him), carried the Midnight Rockers in the AWA. Jannetty? That's like saying Mae Young won the WWE Women's Championship. Utterly impossible.

07-31-02, 10:47 PM
(cough) Sarcasm (cough)

08-01-02, 12:25 AM

I just wanted to let you all know that Paul Miller has stepped down as VP of GLCW to due to creative differences (yeah I know, the old excuse). I just want to thank him for attempting to help me out with the league and wish him luck in the future. But don't worry folks, GLCW will go on.

GLCW President Scott Malec

08-01-02, 01:32 AM
Ok, to start this off i'll throw out my thoughts on Marty Jannetty. He's a druggy (from what i hear) and there's no way in hell he's coming back. Nuff said.

Ok, my next order of business is basically whatever hits me as i type.

Seeing that RAW has the hardcore division why not bring back Terry Funk if he's still wrestling? He's old and crazy but i'd like to see Hogan or Flair do a moonsault. (no offense to either of them)

The Rock vs. Flair was an awesome match. Flair held his own but i really thought the ending was disrespectful. I mean The Rock popping up like nothing happened and then getting the win was dumb. What they should have done was a small package when Flair went for the figure four or some kind of a pin combination. This way here The Rock wins and Flair keeps more dignity and was just not the "better man" that night.

PPPPLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE TURN JERICHO FACE!!!! I don't care what he did in WCW, the fact is that in 2002 he'd make a better babyface. Also, now that he's on RAW, we could have Jericho vs Beniot or Guerrero. I wouldn't complain...how bout u?

If Booker T put Michaels through the window will somebody please get me a bucket because i will definitely puke.

Why are people still wondering if Michaels will get in the ring? Would they have pushed it this far if he wouldn't? After all of this he wouldn't wrestle? To use a quote from the movie Crimson Tide: "You don't put on a condom unless you're gonna f*@$!"

Even though we've seen this anti American angle before you gotta admit, it'll make for a good launching pad for their single careers. Also, on a personal note, If i had my way the winner of the King of the Ring would have been Lance Storm. Then at summerslam, you'd have The Rock vs. Lance Storm. Damn that'd be cool. For those of you who don't know too much about Storm, just substitute Bret Hart only with a little more high flying ability.

Does bringing 4 guys from Smackdown help Raw more or hurt Smackdown more? All i can say that Steph will probably bring some guys of her own to her show this thursday.

Screw McMahon, Mae Young has got balls the size of grapefruits (metaphorically speaking). She's about 80 years old and she lets a guy over 300 pounds squash her! She's nuts!

With Jericho going to Raw i'm a little saddened that he and Edge couldn't have had at least one more match.

Bischoff is great on tv, he knows how to work a microphone and the crowd. Thank God he's back. Does anyone else think he's hilarious with his 3 minute segments? And the movement of the announcer's table like it was at Nitro was a nice touch.

I agree that the splitting of the announcing teams is pretty cool but i have 2 problems. #1. The traditional part of me says there should be only 1 "A Team" and they do the pay per views, #2. Why have Cole and Tazz call some Raw matches and vice versa? Have the 1st part of the show Smackdown so they can call those matches and then have Lawler and JR call the Raw matches. Why does it make sense to have them announce matches that contain feuds they haven't been calling on tv?

Yes, i am a mark for the old undertaker...no no, not the one that lead the ministry with that ridiculous goatee. I'm talking about the purple gloves (or gray) and turning on the lights....HOWEVER, i do like that biker angle and right now i'm loving his current gig. He's now back to a face (lets face it, was he EVER truly a heal during his heal run?) and he's just kicking ass. Why? Because he likes to. I love it.

With the tag belts on Raw what happens to Billy and Chuck? Does anyone else think that EVERY title holder should be able to go on both shows?

Well that's it for now, ttyl, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

08-01-02, 06:20 PM
Does this mean there is an opening within GLCW??????

08-13-02, 01:47 AM
After watching Raw tonight i'm reminded of why i'm a wrestling fan. I believe this was one of the better shows in a while. It had everything i want out of a show. I loved every match, however there is one match i would like to point out and that was the main event.

Awesome...simply awesome. This match rocked the house and had the fans on the edge of their seats. It was phenomenal. The best part was when with Booker T in the ring the fans started cheering for Taker. Now, Booker could have tagged him in early and get a normal pop but they waited until the crowd couldn't take it. The crowd was deafening, the damn roof was ready to blow and just when the crowd peaked, TAG!!! In came Taker and kicked a$$. Other aspects i liked was the speed and agility showed by Goldust (i forgot just how fast he can be), Booker T's psychology in the ring to make the fans "feel it" and of course the electriciy of the Rock. This was a perfect sundae, however the only thing i would have liked would have been a Michaels run in. That would have been the cherry on top of the sundae but oh well, we'll have to wait until next week which is a feeling they haven't been giving for a while. The anticipation for next weeks show is back and i've missed it. Over the last month or so that feeling has come back and let me tell you i've missed it.

Just some random thoughts:

Will Big Show bring back his drop kick?

Is there anyway possible, with modern technology and medicine that we can undo shawn michael's previous back surgery and replace it with the new one that so many superstars are receiving today?

Even though she's not as annoying i still feel that maybe Mick Foley would have been a better Smackdown GM. Or maybe Vince Russo.

I don't know about you but on Aug. 25 i will be saying a few prayers in hopes that when Michaels faces Triple H nothing goes wrong that would put Michaels in a wheelchair.

Does anyone find it ironic that Austin walked out of Raw which is the show that has the phrase "We're in this together" in it's theme song?

Props to Hogan for putting over Lesnar. This is a man who has battled out of bear hugs from Bundy and Andre. I believe Hogan is doing the right thing with the end of his career.

Speaking of Hogan, wasn't he suppose to fight Vince at SummerSlam?

This past Raw probably had the most signs that were mispelled. True, i may not win any spelling b contests but if i'm gonna bring a sign that will be seen by millions of people well then i'm gonna double check...but that's just me.

By the way..it's RIC FLAIR!!!! GET THE K OUT!!

Why does the WWE insist on putting Howard Finkel in any kind of an angle??? He's a ring announcer, end of story.

Does anyone else get flashbacks of Doink and Dink when they see Goldust and Minidust?

The Kane tease served no point. Every person in that arena was pissed off and honestly? So was I.

Well that's it for this rant, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

08-13-02, 01:57 AM
Speak for yourself! My heart stopped when the pyro hit. As for Finkel, it's hilarious to hear things like that said with an announcer voice, like "This SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! YOU CAN GO LICK ME, #####!". I enjoyed it.
"Life is what happens when you're making other plans"
-John Lennon

08-15-02, 04:32 PM
This little rant of mine will be about Kane and where his placement apparently is.

Is it the best idea to put Kane on Raw? I am not so sure for one simple reason and that reason is that the undertaker is on Raw as well. If kept on Smackdown i believe that Kane would have the best opportunity he's ever had to step out from under his brother's shadow for good. Not to mention that with taker on raw and kane on smackdown it sets a pretty good balance when it comes to big guys. Also, if i have to witness another taker vs kane match i will throw up for days. Lets face it, these 2 have had some of the most boring matches known to man. They're match (i forget which pay per view) that had austin as the referee and lead to his "firing" was so bad that it ranked up there with al snow vs bossman in a kettle match.

Now, i will give taker credit because during most of their matches he had a broken foot which limited his mobility and caused him to put Kane in a leg hold for 20 minutes. However, the match they had when taker 1st came back as the american bad ass wasn't nothing to cheer about seeing that it saw taker trying to take off his mask for 15 minutes. They're styles are too much alike to pull off a really good match. So, unless they want another inferno match (which i thought was actually descent) they better not start up that feud.

Kane on smackdown would make him his own man and could do nothing more but help his career even though smackdown is centered around the cruiserweights.

Well that's it for now but i will leave with a quote that i believe is as true a statement as can be as it pertains to wrestling.

"It's not the belt that makes the wrestler, it's the wrestler that makes the belt."

I thought of it while driving because i was thinking of all the guys that have had a belt but it did nothing for their career. And u know what? I'll leave with the funniest quote i heard all week:

"I can't believe i lost to a freakin 12 year old!" -Kurt Angle

Showtime Steven James

08-19-02, 08:50 PM
This isn't a rant or anything, i just wanted to tell Hawk that i enjoyed rp'ing against him. Trust me, i've had some real sucky ones in the past, it was a breath of fresh air to actually have someone that could cut a good promo. Now, i'm not saying that i'm really good, to some people i'm probably far from it, but some people that i went against in the past were so bad they made me look like the rock. well that's it, thanks again. bye:)

Showtime Steven James

08-23-02, 12:37 AM
Hey fellas, I was watching the 8/22 edition of Smackdown tonight (they taped this past Tuesday in Fayetteville) and I have a few rhetoriacl questions.....

