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09-21-02, 11:52 AM
(FADE-IN: Lady V is standing by an angry looking Maelstrom by the water cooler as he takes a few gulps of H2O down)

LADY VERONICA: "Maelstrom, it seems like the history between you and the Unholy Alliance is anything but settled, and what of this new alliance you seemd to have formed with Golem?"

Maelstrom: "The Unholy Alliance..."

(Maelstrom is cut off as Kraven and Flatliner clobber Maelstrom from behind in the head. Lady V screams and vacates the area as the Unholy Alliance puts the boots to Maelstrom on the floor. Just then, Jean Rabesque appears out of nowhere, grabs the water cooler and breaks it over the back of Kraven's head. Flatliner turns and gets a kick to the gut and an uppercut from Rabesque for his troubles, and Maelstrom is back on his feet and tries to tackle Flatliner, but he takes off. Maelstrom stares down at the unconscious Kraven and then up at Rabesque)

JEAN RABESQUE: <with a cocky grin> "What's up, Mael. Thought you might need a little help."

(Maelstrom just stares at him intensely, then down at Kraven, then back up at Rabesque. He then turns and storms off, presumably to find Flatliner)

J.R.: <chuckling> "You're welcome."

(CUT-TO: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman)

TONY ROSS: "Well fans, there you saw Jean Rabesque reacquainting himself with Maelstrom in the back, helping him out after a brutal attack by the Unholy Alliance, who have created unholy hell tonight!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Rabesque had mentioned earlier that he has never faced Maelstrom in his career, even though they have been in the same league many times. I find that hard to believe, but we may see that matchup eventually here in GLCW! But for now it looks like Rabesque was just trying to even the odds."

T.R.: "Well fans, let's talk a little bit about Chi-Town Showdown I, a huge event that will be held at the UIC Pavillion, and will air on several Fox Sports affiliates across the Midwest! Tonight, whoever wins our next match, Michael Manson or Jarod Poe, will face Golem in the finals of the GLCW Heavyweight Title tournament! Also, the lineup Great Lakes Gauntlet match to determine the TV Champion is almost set! "Eradicator" Troy Martinez, Nick Kurtel, Angel Castillo, "Showtime" Steven James, The Jobber, and whoever loses in the main event, Jarod Poe or Michael Manson, will compete in a series of elimination matches with the competitors drawn at random as King Krusher told us last week! If a wrestler is pinned, submits, or gets DQd, he will be eliminated and the next man in line will then enter the match! If a wrestler is involuntarily thrown out of the ring, then he will go to the back of the line and have an advantage! So it will not pay to throw your opponent out of the ring! This will continue until one man is standing and he will be crowned the Great Lakes Television Champion! Also, we will see a huge four-way tag team elimination match featuring Kraven and Flatliner, The Movement, The High Plains Drifters, and Gridlock to determine the first GLCW Tag Team Champions! It's going to be a huge card folks, so if you're in the Chicago area, there are still tickets available for the event, and be sure to tune in to your local Fox Sports Net affiliate to catch the action! For now, let's take it up to Matt for the main event!"

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the MAIN EVENT!!? ARE YOU READY!!? First, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson) "From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 230lbs., MICHAEL MANSON!!"

(The crowd erupts in boos as Manson emerges from the curtain pushing a "handicapped" person that was seen earlier in a wheelchair. Manson whispers into his ear as if he is consoling him and the man smiles back. Manson pushes him to the apron and climbs into the ring, and then bows down to the crowd, who don't buy it for one second)

M.F: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Shadow Man" by W.A.S.P) "From Hell, Michigan, weighing in at 265lbs., JAROD POE!!"

(The crowd cheers as Poe walks calmly to the ring with a stern look on his face. He gets to the "handicapped" person and stares at him intimidatingly before rolling into the ring. He sits down in the corner with his back to the turnbuckles, and waits for Manson)

T.R.: "Manson and Poe are both in the ring now, and Manson has brought this supposedly handicapped person with him which I think is a sick joke because you know that person isn't handicapped, and he's just mocking a terrible condition!"

R.W.: "You know how Manson operates, Tony, anything to throw his opponent off his game plan and to stir up controversy! But you know Poe is too calm and collected to be affected by any of his BS. And you know King Krusher is watching this closely!"

T.R.: "As is Golem who will be facing one of these guy's next week at Chi-Town Showdown, and he's had enough trouble from the Unholy Alliance tonight as it is! Poe is still sitting in the corner, and Manson seems to be politely asking him to get up and wrestle, and this behavior is just a farce! Now Manson offers to help Poe up and Poe slaps his hand away, gets up on his own, and slaps Manson right in the face! The crowd eats it up!"

