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08-26-02, 01:49 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-29-02 AT 01:20 AM (EDT)]FADE-IN: A computer generated shot of Great Lakes being passed overhead at a very rapid speed. As the camera zooms past the shimmering waters, the glare forms the letters G L C W, the background fades to black as the letters glow brighter, and show the letters in large, golden form. CUE-UP: "Are you Ready?" by AC/DC. CUT-TO: Shots from downtown Madison, Wisconsin, Lake Mendota, and the Wisconsin Capitol Building. The camera pans away from the Capitol Building, and shows the Kohl Arena, with a crowd of folks making their way into the arena. Parked outside is a large Harley-Davidson, with a few GLCW fans getting their pictures taken with it. As the intro to "Are You Ready?" closes and the heavy guitars kick in. CUT-TO: The inside of the Kohl Arena, with fans going crazy as the camera pans across the crowd. The 3000 seats in Kohl are nearly full, with people still coming in large droves. CUT-TO: The GLCW ring, and nearby announcers booth, with Tony Ross flanked by Rick Wiseman. They seem to be viewing their monitors as AC/DC comes to a close. The fans behind Ross and Wiseman act enthused as the duo begin their opening commentary.)

TONY ROSS: "Helloo WRESTLING FANS! And welcome to the GLCW sophomore showing, Riptide here in front of a sold out Madison, Wisconsin crowd! (fans cheer wildly) I'm here with my announce-partner, Rick Wiseman, and tonight you'll see a night jam-packed with action, full to the brim with wrestling enjoyment. The tournament to crown a GLCW World Champion continues, with Michael Manson taking on the Emerald Warrior, the monster Golem facing off against Chris "Mr. Dread" McMillan, as well as Redemption taking on Jared Poe. This tournament is certainly going to give the GLCW crown its credibility, wouldn't you say, Rick?"

RICK WISEMAN: "I couldn't agree more Tony, the first GLCW Champion will certainly prove the title distinguished and respected after being the sole survivor in this incredible tournament. Speaking of tournaments, the GLCW TV Title tournament heads off tonight, with newcomer Nick Kurtel bouting against "Lost Cause" Chris O'Neill, "The Future" Brett Irvine squaring opposite Jon Savage, "Showtime" Steven James taking on Hawk McDaniel, as well as the "Eradicator" Troy Martinez facing up against "God's Gift" Dean McQueen."

T.R.: "And let's not forget tonight's MAIN EVENT, where the veteran Jobber will take on the red-hot Angel Castillo!"

R.W.: "Look here Tony, (motioning to the monitor) It seems Nevada Smith has decided to stop by the Kohl Arena, that certainly looks like his hog."

T.R.: "No mistaking there, Rick, Nevada Smith appears to be IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT. Why he's here, only time will tell. Or perhaps someone else just has a similar taste in bikes..."

R.W.: "And just to recap last week's broadcast, Mr. Impossible will be out for a few weeks with a fractured wrist and hand, courtesy of Michael Manson. I'm sure Mr. Scott Malec and Krusher have already begun to deal with Manson, as he has already become a thorn in the side of GLCW management."

T.R.: "On the subject of the GLCW's management woes, the tag team of Gridlock competed in a non-televised match earlier tonight, completely dominating the local team of Joe "The Plumber"Frankoviak and the Wisconsin Weekend Warrior, securing their win with the devastating finisher they call Afterburn!"

R.W.: "The same move that cost "Showtime" Steven James his match with Angel Castillo last week on First Wave. The High Plains Drifters also competed in non-televised action tonight, defeating the team of Lithuanian Lightning and Rick Morgan in a stellar match fit for TV."

T.R.: "Ring announcer Matt Faley is in the ring, standing by to begin our opening bout, pitting Jon Savage against "The Future" Brett Irvine."

(CUT-TO: Lady Veronica standing backstage, wearing a black minidress, standing in front of a "GLCW Riptide" curtain with Jon Savage).

LADY VERONICA: "He lost his first match against Redemption, now he's up in a Great Lakes Gauntlet match, and if he gets his first victory here against "The Future" Brett Irvine, then Jon Savage will be in the mix for the first GLCW TV Title. Savage, your thoughts..."

JON SAVAGE: (leers at Lady V) "You know something, honey? You're pretty smart for a hottie. (Smiles) I like that. Maybe you should ask "The Future" how he will feel about being THE PAST. You better ask him before our match, though, 'cause he won't be able to talk or move when I get through with him."