1. Why didn't Kurt Angle beat the hell out of Rey Mysterio during Mysterio's "interview?"

2. Why didn't Angle try to "break Kidman's ankle?"

3. Did Lydia look hot in those Daisy Dukes or what? (She has noooo bush.)

4. Shouldn't Batista change his name to something....normal?

5. Is Setph banished from Smackdown or was she just not whining this week?

6. Who hopes Triple H kicks the living s*** out of Yawn Michaels this Sunday?

and finally.....

7. Who on earth DOESN'T know that Lesnar will be the next WWE Champion??? (Goldberg will jump from the crowd at Summerslam and kick the crap out of him I hope).

09-01-02, 01:15 AM
I just wanted to throw some thoughts from SummerSlam. Yes, i know it's late but i've been busy and as always i'd like to get them off my chest. So here we go:

Michaels is one crazy SOB. How in God's name did he pull that match off? THAT is what a pay per view match is all about. When Michaels kicked up like the rock does i almost jumped out of my seat. His aerial assaults had me hold my breath for quite a while. In my view this was definite match of the year candidate. Will he wrestle again? Hey, if he doesn't he left us with one hell of a send off.

The tag team match was better than i thought. Their toughest challenge was not to get burried under every other match, i think they stood out well.

Angle and Mysterio was a good match with a lot of action. My only question is when is Angle going to get the title shot he deserves? As a matter of fact i'll hit on that later.

Howard Finkel....If there is a God he will announce and ONLY announce. Please no more angles because everyone of them always lends itself to another tuxedo match that he always loses.

Taker is better than ever. Nuff said.

Don't get me wrong i like RVD but he's got to get a few different moves. I understand that unlike some wrestlers who have 4 or 5 signature moves and he has like 10-15 but i'd like to see some inbetween moves. I really don't care what, a bodyslam, a suplex...anything to mix it up a little. However i must say that his 5 star splash is a thing of beauty.

One thing i would like to hit on that has just hit me is the hardcore title. Let me get this straight, they keep the belt through Crash Holly wrestling in a discovery zone with mosh and thrasher but then when real hardcore wrestlers arrive like Tommy Dreamer, RVD, Raven, Justin Credible, etc...and then they get rid of it. Way to go. Before Crash this belt was held by proud men. The Road Dogg Jesse James and Al Snow fought their a$$es off for that belt. Terry Funk fought for that belt. Hardcore Holly fought for that belt. Wrestlers put their damn careers on the line for that belt and then here comes Crash Holly with the 24/7 rule. Then you saw the demise of the title. Mick Foley, a hardcore legend said it best when he said that "it was cute, but the title was never meant to be cute." And he's right. That belt was suppose to be built on blood, sweat, and more blood and then Crash comes along and makes the damn thing look like a joke. And then came Steve Blackman who put the belt back on the map. He put that belt back in the spotlight until his untimely injury. And then? 24/7 took it back out of the light. Do any of you know what Tommy Dreamer had to do for the fans to give him the chant: "He's Hardcore?" Now, honestly, i was never a big ECW fan but i know that he, along with everyone else, put their life on the line day in and day out to be considered hardcore, but because Crash had a belt and fought in a discovery zone he was considered hardcore. Hardcore is a title that you have to earn, Terry Funk and Mick Foley earned that damn title! And now, the WWE has a chance to create a new generation of hardcore stars but now it's taken away. True, the belt originated as a gag gift to Foley but wrestlers wrestled for that gag gift in the snow to the damn Mississippi River. Lets hope it's not gone for good because those matches will be missed.

Oh and by the way, the next time i see a matched billed as a "street fight" and the damn thing doesn't go near the street i'm gonna puke. Remember Piper vs. Goldust??? It was a street fight and guess where it occured....that's right, THE STREET!!

Well that's it for now, again thanks for putting up with my rant, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

09-01-02, 04:22 PM
Yes, that Undertaker always pulling out those 60 minute wrestling classics and thrilling us to death with promos that would put Shakespeare to shame.

09-03-02, 10:28 AM
Never left for WCW no matter how much money he could have made, Helped keep the WWF afloat while WCW kicked it's a$$, wrestled for many months with a broken ankle because it was better for the company, wrestled through groin injuries and back problems, put Stone Cold Steve Austin over twice by use of a clean pin instead of being selfish, put Mankind over by allowing him to get more wins over the Undertaker than anyone else, competed in historic matches such as the 1st Casket Match with Yokozuna at the Providence Civic Center, the Boiler Room Brawl, and the infamous 1998 King of the Ring (yes, Foley took the worst beating but the undertaker jumping down with a broken ankle couldn't have tickled), reinvented himself as the American Bad A$$ while in the process has gotten himself in better shape than ever before, he's leaner, quicker, and meaner, almost nobody can match his in ring psychology, as the undisputed championship he wrestled just about every televised show and at one point went through a couple of weeks that he had incredible matches with such as the ladder match with Jeff Hardy and the controversial match against Kurt Angle, did his best to fight Triple H who couldn't even extend his arm and pulled off a better match than anybody else could, and now taking centerstage as the top face.

These are just a few reasons why the Phenom/Deadman/American Bad As$ deserves respect. And if not? He'll Make ya Famous. Bye:)

Showtime Steven James

09-03-02, 03:58 PM
He didn't leave for WCW because he couldn't keep his gimmick. Second, he never once carried any promotion, he was a sideshow whom McMahon piad special effects for. He has never elevated anyone and he jobbed to Austin because Austin is the biggest draw in wrestling. He was injured and came back and he's worse than ever, continually no selling and not jobbing to guys half his age and twice whatever ability he ever had. He hasn't had a match worth watching since coming back and his gimmick is horrible. He was an awful champion and judging how ratings and ppv buyrates dropped, I'm correct, not to mention the abortion of a match he had with HHH, his wrestling political soulmate.

So why should I respect him? Because he stayed in the company for years? So did Billy Gunn.

09-06-02, 12:17 PM
this isn't about wrestling so, i'm not continuing the undertaker debate. I think he's awesome, some don't. as my 8th and 9th grade english teacher always said, "different strokes for different folks."

no this little rant of mine is about the disrespect my team the New England Patriots are getting. Fluke this and fluke that...FLUKE YOU!! yeah i know that was corny as all hell but i put it anyway. They will be in the playoffs this year and if they make it there they'll be in the super bowl. Now alot of people are saying that brady won't duplicate what he did last year. Well i hate to break it to you but if brady fails they have Damon Huard who is one hell of a quarterback. They've added key elements in the off season and i believe that they are even better this year. Now, as a Chowda Head from Little Rhodie i am biased. There, i came clean and admitted it. However i do know that if they win it all they're not gonna just storm through with ease. The Rams are still tough and Faulk is still the best. And now if Kurt Warner's thumb is better he'll be ever better. The Steelers are gonna pose a major...MAJOR threat. Bledsoe in Buffalo has something to prove and i have a feeling he will prove it. Oh and by the way, before i end this i want to say one thing to anyone that wants to respond. SPARE ME THE EXCUSE OF TOM BRADY'S FUMBLE AGAINST THE RAIDERS. THE RAIDERS HAD THE BALL 3 AND 1 AND THE PATS SHUT THEM DOWN. END OF STORY. Well that's it for now, ttyl, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

09-06-02, 02:23 PM

Sorry, I had to get my two cents in eventually. The Undertaker is a complete waste of oxygen and a major locker room cancer approaching Hogan and Nash-like levels. The only reason you mark for him is because of his entrance and his constant no-selling that makes him look like an unstoppable monster, even though he is just a balding, pot-bellied, redneck biker. He no-sold the fricking Angle-lock and Crossface at the same time! That's not how you help business. Mae Young takes harder bumps than he does. And once again since he and HHH are the focus of both shows, the ratings will drop again, just like they did Monday. (-.5)


09-08-02, 01:11 AM
Hey guys.

It's obvious that Undertaker is WAY past his prime. Just take a look in his eyes. It's a shallow, blank stare. It's like, "OK, now I'm just doing this for all the friggin' money I'm getting. The fans go crazy when I raise my arms or beat my chest because that's how they've done all the times before." Heck, Taker knows a whole three more moves than Hogan.

1--Riding a motorcycle

2--Pounding his chest

3--Holding both arms in the air.

Oooooh, what talent!