R.W.: "Manson looks like he is going to cry in there after that! And now he seems to be trying to reason with Poe! This is getting ridiculous!"

T.R.: "Poe knees him in the gut and begins pounding away at Manson's back, but Manson sneaks a low blow in, and Manson's act lasted all of 30 seconds! Manson with a big forearm sends Poe into the ropes where Manson works him over with some stiff chops! Poe fires back with chops of his own and grabs a headlock! Poe tightens the pressure but Manson back suplexes out of it but Poe gets right up and almost takes Manson's head off with a clothesline!! Manson rolls out of the ring!"

R.W.: "Poe with a huge clothesline there and he showed his ability to absorb punishment as that back suplex did not affect him! Poe is the kind of person that likes to inflict pain upon himself, so Manson is going to have to throw the kitchen sink at him!"

T.R.: "Manson is out by the handicapped guy talking about something, and my guess would be when he's going to hand him a foreign object! King Krusher should come out and get rid of that guy already! Manson rolls back in and he's met with a kick to the ribs as Poe drags him to his feet and gorilla presses him!! He drops him down to the mat hard! He drops a big elbow and covers!! 1....2...Manson with a shoulder up!"

R.W.: "Another thing Manson has to deal with is Poe's power! Poe is rock solid in there!"

T.R.: "Poe slaps on a chinlock and referee Al Marinaro is right there looking for a choke, but nothing doing! Manson gets a thumb to the eye in to escape the hold! Manson is up and he hits a side kick right onto the side of Poe's head!! Wow! Manson grabs him and whips him in! Belly to belly suplex! A cover!! 1...2...No!! Manson pulls Poe up by the hair and begins pounding away at his head as Marinaro yells at Manson to watch the fists!"

R.W.: "If you'll remember Manson abused Marinaro last week so Marinaro isnt very happy with him!"

T.R.: "You got that right! Manson pulls him up and hooks him with a German suplex and a bridge!! 1.....2...No! Poe kicks out again! Manson is right back on him with a series of kneedrops to the back area of Poe! Manson pulls him up, hooks him, and holds him up high for a big vertical suplex! He's letting the blood rush to Poe's head and he finally drops him down! Nicely executed!"

R.W.: "That's what gets me about Manson, he's really technically gifted and has all kinds of natural ability, but he always feels the need to cheat and be controversial! Something had to cause this rotten attitude, but I'm not gonna speculate on that now so who knows!"

T.R.: "Manson pulls Poe up and mounts him on the top turnbuckle! He looks to be setting him up for a superplex! No!! Poe shoves him off and Manson lands right on his back!! Manson staggers to his feet and Poe waits for him! Poe leaps with a huge clothesline and connects bigtime!! Manson flips backward on the mat from the impact! Poe collects himself and stalks the downed Manson as if he were prey! He pulls Manson up and whips him in! Huge powerslam!! No cover as Poe pulls him right back up with more punishment! Poe drills him with a forearm and pushes him into the turnbuckles! He whips Manson across and Poe charges after him with a huge body block!! Manson got crushed in the corner!"

R.W.: "Yeah but Manson has the presence of mind to get the hell out of there as he rolls out of the ring to collect himself! Poe was rocking him there!"

T.R.: "Manson staggers over to the handicapped guy again to get some more advice I guess! Poe is out after him! Poe take a shot but Manson ducks and batters Poe in the ribs and then he rams Poe's face into the wheelchair!! I knes that was going to come into play as a weapon eventually!"

R.W.: "And the handicapped guy is cheering this on! I guess he's happy he's actually being handi-capable! I can joke about that because I know this guy isn't really handicapped!"

T.R.: "It looks like Poe is opened up! And now Manson wheels the chair into Poe!! And the handicapped guy falls off! He gets up under his own power and begins to jog away! Oh wait, now he's screaming about his legs and he collapses to the floor! Give me a break, what a joke! Get this guy out of here!"

R.W.: "I'm surprised Marinaro is letting this go on with Manson using the chair as a weapon and all!"

T.R.: "Poe is in rough shape here as he has a gash opened up on his head! Manson rolls Poe back into the ring as the fake handicapped guy is escorted out by security! Thank God! I apologize to all of you handicapped people out there who had to witness that fraud! Manson nails Poe with a straight-jacket suplex and then he goes up top!! He's going for a swandive headbutt!! Nobody home!! Poe is able to roll out of the way as Manson's head hits nothing but mat!"

R.W.: "Now it's Poe's chance to come back and win this match! He bought himself some time here and he smells victory and a chance at the Great Lakes title!"