SAVAGE: "Hey, baby, you know what Irvine's gonna say when I cripple him?"

LADY V: (shakes head) "No, what?"

SAVAGE: "Nothing. He'll be in a body cast."

(Savage walks away as Lady V looks shocked and stunned)

LADY V: "It doesn't look good for Brett Irvine. Guys, let's get back to you."

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing in the middle of the ring. CUE-UP: "There Goes My Hero" by the Foo FIghters")

MATT FALEY: "Introducing first, making his GLCW debut, from Calgary Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 257 pounds, he is 'THE FUTURE' BRETT IRVINE!"

(The crowd gives the Canadian newcomer a decent pop. Irvine acknowledges the crowd, smiling and waving, even high-fiving a fan bearing a sign which reads "THE FUTURE IS NOW." He wears black pants with "THE FUTURE" on one leg and barbed wire design on the other leg, black wrist bands and black elbow pads on each arm, with a knee brace on his left knee.)

M.F.: "And his opponent" (CUE-UP: "Baba O'Riley" by The Who") "weighing 274 pounds, he is from Detroit, Michigan, JON SAVAGE!"

(Savage comes down to an array of boos, stemming from his promo backstage. He dons red and blue trunks with a jacket of similar pattern. Lyla follows closely behind, complete in biker chick garb. Savage rolls under the ropes and stands facing "The Future" Brett Irvine.)

TONY ROSS: "Well, this first match slated for the GLCW TV title tournament is about to get under way (bell rings) And here we go."

RICK WISEMAN: "Looking at stats alone, Savage has got the advantage. Both men are about the same height, but Savage has got about 25 pounds up on "The Future." And the two men lock up!"

T.R. "The technically sound Irvine going up against the crafty Savage... the first lock up ends in a stalemate and the two men back up. Irvine is calling for the test of strength, perhaps not the best move against the slightly larger Savage. Savage almost laughs at the newcomer's naivety, and approaches slowly, almost mocking Irvine. Savage reaches out, and kicks Irvine right in the mid-sec...WAIT! Irvine caught him! Irvine was playing dumb, and he send Savage down with a short-arm clothesline. Savage is up quick, and he's furious!"

R.W.: "Smart move by the debuting Irvine, perhaps he's not as green as he looks. But here it is, Savage going to work. Savage pounding away on the top of Irvine, and he whips him into the corner. There's a tough chop from Savage. And another, and another! Savage is really tearing into "The Future." Savage taunts the crowd a bit, before face-raking Irvine across the middle rope. Savage once again taunting the crowd and the struggling Irvine.

T.R.: "Savage picks up Brett, bearhug, nope... atomic drop, ouch... that's no good. Savage picks him up again, whips into the ropes, and Irvine ducks the clothesline, Irvine comes back, and a leaping forearm hits its mark on Savage! Irvine wastes no time and gets Savage in an armbar. The crowd is going wild! Irvine releases the hold and lifts Savage, snap suplex! And he hangs on to deliver ANOTHER snap suplex! Float over, cover! 1...2. barely a two and Savage kicks out with authority. The two get up at the same time, and here's a classic staredown."

R.W.:"Here, Tony, is where this match is going to be won. These guys are about the same size, and while specializing in either technical or brawling styles, relatively matched. This psychology here, getting inside your opponent's mind, is where this match may get decided."

T.R.: "They lock up! Savage with a whip to the ropes, Irvine telegraphs another diving clothesline, but Savage send him down with a hard powerslam. Savage quickly pulls him up, front-facelock, and a stalling suplex... wow! A pin! 1...2... and Irvine kicks at 2 and a half! Savage, still in control, goes for a fireman's carry, Irvine falls out of it, goes for a front kick which Savage ducks, but Irvine gets him coming back with a standing side kick. Irvine off the ropes, and hits a hard elbow. He proceeds to perform an STF, pulling back hard on the head of Savage. Irvine really trying to keep the larger man grounded with various submission maneuvers."

R.W.: "The newcomer's technical style clashing greatly with Savage's sly and simple brawling technique."