Anyhow, the product would be a lot better when they quit giving the old farts the main event and keep promoting guys like Lensar. Look for Brock to get rid of Heyman soon, that's my prediction.


09-12-02, 09:52 AM
Why in the blue hell would they bring back the World Championship? Why? Please, someone explain this to me. This is ridiculous. The WWE is like the Red Sox (and yes i am a red sox fan), everytime they get a little momentum going they kill it. HAPPY YANKEE FANS?! I SAID IT!! NOW GET OFF MY BACK!!

Anyways, all this does in diminish Lesnars' achievements. And who came up with the HLA storyline? Did they think that would work? Did they think it would bring back the teenagers that they've lost? Honestly, what were they thinking? A kid could go online and look at pictures of women doing alot more than kiss and wearing alot less than a thong. That is of course if their father has moved his porno stash so they can't find it. Having a champion wrestle both shows was what was making it fun. I enjoyed seeing that the champion got to face anyone he wanted. Now? It's gonna go back to the same people going after the title. Now, i'm always one to look on the positive side of things. But this is beyond my power to do that. They keep the hardcore division with Crash Holly and then when they get Tommy Dreamer they get rid of it. By the way, i couldn't help but notice that i wrote a very large paragraph about the hardcore title and no one said anything, however i write (or type, lol) one sentence about me liking the undertaker and people write about that. Go figure. Anyways, they get rid of one of the best things on raw. Raw was hardcore, Smackdown was Cruiserweight. Now, i know they can't combine the 2 rosters for there are way too many wrestlers and the younger talent will get pushed down again. So, keep them separate but keep one title. It's that easy.

Now, i would like to comment on Stephanie McMahon as General Manager. She's good. I like her in that role, she's not the ##### she once was. Her voice stays at a normal tone for the most part so i'm happy. But, i do think that at some point they have to bring in someone like Mick Foley. Come on, he's only one half of the reason why Raw scored the highest rating ever with This is you life with the rock. I'm not saying ratings would skyrocket but they sure as hell wouldn't drop all the way either. He would be a liferaft which is what they need right now. Ok, everyone ready? 1..2...3. FO-LEY!! FO-LEY!! FO-LEY!!

The marriage angle between Chuck and Billy is interesting. It could be good, it could be bad. It could help. It could hurt. As of right now no one can tell. Will they actually do it? Or will Billy turn on Chuck and go with the Road Dogg to reunite the New Age Outlaws? Will Chuck turn on Billy? Will Rico turn on both of them turning them into a face tag team? Who knows, i think we should all be watching the tube tonight and draw our conclusions from there. Not to mention, they're actually getting positive press from this. Positive press??? For the WWE??? Wow...isn't that one of the signs of the apocolypse?

Well that's it for now....it's nice to know i'm the only one around here who likes the undertaker but oh well. I don't care. That little discussion is over. By the way, Ric Flair doing his flip over the turnbuckle is still a painful but beautiful thing to see.

Until next time, I am out.

Showtime Steven James

09-21-02, 01:48 AM
Ok, this rant is about one man, Chris Jericho. And maybe some other stuff if i'm not too tired.

Would they please turn this guy face? Please, i'm begging here. The faces need him badly. Ok, don't get me wrong, i like RVD but damn his promo sucked on Raw. One of the only good promo guys on raw is booker t. Here's the thing, when the rock and triple h were in their feud triple h would come out and do his thing. Then the Rock would come out and put him in his place. It was funny and entertaining. Now? It wasn't that funny and put the crowd to sleep. Now, enter Jericho coming down the ring to put triple h in him place. 1st we would get the "Would u please, SHUT THE HELL UP?" Now u have the crowd on it's feet. Then instead of just saying "u spit water" Jericho would show a "greatest hits" video of triple h that shows nothing but him spitting water. See the difference? Which one would u rather watch? Exactly. Jericho is magic on the mic, and as a face would add that little "something" to Raw. "But of course that's just my opinion i could be wrong." -Dennis Miller

Hhhmm, should i continue?......yeah, y not?

I'm gonna give credit to a man who i don't think has gotten enough credit for something...and he is the Rock. I would like to give him credit on one thing that i've noticed and that is his in ring personality. The 3 instances are Wrestlemania, Raw when he faced Flair, and SummerSlam against. Now, what do all these matches have in common??......figured it out? Exactly, they were the 3 matches in which the crowd rooted against the Rock. Here's the thing, i believe that the rock was phenomenal in his in ring psychology and how he handled himself. They're pretty much just little things like refusing to allow a clean break, holding the ropes for leverage during a submission move, and just for a few moments walking and talking like the rock from the wars with Mick Foley. To do that stuff on the fly showed his ability to work the crowd, for good or for bad.

Hhhhmmm, anything else? Nah, i'm all set. ttyl:)

Showtime Steven James

09-22-02, 02:52 AM
Jericho reached his peak in 98, as a heel. As a face he's always subpar, but if turning him face will run the WWF out of business sooner, I'm all for it.

09-23-02, 08:46 PM
This is gonna be short and sweet.

Just when u thought u had seen a good pay per view with a main event that was better than u thought it would be, they ruin it with a disqualification. Anyone else as p*ssed off as me?

09-23-02, 10:55 PM
Now do you see what we mean about that old, fat, pot-bellied, useless, no-selling, piece of redneck trash Undertaker? Who do you think refused to job to cause that DQ? Who do you think thought he was above Rock, Hogan, and Flair and didnt feel the need to put over Brock even though he (UT) hasn't drawn a dime in five years?

09-24-02, 02:21 PM
Last time i checked the wrestlers themselves don't always have the final say in who wins. If you can prove to me that the undertaker was the main purpose for that finish then i'll consider looking at him in a different light. Until then, i give my respect to the phenom. sorry guys.

Showtime Steven James:)

09-24-02, 04:51 PM
Last time I checked, non-drawing has-beens are supposed to put over young hot talent, especially when three legends like Rock, Hogan, and Flair already put him over big. The Rock put his heart and soul into making Brock look good, and the very next night, HHH and UT used their political bullshit to make him look weak. Then at Unforgiven, UT continued that streak by barely selling for Brock and making him look like a chump. Even if UT didn't have a hand in it, the WWE has to be completely retarded to think that UT needs to be protected and keep his heat when he is absolutely useless at this point in his career. If they have a rematch and Brock detroys him, then it might be justified, but that ain't happening. Several websites are already reporting that UT refused to job and the finish was changed the day of the show in LA. If this is the case, UT needs to be fired, scaled back bigtime, or made to job to everyone available.

09-26-02, 01:35 PM
As Shawn Michaels once said, "If it's on the internet, it's gotta be true."

09-26-02, 04:19 PM
You missed the point, it doesnt matter if it's true or not. The point is that Undertaker should have been squashed, plain and simple, regardless if UT refused to job or Vince is still blindly high on him. Now shut up and RP..:)


09-26-02, 06:24 PM
honestly, i see ur point. and actually i agree that there should have been a pinfall. The ending sucked and yes, hogan, the rock, and ric flair have sold to lesnar, meaning that the ut should have done the same. so to an extent i agree with u, now if u'll excuse me i've gotta get back to that rp'ing. ttyl, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

p.s. if the rock wasn't going back to hollywood, would he have sold so well?

10-15-02, 10:58 PM
Ok i just want to quickly through out some props to some members of the WWE. Is it Vince? Undertaker? Angle? Edge? Everyone who participated in the TLC? Nope, this time around i'm giving my props to Kevin Dunn and the rest of the video staff (for lack of a better title).

Everytime there is a video that has to be made these people make an outstanding one. The farewell video for Mick Foley, the Desire Videos, the history of the WWE video with the Kris Rock song, and all of the tribute videos for Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Gorilla Monsoon, The British Bulldog, Lou Thez, and many more. The videos before pay per views that often feature classy freddy blassy. And now the tribute video for the intercontinental championship. These men and women are outstanding with what they are able to put together. They deserve all the credit in the world for what they have accomplished and i know that whenever they put together another video it will be just as great, although i do hope that i don't see a tribute video because personally, i don't like to see people die, especially the way that owen, bulldog, and yoko did. Oh yeah, by the way, does anybody else still get a little choked up whenever they see owen in a video? (for example the history of the wwf and the ic title video). Maybe it's just me. Anyways, i just wanted to get that off my chest because i felt that they deserved credit and i have a feeling i'm not alone on this issue. bye:)

Showtime Steven James

Mister Dread
10-16-02, 12:16 AM
You're right. I always felt that way, especially after the Mick Foley tribute and the federation history videos.