T.R.: "Poe is up and he goes over to Manson, yanks him up and hits the Poison Dart!! That press slam into a falcon arrow puts Manson down! Poe pulls him back up and he drags him over to the corner and rams his face into the turnbuckle a few times! He picks Manson up and mounts him on the turnbuckle backwards! What could this be!?"

R.W.: "Tony, I believe he calls this the Sudden Impact, a release back suplex off the top rope! Quite devastating!"

T.R.: "Poe hoists him back!! Wait a second, Manson just reached into his trunks and hit him with something in midair and Manson falls on him!! 1.....2.....3!! Manson scores the pin!! But I think i saw him hit Poe in the head with something!!"

R.W.: "I beleive you're right Tony, but I couldn't see what it was!! Some kind of small metal object maybe!"

T.R.: "Marinaro is now asking Manson if he has anything and Manson is denying it!! Marinaro checks the trunks and he doesn't find anything! Manson probably ditched it during the pin and let's see if we see it on the replay!
...........Yeah, there it is, you can see him shoving it out of the ring! And there goes Manson out where he shoved it and he discreetly picks it up and hides it as he was bending over for a breather! What a jerk!"

R.W.: "We've come to expect this from Manson, but don't think for a second that Poe won't want some revenge after this! Poe had the match won! He should be facing Golem at Chi-Town Showdown!"

T.R.: "Now what is Manson doing!? He folds up the wheelchair and throws it in the ring! I guess this isn't enough for him! Manson lays the folded wheelchair down on the mat and he pulls Poe up! What is he going to do!? No!! He's going to piledrive Poe on the chair!! Stop this maniac!!"

R.W.: "Hey somebody is coming!! Is that who I think it is!?"

T.R.: "Yes!! It's the Masked Blazer!! I haven't seen him in ages!! The Blazer comes charging to the ring as the fans explode in recognition!! He dives into the ring and nails Manson and he releases the piledriver!! Blazer smashes him again and Manson goes flying back and rolls out of the ring!! The Masked Blazer makes the save here and stops Manson from permanently injuring Poe!!"

R.W.: "It's good to see the Blazer back, as he was a mainstay in the NFWA and AFWC, even appearing briefly in the FWF! He is a major player who seems to have now joined GLCW!"

T.R.: "Blazer assists Poe to his feet and wipes some of the blood off his face! What the hell!!?? Blazer just nailed Poe with a short clothesline!! What the hell is he doing!! Blazer seemed to be helping Poe and he just clobbered the already hurt Poe to the mat! Blazer kicks him a few times and then calls for the mic! What the hell is going on here!!?"

(Masked Blazer grabs the mic)

MASKED BLAZER: <waits for the booing to subside> "For years I trained this ingrate to be the best in the business! I put a ton of effort into making this guy into something worthwhile in the ring, someone who can go toe to toe with a guy like Michael Manson! And you know what the thanks I got was? Nothing. He betrayed me by not ever thanking me for what I've done for him, or even acknowledged that I even exist. Tell me, when have you ever heard Jarod ever use my name in an interview? He owes me everything he has today! Some may think I'm jealous of the attention he's getting...hell, I can take all of that away with on movement of my hands right now! I'm pissed off at these fans for forgetting about the Masked Blazer, and the other superstars that helped build this sport. I'm back in the GLCW to make these people understand that I am a LEGEND and I will not be forgotten! As for you POE, you better watch out because a DEMON STORM is on it's way!"

(Blazer kicks Poe in the head before dropping the mic and leaving the ring to tremendous boos)

T.R.: "I don't believe this, the Blazer is angry over Poe not thanking him for helping to train him? This is ludicrous! We needed this carnage to prove that point!?"

R.W.: "Tony, something has snapped inside of the Masked Blazer! I have never seen him so bitter and so angry before! We're talking about a guy who had legendary battles with Maelstrom and countless other superstars and he's not happy about the level of recognition he is getting! And he took it out on Poe! As far as training, I always thought Hellion's brother trained him but maybe Blazer had a hand in it as well! At any rate, Poe is getting medical attention in the ring now, as he is a bloody mess!"

T.R.: "Unbelievable! Fans, we are out of time! Make sure you tune in next week to your local Fox Sports affiliate to see Chi-Town Showdown I! Michael Manson will face Golem to see who will become the first Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion! Also, don't miss the Great Lakes Gauntlet and the Four-Way Tag Team Title match! This is Tony Ross for Rick Wiseman signing off from Racine, Wisconsin! So long everybody!"

(The camers shows Poe being assisted out of the ring with a crimson mask. The last shot shows Poe's face contorted in utter rage. Fadeout)

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