T.R.: "And Irvine letting Savage up. Savage, slow to his feet after that STF, swings wildly at Irvine, and Irvine tries to catch him with a reverse armbar. Savage prevents a costly error, and pulls back, hip tossing Irvine. Savage proceeds to lay hard elbows on Irvine. Savage pushes Irvine into the corner, and is laying into to him with stiff rights and lefts. Savage whips Irvine into the opposite turnbuckle, and Irvine hits hard, stumbling out of the corner to the middle of the ring. Savage wastes no time, and tackles the fuzzy-minded Irvine with a sleeper. Irvine struggles blindly for a few moments, and Savage drops down to a knee. Dave Powell is checking in on Irvine, who showing little signs of life. The hand is raised, and dropped, but no! Irvine's not out of this yet!

R.W.: "I almost thought Savage had him there, but apparently this Irvine's got a bit more in him than I thought."

T.R.: "The crowd is getting behind Irvine as he tries to get out of his predicament. Irvine is on his feet! He's almost free! The crowd is fully behind this young athlete! Oh! Savage wrenches hard! Ah, he twisted Irvine's neck it looked like, and sent Irvine right back down to the mat with the sleepy. Irvine looks out of it now, and the intensity on Savage's face tells the story. Powell checks in on Irvine again and this crowd is still going crazy behind Irvine!"

R.W.: "They are really on their feet for this young up-and-comer. Wow, listen to them!"

T.R..:"The hand is raised, and falls. Raised, and falls again. Dave Powell raises it again, ah, Irvine just couldn't stay in it. Irvine's hand is about to fall for the third time, and Savage releases the hold. Savage thinks he's won! Powell motions to the timekeeper that this match IS NOT OVER! Savage released the hold before the third fall! Powell, trying to tell Savage what has just happened, and Savage thinks Powell is trying to raise his hand!"

R.W.: "This could cost Savage some precious time in putting away Irvine."

T.R.: Brett Irvine is up! He crouches behind Savage, and rolls him up! 1...2...3... NO! He didn't get him! Savage is enraged! He hits Irvine with a hard gordbuster, hoists him up, and hits a gut-wrench slam! Savage with the pin! And he's got his foot on the ropes! Powell doesn't see it! 1...2... and Powell saw it! Irvine kicks out from under Savage. Savage is tangled on the bottom rope! He's asking Irvine to help him! Irvine looks to the crowd, which is behind him totally. He pulls Savage's leg out from the rope, and sets him up... SIGN OF THE TIMES! SIGN OF THE TIMES Half Crab! Savage is in the middle of the ring and "The Future" has on his finisher! Powell checks on Savage... and SAVAGE TAPS! Savage taps out! This crowd is INSANE! "The Future" Brett Irvine has picked up his first win in the GLCW, and Savage remains victory-less!"

R.W.: "Looks like it's back to the drawing board again for Savage and Lyla. This time, Savage's own "tactics" backfire, and his blindness to Brett Irvine's abilities cost him this match. That, and Irvine is just an obviously gifted competitor."

T.R.: "And watch as Irvine leaves, thanking the crowd for their support... he knows that without their energy behind him, Irvine may have ended up with a tally on the other side of the scoreboard. It's great to see a youngster appreciate his audience like that."

R.W.: "And now Lyla and Jon Savage walk to the back to a rain of heckling and boos. Sometimes it doesn't pay off to know every trick in the book."

(CUT-TO: Backstage, Lady V catches up with "Lost Cause" Chris O'Neill, who is in the dressing room mirror, dying his hair, a deep fire engine red. So the camera and Lady V are standing behind O'Neill, and can both be seen in the mirror.)

O'NEILL: "Ahh Lady V, here for another prescripted interview with me lashing out at who my opponent is tonight or are taping for my next feud?"

LADY V: "Uumm....Chris, were taping now, you just interrupted me before I could ask you your first question."

O'NEILL: "Lets try a new concept, and interview with NO questions!"

LADY V: "Hmmm, I can't, its my job to find out what's going through the wrestlers heads, and really let the fans know you guys."

O'NEILL: "What's going through my head? Is that what you wanna know? Well that's what everyone wants to know! Why I don't care, why I don't this, and that! Everyone seems to be hung up on what goes through my pea brain! Why, huh tell me why!"

LADY V: "Ummm, maybe because you seem to be interesting with many points of view on the GLCW?"

O'NEILL: "Wrong Answer! Its because a little part of everyone, wants to be me! Out of control, crazy, and down right sick!"

LADY V: "By the way, what is 'Sick to the Core'?"

O'NEILL: "GLCW, will figure it out! By the way NEVADA SMITH, you gotta be kidding me! This place will get SICK sooner or later!"

(O'Neill pushes the camera out of the locker room. Fade to a commercial.)