10-22-02, 02:00 PM
Ok. here we go. Listen i'm gonna say this so sit back and relax. I've gotta give props to the undertaker and brock lesnar because i believe that they put on a hell of a match. Everybody, including heyman, was beaten and bloodied and the ending made up for what happened last month. The undertaker did the clean pin to brock and judging by what people were saying last month that is the right thing to do. I personally felt the whole pay per view was good and that if they keep producing matches of this caliber they should have nothing to worry about. By the way, please refraim from the response "ok, so he's had 1 good match in like 100." I could already see that one coming.

In other news, when triple h came back from injury was it his goal to be boring? Here's the thing, before he would do his speech, bore the crowd, but then the rock would come out and everyone would be happy. The complimented each other very well. Well guess what? There's no rock so they've gotta do something. I was for the brand extension but damn would i love to see Lance Storm get into that whole Guerrero-Benoit-Angle thing on smackdown. Actually, i would love to see Storm vs. Triple H. That would be awesome.

The time is now for big show, lets not blow it.

Will Brock ever show his shooting star press?

If one phrase can be given to brock it's "right place, right time." Hogan, rock, and undertaker. They all put him over but then again, they were all leaving anyway.

Once his personal life is settled they need to bring back austin.

With Terry Taylor back i think the writing will get a little better.

Whoever goes to raw for big show better not be benoit, angle, or guerrero. It would be stupid and make no sense, but then again, that's never stopped them from doing something.

Triple H doing the scene of kane having sex with a dead katie vick was pointless and too long. A lot shorter and less graphic would have been nice.

When the undertaker comes back will he change his character again? (forget it, i don't want an answer because i'll get a he better not come back at all response)

I wonder if it's time to put the rosters together and if they did do that would adding about a half hour to raw and smackdown help compensate for a lot of wrestlers?

Michaels is coming back, thank god.

I wish Foley was behind him.

Although i'm confused on how michaels will come back. if he doesn't wrestle what's he gonna do? Do run ins every week?

Well that's it for now, ttyl, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

10-22-02, 08:06 PM
Brock will probably never ever use the shooting star press in WWE. While I would be awed at the site of someone as big as Brock doing a move like that(I know it is hard to be as big as that and as agile), I think it would be kinda awkward. Not only because Billy Kidman uses it, and it is his trademark, but because it's kind of out of character for him. He's a monster heel. He's supposed to crush you and make you beg for mercy without even having to go to the top rope. He should not have to use any glitzy moves to get a victory, just sheer POWER.
Also, it is my opinion Stone Cold may never come back to the WWE. Although I probably miss him as much as you, he left because he had disagreements with the company and how they treat his character. If he goes back, it may just be the same song and dance as before. If Austin ever goes back to wrestling, chances are he won't do it under McMahon's terms. But that's just my opinion.
I also agree about the whole Katie Vick scene. Frankly, I think the whole segment should have never happened. EVER. The idea should have been scrapped the minute anypone said it. Not only was it demeaning to all involved, and to the WWE as a whole, but will probably just speed up the ratings fall and bring more complaints just like the whole HLA ordeal did. It was pointless and stupid, just like the whole murder angle. Anyone else notice that several years ago Kane could barely talk, but now a decade ago he could drive and partied with chicks? Yeah...I bet the girls go crazy for the disfigured guys with the voice box.

"Heeeeeyyyyy bbbbaaaaaby...*bzzzt*...Iiiii losssst my
phooone numbeeer...*bzzt*...Caaaaan I haaave yyyyyours?"

"Life is what happens when you're making other plans"
-John Lennon

10-23-02, 08:25 PM
LOL. You're right. I thought Paul Bearer kept him locked in a basement for his whole childhood. But i must say the thing you said about picking up a girl with the voice box had me laughing out loud as indicated at the beginning of this paragraph. actually the more i think about it the more i think it's funny. lol

hey girls, bzzt going my way? bzzt.

Funny stuff dude.

Showtime Steven James

11-02-02, 03:14 AM
Lately i've found myself wondering why it is the wrestling fans of today want more wrestling. For the life of me i couldn't figure it out and honestly i still don't know. In the 80's people wanted wrestling, they wanted the 20 minute matches which consisted of 15 minutes of arm bars and leg locks. Fast forward to attitude and the people want entertainment, screw the wrestling we want promos!! We want monster trucks and beer trucks, and milk trucks, and pick up trucks, and cement trucks, and bulldozers, and limousines, and limousines that are turned into monster trucks. And now? They're giving entertainment but nobody's watching it. So what's wrong? My theory is that right now the people want a better mix of the two. They want the promos and what not but now they want wrestling. Wrestling???? Yes, wrestling. Remember? Does this mean they want 20 minutes of armbars? Hell NO!! But i believe what people want is what they're getting on smackdown. Angle and Benoit style matches. They're entertaining but have awesome matches. I think that angle and benoit and edge for that matter are slowly transforming the way people like their matches. Think about it, everytime they face off against each other who has the best match? Who has the match that everybody remembers? I'll tell you one thing, it has at least one of them in the match. Also, you can add Eddie Guerrero to that mix because honestly, when you're one of the top heals but get a standing ovation after a match, you know you're doing something right. So here's my take to Raw, Get out of the attitude era, move on, case and point, Smackdown.

Also, i think that raw was a pretty good show however what was with the crowd??? Maybe they should start giving them coffee to wake them up. I believe they had reasons to cheer, not to mention that when i pay 30-40 bucks for a ticket i'm gonna cheer. The raw brand does not deserve to have a silenced crowd. Smackdown's crowd is mostly hot so whatever they're doing raw better copy.

I'd like to give vince props for putting the bret hart anthology commercial up. i believe that that was a branch of communication to bret and hopefully they'll put the negative past behind them and concentrate on the positive past. Bret back on WWE tv, please let it happen, it needs to happen, I WANT IT TO HAPPEN!!!!

that's it for now, ttyl, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

11-03-02, 12:23 AM
Yeah, what was with them being silent. You'd think with classic writing being acted out in front of them, they'd be more into it. I mean if I paid my hard earned money to watch the aftermath of some guy sexing up the dead, I'd be all into it!

Then again, I can't judge the rest of the show, because I haven't watched the WWF in years, but generally when a show is painfully stupid the fans aren't in the mood to cheer. But then again, what do they know. Instead of getting some vanilla midgets doing wrestling on some other show, they get giant blowhards who move incredibly slowly, perform incredible main event sleepers, and choke a whole lot. What's not to love? But I only have Scott Keith's rants to judge, I'm sure the main event sleeper is a lot more exciting when seen LIVE.

11-16-02, 12:12 AM
Ok, here's a little survey. What do u guys think is the best announcing team of all time? Here are some choices:

J.R. and King
Cole and Tazz
Vince and Jesse Ventura
Vince and Macho Man
Gorilla Monsoon and Ventura
Monsoon and Heenan
Vince and Perfect
J.R. and Heyman
J.R. and Cole

Well those are some, and please spare me Schiavone and Madden...don't make me throw up. Personally i'm torn between Monsoon and Heenan and Monsoon and Ventura.

I'm really interested to see the responses, ttyl, bye:)

11-16-02, 12:51 AM
i'd say monsoon/heenan.

anyone w/ heenan would be good. i would have loved to have seen heenan/lawler/jr triple team.. well, pre-oversell everything Jr..

although im not sure anymore.. i havent watched wrestling wrestling on television in about 3 years now ... i try to get some updates but other than the occassional update about whose beating who i cant tell you anything thats happened in the past 3 years.. i cant even tell you the wwf (or is it e?) champions ...

oh well.. fantasy wrestling is more interesting anyway ;)


11-16-02, 01:09 AM
Of course this is WWF/E heavy, so I'll throw in some combos that kicked ass...

Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross: They didn't like each other, but when they got together to announce briefly in 1987-88 it was marvelous.

Tony Schiavone and Bob Caudle: Another good pairing.

Jim Ross and Bob Caudle: See Starrcade 88 for an announcing clinic.

And of course Gorilla and Bobby and Gorilla and Jesse were great too...

Pres. Scott

11-17-02, 06:15 AM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Nov-17-02 AT 04:19 AM (EST)]Dear god, its disgusting to see any survey taken involving great wrestling announcers where Gordon Solie isn't even mentioned.

EDIT: And after watching the Benoit/Angle match, and whatever little WWF product I have seen in the last three years, I must say Michael Cole and Taz are the WORST announcing team I have ever heard. Cole simply doesn't know what he is doing, and the sound of Taz's voice combined with his terrible commentary makes it impossible for me to even watch a match of that caliber without hitting mute.

