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09-21-02, 11:58 AM
(FADEIN: Lady V has relocated herself, and now finds herself with Jean Rabesque, the crowd pops as Rabesque appears on screen as the two stand outside the locker room)

LADY V: "Jean Rabesque, welcome to the GLCW, you heard the reaction of the fans tonight as you made your debut, what was going through your thoughts as your were heading out there?"

(Before Rabesque can answer, a GLCW employee walks up to the two of them with a bag in his hand)

EMPLOYEE: "Excuse me Mr. Rabesque, I was asked to deliver this to you."

RABESQUE: "Really, by whom?"

EMPLOYEE: "Chris O’Neill."

RABESQUE: "Really? He’s the new kid, huh? Let’s see what we got here."

(Rabesque opens a card from the envelope, and reads it aloud)

RABESQUE (reading): "Start a retirement fund, cause your time here is almost terminated! Signed The Lost Cause."

(Rabesque opens the package and finds a sizable portion of money, Rabesque throws the money to the ground)

RABESQUE: "Yeah, we’ll see about this."

(Rabesque storms away, leaving Lady V, alone, she glares at the same GLCW employee, who casually takes the man O’Neill had intended for Rabesque)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick at the booth)

TONY ROSS: "Well, that’s who ‘The Lost Cause’ was referring to. He apparently had gotten some advance notice that Rabesque was coming to the GLCW, and he apparently isn’t too happy about it."

RICK WISEMAN: "Well, Rabesque said things had changed, and they have. Apparently, O’Neill wants nothing to do with this."

T.R.: "This could definitely lead to some interesting events down the line. But for now, let’s back to the ring as "The Future" Brett Irvine takes on Nick Kurtel."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring.)

MATT FALEY: "This match is scheduled for one fall. (CUEUP: "My Hero" by The Foo Fighters) Coming to the ring, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 257 lbs., he is 'THE FUTURE' BRETT IRVINE!!"

(Irvine jogs to the ring, and gets a nice pop from the crowd, he wears black pants with "THE FUTURE" on one leg and barbed wire design on the other leg, black wrist bands and black elbow pads on each arm, with a knee brace on his left knee, he enters the ring, and bounces a few times off the ropes to prepare himself for the match)

M.F.: And his opponent.. (CUEUP: "Breakdown" by Tantric) Weighing in at 220 lbs., from Boston, Massachusetts, he is NICK KURTEL!!"

(Kurtel gets some decent pop from the crowd, he generally pays no attention, and focuses his attention solely on Irvine inside of the ring)

T.R.: "And two men with a very bright future are set to square off here in Racine. I wonder if Xanatos is in attendance tonight. The last time Nick Kurtel stepped into the ring, Xanatos made his presence known."

R.W.: "That’s right Tony, but for now, these two young lions are ready to square off, and Kurtel gets a few shots to begin the match. The two trade blows, and Irvine backs Kurtel into the corner. The referee gets a clean break, and the two lock up again."

T.R.: "It’s not very common to see that kind of sportsmanship in this two and age, but it is quite refreshing. Now Kurtel fires back with some chops, hits the ropes, and hits a springboard elbow on the dazed Irvine in the middle of the ring. He quickly climbs the top rope, and hits a dropkick, and just like that Irvine is sent down. Kurtel very quickly back to the top, and he misses a splash as Irvine is this time able to move."

R.W.: "Kurtel got a little carried away. As he matures, he’ll know when to calm himself down, and now go for too much at one time."

T.R.: "Irvine is up, and hits a nice snap suplex on Kurtel. He follows it up with some vicious kicks to the midsection. Kurtel scrambles over to the rope, and attempts to get a break, but Irvine pulls Kurtel away."

R.W.: "Well, if Kurtel can’t get away that way, he’ll kick out of it, a kick to the stomach staggers Irvine. Inside the ring Asai Moonsault out of nowhere! That was a beautiful move that completely caught Irvine off guard. Now, both men are down! Kurtel makes it back to his feet first, and he climbs to the rope! Wait, Irvine is up as well. He climbs up and starts decking Irvine. He picks him up, SUPERPLEX!!!"

T.R.: "Kurtel is out cold! And now Irvine seems like he’s in control. But wait, it’s Gridlock!! Gridlock is coming to the ring! They’re behind Irvine, he doesn’t see them at all. And Sly Sterling is distracting the referee!!"

R.W.: "And Irvine turns around, and gets leveled by Nuke!!"

T.R.: "Nuke had brass knuckles!!! He just nailed Irvine right in the head with brass knuckles! Irvine is out cold and is bleeding profusely in the ring, and the referee saw none of this! Here comes "Showtime" Steven James and Chris McMillan, and those bastards are leaving the ring."

R.W.: "Gridlock and Sterling are leaving the arena, and Kurtel and the referee are starting to make it back to their feet. Kurtel sees Irvine, who is still not moving. He is climbing up to the top rope. And here it is, HE HITS THE FOLLY! That 450 elbow drop right onto Irvine, who is still out cold. Here’s the cover, 1-2-3!!!"

MATT FALEY: "Here is your winner... (CUEUP: "Breakdown" by Tantric) NICK KURTEL!!!!

T.R.: "Kurtel has no idea what just happened, but he’s going to take the win regardless. He is leaving the ring, as James and McMillan carry Irvine from the ring. Brett Irvine looks to be in very bad shape. Rick."

R.W.: "We hope to have an update on Brett Irvine by the end of the show, but for now, let’s go back to Lady V backstage."

(CUT-TO: Lady V has caught up with Chris O'Neill as he is about to hop into his Ford Explorer and leave the arena)

LADY VERONICA: "Chris, you made some impact here tonight!"

CHRIS O'NEILL: (chuckles) "We have only scraped the bottom of the barrel!"

LADY V: "Chaos, don't we all love that! Well, what seems to be your problem with these "OLD GUARD," they bring in the fans that lets GLCW pay you up and comers!"

C.O: "What? Lady, get out of my face! You just made life hell for some folks!"

(as O’Neill is saying this Jean Rabesque comes around the corner, and starts pounding on O’Neill, O’Neill is staggered by comes back with a few shots of his own, security quickly hits the scene, and separates the two of them, as they yell obscenities at each other across the parking lot)

(fade to commercial)