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08-26-02, 01:44 PM
(FADE-IN: The locker room area of the Kohl Arena. "Lost Cause" Chris O'Neill is sitting facing his locker his now fire engine red hair is sticking out of a white bandana. He is keeping to him self, but glances to his left and sees Chris McMillan getting ready for his match, with Hawk McDaniel sitting nearby. The camera pans over and zooms in on them. They begin to whisper)

CHRIS MCMILLAN: "That guy is weird, I don't like having him around."

HAWK MCDANIEL: "Yeah, I'm just waitin' for the moment he snaps. Man, Malec sure can find' em can't he?"

C.M.: "You're telling me, he like fell off the darkside of the moon. Maybe he has a problem, and when the urine test comes back, he will be gone."

H.M.: "Hopefully."

(A shadow is cast upon both guys, and they look at each other and slowly look up, at Chris O'Neill standing over them. Then look back at each other.)

CHRIS O'NEILL: "First impressions...are most times the wrong one!"

(O'Neill quickly grabs McDaniel's cologne bottle and sprays it in McDaniel's eyes and the nails McMillan right in the face with it! Both men fall off the locker room bench and O
Neill kicks them both in the ribs several times before storming off, beet red with anger. The crowd boos as they see the attack on the big screen in the arena. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to begin the Quarterfinal Matches of the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title tournament! First, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "The Final Countdown" by Europe) "From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 260lbs., THE EMERALD WARRIOR!! He is accompanied by Warren Nickolson!!"

(The crowd mostly pops as the Emeral Warrior emerges from the curtain, wearing long green tights with black and green face paint. He walks down the aisle with Warren Nickolson when suddenly Michael Manson jumps out of the crowd from nowhere and attacks!)

TONY ROSS: "Oh look out! Manson is wasting no time going after Emerald Warrior here! Warrior had no idea where he came from!"

RICK WISEMAN: "This comes right after Manson was abusing a cameraman in the back, so he really is not endearing himself to anyone, least of all Commissioner King Krusher, who said he would be watching Manson like a hawk!"

T,R.: "Manson is pounding away at the Warrior with huge rights and lefts, and we're obviously going to skip Manson's introduction and go right to the match! Manson runs Warrior head first into the ring steps, and he went in with tremendous force! Manson drags Warrior to his feet and rolls him into the ring and the match begins!"

R.W.: "Warren Nickolson is going crazy out there yelling at referee Al Marinaro to get Manson under control!"

T.R.: "We just saw 'Lost Cause' Chris O'Neill attack Chris McMillan and Hawk McDaniel in the back for talking about him, and it seems like he has a real attitude problem! And speaking of attitude problems, Manson pulls Warrior up and Warrior fights back with rights and lefts to the gut! He grabs Manson and short clotheslines him right down! He pulls Manson up and lifts him for a gorilla slam! He presses him a few times and throws him down to the mat and the fans eat it up! Manson is about as popular as Golem is here in the GLCW!"

R.W.: "Now the Emerald Warrior is walking around the ring showboating and you simply cannot do this with Manson in that ring!"

T.R.: "Manson recovers, sneaks up behind and hooks him with a dragon suplex!! Warrior came down viciously right on his neck!! Holy cow what impact! Manson pounces on Warrior's back and he's got a modified camel clutch locked in, and he's just pulling that neck straight back! This has got to be painful! Listen to the Warrior scream out in pain!"

R.W.: "Warrior paying for his rookie mistake there, you simply cannot take your eyes off Manson for more than a few seconds!"

T.R.: "Manson lets off and rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair! What is the purpose of this!? Manson brings the chair in and he opens it up! He grabs the Warrior in a dragon sleeper and he sits down on the chair! Is this even legal!?"

R.W.: "Well, he didn't hit Warrior with the chair but he's getting some really good leverage on this hold, and Al Marinaro is screaming at him to get up because a chair has no place in the ring to begin with, no matter what the use!"

T.R.: "Manson holds on for a few seconds but is forced to break the hold by Marinaro! Manson shoots Marinaro a lethal glance before he pulls Warrior up again and hits a brutal swinging neckbreaker right into the Tourniquet Crossface!! He slapped the hold on immediately and Warrior is in serious trouble here, right in the middle of the ring!"

R.W.: "Warrior may be too groggy to submit since he was in that dragon sleeper!"

T.R.: "That may be the case as Marinaro checks his arm once....twice....and it goes limp for the third time! He's out!! Marinaro calls for the bell! The damage had already been done from the vicious dragon suplex followed by the dragon sleeper!!"

R.W.: "Manson will not let go of the Tourniquet as Marinaro is trying to pry him off to no avail!"

T.R.: "Marinaro is screaming at Manson to let go of the hold but he refuses to let go! Warren Nickolson, the Warrior's manager is in and he's trying to pry Manson off! Manson lets go, shoves Nickolson right out of the ring and then he kicks Marinaro right in the crotch!! What a lunatic! What is wrong with Manson!? This was completely unnecessary and I have to believe that there will be some repurcussions to suffer here!"

R.W.: "And then he sits Marinaro down on the unfolded chair that was still in the ring!"

T.R.: "What a class act! And here comes King Krusher and it looks like he is going to lay down the law! He climbs into the ring and he looks like he has steam coming out of his ears! K.K. gets right in Manson's face and starts yelling at the top of his lungs at Manson! Wow!"

R.W.: "And Manson has the gall to offer a handshake!"

T.R.: "Yeah, I'm sure this is real sincere! K.K. slaps Manson's hand away and now Manson forces a hug on King Krusher! Krusher is so surprised that he doesn't even notice Manson take the wallet out of the back pocket of his slacks as Manson quickly rolls out of the ring with itn before K.K. can see it! Not only is this guy nuts, he's a thief! Does he think he can get away with this!?"

R.W.: "Apparently so, as K.K. just watches Manson with a stunned look on his face and he doesn't even realize his wallet was gone! Unbelievable!"

T.R.: "Well, I'm sure K.K. will realize his wallet is gone soon enough and there will be hell to pay! Fans, let's take it back to Lady Veronica standing by with Redemption!"

(CUTTO: The back, LADY VERONICA stands with her mic at the ready as REDEMPTION, wearing his black body suit and black mask walk towards her.)

LADY VERONICA: "Redemption, we've heard you and Jared Poe say a lot of things about each other, you've gone so far as to say he's Godless..."

REDEMPTION: "I never said that...I've only said he decided to reject God rather then go closer to him in the face of crisis and he made the wrong choice...But that's not a problem for me...My problem is facing a pain loving double tough man in the ring tonight and find a way, any way, to put him down f about faith, about the lord, about Salvation...And REDEMPTION, that or three long seconds... And that is all I care about tonight, if Poe wanted to learn about Salvation and redemption...But I am not here to heal his mental wounds or to soothe his damaged mind...All I gotta do is for MY Redemption...Is beat him...To advance to the next round in this tournament...And well Veronica...That's what it comes down to...Two men who think they are the better man, but one...KNOWS it to be true and the other just WISHES it was...And THAT is why in the end...I will have my victory and be another step closer to MY Redemption..." (Redemption walks away)

LADY V; "OK, we will be right back after this message with Redemption vs. Jarod Poe!"

(Fade to Commercial)