And let's not insult Tony Schiavone just because he was given crap to say by the higher ups in WCW. At his peak, he was a fantastic announcer, and at his worst he was much better than whatever the WWF is throwing out there today. Lawler has been awful ever since he hit puberty 3 years ago, and JR just talks about football. Mark Madden should just be shot dead, along with Vince Russo.

11-17-02, 05:49 PM
I had never heard Gordon Solie announce however i have heard nothing but positive things about him from jim ross (he's mentioned him a few times in his ross report). As for schiavone, honestly i had no problems with him. i don't think he was that bad, that was mostly a joke on my part and i apologize if it seemed like i was really serious.
As for cole and tazz, personally i like them, i don't think they're that bad but then again that's me.
lastly, i think vince was always underrated. i think he was a pretty good announcer, i know most will disagree but i think he was good.
By the way, i have to give jr props because he pulled off that ladder match all by himself a few weeks back and did pretty well.
well that's it for now, i thank everyone that has given to this survey and i hope to have a few more, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

Mister Dread
11-17-02, 07:02 PM
I always got a kick out of Monsoon and Ventura. I think that Paul Heyman was a gifted and underrated announcer, but when paired with Jim Ross, there was no comic relief. Since JR and Heyman were both sort of serious, straight-man announcers, the heel-color flavor was lost.

I've always loved JR and the King, but JR has lost his stride in the last couple of years. He's still one of the best announcers ever, as far as I'm concerned, but he's past his prime.

I noticed that nobody's mentioned Joey Stiles. I've never heard him announce, but I've heard a lot about him. Was he any good?

11-20-02, 04:16 AM
Styles was ok, but could be incredibly annoying at times.

12-12-02, 03:09 PM
Just random things that popped into my head.

-I'm glad D'Lo is getting air time, i personally have always liked him.

-Although they make a great tag team i'm hoping that this will be a launching pad for both of them, a pad for christian to reach the upper talent and a pad for jericho to rejoin them. Also, i like the fact that when they break them up jericho can turn face, which i think he's better at, and he and christian can have a feud giving us matches that will take our breath away.

-Batista is definitely a guy you wouldn't want to face in a dark alley.

- I think for Wrestlemania there could be 3 main events. #1. Angle vs. Lesnar, #2. Triple H vs. Austin (if he returns), and #3. Big Show vs. Hogan (if he returns, and if he does can you say WM3?) However i think michaels will be thrown in there somewhere.

-Speaking of Michaels, he is simply F*CKING NUTS!!!!!

-Funaki, smackdown's NUMBER ONE announcer.

-Rico is has a way too good of character to waste hanging around the 3 minute warning.

-If anyone has any suggestions about my character Showtime Steven James let me know, i'm still new at this and trying to get better. Not to mention i don't want people getting ticked that they have to rp against me because they think i suck. suggestions are welcomed.

That's it for now, ttyl, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

12-12-02, 05:17 PM
1.) Christian and Chris Jericho rule. You just can't argue that. I pray for hours at night that the fans start to realize how awesome Christian is. He ain't not no sucka neither.

2.) D'Lo was tight, no idea what they are planning on doing with him now, when they are flooded with an awful lot of mid-level talent. Probably to push him a card or two, then they can use him to job other talent.

3.) Bastista is probably becoming more noticed now that he is with Flair, but, wow, they don't mesh at all. Batista's gimmick is far too much like Lesnar. Unstoppable big man, who I doubt will be pushed long enough for it to click with the fans.

4.) Michaels is not really nuts when he jumps off a semi onto heavy padding, off camera. I could do the same thing. Granted, he does have back injuries, but if does slow him down, he shouldn't be wrestling. Cruel to say, maybe, but fact.

5.) I assume Lesnar will win the Rumble, so maybe he will wrestle versus Angle, supposing they actually strap him. I don't know who else would, they couldn't possibly let Show headline Wrestlemania. Maybe, I dunno, The Rock, Hogan, or even Stone Cold. I know a rematch for The Rock would sell alot more than Big Show ever could. I know Vince wants to get back to more older style wrestling and less shock, but that doesn't mean big men = good. Big Show is not Andre, now matter how nice a suit he wears.

6.) Funaki is irritating to listen to. It would be funnier if they dubbed over him talking, like they did with Taka.

7.) Rico? Good character? What in the name of...?

8.) "Showtime" Steven James should stay away from the whole Rico gimmick. I don't understand why your opinion is the way it is, but the whole Rico area is uncharted waters for a reason.

12-13-02, 12:25 AM
I dunno...I always liked Rico. He's a pretty decent worker, and I also agree he just doesn't work with three minute warning. I could see him working with, say, Christian and Jericho, just because they have the same smug I-look-so-frickin'-good attitude. Anybody else notice how Y2J braided his beard like Captain Lou? I wonder if this is some form of hommage...I do like it braided better now then with the scraggly "pubes on face" look.

"Life is what happens when you're making other plans"
-John Lennon

12-13-02, 02:57 AM
Although i like Rico a thought has crossed my mind, actually it's a little advice for rico.

Dear Rico,

When wrestling on a pay per view and someone misses a spot, lets say jeff hardy, you do not yell "COME ON JEFF GOD DAMN IT!!" with the camera right on you. make something up, change what you're doing, but don't do that.

I have to admit though, it was funny. And as far as his character goes i judge by the crowd and judging by that he gets major heat.

01-27-03, 02:32 PM
Right now i have to say that i am liking what i'm seeing on raw and smackdown lately. For instance i like the stable that has triple h, batista, flair, and orton. i believe that orton and batista will learn a lot from the 2 cagey verterans not to mention it gives triple h something better to do than cut a 20minute promo all by himself. i think we would be better off if flair did most of his talking just because...he's ric flair. WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
On smackdown they got rid of the al wilson/dawn marie angle. THANK GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY!! That angle sucked big time. nuff said.

the angle in which bischoff gets 30 days is good. mostly because it's true. It's true that when bringing bischoff in the ratings were suppose to skyrocket, that didn't happen. so, they brought that on camera. now, he's not gonna get fired, it's just that what mcmahon said about raw's ratings not going up were true, it's just that it's his fault, not erics'.

Stone Cold coming back is always good, this should be interesting.

Awesome ovation of respect for Hogan, some un-hulkamaniacs may have been bored but hey, that's what the remote is for, use it.

Jeff needs to develop a character. hopefully this thing with rvd will help that.

i predict that by next wrestlemania, edge will be headlining it.

What will it take for A-Train to truly get "over". besides a miracle,

The more i think about it, the more i think matt hardy should have A-Train's spot.

The people wanted undertaker to come back as the phenom, plain and simple.

the rumble as a whole was good, however i think with the stipulation that the winner goes to wrestlemania the ending becomes too predictable....or maybe it would still be if that wasn't the stipulation.

Jericho makes a better face, that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

Once given the chance, Christian will shine and become a big player among the giants.

So long Ross Report, you were the highlight of many fridays, (yes, i have no life.)

Bring back the hardcore division...why? More Tommy Dreamer is always a good thing.

People yelling at the rock for being a "sellout" is dumb and pointless. not to mention untrue.

The triple h match vs. scott steiner was a very good match, as a matter of fact i taped it. this way here when i can't sleep i just pop it in the vcr and i'm out like a light in seconds. it's better than counting sheep....man did it suck.

CAN U DIG IT......

The kurt angle and chris benoit match was simply perfection. the ovation that both those men got was well deserved for they put on a hell of a performance that night. they're the best u'll ever see.

eddie cutting off the mullet? bad move eddie.

speaking of los guerreros, what's with the face turn?

Who do u think will get stunnded 1st after austin returns.

like michaels had to do, austin has to prove that he's a different person, or at least that he won't stab them in the back again.


That's it for now, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

02-22-03, 11:11 PM
I want to send my condolences to the family and friends of the victims of the night club "The Station." For those of you who don't know, in West Warwick, which is not far from my house, burned to the ground in 3 minutes because of sparklers used by the band "Great White." Unfortunately after all the names are released of the 96 victims who lost their lives i'll probably notice that i know some of them. This is one of the greatest tragedies to hit my state ever and i know that it'll take time for our little state to get back on it's feet...but i know it will.

02-23-03, 02:38 AM
So after how long, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have gotten engaged. Most, if not all, of you probably know this. This might make people cringe even more, knowing how politcally driven Crips is, and how much worse things could get, hard as it is to believe possible.

However, judging by the last couple weeks of Raw, and what I've seen on news sites, it appears that Cripple H is headed for a World Championship match, at WrestleMania, against Booker T. Booker pinned Triple H on Raw this past Monday, and it may very well lead to Trips wanting revenge, in the form of a match at 'Mania.

