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09-21-02, 11:55 AM
(FADEIN: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman back at the announce table)

TONY ROSS: "What an altercation we just saw out in the parking lot. As Lady V was attempting to interview 'The Lost Cause' Chris O’Neill, Jean Rabesque attacked him from behind, and the two had to separated."

RICK WISEMAN: "It looks like the past of wrestling and the future of wrestling could be having a confrontation sooner than any of us would have thought."

T.R.: "During the break, doctors were able to get a good look at Brett Irvine. If you recall, Brett was struck in the eye by brass knuckles attached to the fist of Nuke from Gridlock. Doctors looked over Irvine and said he had what they believed to be a cracked orbital bone in his right eye. He has been taken to the hospital, and right now, doctors are not sure if Brett Irvine will ever be able to compete again."

R.W.: "That’s really a shame, too, for a kid with so much talent. Gridlock is going to have to be stopped before all of this gets really out of control."

T.R.: "Well, both Steven James and Chris McMillan did their best to save Irvine, maybe the two of them can combine forces to fight off Sly Sterling’s boys. In the mean time, we have another match coming up as 'The Eradicator' Troy Martinez takes on The Emerald Warrior."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "This match is scheduled for one fall. (CUEUP: "The Final Countdown" by Europe) Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Warren A. Nickolson, from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 260 lbs., THE EMERALD WARRIOR!!

(Warrior gets a small pop, as he comes to the ring with Warren Nickolson following behind)

M.F.: And his opponent... (CUEUP: "Narcosynthesis" by Nevermore) accompanied by Karen Jewello, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing, in at 260 lbs., he is 'THE ERADICATOR' TROY MARTINEZ!!"

(Martinez gets a large pop from the crowd, as he walks to the ring, with his mirrored shades and gothic gear, he slowly climbs into the ring, never taking his gaze from his opponent)

T.R.: "And we’re off here as Emerald Warrior comes in attacking on Martinez, and Martinez merely shoves him away. What strength by Martinez, considering the two actually weigh the same amount."

R.W.: "He tries again, and is again unsuccessful. One more time, and this time Martinez grabs him by the throat! Picks him up!! Choke Slam!!! Just like that, Martinez has slammed the Warrior down."

T.R.: "Martinez is an impressive force. He knows picks up Warrior, and... SPINEBUSTER! The Emerald Warrior is now laying in a heap in the ring."

R.W.: "Martinez looks far from done, though. He picks him up, again, POWERBOMB! Wait, he holds onto him, ANOTHER POWERBOMB! Back to back powerbombs by Troy Martinez without letting go, that was phenomenal!"

T.R.: "Something to notice here is how Martinez is completely keeping his attention on his opponent here. He’s not letting it stray, like some of the younger wrestlers did earlier in the show. This is a sign of an experienced, battle-tested wrestler."

R.W.: "Right you are Tony, and now, the beating just continues. He picks him up, again, and hits him with the Rabble Rouser! That was a beautiful version of the Death Valley Driver Driver. He picks him up yet again, and a belly to belly suplex!"

T.R.: "This has gotten absolutely ridiculous now. Martinez arises and looks at Jewello, and merely shrugs his shoulders. I think he feels that the time is now. Yes, there it is, The Eradication is locked in. The Emerald Warrior wastes no time tapping out, and this one is over!!!"

R.W.: "I honestly think The Emerald Warrior would have been better off not showing up tonight, that was a joke."

MATT FALEY: "Here is your winner.. (CUEUP: "Narcosynthesis" by Nevermore) "THE ERADICATOR" TROY MARTINEZ!!"

T.R.: "A big win here tonight for Troy Martinez."

("Girl That I Love" by Led Zeppelin starts up and a towering giant of a man in black tights and boots strides out onto the ramp. The crowd reaction is minimal -- there might be a few random cheers from some really hardcore
wrestling fans, but for the most part he gets little response. He has a
microphone in one hand and long hair falling in his face. His expression most
closely resembles a junkyard dog who's favorite toy has been taken

MYSTERY MAN: "As much as I hate to interrupt like this, I just couldn't
take sittin' back there and watching that. Troy Martinez, The
Eradicator, being fed some silly little wimp that can't hold his own in a real wrestling ring. The Emerald Warrior, huh? Is this how you got your
reputation, Martinez? By squashing every little nobody that the management
has decided doesn't deserve the push? This is how you earn your
Television title? That ain't no way to get it done, son, and you'd do good to
listen to me. You might not know me, but they used to call me 'The Texas
T-Rex' back in the NAPW. John Skieler. Their first and only television
champion. Why the only one? 'Cause I didn't lose, boy. Not for 11
straight months. I threw 14 men over the top rope in one night to get it,
and nobody, not amazing technicians or high-fliers or huge monsters,
NOBODY could take it from me. I was the most feared man in that league, and
everyone there was thankful that I'd won that damn TV title, because it
kept me away from the big prize, and the big names. You never saw
Skieler pounding on the head of a star of tomorrow because he was stuck
demolishing the midcarders. The closest I came to fame was a match with
Stan Vick, but where the hell is that gonna take you? But you. 'The
Eradicator'. A man known and feared in leagues throughout this country.
People look at you like you're a challenge. Like you're something to fear.
Let me tell you something, little man. I can just look at you and know
that you are nothing. You are a name stuck on a small, puny frame, and
there's no way that you could hope to last against someone with real
power. Power like mine. I'm tired of the midcard, Troy. I'm tired of the
B-leaguers. Before this year is up, you'll see my name on marquees
everywhere, and it'll always be up top, in huge letters. "Skieler vs.
Golem". "Skieler vs. The Jobber ". "Skieler vs. Maelstrom." But what no one is going to remember seeing is "Skieler vs. Martinez". You are nothing. You
are bones. You are meat. And I'm going to break you and show that
behind that big name and that big reputation, that's all you are. Bones. And
meat. When I stand in that ring across from you, and I stare into those
eyes, and I see all the fear that fills you up, I'll know you're
looking into my eyes, and seeing the power that fills me up. My time in the
business has taught me that you need that extra something in you to
drive you forward. And you? (chuckles) You're just bones and meat. I'll be
seeing you kid. Real soon.

("Girl That I Love" starts up again. Skieler and Martinez stare at each
other menacingly, and then Skieler turns and walks backstage)

T.R.: "What a night here in the GLCW. First Jean Rabesque, and now Jon Skieler has arrived, and he has a bone to pick with Troy Martinez."

R.W.: "Well, it has been said Tony that if you want to get somewhere in a federation, then a good place to start is with one of the big dogs in the house, and Troy Martinez is definitely that. Of course, that’s also a good way to get yourself killed."

T.R.: "But regardless, this influx of talent continues to show how the GLCW is growing by leaps and bounds into a premiere wrestling event. We’ll be back right after this break."

(fade to commercial)