Now, my question for everyone is, what does this mean? Booker Ts been getting built up for a while now, with Goldust helping out, and in my opinion, he's the top face Raw has at the moment. When Austin comes back, he'll be number two, I think, but that's not chopped liver. So could Booker T actually go on to defeat Trips at WrestleMania XIX, and get the strap? Or is Cripple H just preparing to cut down one more threat to freeing his corrupting grip on the WWE?

I think Booker T will go over Triple H at 'Mania, because I think Vince is ready to say, "Game Over" for Crips. But perhaps it's just wishful thinking on my part? I'd be interested to hear other people's opinions on this, as WrestleMania is just about on the horizon.

03-01-03, 02:43 AM
Ok, got some thoughts that i'm gonna throw out because they're on my mind.

Goldusts' new gimmick should be interesting but may leave him nowhere to go. But, we'll wait and see.

I like the evolution angle, that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

And another story i'm sticking to is that i don't believe that Triple H plays as much political games as he's said to have played.

And another Triple H fact, you may insult him but the bottom line is that he tore his quad and finished the match, he couldn't extend his arm because of bonechips and he still has the match, and lastly his throat gets damn near crushed and he still finishes the match. Respect to the Game.

Did Hogan vs the Rock II live up to the expectations? Nope, but lets be honest, no matter what they did it wouldn't have.

To put Booker T over at Wrestlemania would make more sense but i wish they had more time to build it. It is due to lack of build that may prolong it by 2 months.

The big show looks great weight wise...bout time.

Major props to the WWE writing team for having Lesnar vs Heyman on Smackdown. It will draw ratings in my view. It's entertaining, makes sense storyline wise, and doesn't give away the main event at Wrestlemania.

Keep Flair at ringside during a Triple H match. Why? Because if the match saggs he can carry people's attention. A little interference, a little woo, and a little strut and WHAM! The people are back into it.

Now that Kurt Hennig is gone we can truly say that Heaven is now "Perfect."

I love the Rocks' new direction. And who knew he could strum the six string like that?

Awesome promo between the hurricane and the rock.

Austin facing the Rock should be interesting to say the least. These two can light it up, they've proven it.

Steiner wants to say that he is the greatest? Uuummm, Steiner, i just watched a match u had with triple h and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Torrie in Playboy??? Yummy.

Ok, here's how this goes. I went to sleep and the Guerreros were heels. i woke up and they were faces. Was anyone awake when this happened?

Well that's it for now, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

03-04-03, 06:45 PM
Mr. Perfect died a few weeks ago...

Mr. Rogers died last week...

Mr. T better WATCH THE ##### OUT.

03-19-03, 02:57 PM
My God what a bad break for the WWE. It seems that every time somebody gets back from an injury another person leaves. Unfortunately they've now lost 2 big names in Kurt Angle and Edge. Now Smackdown is without their 2 guys who can carry the show, especially Angle. I know the brand extension is important but right now it's gonna hurt them. Maybe down the line it won't, but right now it is. Who's gonna carry Smackdown? My point is they need another big star to help out. I hope they both come back better than ever, especially Angle seeing that the word retirement has been thrown around concerning him. One idea i had, although it would do nothing about wrestling, Linda McMahon could come out and say that Eric Bischoff has Chief Morely, so Steph should have Chief Foley!! Yes i know, Mick is happy at home writing, i get that, but DAMN IT I CAN DREAM CAN'T I?

That's it for now, ttyl, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

03-24-03, 09:16 PM
ok, apparently we have several members who need time off or are leaving all together. To u guys i say GO TO HELL OF LEAVING US! HAHAHA, JUST KIDDING.

Seriously, i hope u guys get everything straightened out and for those leaving live long and prosper.

Showtime Steven James

05-21-03, 11:57 PM
ok guys, here's the scoop. for the past...what seems like forever, all i hear are complaints about the wwe. now don't take this as a rant on u guys, this is from other people i know who complain about every angle, for every wrestler.

so, in response to this i'm gonna talk about one thing, then ask a question that hopefully will get real responses.

ok, i'm gonna talk about triple h. i know everyone would love to see this guy pack his bags and go but i believe that he is the game and is that damn good. I also believe that people believe in too much info on the net. i don't think he's wheeling all that power just because he's with steph, he was making it on his own before they started dating. and other thing, people are complaining that he still has the belt. when did it become a crime to hold the belt for a while. i'll tell ya what, i'd rather have a person hold it for a while than have it switch hands every month like it was when they had the one undisputed title. and about his matches, he fights undertaker while not being able to extend his arm, rvd almost kills him by landing on his neck (by the way, he still finished the match), he fights steiner who can't wrestle...so let me ask this, HOW THE HELL IS HE SUPPOSE TO HAVE A DESCENT MATCH?! in my view he has, look at hhh vs the hurrican on raw, did triple h win? yes, but he damn sure put hurricane over. true the angle with kane blew, but y is that his fault? did he write it? i don't think so, he was told to do it, so he did it. his match with booker t as wm was a good match, i liked it, did triple h use his power so booker wouldn't win? it's speculation, no matter how u look at it, and by the way, although i wanted booker t, it's about time someone kept his title at wm. so in my view, respect to the game.

ok, here's my question. "If you were a booker in the wwe, what would u do? what angles would u run, and what characters would u create? now, if u noticed before, i said "real answers". meaning no "i'd throw triple h off a bridge" responses. lets see what wrestling intellect resides in us, and bring those ideas coming. bye:)

Showtime Steven James

Mister Dread
05-22-03, 01:08 AM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON May-22-03 AT 00:18 AM (EST)]Hmmm ... an interesting question. Well, provided we got rid of the damn brand extension thing, here's a few things I'd do.

1.) Leave Austin in an official capacity permanantly. He's great foil for Bischoff, and vice-versa.

2.) Bring back Shane McMahon, and insert him as a serious contender for the IC title. SHane can draw, and he's really fun to watch.

3.) Another face turn for HHH. Have him stripped of his title, and have Vince or Steve or Steph or Linda or Eric or whoever's gonna be running things (hypothetically, of course, since there's still a brand extension) force him to work his way back up through the ladder if he wants a title shot again. Have him wrestle through gyus like Tajiri, Matt Hardy, Team Angle, and the like on his way to a confrontation with whoever the world champ is at the time. As far as I'm concerned, HHH's problem isn't with his ring skills or his mic work, it's with the fact that he's shoved down everyone' throat all the time.

4.) Bring back Mick Foley. Just 'cause.

5.) Give Chris Benoit a serious push. He's one of the most technically sound and thrilling wrestlers I've ever seen, and yet he's been screwed out of every major title he's wrestled for more times than I can count.

6.) Expand the cruiserweight division a little. Or, going one step further, bring in some guys from Japan. You've got some incredible talent over there, and some old North American stalwarts. Steve Williams, Mike Rotundo ... lotsa great stuff.


8.) Settle down with the wrestler vs. promoter angles. It's getting old.

9.) Establish a more open world title picture. We're all tired of seeing the same handfull of guys wrestle for the strap week after week.

10.) Evaluate the roster based on workrate and ability. Basically, get rid of Scott Steiner. That man was AMAZING back when he was a little less swollen and disgusting. He was big AND fast, and he knew his way around the ring. Lately, plagued by old injuries, he just hobbles around. Same goes for Hogan. Watching him totter over and gingerly lower his legg/ass area over someone's face to finish the match is just sad.

11.) Warring factions. How cool would it be to have a heel NwO (led by HHH or Nash) feuding with a face DX (led by Shawn Michaels)? Or perhaps a resurgence of the Four Horsemen (maybe Flair, Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar) ...

Or, as an alternative ... instead of getting rid of the brand extension, open WCW back up. Let the guys who made it big there go back there. That way you can have your workers getting plenty of exposure, while keeping each fed a little less 'busy' than the WWE is right now. Splitting shows, adding titles, taking titles away ... they're killing themselves. RAW's ratings are abysmal compared to two years ago, and Smackdown! isn't doing a whole lot better. But that's just my opinion.

05-22-03, 02:37 AM
The entire company and product needs a facelift, new headliners, new look, new direction,etc. Which is basically what they spent 1997-98 doing. And if you think HHH has no power backstage despite the fact that he nailing and going to marry the daughter of the owner of the company, you are a poor and naive soul.

05-22-03, 04:35 AM
You reminded me of a post I had been writing a couple months ago. It was about changes I'd make in WWE, as your question asks, and was just about finished with it when my computer froze. I was too pissed to go write it up again, but now I think I'll try it again. I'll put down some basic things now, and perhaps add to it later...

First off, I don't think the brand extension is a horrible disaster. I partially buy into the fact that the ratings would take a hit at first, in order for the brands to develop their own appeal. However, with the unsatisfactory job WWE Creative, including Vince McMahon, are doing, I doubt many people support the brand extension anymore. I still think it could be done, though, if it's "nursed" off of life support. So, if I were to be a booker in WWE, here are a few things I would do. Keep in mind, they are in no particular order.

The Triple Cripple issue must be acknowledged.
Before the writing team can put their heads together, and start making some moves, they need to get their heads out of some @$$es. It's no secret that Triple H has power of some sort backstage. It's a fact he has attended production meetings in the past (although he stopped before winning the Undisputed Title.."coincidentally"), and is not looked upon so highly by the rest of the Raw locker room as some may think. Ever since he returned from the torn quad at Royal Rumble, he hasn't been the same wrestler. In 2000, he was "the man," and I'll tell you I thought he was the top man at the time. But I soured to this by 2001, after all the camera time and exposure he got. Much like The Rock, Triple H got overexposed. But unlike Rock, Triple H couldn't find a way to keep entertaining, because in the ring he was largely carried by his opponent. Guys like Angle, Jericho, Austin, and even Rock (i.e. - Judgment Day Iron Man Match).

It's gotten to the point where Triple H needed Ric Flair to help draw heat for himself. If you noticed, for a time Flair wasn't allowed to say "Woo!" because it actually took heat away from Triple H. Any heat Triple H got was "go away" heat, in my opinion. He's not a top man anymore. Guys like Angle, Lesnar, Benoit, Jericho, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and dare I say...Edge...can all wrestle circles around him. Aside from that, Triple H has beaten just about everyone on the Raw roster. And in the cases of Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Kane, Scott Steiner, and most recently Booker T, Triple H has buried them. Notice how Steiner, the man who was supposed to draw big money for WWE, was so quickly pushed down? And notice how he was gunning for Triple H? And notice how people were so quick to place blame on Steiner, not Triple H, for the poor feuds? Steiner draws, but Triple H doesn't. Why? Because he wants to do necrophilia angles which, by the way, he was only one of a few in favor of doing. Yet Kane quickly took the on-camera hit for that angle, since he got de-pushed to the midcard, whereas Triple H remained at the top. Notice a pattern yet?

Triple H would much rather have feuds with guys that aren't a threat to his spot.. like Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash. You know the only one who's beaten Triple H for the Raw Title so far, is HBK? And he then put over Triple H only a month afterward! What kind of business move is that? You could have given it to RVD, Jericho, or Kane at Survivor Series in the Elimination match; three guys who were more than ready to get the belt at the time, and certainly could have used it more than HBK or Triple H. It just doesn't make sense, unless it's that Triple H was protecting himself by giving the belt to his friend for a month, so he could say he dropped it at one time. Now with Nash, it's the same thing.

What I hope WWE does: Let's see if Goldberg can break through this trend, at SummerSlam, and win (CLEAN!! PLEASE!!) over Triple H.

What I would do: I don't know if Goldberg is the best choice for this, but the only other option would be Booker T, who is competing for the IC Title now, suddenly. If Goldberg gets it, I'd feud him with Jericho then, not in June like they're seemingly going to.

To be fair, there are other people who I think have too much stroke. The Undertaker, for all the time he's been around, can sometimes have a bit too much control. One instance is this clause he had in one of his contracts, where he couldn't be PINNED! What the hell kind of clause is that? And why WWE would agree to it, I don't know. His feud with Lesnar last Fall is also a good example. He didn't want Lesnar to pin him in their first match, so he got it to be changed to a draw. This would only delay Lesnar from pinning him for a month anyway, so it was a pretty dumb move by WWE, with Undertaker engineering it. However, at least Taker is helping Jones and feuding with the young blood, like Cena, and newer WWE additions like the FBI (well, Palumbo aside).

Okay, so that aside, let's get down to more positive things:

Shift talent.
Seeing as the Cliq is stuffed on Raw, and taking up the Main Event spot, I don't know that there's much that can be done for the younger guys there, IC Title or not. So what I'd do is take Booker T, RVD, and Jericho, and move them to Smackdown. Sticking them on the primarily wrestling-focused brand -- or the more wrestling-focused brand -- would allow WWE to further utilize their skills. Their charisma would only help to support why they should be Main Eventing on Smackdown, where guys like Angle (the BEST in the industry right now), Benoit, Rhyno, and Lesnar will shine with them in feuds. As for Kane? He's going to have to just rough it on Raw, because I feel he belongs there more. Also, I would want to keep him and Undertaker on separate brands. They could have an amazing feud, but I'd save it for Undertaker's last feud, which is who knows when. A big guy like Kane should be in the Main Event on either brand, though, because he isn't just some stiff. He's got what it takes to make it, all he needs is the proper angle.

Additionally, I'd have Sting come in on Raw. He knows a bunch of those guys well, and would fit right in with them. He can hang with any politics that surface, and hell, a (face) Sting and (heel) Rock feud could be better than Rock-Goldberg. Oh, and speaking of the Rock, he should forever be a heel. He's too good as a heel, and there aren't enough people who can last as a heel like he can. But no more concert b.s., cuz that only seems to hurt his heat overall.

Some individual notes...
Triple H - I can't stand him as a face. He's heel4life as well, and not so prominent. Get the strap on someone who can keep up in the ring with younger guys, carry himself (without being accompanied) if need be, and be selfless enough to put over ANYONE..and by "put over" I mean lose to them, and sell. Not oversell, not undersell.. just sell!

Austin - Can be face or heel. I would keep him in a non-wrestling role, not just for the obvious physical ailments, but because he would be similar to Triple H in workrate. He's just over the hill, mostly due to injuries. He's still got more charisma than just about anyone, though. In fact, I'd even go as far as getting rid of Bischoff, and having Austin there as sole GM. He can have runs as a face and heel, depending on what's going on. Though I wouldn't have him heavily involved in storylines either. The wrestler vs. promoter thing is definitely getting stale, if it isn't past stale already.

Ric Flair = Not sure what to do with him. He could be valuable out of the ring, without having to get in the ring and wrestle. But perhaps once in a while, he could wrestle. Make it mean something when he does.

The Rock - when available, he's the best heel they'll probably have for a while. Use him to put over younger talent, and get some wins too against the vets. He's invaluable, because even if he jobs to younger guys, everyone knows Rock is forever solidified as a credible player in the ring. And he still has the drawing power, provided he's in the right spot.

Other ideas - Raw
A DX reformation might be good, short term, but I wouldn't do it because I think it's run its course. Same applies for the nWo. I would focus on building the IC Title up to an extremely credible position, and definitely let the up-and-comers draw confidence and character development from it. Give the IC Champ a World Title shot from time to time, on a PPV. It makes things interesting, especially if the IC Champ were to win some of the time, and become World Champion, which frees the IC belt up for another person and establishes the new World Champion as a guy who has "made it" thanks (in part) to the IC strap.

Direction for Smackdown
Smackdown should have a similar belt, even though the Cruiserweight Title is already there. I think it's less important on Smackdown, due to more developing talent being here, but is still beneficial. It gives those who are not quite ready for the WWE Title something to compete for, if they don't make the requirement for competing in the Cruiserweight division. Anyone who is in the Cruiserweight division should be able to ascend to the WWE Title circle without having to go through the other secondary title, though, because for these guys, the Cruiserweight Title would be that secondary title. So you'd have to build up both secondary titles on Smackdown, maybe even make the Cruiserweight belt a bit more on level with the WWE Title, given the fact that there are some guys who will only be in that division. Also, gotta make sure to keep the number in the Cruiserweight division stable. If one guy (i.e. - Matt Hardy) moves up to the WWE Title division, he should be replaced by someone, preferrably from Japan, or the indies. Never hurts to bring in fresh, quality talent.

I would not have given Lesnar a second title reign so soon. But since he has it, I would take the belt off of him around October, maybe stretch it to Survivor Series, since that's a major PPV. He needs more seasoning, in terms of mic work and developing his persona, before he is given the strap again. I'd put it on Angle, let him have it for a few months, then give it to Benoit after another classic feud between those two. If Lesnar dropped it to Angle at Survivor Series, this would put the start of Benoit's reign at WrestleMania. Then let him run with it, because he deserves the shot to be the top guy. He's right up there with Angle, in terms of wrestling ability, but falls short to Angle in charisma. Angle's just freakishly talented, possessing all the tools to succeed.

I'd get the Cruiserweight Title on Mysterio, once Matt Hardy has had a good length reign. September seems like a good time to switch it up. Then let Mysterio run with it.

Women's Division
I'd have Nidia moved to Raw, to get her involved in the Women's division. I'd possibly move Sable, but not immediately. I also think Stacy Kiebler should go to Smackdown, and Test along with her. He's another young guy that could benefit more from being on Smackdown, even if he isn't the most talented.

Better establish the alignments of the ladies. Who is heel and who is face? There seem to be a bunch of 'tweeners, and that doesn't work for me. I'd set it as:

Trish Stratus
Lita (when she returns)
Jackie Gayda (when she makes it)

Molly (WHY is she in OVW??)
Linda Miles (once she makes it)

Ivory and Nidia/Molly could be 'tweeners, if there were any.

Breaking down the division this way, I would have Ivory hold the belt, as she draws well and has the charisma and in-ring skills. When Lita returns, Jazz should win the belt off of Ivory. Jazz would go on to good success, lasting a few months, until Lita was re-established as a strong competitor. Then have Lita win the Women's Title off of Jazz. It doesn't need to be rushed; just build both of them up separately, and then have them build each other up more.

That's how I see things for now. I'd also cut down on the workdays, because the intensity of the schedule can play a part in the number of injuries. Also, there should be better build up to the match. Less matches involving the wrestlers who are directly feuding (i.e. - tag matches), as that should be saved for the PPV more often. Additionally, let's see less Clotheslines and Irish Whips, and more holds and actual wrestling! It works just fine in Japan, and it's actually more inventive and can lead to a better story to be told in the ring. Bigger payoff, in my opinion, and a better way to produce bigger ratings.

By the way, if anyone would want to try "running" a real-life promotion, you should check out the EWR simulator. It's a pretty good sim, and they have a good deal of talent in it, also; independents and WWE. It's late and I'm too lazy to go find the direct like, so just go to google and type in "EW Revenge," and the link should come up. I know, I'm a lazy bastard..but I did take the time to write this up! :P

05-26-03, 12:36 AM
i just want to thank everybody for replying to my question. all ideas were really good and interesting. at a later date i'll put some of my ideas down (and trust me, i know i'm not the end all and be all of angles so i'm sorry if i come off that way). however, i've got 2 questions for anyone who wants to answer.

#1. should they bring back any other titles, i.e. hardcore or european?

#2. should they allow ALL champions to wrestle on both shows? i know there's 2 world titles, but i'm talking about the ic title and cruiserweight if anything. that could open up some more feuds. what do u think?

In my opinion they should bring back the hardcore title. i think they should have a tournament, this will give former ecw wrestlers something to do as well as give hardcore fans what they want, and at the end of the tournament they should have foley and funk present the title to the winner, this way here it gives it prestige again, and if ANYBODY mentions using the 24/7 rule, i'll beat them with a crowbar.

that's it for now, thanks for replying, bye:)

05-26-03, 03:05 PM
Well, aside from bringing in a title for the Smackdown brand guys, who aren't in the Cruiserweight division, to wrestle for, if they aren't at the WWE Title level, I don't think there should be any other belts brought in.

Yeah, the Hardcore Title is cool, but there are two reasons why I wouldn't bring it back:

1) Despite some ECW wrestlers being in WWE, there aren't enough of them that a belt (and a whole division) should be brought back just for them. They should either adjust, like RVD and Rhyno have, or head over to NWA-TNA or XPW.

2) I know they have worked their @$$es off to make it to WWE (i.e. - Tommy Dreamer), but WWE isn't going to look at that as grounds for giving them a decent spot on the card. They don't make exceptions for the ECW guys, and so I don't think they'll bring the Hardcore Title back.

I'm even suspect to my own suggestion of having three singles belts on Smackdown, simply because three titles could overcrowd the show. There's only so much time, and having three belts is difficult to manage on a show with the roster size of Smackdown. Remember what Foley said back at the end of the invasion, about how there are so many belts that if you don't have one then you should be ashamed. So I don't want to have that situation all over again. Two singles belts per show may be enough.

05-26-03, 07:36 PM
point well taken. :)

05-28-03, 11:30 PM
i have some thoughts going through my head so i'm gonna put them down.

Bring back Foley, the man is more entertaining than most and has more desire than anybody no matter what he does.

Isn't it nice of Hogan to let Mr. America use his old theme music?

Hurry back Angle...PLEASE!

I hope Angle wins the belt and if his back is ok put him against Benoit...in an IRON MAN MATCH.

They should have kept Test a good guy, i'm sick of this angle. Can't anyone keep a female manager? And i know test wasn't getting standing ovations, but people haven't forgotten him trying to burn our flag, if they would have had him apologize or make it up somehow he would have gotten over as a face.

The highlight reel is awesome and the fact that the rock will be on makes it even better. It's becoming like confidential but in character...if that makes sense.

Christian's new look is cool, it's about time he got a push

Due to the brand extention we're robbed of Edge vs. Christian for the ic title. Damn!

Keep the freakin mic out of Goldberg's hands. There's a reason they never let him talk in wcw.

Nash is not getting the pops i thought he would, i wonder why.

Flair turned on Michaels on Raw??? WOW, LIKE I DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING A MILE AWAY!

By the way, i've heard good news. Apparently Cowboy Bob Orton's rehab for his shoulder is progressing nicely. Doctors say that after almost 20 years of rehab it's finally starting to come around.

Congrats to piper for dropping weight every week it seems, at his age it's not easy.

I still think JR and King can get it done every monday, that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

Get well Freddy Blassie, you're in my prayers.

To boost Sunday Night Heat they should have bigger stars wrestle or have heat become a hardcore kind of show. Why not? No one's watching it anyway.

While keeping the mic away from Goldberg, keep it from Lesnar as well.

I attended last months pay per view and i can say that Rico is one of the nicest guys i've ever met. Matt Hardy was cool too.

i FINALLY got around to seeing the Scorpion King and i don't think that the rocks a bad actor, he was surprisingly good.

if any women are reading this, answer me a question, when you're upset WHY DON'T YOU SAY WHAT IT IS THAT'S MAKING U MAD?! that has nothing to do with wrestling but i still want to know.

well that's it for now, bye:)

Showtime Steven James

05-29-03, 12:13 AM
I'd reply to this on the new "Blabber, Rant and Rave" topic, but I'm too lazy to switch between the two. Don't live by my example.

"Real American" makes Hulk Hogan infinitely better, undoubtably. Nothing against Jimi Hendrix, but "Voodoo Chile" just isn't heroic enough.

I forgot about Test trying to burn the flag. He could just say his long hair made him do evil things. But I think the reason people don't like Test as a face is because his style of aggressive wrestling and mic spots lend themselves better to a heel character.

Christian's new look makes him infinitely cooler. Too bad he's going to be dropping the belt to Booker T at Bad Blood...not that I have anything against Booker T, but I would've liked to see Christian keep the belt a little longer. But while we're on the topic, screw Edge vs. Christian - this new angle has finally given Christian a chance to step out of Edge's shadow, and I always liked Christian better anyway so we don't need Edge getting involving and mucking things up.

Why did the WWE even think they could bring back Kevin Nash as a credible main eventer? I mean, they have the guy coming out to make a save practically every other week, and it is damned hard to make a save when "lumber" is your top speed. Oh wait, I know why they needed to use Nash as a main eventer - because Triple-H has forced everyone else in the entire company to job to him cleanly. I'm sorry, but if he gets to nail Stephanie McMahon, he should be SACRIFICING something for it. The only benefit you should get from banging Stephanie is that you get to bang Stephanie.

The JR-King combo is getting a little stale...I'm not as sick of it as a lot of people are, but that's probably because I consistently miss SmackDown and have no other wrestling shows in my area, so I have no basis for comparison.

Turning Heat into an ECW-style hardcore show won't convince me to watch it. They could turn it into hardcore porn and I still won't watch it - Sunday night is not prime wrasslin'-watchin' time so why should they waste their star power on it?

I don't think the Rock's a bad actor, I just think "The Scorpion King" is a bad movie and the Rock just happens to be a part of it. Of course I haven't SEEN "The Scorpion King," but if we follow the universal rule that the sequel is never as good as the original (except where the Terminator series is concerned), and if the Scorpion King is technically the third movie in the "The Mummy" sequence, and the FIRST "The Mummy" sucked balls, logic suggests that "The Scorpion King" must suck three times as many balls.

And if you're looking for advice on women, I cannot imagine there being a worse forum for that than a fantasy wrestling Web site.

Today's question: How long until Randy Orton reinjures himself? I'd say no less than three weeks and no more than six.